Best Jogging Strollers of 2019

Going stir crazy at home and looking for a way to get back out in the world? A jogging stroller is a fantastic and fun way to get you — and your little one — back in the game.

But before picking one, there are a few things you should know about the selection process so you can find the best jogging stroller suited for your needs.

In This Guide

    What’s Special About a Jogging Stroller?

    Jogging strollers are designed for athletic ventures. They sport air-filled rubber tires for this reason.

    The wheels are oversized — the back ones are larger than those in the front. They allow the unit to move easily over various terrains and do a good job of absorbing shock. The result is a more comfortable ride.

    Quite a few of the available models have three wheels, with two in the back and one in the front. This wheel set-up makes the stroller easy to navigate and responsive, which is a big asset when you’re running. Frames for jogging strollers are typically larger, heavier, and more cumbersome than their counterparts.

    Running Speed

    Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll have to just jog slowly when using jogging strollers. Many dedicated runners, including me, have been passed on race days by a super fit mom or dad pushing their baby in one of these things. So if you’re doubtful about how fast you can go — the answer is that you can motor along quickly.

    Although they aren’t always heavily padded, many options include a recline feature. This means your little one gets the rest they need — even when you’re on the go.

    Many jogging models have substantial canopies to protect your child from the sun or inclement weather conditions.

    Jogging strollers are tall, and special attention has been paid to making the handles usable and comfortable. The extra height and comfort mean your body maintains a better form while running.

    Accessories, like undercarriage storage, trays, and cup holders, are common with these models.

    Types of Jogging Strollers

    Curious about the different types of jogging strollers? We’ve laid out the main differences and similarities for the two primary categories:

    Traditional Jogging Stroller

    BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black

    A traditional model has a seat facing in the same direction as the pusher. It has a five-point safety harness to hold your child securely in place and safe during your run. Most feature a lap bar or snack tray as extras, which are handy features.

    Many of these models have three wheels, but some come with four. You may want models that have foot brakes for safety and a peek-a-boo style canopy, which allows you to see your child with ease.

    These are available in both single and tandem styles.

    • Easy to steer.
    • Suitable as an everyday stroller.
    • Compact models available.
    • Storage isn’t guaranteed.
    • The majority aren’t lightweight.

    Enclosed Jogging Stroller

    Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller- Single - Thule Blue/Poseidon

    This type of jogging stroller is also referred to as a trailer. They’re usually suitable for more than one child, and the enclosed space helps protect them from bugs and bad weather.

    Hard or soft-sided cabins are the main feature of these. Hard-sided units are more difficult to travel with and take up a significant amount of room. Both are excellent choices for storage.

    Keep an eye out for versions that are compatible with other forms of travel, like bicycles.

    They sit low to the ground and have a full pushing bar instead of individual handles.

    • An all-weather option.
    • Multi-functional.
    • Lots of storage.
    • Expensive.
    • Not for use as an everyday stroller.

    Choosing the Best Jogging Stroller

    Word of Caution

    Be aware that you should never jog with infants. Before running with your child in tow, they should have full control of their head and neck to prevent injury. Always check with your pediatrician, but many manufacturers recommend waiting until your child is 6 months old (1).

    To ensure you bring home the best-suited jogging stroller, keep the following in mind:

    • Where you’ll be exercising: Plan on taking your stroller out of the garage and hitting the trails without loading a car? An oversized option is a good choice. If you need to drive to a location to get your exercise in, look for something lightweight that folds compactly.
    • How many children you’ll have with you: There are fewer tandem joggers on the market, but they do exist. If you have children close together in age and plan to exercise with them both, look into a unit that seats two.
    • Where and how you’ll store it: Even collapsed jogging strollers can take up a large amount of room. However, you can install hooks on a garage or basement wall. Knowing how you’ll store your stroller when it’s not in use will help you determine which option works for you.
    • Age of your child or children: Some models can support upwards of 70 pounds. Others max out at fewer than 50 pounds. A higher weight limit allows you to get more use out of your purchase as your child grows. Knowing the age and weight of your child and your stroller’s maximum capacity ensures the safety of your little one.
    • Which features you’ll need: Will you seriously use a stroller’s sound system? Don’t be enticed by expensive features you won’t use. Instead, identify which ones you have to have on your model and go from there.
    • Your budget: Inexpensive options do exist, but there are some pricey models also. Map out your budget ahead of time to avoid temptation. Get a model that works for you and your wallet.

