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50 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls: 2024 Picks

Looking for a cool gift for a 9-year-old girl? We have 50 ideas for you!

Are you trying to find a gift for a girl and finding it hard? Are you overwhelmed by the number of gifts available and worried you won’t pick the right one? We’ll help you out with our guide to the best toys and gift ideas for 9-year-old girls.

Girls at this age aren’t impossible to buy for. You just need to keep their interests in mind and consider what makes them happy.

Let’s look at what you need to consider when choosing a gift. We’ll also share 50 gift ideas that meet our criteria of being unique, educational, skill-building, entertaining, and developmentally appropriate.

The smile on her face will be your reward for choosing the right gift.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Darice Deluxe Art Set
Classic Art Set
Darice Deluxe Art Set
  • 131-piece set
  • Durable supplies
  • Portable case
Product Image of the Spalding NBA Basketball
Best for Outdoor Play
Spalding NBA Basketball
  • Ultra-durable
  • Shipped inflated and game-ready
  • Deep channel design for superior control
Product Image of the Connect 4 Shots Game
Best Multiplayer Game
Connect 4 Shots Game
  • Multiplayer
  • Fast-paced, competitive excitement
  • Lightweight, colorful balls
Product Image of the Lenox Childhood Memories
Super Storage
Lenox Childhood Memories
  • Crafted of metal
  • Multiple compartments
  • Plays Für Elise
Product Image of the Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets
Simple Clever Circuits
Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets
  • 3D with snap-together boards
  • Explore unlimited electronic projects
  • Step-by-step instruction manual
Product Image of the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
Intelligent Watch
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
  • Splash proof
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Includes motion sensor
Product Image of the Crayola Colour Chemistry Set
Exciting Experiments
Crayola Colour Chemistry Set
  • 16 out-of-the-box experiments
  • Developed by Crayola scientists
  • Easy-to-read instruction booklet
Product Image of the Magic Tree House Boxed Set
Best Book Series
Magic Tree House Boxed Set
  • 4 stories in 1
  • Bestselling chapter book series
  • Available in paperback, Kindle, or CDs
Product Image of the Spirograph Design Set
Unique Designs
Spirograph Design Set
  • 45-piece deluxe set
  • Inspired by the original Spirograph
  • Comes in a carry-along storage case
Product Image of the Rimable Complete 22
Skateboarding Fun
Rimable Complete 22
  • High-quality board
  • Super-smooth PU wheel
  • Attractive pattern print on the board

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Best Toys & Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Here are 50 great gifts for 9-year-old girls.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are great for 9-year-old-girls. They’re at an age when they can begin to complete projects independently or with a little help from mom or dad. This helps build their confidence and gives them an outlet for their creativity.

Darice 131-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Classic Art Set

This quality 131-piece art kit has all the supplies a 9-year-old will need to explore her artistic side. She can use the set for drawing or sketching, painting, decorating items, or working on a homework project.

The wooden case keeps everything in one place, so you’ll know where it is when you need it. No more searching through drawers for a pencil or scissors.

User Experience

When I first got this 131-Piece Premium Art Set, I was impressed by the variety of supplies and colors it offered. My kids have been using it non-stop since they received it, and they love being able to carry the case around like a briefcase. The quality of the supplies is decent, considering the low price, but the case can be a bit flimsy and requires careful handling to avoid spills. It's perfect for keeping young artists busy and entertained for hours. However, be mindful of the glue residue left behind when removing the packaging insert, as it can be quite challenging to clean off completely.

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Unique Designs

This might be one you remember from your own childhood, and it’s still popular today. Your girl and her friends will love creating countless unique designs. They can mix and match colors and different wheels for hours of artistic fun.

This set uses interlocking wheels and gears to create spiraled designs. It comes with all you need, including design paper and a full instruction guide.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this Spirograph set has been a mix of nostalgia and creativity. It took some time to adjust to using the bigger wheels, but with practice, I managed to create intricate designs that even impressed my husband. I found that using multi-colored gel pens instead of the included markers made the experience even more enjoyable. This set has been a hit with my grandchildren as well, making it a fun activity for all ages in our family.

4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

Magic Magnets

Who doesn’t like a fridge magnet? This set supplies everything a girl needs to decorate 2-inch square tiles and pop a magnet on the back. Decorate any metal surface with their completed works of art, like a locker door or the fridge.

She could keep them for herself or give them to family and friends as gifts.

Community Feedback

My 6-year-old grandson and I had a blast painting these small tiles together, creating fun memories. The tiles were a bit small to handle, but we managed to enjoy our rainy Saturday afternoon project. We used colored permanent ink pens instead of the provided paint for less mess, and the adhesive magnets seemed to hold up well on the textured backs of the ceramic tiles. I heard that my granddaughter also enjoyed making them, so I believe it's a great gift for children, teenagers, and even adults looking for a creative craft. Although it's a good value, you could also purchase white subway tiles and adhesive magnets separately for a more cost-effective option.

Alex DIY Friends Forever

Best Bracelets for a BFF

BFFs are a big thing for a 9-year-old girl. They’re the center of their world and do almost everything together. This kit has two wheels and two looms to create unique and customized friendship bracelets, with enough supplies for 22 bracelets.

The instructions are easy to follow and include links to online video tutorials. She can weave in diamonds, flowers, and hearts for her friends.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this bracelet kit has been a mix of fun and frustration. The colorful and well-designed packaging caught my eye, and the variety of pretty floss colors and beads included was a bonus. However, I found the instructions difficult to understand, and I had to frequently untangle the floss while working on the bracelets. Despite this, once I got the hang of it, making the bracelets became easier and I felt a sense of accomplishment with each one I finished. This kit is great for kids aged 8 and above, but younger children may need more assistance.

