Best Crib Sheets of 2020

Have you ever made a baby’s crib before? It isn’t as simple as you would think, right? There are more things to consider than when making the bed of an older child or adult.

You can’t just toss any old sheets on the mattress, and you have to make sure nothing can be pulled loose by the little one. The whole ensemble should consist of the crib, mattress, and crib sheet.

You want a sheet that will be soft on your baby’s delicate skin, but still hold up against the frequent washing it will need. This is our guide to help you find the best crib sheets currently on the market.

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    Best Crib Sheet Materials

    Crib sheets, for the most part, are made with one of four different types of fabric: cotton, polyester, bamboo, or flannel. Some sheets may be a blend of these fabrics or contain a little spandex for stretchiness.

    1. Cotton

    The standard for crib sheets is cotton. It’s a soft and breathable fabric that won’t cause your little one to sweat too much. If the cotton is organic, even better— this means fewer chemicals are involved, thus preventing the likelihood of allergic reactions or skin irritations (1).

    Cotton is a durable fabric that holds up well to repeated washing and it doesn’t attract much lint, which keeps it looking fresh for longer. The one downside to cotton is that it tends to wrinkle easily. So, if you want that perfect-looking crib with a smooth sheet, ironing may be in order. However, most of the time the crib sheet is so tight on the mattress, wrinkles are not noticeable.

    2. Polyester

    Polyester is a synthetic fabric used in all types of materials, clothing, and bedding sets. It’s generally a cheaper option than organic cotton or other natural fabrics. While polyester sheets might not sound like the epitome of comfort, you may be surprised at how soft they can be.

    There are satin, microfiber, and chenille sheets that are super soft and made from polyester. These types of sheets won’t wrinkle as much as cotton, and they’re just as easy to clean. Plus, they hold up well with frequent washing.

    The downside to polyester is that it isn’t quite as breathable as cotton. They make better winter sheets than summer sheets if you have a baby that gets hot easily.

    3. Bamboo

    For parents who want to stick with eco-friendly, natural fiber, bamboo may be the choice for you. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to cotton. Bamboo has a relatively small environmental impact and can be easily farmed.

    You can find these types of sheets in many colors and styles, and they’re soft. The downside to bamboo is that it may show wear a little quicker than polyester or cotton.

    However, if you’re trying to maintain a green household, bamboo sheets are a good option as they’re both environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

    4. Flannel

    While flannel can be made from cotton or polyester, it’s still worth mentioning here. There are plenty of flannel crib sheets to be had, and they’re a soft and cozy addition to the bedroom.

    Even though it’s a warm material, it is also relatively lightweight. Durability won’t be an issue here: flannel is known for staying strong. The biggest downside is that flannel sheets may be too warm for the warmer months.

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    Sizing Your Crib Sheets

    When perusing the crib sheet section, you’ll generally see them labeled as “standard” or “mini” sized. So, what’s the difference?

    1. Standard Crib Mattress

    Ready for some good news? “Standard” isn’t some marketing word thrown around by crib makers. There actually is a standard size: 28 inches wide and 52 inches long.

    The federal government requires a standard crib mattress size for safety (2). This law reduces the risk of being trapped between the mattress and the crib. Any standard crib mattress will fit most cribs, snugly and securely.

    This standard for mattresses means there’s a standard for crib sheets as well. This makes it much easier for you to find one that’s guaranteed to fit.

    The depth of a standard mattress can vary slightly, so measure yours to find the optimal pocket depth. Sheets with deeper pockets will usually stay put a little better, especially if your mattress is on the thicker side.

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    2. Mini Crib Mattress

    The mini crib mattress is another matter. They’re smaller than the standard size mattress, by up to 20 inches. Mini crib mattresses will come in different depths, usually between five and six inches deep, so measure it before purchasing sheets.

    You won’t be able to use standard crib sheets on your mini crib mattress; having excess material in the crib can be a safety hazard.

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    The Best Baby Crib Sheets of 2020

    Having a great looking nursery and a quality crib sheet are both achievable. Now that you know what materials to look for, let’s go through our top picks for crib sheets. These sheets are super cute, soft and cozy, and safe for your baby’s skin.

    1. Premium Graco Pack n Play Mattress Sheet

    Best Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

    Pickle & Pumpkin Mini Crib Sheets Set | 100% Organic Jersey Cotton 2 Pack Pack N...
    Check Price

    These organic sheets, made for mini cribs or “pack and plays,” are ultra soft, making them great for your baby’s sensitive skin. They are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and made from 100 percent organic jersey cotton that’s hypoallergenic. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

    With a tightly sewn weave and deep 6-inch pockets, the cut of these sheets makes them fit the mattress snugly. Still, you won’t have to struggle to change the bed.

    Because they come prewashed, there won’t be any shrinking after you wash them for the first time. Plus, you can wash them in your washer and dryer. These sheets are an eco-friendly option and come two to a pack.

    The gender-neutral design is great if you’d like to pass on all your baby stuff later. They can easily be put in a girl or a boy’s crib.

    • 100 percent organic cotton.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Deep pockets for staying put.
    • Cute design.
    • Prewashed.
    • Only for smaller cribs or “pack n’ plays.”

    2. American Baby Company Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet

    Best Winter Crib Sheets

    American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet for Standard Crib...
    Check Price

    American Baby Company has created a standard-size, cozy chenille sheet made from 100 percent velvety-feeling polyester. The material feels more like a stuffed animal than a crib sheet and you’ll receive one sheet per pack.