    The Best Jogging Stroller Reviews of 2019

    Keeping in mind advice from professionals and the experiences of real moms and dads, we’ve put together a list of our favorites. Here are the 10 best jogging strollers we found.

    1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

    Best Jogging Stroller for Extended Use

    Looking for a jogging stroller you can use with your newborn? This model is compatible with a wide variety of car seats when using an adapter. You won’t be running with your little one right away, but this is a wonderful option to get you out and walking.

    You can use this unit long after you’ve retired the adapter as well. It’s suitable for children who weigh up to 75 pounds and are a maximum of 44 inches tall.

    The stroller features a suspension system similar to that on a mountain bike. It provides comfort for your little one, whatever their age.

    With three wheels, it has larger tires in the back. The front one is capable of locking for extra stability during use. The tires are durable and wide, made of rubber, and are air-filled.

    Designed for frequent use, this model offers undercarriage storage, but it doesn’t come with a lap bar or a parent tray. However, several pockets provide additional storage and a compatible caddy to be purchased separately.

    Why We Love It

    Compatible With a Variety of Car Seats

    With a car seat adapter, which is available for purchase separately, this jogger is used with approved infant car seats. Your car seat’s safety recommendations will dictate how old your child should be and how much they need to weigh. Compatible brands include Britax and Chicco, but a full list is provided by BOB (2).

    Adjustable Handlebar

    The handlebar offers nine preset positions to create the perfect fit. Change the height as needed when different users are pushing the stroller.

    You’ll also be able to change it depending on the needs of your activity. Avid runners will appreciate a higher handle, while those walking may prefer a lower option.

    Great Safety Features

    We love the no-rethread five-point harness that ensures your child stays securely fastened. Included is a wrist strap for the pusher to wear while using the stroller, which prevents accidents and keeps your stroller close.

    An oversized sunshade rated with UPF 50+ protection means your little one is protected. Don’t forget to keep your child’s legs covered or break out the sunscreen as they will be exposed.

    Reflective strips through the canopy provide appropriate visibility during the evening or early-morning activities. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors in low-light, you may want to consider the Lunar Black model. It’s ultra-reflective for safer use.

    High Weight Limit

    You’ll be using this stroller for a long time to come, which will leave you feeling better about your investment. It’s suitable to use for children who weigh up to 75 pounds and who are, at most, 44 inches tall.

    Keep In Mind

    Recline Carefully

    This model features wonderful recline options for your little one. In fact, it can recline until it’s nearly flat. However, a warning on the stroller suggests avoiding extreme recline as the unit may tip.

    Make sure to handle it carefully and never leave your child unattended in a stroller.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight28.5 pounds
    Minimum Child WeightN/A
    Maximum Child Weight75 pounds
    ColorGlacier blue; graphite black; lunar black; Sedona orange
    Additional FeaturesCompatible with infant car seat adapter; UPF 50+ canopy

    2. Baby Trend Xcel Jogging Stroller

    Best Budget Jogging Stroller

    Want to get out on the road without spending a tremendous amount of money? This budget-friendly model is worth considering.

    Ready to accommodate daily needs, this stroller is equipped with an array of bonus features. Undercarriage storage, a snack tray, and built-in cup holder keep items where they need to be. The seat is adjustable to suit your little one’s needs.

    An adjustable canopy provides significant coverage with a peek-a-boo window for checking in on babe.

    This model takes an infant car seat as well. Compatible car seats from Baby Trend lock into place on the tray and allow for use as a travel system.

    Why We Love It

    Convenient Add-Ons

    We love how user-friendly this model is. The undercarriage storage is the perfect place to stash a diaper bag or a sweater when you’ve warmed up. A cup holder situated on the handlebar keeps your water close to help you stay hydrated.

    Durable Tires

    Mountain-bike-style wheels are necessary for off-roading. The rear tires measure 16 inches in diameter while the front is 12 inches. When needed, the front wheel locks in place to prevent swiveling and create extra stability during exercise.

    Easy to Use Trigger Fold

    The trigger fold is easy to operate and doesn’t require excessive force. By activating both triggers at once — one with each hand — the stroller’s locking mechanism is released. From there, it collapses easily and is ready for a car trunk or storage.

    Without using the triggers simultaneously, there’s no way to fold this unit, which prevents folding during regular use.

    Thoughtful Safety Features

    We appreciate how much thought has gone into making this unit safe. A five-point safety harness is included, and there’s little risk of the stroller tipping over. If you lose your grip on the handle, an included tether keeps your stroller safely with you.