4M Easy-to-Do Crochet Kit

Crafty Crochet

Introduce your 9-year-old girl to the world of crocheting with this kit from 4M. It contains instructions for many projects, including a coaster, belt, handbag, blanket squares, and more. The crochet hooks and yarns to complete three projects are also all provided.

Once your child learns the basics, she’ll be creating her own designs before you know it.

User Experience

These knitting and crochet kits are a mixed bag for beginners, with both pros and cons. On one hand, the yarn is thin and easy to work with and there's plenty of it for practice, but on the other hand, the instructions can be confusing and the included needles and hooks might not be suitable for all users. Despite some initial frustration, I found the kit to be a helpful starting point for learning the basics of knitting and crocheting, and it has become an enjoyable and relaxing activity.

American Girl Crafts Monkey Sew

Introduction to Sewing

Sewing is a skill that can come in handy at any time, even if it’s just replacing a button that’s fallen off a garment. Getting to grips with the basics is a good idea, and this kit’s a great way to learn. It has the materials and easy-to-follow instructions to stitch and stuff two cute monkeys.

While your 9-year-old might need some help along the way, it’s a good excuse to spend quality time with her.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this sewing kit for some quality family time and found it to be perfect for beginners. The kit comes with everything you need, including pre-cut pieces and easy-to-follow instructions, which allowed my young niece to complete the project with minimal assistance. We had a great time creating these adorable stuffed monkeys, and I'm impressed with the kit's quality and simplicity, making it a fun and engaging activity for kids.

Klutz Make Clay Charms Kit

Clay Modelling

Make a bracelet or decorate clothes and other jewelry with these cute clay charms. Simply roll and shape them, bake them, then decorate them. Clear instructions are included to create different fruits, animals, sweets, sea creatures, monsters, and more.

The set also includes troubleshooting tips for common mistakes, so you can get a perfect charm every time.

Community Feedback

My crafty preteen niece absolutely adored this kit, and we spent hours making a variety of cute charms together. The instructions were easy to follow, and the clay came in a good range of colors and baked well at low heat. The only issue we encountered was the clay becoming crumbly after a couple of months in an airtight container, but overall, this kit provided great value and endless entertainment for both of us.

Outdoors and Activity

Sometimes, getting kids outdoors and taking part in active pastimes can be hard going. Getting them away from screens, whether it’s Snapchat, videogames, or television, can be easier with a gift geared for outdoor fun. It could be games, scooters, skateboards, or even a simple ball game.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Best Gift for Outdoor Play

Maybe your 9-year-old is a basketball fan and loves shooting some hoops. It’s a great way to get active, so why not encourage that with this pink and purple basketball from Spalding?

It’s the same size as balls used by the WNBA, making it ideal for young girls.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this basketball has been positive, as it offers a decent quality at an affordable price and works great for outdoor play. The grip is good, and the composite material seems durable even after a season of consistent use on outdoor courts. Although it didn't arrive inflated as promised, a quick trip to the store for an air pump resolved the issue, and now my grandson has a basketball both at home and at grandma's house, making it a well-loved addition to our sports gear collection.

Rimable 22-Inch Skateboard

Skateboarding Fun

This kids’ skateboard comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with 28 options in total. There are block colors and pretty flowers or psychedelic patterns.

Apart from looking cool, it also rides well with a 22-inch by 6-inch deck, 3-inch thick, high-quality aluminum trucks, and polyurethane wheels.

Your girl will be knocking spots off the others in the skate park — just don’t forget the helmet and pads.

User Experience

I'm really impressed with this penny-style skateboard! As someone who just enjoys cruising around, I found it to be perfect for my needs. At first, it was a bit tricky to get used to the smaller board, but once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun. The only downside is that the bearings aren't great, but they can easily be replaced, and the overall ride is still smooth and enjoyable.

Adjustable Inline Skates with Lightup Wheels

Rolling Along

Skating is great fun and good exercise. These inline skates have bright pink and purple accents, and they’re soft and comfortable. They’re supportive, too, with an ankle strap, buckle, and laces.

We also like the light-up wheels that enable traffic to see your child easily in poor light. It also means they’ll appeal to her more as she whizzes along.

For safety purposes, the brand also sells a gear set with knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Personal Perspective

Best of both worlds, these rollerblades offer a comfortable fit and eye-catching light-up wheels. As a former rollerblader, I found the adjustable sizing to be perfect for all ages, from my 11-year-old daughter to myself at 42 years old. The wheels provide a smooth, easy glide, making it enjoyable to cruise around the neighborhood and feel like a kid again. However, be prepared to occasionally tighten the stop ankle strap, as it tends to come loose during use.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus

Battle Ready

Nerf battles are not just for boys. Let your girls channel their inner Lara Croft with this nerf gun, and show the others how it’s done. It comes with 30 foam nerf darts, and you don’t have to stop firing to reload it.

The gun is fully motorized but requires four D batteries (not included).

Community Feedback

Great blaster with an innovative automatic-loading mechanism, the Nerf Elite Infinus exceeded my expectations in performance and functionality. The Infinus is on par with other Nerf Elite blasters, boasting a solid range and power, though accuracy could be better due to the nature of Elite Darts. Despite its size and weight, the ergonomics and unique dart-loading feature make it a fun and versatile choice for Nerf enthusiasts.

Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball System

Shoot for the Stars

Why not get a hoop to go with the basketball we featured earlier? This one is adjustable from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments, so it will grow with your girl. The hoop is all-weather resistant. It also has a 5-year warranty.

Get out with your girl and shoot some hoops. It’s a great way for mom or dad to spend some active time with their daughter.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this basketball hoop and have been extremely satisfied with its performance. The adjustable height makes it perfect for my whole family, even my 3-year-old, and moving it around our driveway is a breeze. I assembled it by myself and found the instructions to be clear and simple to follow. The quality is impressive, considering the affordable price, and it has held up well in various weather conditions without any rust or fading. The backboard is made of molded plastic, which may not give the same bounce as a professional setup, but it's adequate for casual play.

