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Best Toddler Travel Beds of 2023

Traveling with a young child doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Traveling with a young child can be a challenge, but having a great place to lay your baby to sleep can make a world of difference. A cozy sleeping area can be just what your toddler needs to fall asleep easier in a strange and unfamiliar place. And if your little one sleeps comfortably, you’ll sleep more soundly too.

But as seasoned traveling moms, we’ve learned firsthand that not all toddler travel beds do the job equally well. Some are hard to set up, some are flimsy and don’t offer enough support, and some take up a lot of space in your vehicle.

We searched high and low for the best toddler travel beds to meet your toddler’s sleep needs — and we found some really incredible products we just know you’ll love.

With one of these handy travel beds, you’ll find yourself looking forward to short family trips, nights at Grandma’s house, and even trips abroad because you know you’ll all be able to get the sleep you need.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers [4-Sided] | Portable...
Super Safe & Sturdy
Hiccapop Inflatable
  • Less than 30 seconds to inflate
  • Exceeds all standards for child safety
  • 25% longer than standard toddler bed
Easy Transitioning
Milliard Portable Bumper Bed
  • Includes soft bumpers for safety
  • Easy carry handle
  • Includes washable fitted sheet
Product Image of the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue , 48x24x9...
Setup Is a Breeze
Regalo My Cot
  • Lightweight for travel
  • For ages 2-5 years
  • No need to be inflated
Product Image of the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Bed Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (24 inches...
Easily Washable
Milliard Travel Mat
  • Ideal solution for temporary sleeping
  • Thick, soft, and cozy
  • Cover is machine washable
Product Image of the The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed | Portable Inflatable Kids Air Mattress | Blow Up...
Comfortable & Lightweight
The Shrunks Inflatable
  • Quiet, squeak-free material
  • 2-year warranty
  • Constructed with the safest materials
Product Image of the EnerPlex Kids Inflatable Travel Bed with High Speed Pump, Portable Air Mattress...
Cute and Comfy
EnerPlex Kids Travel Bed
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Quick inflation valve
  • Reinforced welded seams
Product Image of the Intex - Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump
Puncture Resistant
Intex Kidz Travel Bed
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Detachable frame
  • Includes pump and travel bag

The Best Toddler Travel Beds of 2023

Here are our favorite toddler beds on the market.

1. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed

Super Safe & Sturdy

The Original Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is a great solution for a lightweight, easy-to-use bed.

This toddler mattress has you covered if you are concerned about losing air and ending up with a floppy mattress. This bed is made with material that’s 40% thicker than most and has double reinforced seams, meaning it isn’t as likely to burst on you.

Safety is always a concern when you’re using an air mattress. But this mattress has taller bed rail bumpers than most inflatable toddler beds. This could be a great option if your child tosses and turns in their sleep.

We know how messy children can get — especially when they’re sick or not fully potty trained. This bed is easy to wipe down, making even the biggest messes a breeze to clean up. Plus, the mattress size accommodates most standard crib sheets so you can have an added washable barrier between your little one and the bed.

Inflatable mattresses tend to become very warm, so a sheet can be an awesome addition to keep a fussy toddler cool and comfortable.

The directions are printed directly on the mattress and are easy to follow. The bed takes less than 30 seconds to inflate, and you can quickly deflate it for your departure. There’s even a convenient extra-large storage bag so you can pack it in your luggage easily.

But the best part about this inflatable mattress is that it includes a lifetime guarantee against punctures, leaks, and pump issues.


  • Can be used anytime and anywhere as long as there is a power source.
  • Great solution when in between crib and toddler bed phase.
  • Exceeds all federal standards for child safety.
  • 25% longer than a standard toddler bed.


  • Not as soft to sleep on as a foam mattress.
  • Not the best solution for families with pets who might puncture the bed.

2. Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed

Easy Transitioning

The Milliard Toddler Travel Bumper Bed is a soft and safe spot for your little one to snooze or lounge. The inside material is gentle and soft, so it won’t be harsh on your little one’s skin. An added benefit of the inner material is that it’s waterproof, so late-night accidents don’t have to be the end of the world.

A custom-fitted sheet is included, so you have the option of an extra barrier over this washable bed.

The bed can be folded, making it easy for you to take on trips. One of our favorite features is that when you fold it, the inside section-8is still hollow and acts as a suitcase. You can fit all your child’s bedtime needs in one place — blankets, pajamas, pillows, and stuffed animal friends!

Safety is an essential aspect of all child products, and this one is made of foam that is certified to be free of toxins and chemicals. The bed is also gap-free, so little hands and feet won’t get stuck.

