Best House Beds of 2020

Breaking down what a house bed is and how to find the right one.

Perhaps you’ve seen house beds on home renovation shows, or maybe you’ve heard other people talking about them.

However they have come across your radar, you may be wondering what they are, if there is any benefit to them, and how to select the best house beds.

What Are House Beds?

These beds have a frame of poles or beams in the shape of a house set around the spot where the mattress sits. The majority of house beds, although not all, have the mattress at or near floor level.

Interest in house beds has recently increased. This is partially due to the popularity of Montessori education. This approach to learning is 100 percent child-centered and works with a child’s natural tendencies to move around and explore their world.

When it comes to sleep, proponents of Montessori-style education encourage the use of floor beds. The idea behind it is that when a child sleeps at floor level they are free to get in and out of bed themselves. This gives a child the freedom to explore their room and play alone (1).

Benefits of House Beds for Kids

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of house beds for kids (2).

  • Most house beds have a mattress at floor level. If your child rolls out of bed, they are far less likely to hurt themselves than if they were in a higher bed.
  • The structure of a house bed can provide a sense of comfort, while still remaining open, light, and airy.
  • These beds are fun and appealing to children. A child with a house bed may be less likely to resist going to bed. It can lead to less frustration for your child and for you at bedtime.

How to Choose the Best House Beds

To help you choose the best house bed for your child, we’ve put together some guidelines for you to keep in mind while shopping.


The majority of house beds are made from wood, but you will see the occasional metal option.

Metal can be more resistant to small digs and scratches than wood, but wood tends to give a cozier feel to a room.

Child’s Age

Floor level house beds are a good option for younger children. If you are going for a house bed with legs or one of the raised versions, your child must be old enough and coordinated enough to climb in and out of the bed safely.

Mattress Size

If your child is currently in a crib or toddler bed, you can find house beds that will fit their existing mattress. If your child already has a larger bed, or will soon be too big for their toddler bed, a twin crib mattress might be your best option.

If you want to go for luxury, you can opt for a double, queen, or even a king-size house bed.

Ceiling Height

Measure the exact distance between your floor and ceiling before choosing your house bed. This is especially important if you have low or sloping ceilings.

Extra Features

Some house beds have railings made to look like a picket fence, while others have partial walls, roofs, or windows.

However, if you are choosing a house bed with Montessori principles in mind, you’ll want something minimal or something that has great open-ended play value.


Consider your child’s preferences when choosing a house bed. Would they like a railing, roof, or a raised bed?

Also, look at your preferences. Do you want them to have more storage options or a trundle? If your house is short on storage, finding a bed with storage might be a big deal.

The Best Kids House Beds of 2020

Taking all those factors into consideration, these are our top ten house bed recommendations.

1. South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed

Best House Bed for Toddlers

South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed, Natural Pine
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Bring Scandinavian style into your home with this cute, minimalist house bed from South Shore.

The strong wooden frame is built from 100 percent solid poplar and is sized to fit a standard crib mattress. That means you can transition your child from their crib to their new bed without the additional expense of buying a twin mattress at the same time.

Either one of the cross beams on the longer side of the bed can be removed without compromising the structural integrity of the frame. This enables an adult to play with their child without the risk of banging their head.

The bed comes with everything you need for assembly, including all hardware and a hex key. However, some owners said they found it easier to put the bed together with a power drill.

  • Works with a standard crib mattress.
  • Unfinished wood can be painted or stained.
  • Also available in a twin bed size.
  • May need a power drill for assembly.

Additional Specs

Age1 to 3 years
Mattress sizeStandard crib mattress
Height4 feet

2. Purveyor 15 Twin House Bed Frame

Best House Bed with Legs

House Bed Frame Twin Size with legs (deluxe version) PREMIUM WOOD
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If you like the look of house beds but you’re not a fan of the idea of your child sleeping at floor level, there is this option from Purveyor 15.

The bed is made from 100 percent solid poplar, grown and harvested locally in Ozark, Missouri. That’s the same location as the beds are made, and it comes with everything you need for assembly.

When it is put together, the underside of the bed is six inches above the floor. However, because of the way the bed is assembled, you can set the base higher or lower than the standard height. This allows you to put the bed closer to the floor or high enough to accommodate under-bed storage.

Each bed is handmade to order. The maker is extremely helpful if you have any questions either before or after purchase.