Portable Badminton Volleyball Set

Two in One

This quality set has complete components for two fabulous outdoor games: volleyball and badminton. It stores away in a compact bag, so it’s great for days at the beach, the park, or camping. Set up some tournaments for friends or family, and have some outdoor fun.

It’s great that this kit includes everything right down to the volleyball pump.

User Experience

My experience with this volleyball net has been overwhelmingly positive. The setup was incredibly easy and the regulation size net provided hours of enjoyment for my weekly pickup volleyball league. The sturdy metal poles ensured the net stayed in place, even during a big storm. However, I found the plastic stakes to be of lower quality and would recommend purchasing metal stakes as a replacement. While I wish it came with badminton equipment, this net has proven to be a great investment for my family and me.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

Super Heroine Kit

What girl doesn’t want to be a superhero like Wonder Woman or a rebel like Katniss Everdeen? Fuel her imagination with this cool bow with Nerf dart arrows. She can hide secret messages in the darts and give her friends the decoder to read them.

Both the decoder and quiver of arrows store on the bow, which has an electronic red sight dot to help you get a perfect shot.

Personal Perspective

Great toy for kids interested in archery, this Nerf Rebelle Bow Blaster offers excellent distance and a sturdy design. However, the electronic sight was not impressive and additional arrows might be needed as the pack only comes with three. While the arrows are durable, there have been instances where the bowstring broke after some use, so be mindful of its lifespan.

Games and Toys

Toys and games are favorites for kids of all ages. Some have stood the test of time, albeit with a few tweaks. Then there are the new ones, which will enchant any 9-year-old girl.

Hasbro Connect 4 Shots Game

Best Multiplayer Game for Girls

Do you remember Connect 4? This game has the same principles. Simply line up four of the same color to win, but this time you bounce small balls into the grid. Bounce your shots off the backboard to achieve your goal and win.

We like that this unique game gets kids moving indoors and that it can be played straight out of the box. It also folds up small when not in use.

Community Feedback

After purchasing this game for my niece and nephew, I noticed that it was smaller than expected, but still functioned well. My six-year-old grandson also enjoyed it during his birthday party, and it proved to be entertaining for adults as well. The backboard, made of cardboard, may not be as durable as expected, so be prepared for the balls to bounce around. In addition, I found it helpful to have two pails on hand to collect the balls during play.

Lego Friends Heartlake City Resort

Lego Land

Lego sets are timeless and always appeal to kids, female or male, big or small. This City Resort has 1,017 pieces to build a hotel for the four included Minifigures. They can explore the monorail, waterpark, and rooftop terrace.

The many accessories will increase your girl’s imaginative play, including a windsurf board and a dolphin. She can also disassemble the Minifigures to change their clothes and appearances.

First-Hand Impression

I'm thrilled with this LEGO set as it provided hours of entertainment for my child and me. We spent time together assembling the intricate hotel rooms, lobby, water slides, and monorail, though the monorail did limit access to some parts of the set. Just be prepared for the space it takes up, but overall it's an engaging and fun toy for kids and adults alike.

Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior

Best Card Game

This junior version of the popular Apples to Apples card game is sure to be a hit. It will get kids talking and test their powers of persuasion.

It’s easy to play; just choose the red apple card from your hand that you think best suits the judge’s green card. Then convince the judge your card is the best pick. It could be “smelly flip-flops” or “crunchy monkeys.” Whether you play silly or sensible cards, this game will provide hours of fun.

User Experience

Love this game for its ability to entertain both children and adults, making it an excellent choice for family gatherings and outings, such as camping trips. This smaller, travel-friendly version features double-sided cards, which can be a bit confusing, but still enjoyable. While I personally prefer the original game, the Disney edition adds a fun twist for kids and Disney-loving adults, encompassing not only movies and characters but also theme park attractions. The addition of Poison Apple cards introduces an interesting challenge, though some may find it unnecessary or confusing. This junior version could benefit from more age-appropriate card options, but overall, it remains a fun experience. Its flexibility and adaptability to different play styles make it a great choice for families with diverse interests and levels of familiarity with Disney.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Best Game for Laughs

This popular game is easy to play. The goal is to avoid drawing the exploding kitten card from the pack. But don’t worry if you do; there are many cards that can divert or block an exploding kitten and keep you in the game.

The card illustrations are fun, and the high-quality cards are made to last.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with this card game as it provides endless entertainment for both kids and adults alike. Although it's enjoyable with two players, the excitement level significantly increases with five or more participants. One minor issue I noticed is the slight difference in card color between the original and the expansion pack, but overall, this game offers a great balance of strategy and fun for the whole family.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Best Gaming Console for 9-Year-Old Girls

This lite version of the Nintendo Switch is a handheld console with a built-in control pad (instead of the removable joysticks of the standard Switch). It makes a good 9th birthday gift, especially when combined with such game options as Mario Brothers, Pokemon, Minecraft, or Zelda.

One of our favorite features is that you can monitor your child’s switch from your mobile device by downloading the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app. The app allows you to limit your child’s time on the device, ensure their games are age-appropriate, and view the games and content they use on the device.

Choose from several colors to personalize the item for your girl. Ours prefer the coral version pictured here. Your girl can use The Nintendo Switch Lite to play any of the 5,000+ Nintendo Switch games that enable Handheld Mode.

Community Feedback

These Nintendo Switch Lite consoles offer an excellent handheld gaming experience, boasting a compact size and vibrant display that outshines the 3DS XL. The form factor is comfortable to hold, even for those with smaller hands, and the device runs smoothly without major lag, though the eShop can be slow at times. One drawback is the limited customization options for the home screen, and the lack of streaming apps and an internet browser may be a downside for some users. Additionally, a few users reported issues with stuck pixels on the screen, but overall, the device is seen as a promising step forward for Nintendo handheld systems. The Switch Lite is perfect for gaming on the go and is highly recommended for those who prefer handheld gaming over traditional consoles.

WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragon

Best On-the-Go Toy

There’s always some craze that captures kids’ imaginations, and Fingerlings are one. These cute little pets cling to your finger and need to be cared for. Choose from a variety of fun colors and personalities, and take them wherever you go.

They will reward you with kisses, chatter at you in dragon language, and open and close their eyes. They also respond to your touch and voice. Ruby is just one of a selection of dragons and other animals you can collect. Batteries are included, so your girl can begin playing with her pet right out of the box.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these Fingerlings has been quite enjoyable as they captured my child's imagination. These adorable little pets come in various colors and personalities, making it fun to collect and care for them. They interact by giving kisses, chattering in a unique dragon language, and responding to touch and voice, which makes them even more engaging. With batteries included, my child was able to play with her new pet immediately after unboxing.

Spin Master Games Perplexus 3D Maze Game

3D Maze

Does your 9-year-old girl have the ability to solve the Perplexus maze? This clear plastic sphere has 100 challenges to keep your child amused and engaged. Turn it through 360 degrees to get the silver ball along the course to the finish line.

This intriguing maze is portable and keeps young minds engaged as they try to solve the puzzles.

User Experience

My experience with this toy has been nothing short of enjoyable, as it has provided endless entertainment for not only my grandson but the entire family. The three starting positions and challenging track inside strike the perfect balance between difficulty and accessibility, ensuring that everyone remains engaged while trying to reach all 100 stops. My 10-year-old son, who is on the Autism spectrum, particularly loves this toy for its hands-on nature and puzzle-solving aspect. It has also been a hit with guests, offering a fun and interactive alternative to staring at cell phones. Additionally, I appreciate that it promotes hand-eye coordination and serves as a calming activity, especially for my six-year-old. However, be prepared for moments where frustration might tempt you to launch the toy, but that's all part of the fun!

Clothing and Jewelry

When girls get to 9-years-old, they start to develop their own style. Jewelry and clothes are usually welcome gifts.

Jewelry is a great way for girls to accessorize and create their own unique look. But most girls also appreciate comfy night clothes, fun sneakers, or warm cozy boots.

Lenox Childhood Memories Jewelry Box

Super Storage

As your child accumulates jewelry, what better gift than somewhere to keep it safe? This lovely silver-colored jewelry box has a ballerina that pops up when it’s opened. Wind her up, and she’ll dance to the music which plays.

The box includes soft, fabric-lined storage compartments for rings, earrings, and more. The removable tray reveals a hidden compartment underneath, and a small mirror stands behind the ballerina.

Personal Perspective

This elegantly designed music box makes for an incredible gift, especially for young children celebrating special occasions. The flawless finish and nostalgic design, featuring a dancing ballerina and a high-quality music mechanism, truly sets it apart from the average cardboard alternatives. This jewelry box provides ample storage with a divided compartment for smaller items and a larger compartment beneath it, although the top compartments may be slightly too deep for smaller earrings. It is a durable and well-crafted product, capable of lasting for years without showing signs of wear and tear. The music box's mature and sophisticated exterior, combined with its charming interior, makes it a perfect blend of youthful whimsy and grown-up elegance.

Distance Sea Mermaid Crescent Moon Pendant

Pretty Pendant

Young girls love mermaids — get them a crystal-encrusted tail in their favorite color for a sure-fire hit.

This stylish mermaid pendant comes in international standard 925 sterling silver with a blue-colored crystal. The chain is 18 inches long with an extra 2-inch extension, enabling it to be worn long or short.

You can choose from four unique mermaid designs, including a mother-daughter option.

Community Feedback

For a variety of ages, this pendant has been a well-received gift for special occasions such as birthdays and Mother's Day. I found that the adjustable chain was a thoughtful touch, making it suitable even for younger wearers like my 7-year-old granddaughter. The craftsmanship and shine of the necklace exceeded my expectations, and it has garnered compliments each time I've worn it.

Big Girls' Unicorn Pajama

Practical Pretty Pyjamas

Unicorns may be mythical, but not to a 9-year-old. Girls love this creature wherever it appears, and this pajama set has them in spades. There’s a large one adorning the top, and the shorts are covered in them.

This gorgeous set is made from super soft, machine-washable cotton.

First-Hand Impression

I've purchased this item for my daughter and I must say, the material is really nice and not polyester at all. The fit is true to size, although it runs a little large for some, like my 6-year-old granddaughter. Both my daughter and granddaughter were delighted with the softness and comfort of these pajamas. It's great to see them happy and enjoying their gift. For the price, this product definitely delivers in terms of quality and satisfaction.

BearPaw Abigail Mid-Calf Boot

Fashion Boots

Sheepskin and suede boots have become a fashion statement for girls and women of all ages. These cute and cozy mid-calf boots from BearPaw come in 9 colors and sizes from 5 to 11, including some wide sizes. If she has smaller feet, there’s a similar option in smaller sizes.

They aren’t just for cold weather either. She can pop them on with shorts during the summer to look super cute and oh-so-stylish. They’ll be a cool addition to any 9-year-old girl’s wardrobe.

User Experience

My experience with these boots has been mostly positive, as they're warm, cozy, and perfect for casual wear. The sizing can be a bit tricky, so I recommend going a size down, especially if you don't have wide feet. While they lack arch support and may require a break-in period, they end up being quite comfortable. One minor issue is the itchy inseam, but overall, these boots are a great affordable alternative to higher-priced options.

Skechers Kids Energy Lights Sneaker

Light up Soles

Light up your 9-year-old’s world, or at least her feet, with these sneakers from Skechers. The sole has built-in lights with changeable sequences. She can recharge them with a USB and turned on and off using a switch in the tongue.

The sneakers come in shiny silver or royal blue and sizes up to a women’s 7.