    The softness of the fabric can help your baby self-soothe, especially if they’re inclined to rub soft items with their fingertips. My daughter was a thumb sucker and needed a “soft thing” at bedtime. These sheets would have fit the bill!

    The material is durable and can be machine washed, and the deep 9-inch pockets make these a good fit for most standard crib mattresses. There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from and if you’d like to expand your collection from the company, that’s an option too.

    • Super soft, velvet-like material.
    • May help baby self-soothe.
    • Deep 9-inch pockets.
    • The company offers other crib items to match.
    • Must be washed on a cold cycle.

    3. Trend Lab Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet

    Best Flannel Crib Sheets

    Trend Lab Playful Elephants Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet
    Check Price

    Made from a high-quality 100 percent cotton flannel, these crib sheets are super soft. Even though they’re flannel, there is minimal pilling even after multiple washes.

    They come pre-shrunk with an elasticized fitting to help them stay put. The 10-inch deep pockets will keep them securely fitted on a standard size crib mattress.

    Due to their thickness, they may be a good fit for those that live in chillier climates but you might even be able to use them all year round. Additional colors and prints are available but these elephants are too darn sweet. One sheet included per pack.

    • Washes well.
    • Super soft, 100 percent cotton.
    • Deep 10-inch pockets.
    • Pre-shrunk.
    • Fully elasticized.
    • Might be too big for thinner mattresses.

    4. BreathableBaby Signature Performance Fabric Crib Sheet

    Best Polyester Crib Sheets

    BreathableBaby | Plush Sheet | Signature Performance Fabric | Keeps Baby at...
    Check Price

    These are super soft sheets made from 100 percent polyester material which is easy to care for. They’re breathable and help wick moisture away from your baby’s skin. The seafoam color can be used in either a boy or girl’s nursery, though other colors are available.

    The material is sturdy and will hold up well to regular washing. You won’t notice any pilling or tearing. This is important if you have kids like mine that had a habit of over-filling their diapers!

    They’ll keep your baby warm in the cooler months without causing sweating. Plus, the deep 8-inch pockets will fit securely on standard crib mattresses. One sheet is included and is suitable for most standard cribs.

    • Breathable, lead-free material.
    • Washes without pilling.
    • Deep pockets for easier bed changing.
    • Fully elasticized.
    • Without presoaking, stains may stick around.

    5. Brolex Portable Mini Crib Sheets

    Best Mini Crib Sheets

    Stretchy Fitted Pack n Play Playard Sheet Set-Brolex 2 Pack Portable Mini Crib...
    Check Price

    Made from a stretchy jersey knit, these mini crib sheets will go easy on your baby’s delicate skin. Plus, they’re sized to fit most mini crib mattresses without bunching or pulling. The patterned designs are vibrant, sweet, and modern.

    While the material is soft, it has enough stretch to fit a 3-inch or even a 5-inch deep mini crib mattress. The sheets are machine washable and hold up well after multiple rounds through the washing machine.

    Many options for the mini crib sheets can often feel lower in quality, however, you won’t have this issue with these. Two different colors are available, so for those that travel often, or use a “pack n’ play,” these are worth checking out. Sold in a set of two.

    • Jersey knit material.
    • Fit mini cribs of various depths.
    • Easy to care for.
    • Budget-friendly.
    • Only available in the smaller size.

    6. Brooklyn Bamboo Premium Fitted Crib Sheet

    Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

    Brooklyn Bamboo Soft Hypoallergenic Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet, Animal Print
    Check Price

    These chemical-free sheets are made from 100 percent organic bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainably grown crop which makes these a great fit for environmentally conscious moms.

    The bamboo material has a moisture-wicking property that keeps your baby from getting sweaty. However, the unique material is also cozy in the cooler winter months. The animal prints are subtle yet sweet. One sheet is included per pack.

    The elastic around the bottom of the sheets is not as tight as some of the other sheets available. They’re machine washable and the fabric will hold up after frequent washing. However, you may need to presoak the sheet if it gets heavily soiled.

    • Made with organic bamboo.
    • Moisture-wicking prevents baby from sweating.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Elastic is not as snug as other brands and could be too loose for the mattress.

    7. TILLYOU Printed Hypoallergenic Sheets

    Best Hypoallergenic Crib Sheets

    TILLYOU Printed Whale Crib Sheets Set, 100% Egyptian Cotton Toddler Sheets for...
    Check Price

    Made with 100 percent organic cotton, these sheets pass the CPSC’s test for children’s products (3). That means they’re legitimately safe and without any harmful chemicals included.

    The company uses an exclusive weaving and brushing process to give the sheets a soft finish. They recommend washing the sheets on cold, followed by a tumble dry. Included is a reusable storage bag to keep them safe when not in use.

    If your little one has sensitive skin, you’ll really like that no pesticides were used while growing the cotton. The fabric is hypoallergenic and the simple prints are cute enough without being overwhelming.

    • 100 percent organic and hypoallergenic.
    • Complies with CPSC requirements.
    • Soft sateen finish.
    • Simple design.
    • Two per pack.
    • Machine washing separately in cold water may leave stains on the sheet.

    Wrapping It Up

    While all these crib sheets are really great, our top pick as the best crib sheet is the Graco Organic Cotton sheet. The super-soft material combined with its organic and hypoallergenic properties makes it an ideal choice for a pack n’ play or mini crib.

    For standard size cribs, we prefer the Trend Lab Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet, particularly in the cooler seasons. This design will brighten any nursery.

    Putting your nursery together is one of the most exciting things to do when you’re pregnant. And that includes hunting down the perfect crib sheets!

    What do you think of our crib sheet reviews? Which set is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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