  • Flexible base height.
  • Smooth unfinished wood can be painted or stained.
  • Slats are included.
  • Some owners find the instructions confusing.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin mattress
Height6 feet 4 inches

3. Meritline House Bed with Fence

Best House Bed with Rails

House Bed Twin Size Kids Bed Frame with Roof and Fence, Box Spring Needed (Grey)
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Available in white, gray, or espresso, this option from Meritline takes the basic house bed frame and takes it up a notch by adding a round top picket fence.

The fence runs around the outer perimeter of the bed frame, except for an 18-inch gap that is left open. This space allows your child to get into and out of bed without having to climb over the rails. In addition to the fence, there is also a chimney-shaped frame that sits on top of the roofline.

There are no slats with the bed. If you don’t want your child’s mattress to sit directly on the floor you will also need a box spring. However, as this bed is a standard twin size, this is not a problem.

  • Cute details and one of the more realistic-looking house beds available.
  • A variety of colors to choose from.
  • Not too tall, even if you have low ceilings.
  • No slats are included.
  • Some buyers struggled with the assembly directions.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin mattress
Height5 feet 10 inches

4. DIKAPA Twin Size House Bed

Best Metal House Bed

DIKAPA Twin House Bed Toddler Bed.Tent.Floor Bed/Metal Platform Mattress...
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If you are looking for a metal house bed frame rather than a wooden one, Dikapa produces an affordable yet sturdy option.

Its white, twin-size house bed is made of squared metal tubes and has a mattress platform that sits approximately two inches off the floor. This platform has metal tubing slats to support the mattress while providing plenty of under bed airflow.

However, the downside is that if you’re looking for a house bed frame to fit with Montessori principles, a metal option does not fit in with the wider “natural” axiom.

We have also found that metal bed frames can be quite cold to the touch which is something of an unfavorable quality when you are choosing a first “big kid” bed for your child.

  • Less vulnerable to “dings” than wooden frames.
  • Airflow under the mattress.
  • Slats are included.
  • Cold to the touch.
  • Less “natural” feel.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin
Height5 feet 5 inches

5. Baysitone House Bed With Trundle

Best House Bed with Trundle

Twin Daybed with Trundle, Wood Twin Size House Bed/Toddler Bed for Kids, Bedroom...
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Baysitone is one of the few manufacturers who make a house bed frame that includes a trundle. We chose their bed over other available options because of our user review research.

Baysitone was one of the only two for which we didn’t find complaints about build quality, shipping, or customer service.

The trundle under the Baysitone house bed is a full-size twin. It’s not just good for the occasional sleepover, it is comfortable enough for a long visit if you have friends or relatives staying over.

The main bed has a weight limit of 400 pounds while the trundle has a limit of 275 pounds. That means even most adults could sleep on either bed if there was a need.

  • Appealing Shaker-style design.
  • Sturdy.
  • Can be painted or stained for a more customized look.
  • Requires the purchase of two mattresses.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin for the main bed and 6-inch thick max for trundle bed
Height5 feet 8 ½ inches

6. Uhom Bedroom Twin Size House Bed

Best Twin House Bed

UHOM Children Wood Bed Toddler House Frame Bed Tent Floor Double Bed, Twin Size...
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This house bed from Uhom Bedroom provides an unusual twist on the regular house bed design.

Rather than the standard bed frame with four equal uprights, this house bed has posts that are taller at one end of the bed than the other. This creates a roof that is not symmetrical and is intentionally lopsided.

The roof still has crossbars, so the structure is just as stable as other house bed frames. For those who are not a fan of beds that sit too close to the ground, this one is as tall as the average bed.

This bed also has a trundle bed you can use when company comes calling. When you don’t want to use it, it slides under the bed. That’s a great option if you expect your child will have frequent sleepovers or if you have a small house.

  • Hidden hardware prevents injury.
  • Slats included.
  • Trundle bed.
  • Instructions could be clearer.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin
Height6 feet 2 inches

7. Purveyor 15 Full-Size House Bed

Best Full House Bed

House Bed Frame Full Size PREMIUM WOOD
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As it is handmade to order, there are several custom options for this bed. You can choose to add a chimney, bed rails, a perimeter fence, bed slats, legs, or any combination of those elements.

Without legs, the bed frame will sit directly on the floor. Or, you can have 6-inch legs as an option. You can also choose to go without slats and have your child’s mattress on the floor, use a box spring within the frame, or add slats to raise the mattress two inches from floor level.

The standard bed is 6 feet 4 inches tall, but you can ask for it to be made any height between 6 feet and 7 feet 6 inches. That means you can have the bed in proportion to your room.