Personal Perspective

Best shoes for my son who loves the cool light-up feature and the metallic blue color. These shoes are easy to charge, lasting up to a week with 3-4 times usage per week. Although one light went rogue and the shoe laces tend to untie frequently, my son still enjoys wearing them. The shoes offer a variety of light settings and can be a bit stiff, but overall, they make a fun fashion statement.

Msdada Temporary Hair Chalk

Cool Colors for Hair

Buying clothes for a 9-year-old girl can be quite a challenge. If you’re unsure what she might like, you can always opt for something like these non-toxic hair chalks. That way, she can pop some streaks in her hair to match her clothes.

It won’t freak mom and dad out too much, as the colors wash out easily in the shower. Choose from 20+ color options, including some really funky combinations, to suit any style.

Community Feedback

Got this hair chalk for my daughter and she absolutely loved the colors! The application process was easy - just spray with water, brush on the color, and comb through. However, some sections did harden up a bit and the color might rub off on furniture or pillowcases. It's worth noting that the chalk works best on lighter hair, as it doesn't show up as well on darker hair.

Timex Analog Strap Watch

Telling Time

Give your girl the gift of time with this classic watch from Timex. The screen is made from scratch-resistant glass, and the strap is made of faux leather. It’s got a durable resin case and is resistant to water splashes or briefly being dipped in water.

We like that this has a simple analog display and an easy-to-read dial.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this watch has been fantastic since purchasing it for my 7-year-old daughter back in 2020. She quickly learned to tell time with its easy-to-read design and it's still working perfectly after three years. The only downside is the band, which can get a bit smelly after getting soaked in sweat, but overall, it's a comfortable and durable watch for kids with small wrists. The Indiglo back lighting is a fun feature, and the watch is versatile enough for both children and adults with tiny wrists.

Electronics and Tech

Technology and electronics make up some of the most exciting gifts for 9-year-old girls. Every year, the market widens as new products are released. These are some of the best of these gadgets for 9-year-old girls.

Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics

Simple Clever Circuits

Get her started on electronics with this easy-to-use snap-together circuit set. It includes a microprocessor, so your girl can build interactive games and wire up gadgets. She can create things like a DJ light show, a doorbell, an electronic rooster, a magic message wand, and so much more.

You’ll love that this set has all the needed parts and lets kids be creative with electronics.

User Experience

I recently purchased this electronics kit for my 13-year-old grandson and was pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm in creating circuits. Within a short time, he was able to control lights and beeps, sparking his creativity and interest in learning more about electronics. This kit is not for kids who only want "crash and bang race cars," but rather for those who want to create and understand electronic mechanisms. Although the wires can be somewhat flimsy and difficult to work with at first, the educational booklet and numerous engaging projects make this kit a worthwhile investment for young minds.

Fitbit Ace 3 Minions Watch and Activity Tracker

Best Smartwatch

This Fitbit smartwatch and activity tracker was designed for kids and makes a great alternative to high-tech smartwatches that may be distracting at school. The special edition Minions version adds some fun appeal and unique graphics, but you can choose from other colored options if Minions aren’t your girl’s thing.

The animated watch face changes throughout the day as your girl approaches her activity goal. We love how this motivates kids to be more active. At a time when screen time offers plenty of motivation to sit around indoors, this technology does the opposite.

Kids can compete against friends or family to get the most steps or active minutes, providing further motivation to keep moving. The watch includes a vibrating silent alarm that will wake them more kindly than a loud, beeping clock, and it tracks how well your child is sleeping at night.

It’s water resistant, so your child can continue to monitor activity levels even while swimming. The sleek face, silicone band, and trim design provide ultimate comfort.

Personal Perspective

Great alternative to high-tech smartwatches, this Fitbit smartwatch is designed specifically for kids with a special edition Minions version for added fun. I've noticed that it motivates my child to be more active as the animated watch face changes throughout the day while approaching their activity goal. It even offers friendly competition against friends or family to achieve the most steps or active minutes. Additionally, the water-resistant feature, comfortable silicone band, and sleek design make it perfect for everyday wear, including swimming activities.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Magic Memories

Back to old-school classics with new technology, this camera from Fuji prints your photos immediately. Girls will love creating collages for their bedroom walls or taking pictures to gift to friends, decorated with the enclosed frames, string, and clips.

It’s ready to go out of the box, with two instant film packs — enough for 40 photographs. It also has a case to keep it safe and carry it about.

Oh, and don’t forget the cool pink color. Other color options include a pretty blue or lime green, in case girly pink is not your daughter’s thing.

Community Feedback

I'm loving the fusion of old-school charm and modern tech in this Fuji camera that prints photos instantly. The camera is perfect for creating bedroom wall collages or gifting pictures to friends with the included frames, string, and clips, and it comes with two film packs for 40 photographs. Plus, it has a protective case and is available in cool pink, pretty blue, or lime green to suit individual preferences.

UBTech STEM Building and Coding Unicornbot

Intro to Coding

If you’re going to have a robotic friend, why not choose a unicorn? This snap-together STEM creation has a magical horn you can activate via a free iOS or Android app.

This toy offers a simple intro to coding and robotics as your girl learns to build and program her unicorn.

She can teach her robot friend to navigate obstacle courses, pick up objects, show emotions with sound and light, and so much more. There are 440 snap-together parts and full instructions to build your unicorn.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent product for kids interested in coding and robotics! I bought this animal robot for my 8-year-old niece, and she loved assembling it with her older sister, using the easy-to-follow instructions on the JIMU app. They both enjoyed programming the robot and exploring its various features. The only downside is the need to use an adult's phone for the app, but overall, this robot offers hours of educational fun and creativity.

Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

First Tablet

Is your 9-year-old girl ready for her own tablet? This one from Amazon Kindle could be just the ticket. With a year’s subscription included to Amazon Kids+, she can listen to or read books, play games, watch her favorite shows, and more.

