12 Savvy Storage Solutions For Organizing Your Cloth Diapers

Have you decided to use cloth diapers, but now find yourself overwhelmed with the problem of where to store them all?

Any parents who have gone the cloth route can likely relate. A new baby brings lots of clothes and items with them, and stock of cloth diapers can add some serious bulk to that collection.

When I was in my nesting phase while pregnant with my son, I was overwhelmed and stressed about where to put all my cloth diapers. I wanted an easy and frugal storage solution, that would also keep everything within arm’s reach.

To keep this stress from happening to you, here are 12 creative storage solutions for your baby’s diapers — thinking outside of the box (or the top drawer of any dresser).


    1. Trundle Bed Storage

    If your baby’s room is small, you need to maximize every inch of spare space you have — including under the crib. A trundle storage can easily hold your entire stash of cloth diapers, and it will do double duty by making sure nothing else makes its way under the crib.

    Translation? No more getting on your hands and knees to fish your baby’s pacifier out for the thousandth time that day!

    2. Ikea To The Rescue

    I love the idea of products that you can pull double duty or change purposes as your baby grows. This Trofast Storage Combination from Ikea can be used to store your cloth diapers when your baby is little, and then store their toys as they get older!

    What I love even more is the idea of adding a second storage container right next to it, that way there’s enough room to put a changing pad on top of it and creation a little diaper station.

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    3. In The Bathroom

    This idea is fabulous, especially if you’re inching towards potty training. Just clear out a few drawers closest to your toilet. Place baby wipes in one drawer, big kid underwear in another, and diapers in the last.

    If your kids are anything like mine, potty training will be a marathon and not a sprint. Sometimes you can go days without an accident, but others you just aren’t that lucky. This way you have everything you need right by the toilet, and you’re prepared for any circumstances.

    This solution would be especially great if you have two children in diapers at the same time, and one is ready to potty train. Younger siblings are always interested in trying out what older siblings are doing, and this copycat instinct might be helpful in the long run.

    4. Two-In-One Dry And Store

    I’ve always found that one of the most tedious parts of doing any laundry — but especially cloth diapers — is putting them away. The beauty of this drying rack is that you can totally skip that part!

    This cabinet is pretty enough to place in any room. You can pull the racks out to hang your diapers and dry them after washing — then simply push them back in to store them once they’re dry.

    5. The Ladder

    If you want to show off your cloth diapers — some of them are awfully cute — hanging them on the rungs of a wooden ladder is a creative and adorable option. Depending on how tall your ladder is, you might even be able to hang your entire stash!

    Just watch out, if you’re a short mom like me, pay attention to how high you can comfortably reach. Otherwise, diapers on the top rungs may not get much rotation — unless you want to climb the ladder, that is!

    6. The Linen Cabinet

    Do you have a linen cabinet or closet in your house? If you’re anything like me, it’s a catch-all filled with odds and ends. Aftershave, old batteries, empty makeup bottles — you name it it’s in my cabinet. Why not give it a new purpose by storing your cloth diapers in it?

    Simply stack your diapers up, or even put them into storage baskets if you want a more uniform look. Chances are good that you’ll still have room for your towels and toiletries too!

    7. Repurposed Toy Cubby

    A toy cubby is another item that serves a double purpose as your baby grows. Use different cubbies to store cloth diapers, wipes, inserts, and creams. This system is an easy and affordable way to keep everything you need well-organized and within reach.

    As your baby grows, the diapers and wipes will be replaced by dolls and toys cars, and the storage unit will serve you well for years as your baby grows into childhood.

    8. The Dresser

    A dresser can not only do double duty — it can do triple duty. The right dresser can hold your baby’s clothing, their cloth diapers, and even serve as a changing table if you place a changing mat on top.

    A dresser is also one of the few items that, if you play your cards right, can last your child from birth through to college. This makes it one of the most frugal storage options available for cloth diapers.

    9. Floating Shelves

    When you don’t have the room to expand out, then consider going up! Floating shelves can keep your diapers organized and easily accessible without taking up much-needed space in your drawers or cabinets.

    You can even make a floating shelf yourself easily and affordably using inexpensive plans found online. The project is an easy one that requires minimal tools and funds.

    You could even consider putting it on your honey-do-list before your baby is born and get your partner in on the action.

    10. Repurposed Bookshelf

    Solid wood furniture is amazingly versatile. With some sandpaper, a little bit of paint, and some elbow grease, you can make any piece of furniture fit your nursery theme perfectly.

    An old bookshelf would be a great item to refurbish for cloth diaper storage. Just stack the diapers onto the shelves and they’re easily accessible during changes. You can also add cubbies to hold smaller accessories.

    If you don’t have an old bookshelf lying around, but still want to repurpose something for a similar look, try a smaller dresser. Simply take out the drawers, add shelves, and cover with a coat of paint to create a storage solution uniquely perfect for your baby’s diapers.

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    11. Diapers On Wheels

    If you’re the type of mom that changes their baby’s diaper in the exact same location for every single diaper change I bow down to you — because I am not that mama. My kids have been changed everywhere in the house from the bed and the changing table, to the couch, and the floor. Basically, having diaper storage on wheels seems kind of genius to me.

    Just roll a repurposed home bar cart such as this into any room you go to, and you’ll always have your baby’s diaper supplies handy.

    12. Hanging Shoe Organizer

    Another vertical solution that can be hidden away if you like, a hanging shoe organizer is an inexpensive and simple way to store your cloth diapers. It can be hung on the wall, the inside of a closet, or the back of a bedroom door if you want it out of sight. You can even put one on each side of the closet door if you need double the storage.

    I especially love the idea of a hanging shoe organizer with clear pouches, that way I know which diaper I’m grabbing each time.

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    Your Cloth Diaper Storage Solution

    Cloth diapers are an eco-friendly and frugal way to diaper your baby’s bottom, but they can take up a lot of space!

    I hope that this article has helped you to brainstorm and find a storage solution that’s right for you and your home.

    Did you come up with a creative way to store your baby’s cloth diapers? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below!

    And if you have a friend who’s currently searching for cloth diaper storage solutions, please share this post with her. We hope that this post can provide some information and ideas to help her on her cloth diapering journey.

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