This travel bed is a happy medium between a crib and a bed, making it a great way to help your child with any sleep transitions. It provides the independence and confidence they crave without compromising your peace of mind.


  • Soft bumpers for safety.
  • Includes soft, cozy velour for comfortable sleep.
  • Easy carry handle.
  • Includes washable fitted sheet.
  • Does not require inflation.


  • The plastic can be a little smelly.
  • The zipper snags easily.
  • The interior length is 49″, so your toddler may outgrow it quickly.

3. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Cot

Setup Is a Breeze

The Regalo My Cot portable toddler bed is made to be long-lasting and durable. The steel frame will hold up against whatever your toddler throws at it.

The sturdy canvas material has reinforced stitching to enhance safety. An optional cotton fitted sheet softens the canvas feel.

This bed was designed for parents looking for a quick and easy option and can be set up in one fluid motion. The elevated position makes it safe for outdoor use because the sleeping part does not touch the ground.

The bed weighs approximately 4 pounds, so mom or dad will be able to carry it around easily. One major perk is that it can fit into a standard-sized suitcase, so you can always bring it along whether you’re traveling by plane or car.

Middle-of-the-night accidents are bound to happen, or someone might decide to sneak a sippy cup into their bed despite you telling them 4,000 times not to. Luckily, you can quickly wipe the liner of this bed (and your toddler) clean with a damp cloth and some soap.


  • Lightweight for travel.
  • It has a weight limit of up to 75 pounds.
  • For ages 2-5 years.
  • You don’t need to inflate it.
  • You can use it inside and outside.


  • Some toddlers don’t like the feel of the frame and the lack of foam.
  • It no longer comes with a carrying case, making it harder to travel with or keep clean in storage.

4. Milliard Toddler Travel Mat

Easily Washable

The Milliard Toddler Travel Mat is a universal sleeping solution. It’s compact and simple to travel with, so no more trying to wrestle a bed into your car.

It can be challenging to find a toddler travel bed that still supplies that at-home comfort, but this bed’s luxurious 3-inch foam comes close. Though your child will be sleeping close to the floor, it feels a lot like sleeping on a comfortable mattress.

You can have peace of mind knowing this mattress is both durable and supportive. It is long-lasting and doesn’t pose the threat of being popped or leaking air like an air mattress. This added security is great if you are planning a long trip and need 100% security that your toddler bed will withstand the trip.

Accidents are a breeze with this bed because all you have to do is unzip the cover and throw it into the washing machine.

This bed utilizes a trifold design, so it’s easy to store. You don’t have to waste time setting it up or waiting for it to inflate. You simply unfold the bed in seconds, and it’s ready to go.


  • An ideal solution for temporary sleeping.
  • Thick, soft, and cozy.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • Item is lightweight at 5.5 pounds.
  • Doesn’t require an air pump.


  • The zippers are prone to breaking.
  • The foam initially has a strong chemical smell.
  • Not as compact as an air mattress.

5. The Shrunks Inflatable Travel Bed

Comfortable & Lightweight

The Shrunks Inflatable Travel Bed ensures your child is comfortable and safe when sleeping away from home.

Some kids love the feeling of being tucked into bed every night and need the added security of being snuggled between tight sheets and blankets. This portable bed allows standard crib sheets and blankets to tuck around the inner mattress. This feature can help your child stay covered during the night and feel secure at the same time.

You don’t have to sacrifice weight for comfort with this bed because it’s comfortable and lightweight. It inflates easily in about 5 minutes and can be folded away instantly and stored in the included nylon bag.

This bed also includes safety bumpers. If your child tends to be wild in their sleep, the guard rail design should help ensure they don’t roll off the bed.


  • 150-pound weight limit.
  • Quiet, squeak-free material.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Includes a powerful electric pump.
  • Constructed with the safest materials.


  • No top or bottom bumpers.
  • Deep ridges on the inner mattress can be uncomfortable.
  • Requires an air pump.

6. EnerPlex Kids Travel Air Mattress

Cute and Comfy

EnerPlex travel bed is a toddler-inspired sleeping solution. The simplistic designs and cozy atmosphere are very inviting for little humans! One major perk of this bed is the safety bumpers on all four sides. It has a soft velvety, flocked surface that is puncture resistant and can accommodate up to 150 pounds.

This bed is inflatable, but it won’t appear that way to your little one.

You can inflate this mattress easily with the included air pump, and the entire bed is ready to go in just two minutes. A feature that sets this ready bed apart is its reinforced “welded” seams.

This enhances safety for your child and makes the sleeping environment a little cozier.