The Amazon App store offers thousands of apps, including many kids’ favorites, such as Netflix, Disney+, and Minecraft.

Our favorite features include a strong case, parental controls, and a 2-year warranty. This version has 64GB of internal storage, but you can extend the memory to 1TB with a micro SD card. It also has front and back cameras, a built-in speaker and microphone, and dual-band Wi-Fi, and it lasts for up to 13 hours on a single charge.

User Experience

Excellent choice for a 9-year-old girl's first tablet, this Amazon Kindle comes with a year's subscription to Amazon Kids+ for endless entertainment. I love the durable case, parental controls, and 2-year warranty that give me peace of mind. The 64GB storage is expandable to 1TB with a micro SD card, and the tablet includes front and back cameras, a speaker, and a microphone. Dual-band Wi-Fi ensures smooth streaming, and the battery life lasts up to 13 hours on one charge.

Sphero Mini Robot Ball

Best Robot Toy for 9-Year-Old Girls

Girls can use this fun robot in many ways. Use the free app to control it with a slingshot, joystick, or facial recognition. That’s right! Simply smile, frown, or move your head, and watch what Sphero does.

There are different-colored skins available for this robot, so you can make it your own. Three games are included. The robot is compatible with iOS or Android and lasts about an hour on a single charge.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a versatile and entertaining product, this robot ball is great for kids, adults, and even pets! I enjoyed exploring the various driving modes and game options, though some were a bit tricky to get used to. The educational app, which offers a plethora of coding functions and features, was an unexpected and exciting discovery for me. My 11-year-old son and our cat loved playing with this little robot, making it a fun addition to our family. Despite a few minor app issues, the overall experience with this robot ball has been enjoyable and engaging.

Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

Silent Sounds

Do you find you don’t always want to listen to the music your kids are playing or the sound effects of their video games? Restore harmony in your household by getting your 9-year-old girl these kid-friendly Bluetooth headphones.

We like that these headphones are limited to 85 dB to protect young ears. They also have soft ear cups and an adjustable headband.

Community Feedback

Got these headphones for my 10-year-old, and they exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is excellent, better than my Beats by Dre, and they're comfortable for long-term use. These headphones protect my child's hearing with their volume-limiting feature, and the wireless design prevents any cord tangling. Although the price point was initially a concern, the durability and exceptional customer service from Puro make it worth the investment.

Educational and STEM Gifts

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore. There are many fun games and activities to help a 9-year-old’s development. You can choose from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math to enhance their school curriculum.

Crayola Colour Chemistry Set for Kids

Exciting Experiments

Create your own erupting volcano, glow-worm, slime, and much more with this color chemistry set. Everything you need for 16 different experiments is contained in the box. Add some everyday household items to help you carry out 34 more science activities.

While adult supervision is recommended, the instructions are easy to read and follow.

First-Hand Impression

From personal experience, I can say that this color chemistry lab set is a fantastic STEM activity for kids. My four and five-year-olds absolutely loved doing the experiments, which are age-appropriate and come with a helpful manual explaining the science behind them. While some experiments, like the bouncy ball, didn't quite work out for us, the majority of them were successful and engaging. The materials provided in the set are mostly adequate, and any additional items needed are usually common household objects.

Eilik Robot

Cutest Robot Ever

“Cute” doesn’t do Eilik justice — he’s one of the most animated robots we’ve seen. Eilik might just be your perfect companion for your princess. It features rich facial expressions, would react to the slightest touch, and is able to entertain your kid by showing his dance moves. Just watch that you don’t upset him when playing games with him; he might throw a tantrum. He could also interact with another set of Eilik for more fun and interactive play.

This robot is functional, educational, and lots of fun. Any 9-year-old girl will love this STEM gift, and so will mom and dad.

Dan&Darci Light-up Crystal Growing Kit

Best Molecular Science Kit

Molecular science plays a role in this kit, and it’ll have your 9-year-old girl excited about growing crystals. Girls love a little bling, and this set has everything they need to grow a number of different shapes and types of crystals.

The easy-to-read instruction leaflet takes you through each step, making this an engaging and fun science experiment.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this crystal STEM kit was both fun and educational for my kids. They loved watching the crystals grow daily and examining their colors and textures once they were fully formed. However, I must caution that the process involves boiling a toxic solution and using fragile materials, making it less suitable for younger children to actively participate in. Despite these minor drawbacks, the final product makes for a lovely decoration and offers a unique learning experience for the whole family.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Growing Kit

Beautiful Butterflies

Get your 9-year-old in touch with nature and give her some responsibility, raising her own caterpillars into butterflies. She can nurture and feed them before finally releasing them into the wild. While she might be sad to see them go, it will be a good learning experience.

We also like that this kit teaches kids a lesson in patience, as it takes about three weeks for the entire transformation. The kit includes essential instructions, a mesh habitat bag, a feeding tool, and five baby caterpillars.

Community Feedback

My 9-year-old daughter absolutely loved raising her own caterpillars into butterflies with this kit, teaching her responsibility and patience throughout the three-week transformation process. The kit comes with everything needed, including a mesh habitat bag, feeding tool, and five baby caterpillars, making it easy to nurture and care for them. It was a bittersweet moment when she released the butterflies into the wild, but overall, it was a fantastic learning experience for her.

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Electronics

Best Circuit Set

Snap circuits have gone into 3D with this easy-to-use introduction to electronics and engineering. There are over 150 simple projects enabling your girl to create a wall light show, a projector, a light tunnel, and more.

Don’t worry; there’s no need for a soldering iron, as everything you need is in the box. It’s also compatible with other snap circuit sets. An illustrated instruction manual is included for anyone unfamiliar with snap circuits.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment my child started using these Snap Circuits, I noticed a spark of creativity and fascination with STEM concepts. This educational toy allows kids to construct a wide variety of projects, ranging from simple to surprisingly complex, all while emphasizing basic electrical safety. Despite some parts not holding up as well as I'd hoped, the adaptability and usability of this kit make it great for both kids and adults. The SC-750 set has provided my family with hours of fun and learning, but I do wish the supporting materials were more comprehensive.