  • Handmade quality.
  • Can be painted or stained.
  • Sustainable wood source.
  • Takes up a significant amount of space.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard full size
Height6 feet to 7 feet 6 inches

8. Storkcraft Orchard 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Convertible Crib and House Bed

Storkcraft Orchard 5-in-1 Convertible Crib (White) - Easily Converts to Toddler...
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If you want the benefits of a house bed that sits on the floor, but you aren’t comfortable putting your baby into this type of bed, Storkcraft has the answer.

The Orchard 5-in-1 convertible crib starts out as a standard size, off the floor crib, built in such a way that it has a “roof frame.” This functions exactly like any other crib except that you can convert it to a toddler bed or full-size bed.

When your child is older you can take one side off. With the mattress platform on the lowest level, the crib becomes a toddler bed. Raise the mattress platform and it becomes a daybed.

Both of these options allow you to use the Orchard with the house bed frame.

Alternatively, you can use the frame as a toddler bed and a separate playhouse frame. Finally, you can convert to a full-size bed, although without the bed house frame.

  • Crib safety plus toddler bed freedom.
  • Can become a playhouse.
  • Three-level mattress base.
  • A full natural finish would be a nice option.

Additional Specs

AgeBirth and older
Mattress sizeStandard crib
Height5 feet 6 inches

9. Donco Full House Bed

Best House Bed for Girls

DONCO Full House Grey Two Tone Finish LOW LOFT,
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If, for you, the appeal of house beds is less about the Montessori philosophy and more about the cozy place to sleep, then Donco has this super cute option.

Much more than just a basic frame, this house bed has a full roof, side bed rails, and a panel at the front with windows on either side of the doorway. The outside of the panels have been deliberately left to look a little rough, but they are sealed and painted so there’s no risk of your child getting splinters.

Inside, the house bed is smooth and cozy. It takes a standard full-size mattress so there is plenty of room for stuffed toys, pillows, or anything else your little one likes to snuggle up with at night.

  • Cute, “rough cabin” styling.
  • Large open space for climbing in and out of bed.
  • Light and airy inside.
  • The rough finish is not to everyone’s taste.
  • Some parents complain the house has a paint smell that takes weeks to diminish.

Additional Specs

MaterialWood – not specified
Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard full
Height6 feet 3 inches

10. Little Seeds, Rowan Valley Forest Loft-Bed

Best House Bed for Boys

Little Seeds Rowan Valley Forest Loft Bed, Grey/Taupe, Twin
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Part house bed, part cabin frame, party tent, this bed from Little Seeds is as much a place to play as it is a place to sleep.

The mattress base is approximately 12 inches off the floor and a small, one-step ladder takes your child up into the bed. Once there, they are protected by rails at the back of the bed and at both ends, while the walls at the front prevent them from rolling out in the middle of the night.

The roof is a polyester sheet with silk-printed stripes and can be removed completely if you want the bed to be more open. Alternatively, you or your child can roll down the door and/or window panels and keep out annoying siblings.

  • Unique roll down curtains.
  • Large enough to work for many years.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • More enclosed than some kids like.
  • Unclear how washable the fabric is.

Additional Specs

Age3 years and older
Mattress sizeStandard twin
Height5 feet 6 ½ inches

Kids House Bed Comparison Chart

ProductBestMaterialAgeMattress sizeHeight
South Shore Sweedi Toddler BedToddlersPoplar1 to 3 yearsStandard crib mattress4′
Purveyor Twin House Bed FrameWith LegsPoplar3 years & olderStandard twin mattress6′, 4″
Meritline House Bed with FenceWith RailsPine3 years & olderStandard twin mattress5′, 10″
DIKAPA Twin Size House BedMetalMetal3 years & olderStandard twin5′, 5″
Baysitone House Bed With TrundleWith TrundlePine3 years & olderStandard twin & 6″ trundle bed5′, 8.5″
Uhom Bedroom Twin Size House BedTwin BedPine3 years & olderStandard twin6′, 2″
Purveyor 15 Full-Size House BedFull House BedPoplar3 years & olderStandard full size6′ to 7′, 6″
Storkcraft Orchard 5-in-1 CribConvertible Crib & BedPineBirth & olderStandard crib5′, 6″
Donco Full House BedGirlsWood3 years & olderStandard full6′, 3″
Little Seeds, Rowan Valley Forest Loft-BedBoysMetal3 years & olderStandard twin5′, 6.5″
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And So To Bed

Whether you want to use Montessori principles in your child’s room, are looking for a chic Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, or you just like the look of them, you are bound to find a house bed that ticks all of your boxes.

Not only do they look good, but having an inviting place to lay down their head can minimize bedtime struggles with some kids. And that’s something we can all get behind.

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