  • Inflates in seconds.
  • For kids 3 to 6 years old.
  • Safety bumpers on all sides.
  • Hassle-free inflation and deflation.


  • The air mattress can be noisy with movement.

7. Intex Kidz Travel Bed

Most Comfortable Travel Bed

The Intext Kidz Travel Bed is such a comfortable travel bed option that even parents will wish for one.

This bed is best for kids from 3 to 6 years old and is comfortable and safe and stays inflated, unlike many other inflatable options. The frame is separate from the bed, so you can detach the pieces for older kids.

The frame provides peace of mind for parents. Your kid can wriggle and roll around all night long without falling out of bed. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to tuck in their sheets to keep your child snug throughout the night.

The mattress protector is secure and won’t come loose, preventing a stained mattress in the event of an accident.

When you purchase this mattress, it comes with a hand pump and a travel bag — no need to make extra purchases — unless you prefer an electric pump for faster and easier inflation.


  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • Comes with a detachable frame.
  • Includes hand pump and travel bag.


  • Strong plastic smell.
  • Takes some effort to fill with the hand pump.

What is a Travel Bed?

A toddler travel bed is basically a bed your toddler can sleep in when away from home. You can’t just pack up your toddler’s bed and take it on an airplane, and you likely can’t fit it in your car either. But with a toddler bed, you can!

A travel bed allows you to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your toddler without compromising your much-needed travel space. As a bonus, toddler travel beds are usually pretty light, so you won’t have to struggle to lug one into the car.

Do You Need a Toddler Travel Bed?

Not all toddlers need a special sleeping space. You might not need a toddler travel bed if:

  • Your toddler still sleeps in a crib.
  • Your toddler co-sleeps with you.
  • Your destination has appropriate sleeping accommodations for your little one.

If your toddler still fits in a playpen, that might be your best option.

Keep In Mind

If your little one now sleeps in a toddler bed, chances are they will not want to transition back to a baby crib or playpen. Your little one may get mixed signals if you send them back to a baby bed after they’ve been enjoying the freedom of a toddler bed.

Benefits of Buying a Toddler Travel Bed

We know how it is — when traveling with your child, you already have way too much luggage! The last thing you want to do is add more things to your arsenal. But the right toddler bed is so handy that it’s worth the trouble.

  • A portable toddler bed will take up much less room than a travel crib, and most weigh less.
  • A travel bed gives your little one a familiar place to sleep. Not only is the sleeping area safe, but you can introduce it to your child early on at home so they become familiar with it.
  • You’re free to choose different hotel options because you don’t have to restrict yourself to somewhere that offers specific sleeping accommodations for your child.
  • You save money because you don’t have to book larger rooms with more beds.

Traveling with little ones is hard enough. Having the peace of mind that your little one has a safe and comfortable sleeping area can lower your stress levels.

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Different Types of Portable Toddler Beds

There are two popular types of toddler travel beds you can purchase for your child.


An inflatable toddler bed just needs a little bit of air to make it ready for your little one to sleep. A benefit to this type of bed is that it usually has raised sides that help keep your child from rolling off the edge.

This type of toddler bed is best if you don’t have ample space to work with. If you’re traveling via airplane, this bed can be deflated and tucked into luggage without too much trouble. However, one of the risks with this bed is that if it pops, it’s useless.

Some inflatable beds are not very comfortable, so you should let your toddler test yours out at home before traveling. It’s usually a good idea to bring a sheet for the bed, as plastic can sometimes be smelly.

If your child is not super active at night, a regular air mattress may be a good option for you. However, if your child is all over the place, you may want to choose a toddler-friendly version with inflated sides or bumpers.


A foldable toddler travel bed can be folded to take up less space.

The beds are essentially raised cots, so they are perfect for outside camping or a day at the beach because they don’t touch the ground. These are a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy bed, but since they usually don’t include sides, they’re better for older children.

Luckily, foldable toddler-ready beds are an option that younger children can use. These come with a built-in sleeping bag and a raised pillow area. They are essentially ready moments after being unfolded, and they don’t require you to bring additional pillows or blankets.


The Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best toddler travel bed is the Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed.

This mattress is the perfect travel solution because it includes many necessary features.

The reinforced structure will withstand the wear and tear of travel. Safety is also enforced in this mattress because of the raised bumpers that keep your bundle of joy from falling out of bed. This bed is easy to use with its printed instructions, and it inflates in just 30 seconds.

If your kid is like mine, you’ll swear you wake up some mornings to find them 3 inches taller than the night before. Luckily, one of the best parts of this bed is that at 62 inches, it’s longer than most, so it can accommodate your growing toddler.

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