Kano Computer Kit

Build a Computer

Your girl can build her very own computer with the components in this kit, attach it to any HDMI screen, and learn how to code from over 100 challenges. The fun doesn’t stop there, either. She can make art and music as well as do many other things.

It’s great that the challenges give kids rewards as they progress, unlocking more creations.

User Experience

I recently purchased this computer kit for my 10-year-old, and after assembling it, they were immediately engaged with the programming aspect. The setup was simple and user-friendly, and the hands-on experience of building the computer was a great learning opportunity. However, after a few hours, the activities became repetitive and my child lost interest, as they are more of a gamer than a developer. On the other hand, this kit is perfect for kids who are genuinely interested in coding. While it has its limitations, it does teach old-school programming and offers a good introduction to computer building and coding.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Cast a Spell

Is your 9-year-old girl a Harry Potter fan? Does she wish she was Hermione Granger so she could cast spells with a wand? Well, here’s her chance.

She can build her own wand and then code it to complete over 70 challenges using the free Kano app. She can make pumpkins grow, feathers fly, fire flow, and much more. There are over 200 exclusive sounds, wizarding artifacts, and music effects.

The wand is compatible with Android and iOS devices, PCs with Windows 10, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets (8 HD 2016 models or newer).

Personal Perspective

Got this wand for my 9-year-old daughter, who's a huge Harry Potter fan. She loved building her own wand and using the free Kano app to code and complete over 70 challenges. With over 200 exclusive sounds, wizarding artifacts, and music effects, she was able to make pumpkins grow, feathers fly, and fire flow. The wand is compatible with various devices, including Android, iOS, Windows 10 PCs, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

The Best of the Rest

There are so many items that will interest 9-year-old girls. They might love to read and are at an age where they want to cook. Many are also interested in music. Then there are the fun things you can buy them, “just because.”

Magic Tree House Boxed Set

Best Book Series

This New York Times bestselling book set will enthrall and enchant your 9-year-old girl. It includes four books: Dinosaurs Before Dark, Mummies in the Morning, The Knight at Dawn, and Pirates Past Noon. It’s available in paperback, Amazon Kindle, or on audio CDs (if you happen to have an old-school CD player).

She can enter the world of Annie and Jack as they have magical adventures in the past from the tree house in the woods. These books have been firm favorites with kids, teachers, and parents for over 25 years, and they’re definitely top of the list for us.

Community Feedback

In my experience, these early chapter books have been a fantastic introduction to chapter reading for both my son and daughter. The stories are engaging and fast-paced, taking readers on magical trips to distant lands and times, while the short chapters and large font make them accessible for young readers. As a parent, I appreciate how the series subtly incorporates study skills and encourages note-taking, as well as the inclusion of images every few pages to maintain interest. Reading these books together has been enjoyable for both of us, sparking my son's interest in reading and creating a shared bonding experience.

National Geographic Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts

All You Need to Know

Girls at 9 years old are curious and absorb facts like sponges. This National Geographic book is one they’ll pick up time and again. It’s full of valuable and fun information about a wide range of subjects.

There are mysteries of history and facts about reptiles, sharks, robots, chocolate, peanut butter, and more. Pick up tips on toys and games, or learn wacky words. Your girl will amaze friends and family with the snippets she comes out with.

First-Hand Impression

As a parent, I've found that this book has been a big hit with my son and his cousins, providing them with a wealth of interesting facts and information. The large format and vivid pictures make it engaging for kids of various ages, ranging from 5 to 11, and even my husband enjoys flipping through it. Our 9-year-old grandson, who loves to read, particularly appreciates the short, captivating tidbits that keep young minds from getting bored. Be prepared for your child to share new "Did you know?" facts throughout the day, which I think is great for inspiring curiosity and learning. While I haven't read the entire book yet, I did notice a few facts that are already dated, but that's to be expected with printed materials.

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Best Beach Gear

Release your water baby’s inner mermaid with this functional monofin and mermaid tail. It comes in nine different colors and will be great fun at the pool or on the beach. She can quickly remove the patented monofin either in or out of the water.

A word of warning, your child must be able to swim to use this. Various sizes are available for a perfect fit.

User Experience

When I bought these mermaid tails for my daughters and granddaughters, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The girls, aged 6-14, had a blast swimming in them, and even my granddaughter who had practiced the dolphin kick prior to using the monofin learned how to use it quickly. However, we did experience some sizing issues with the waist being a bit loose and the length being a bit short, so I had to make slight adjustments by hand-sewing the cloth part. Despite this, the overall durability and fun factor of these mermaid tails make them a great addition to our family's playtime.

Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Sing Your Heart Out

Move over Ariana Grande, the next big star might be on her way. Girls love a microphone and singing, so this wireless Bluetooth one will make her the star of the show.

It can connect to any Bluetooth device, including a speaker, to play music. Alternatively, it will play music from a microSD card. Let your girl sing along with YouTube videos at her next sleepover. Complete with LED lights — this mic is ready for showtime.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this microphone has been nothing short of delightful, as it instantly became the life of the party when I brought it along. The sturdy build and fun lighting effects impressed me, while the sound quality was top-notch with no feedback issues. It charges quickly and offers user-friendly settings like echo, making it enjoyable for all ages. Even my niece who has speech delays found joy in using this microphone, and it has helped her communicate more verbally, which is a priceless result for our family.

Bag Of Zombie Farts Cotton Candy

Funniest Gift for 9-Year-Old Girls

Watch your child’s face light up, go red, and then see them burst out into giggles with this bag of zombie farts. This fun gift is great to put a smile on any 9-year-old girl’s face.

The company has also made some contributions to the community, with a portion of its profits donated to a charity that helps curb childhood bullying.

Community Feedback

These cotton candy Bunny Farts were a hit with kids of all ages, bringing laughter and excitement to special occasions like Easter and Mother's Day. The packaging caught everyone's attention with its humorous graphics and the fact that it supports a charity. My eight-year-old grandson burst into laughter upon opening the bag, and even my teenage children enjoyed this whimsical treat. The taste of the cotton candy did not disappoint either, making it a delightful surprise for everyone.

RockJam Electronic Interactive Piano Keyboard

Learn to Play Piano

Is your 9-year-old showing an interest in music? This keyboard, complete with an adjustable stand and stool, could be the ideal gift. It also comes with headphones, so kids can practice whenever they want without disturbing the rest of the house.

There’s a free Piano Maestro iPad app that has 30 songs for your child to learn. It listens in real time and gives feedback. The piano also comes with a sustain pedal and over 200 tones and rhythms — lots of options for compositions.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing this keyboard for my daughter, who has been gradually getting into music, I found it to be an excellent package for beginners. The keyboard itself offers great features and sound quality, and it also comes with a stool, stand, music/tablet holder, and a 6-week free trial to SimplyPiano to enhance skills. My daughter enjoys playing it for at least an hour a day, and it has been a helpful tool for me in coping with chronic pain through learning music.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

For the Shower Superstar

If your little girl likes to go all Taylor Swift in the shower, this speaker will help her do just that. Compatible with any Bluetooth device, the silicone design is rugged, shockproof, dustproof, and ready for those acoustic-driven shower melodies.

It will play for eight hours on a single charge and has a removable suction cup for attaching to the bath or shower screen.

User Experience

Got this speaker recently and have been seriously impressed by its performance. Despite its small size, it packs a punch in terms of sound quality and volume, especially in the bathroom where the acoustics make it even louder. The suction cup at the bottom holds up well on the wall, and even when I've had it directly under the shower water, the sound remains clear. On the downside, the battery reminder beeps can be a bit annoying when it's at 10%, but it's a minor issue.

Tovla Jr. Cooking and Baking Set

Best Gift for 9-Year-Old Chefs

This kit contains everything a girl needs to bake delicious cupcakes and cookies. The pretty little cooking and baking set includes everything she’ll need to create impressive treats and dishes for friends and family.

With a cookbook and colorful recipe cards sporting kid-friendly recipes, utensils, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, a cutting board, kid-friendly knives, an apron, a timer, and so much more, she’ll feel like the real deal.

We love that the set comes in a sturdy plastic case where she can store all her supplies, keeping them separate from mom’s. This set will help her build confidence and kitchen skills — with a little supervision, of course.

Personal Perspective

I'm absolutely thrilled with this all-inclusive kit that has everything my daughter needs to bake scrumptious cupcakes and cookies. The charming cooking and baking set comes with a cookbook, vibrant recipe cards, utensils, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, a cutting board, child-friendly knives, an apron, a timer, and so much more. These items truly made her feel like a professional baker, and the sturdy plastic case is perfect for keeping all her supplies organized and separate from mine. This set has not only helped her build confidence but also improved her kitchen skills, although supervision is still necessary.

How to Choose Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

It’s that awkward time in a girl’s development. They’re approaching puberty and going through a lot of changes. These are some factors we consider when shopping for gifts for 9-year-old girls.


Things will begin to hold their attention for longer periods, but as any parent knows, a girl’s interests can change with the weather. They might be open to starting a new hobby or collection. Craft gifts are a good idea to challenge their dexterity and creativity.

Social Experiences

Nine-year-old girls are at the age where friendships become more important to them. These connections are essential to a child’s development (1). We can help foster these friendships by providing fun social experiences.

Some gifts that encourage social play include board games, card games, role-play games, or video games; outdoor equipment, such as a basketball hoop and balls, a skateboard, stomp rockets, or dart guns; or indoor activities, such as craft supplies or science experiments.


They might also start reading independently and have a voracious appetite for new books. There are thousands of middle-grade books to choose from, including everything from manga and comics to short stories to lengthy novels.

Girls at this age are often interested in keeping schedules or recording their experiences in a journal or diary. There are many options to suit any girl’s unique style.

Physical Activity

Your preteen might experience a growth spurt and express more interest in sports. Gifts that will keep her active and get her outdoors can be a good choice.


No two kids are the same, and their development can be ahead of or behind that of their peers. Challenge their curious minds with educational and STEM gifts as they become more independent. They might learn and absorb more away from a classroom setting with something that’s also fun (2).

Whatever gift you choose, make sure it’s age-appropriate and fits in with family values. You aren’t going to want to buy video games if you’re trying to discourage screen time, for example.


Do 9-Year-Olds Still Play With Toys?

Many nine-year-olds still enjoy playing with toys, though their interests may be shifting towards more complex and creative play, including arts and crafts, science kits, and advanced building sets.

Is it Normal For a 9-Year-Old to Play With Dolls?

It’s normal for nine-year-olds to play with dolls as they continue to engage in imaginative and social play. Dolls can be a part of creative storytelling, role-playing, and expressing emotions.

What is the Best Game For a 9-Year-Old?

The best game for a nine-year-old might be one that challenges them and aligns with their interests. Popular options include strategy board games, interactive video games that encourage creativity or problem-solving, and outdoor games that involve physical activity.

How Much Should You Spend On a 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Gift?

The amount to spend on a nine-year-old’s birthday gift varies based on your relationship with the child, your budget, and cultural norms. Focus on selecting a thoughtful gift that aligns with the child’s interests and developmental stage.

What Do 9-Year-Olds Do For Their Birthday?

Nine-year-olds might enjoy a variety of birthday activities, including themed parties, outings to fun locations like parks or museums, sleepovers, or a special family day out. Consider their interests and preferences when planning.

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