    The locking front wheel is a good feature for more active use. Foot-pedal brakes in the back stop your stroller from moving unexpectedly during stops.

    This model also includes reflective tape through the footrest to increase visibility during low-light conditions.

    Keep In Mind

    Padding Is Sparse

    The material is easy to care for and designed for exposure to the elements. It’s fast-drying as well, but the trade-off is there’s little additional cushioning for your passenger.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight27.6 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight5 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight55 pounds
    ColorMosaic blue; raspberry; tiger lily
    Additional FeaturesSnack tray; parent cup holder; reflectors; storage; canopy

    3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

    Best Compact Fold Jogging Stroller

    Navigating an urban environment with a jogging stroller is tricky. You may also be faced with limited storage options. This model tackles those issues with a streamlined, narrow stroller that folds down to take up little space.

    With a wrist strap and an integrated hand brake, this stroller is designed for easy and safe use, even on crowded streets. The seat reclines and is equipped with ventilation to cool down your little one during rides.

    The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. A suspension system works to provide a more pleasant experience, both for the pusher and the passenger.

    Undercarriage storage is ample and comes with a zipper to ensure items aren’t lost and stay protected from the weather. A canopy is included to shield your child from the elements.

    Why We Love It

    Compact Fold

    Due to their sturdy frames, many jogging strollers fold in half and still take up quite a bit of room in storage. This model folds down compactly into a square shape that measures just over 13 inches tall and 34 inches deep.

    It’s a safe choice for small trunks and when storage space is limited. The fold is easy to activate and requires the use of just one hand.

    Suitable for City Life

    Have a city walk-up? This stroller weighs in at approximately 25 pounds. Between its compact fold and lower weight, it’s ideal for city living.

    Moving and storing the stroller is easy and safe thanks to the locking mechanism.

    Adjustable Handlebars

    The handlebars are adjustable to suit your height. This is fantastic for couples who differ in height, as the handlebar is adjustable between 35.5 and 44 inches.

    Available Accessories

    This Thule model comes with plenty of extras, but additional accessories designed for this stroller are also available. A car seat adapter allows you to take your infant along. Others include a footmuff, snack tray, a bumper bar, and an organizer.

    Keep In Mind

    It’s Long

    This model steers well and doesn’t have a wide footprint. At 47 inches long, it’s longer than many other models. This can make navigating tight turns or spaces, like elevators, more challenging. If you need to use this stroller frequently in such places, you may want to consider a different model.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight25.3 pounds
    Minimum Child WeightN/A
    Maximum Child Weight75 pounds
    ColorBlack; dark shadow; Mars; Thule blue
    Additional FeaturesZippered undercarriage storage; hand brake; compact fold

    4. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

    Best Enclosed Jogging Stroller

    For the serious athlete, this enclosed trailer-style unit is a good option. It’s suitable for use while jogging, biking, walking, or skiing. With purchase, you receive both the bicycle trailer kit and the strolling kit to set up your stroller.

    The two rear wheels are oversized while the two smaller front wheels are removed when using as a bicycle trailer. An additional large wheel is purchased separately to use on the front end for longer or faster runs.

    All the wheels can be removed and replaced with the Chariot Ski Kit if you plan on using this on the slopes. The Thule Click ‘n’ Store system allows easy onboard storage for the jog, stroll, and bike kits when not in use. Unfortunately, the ski accessories won’t fit onboard.

    Although this is a larger unit, it offers a compact fold that makes transportation less cumbersome. A cargo area on the back provides plenty of room for your items while you’re on the go. It can also be removed for activities where you need the extra stride space.

    Why We Love It

    Incredible Versatility

    We love how useful this stroller can be. If you’re an active family that gets out and does things, this stroller lets you include your little one on your adventures.

    The two smaller front wheels are suitable for walks and light runs. More serious runners may want to invest in the larger front wheel for additional maneuverability and shock absorption.

    A Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller option is available for two children. Our featured model is for a single passenger.

    Easy to Use

    Thule’s VersaWing system makes it simple to switch between activities. Conversion from one setup to the next takes little time. Built-in storage keeps everything where it belongs and within reach.


    A reclining seat creates the perfect ride for your little one and is adjusted with one hand. The handlebar can also be modified to suit the user and the activity. Suspension on the wheels is customized to suit the terrain you’re working with as well.

    Designed for Comfort

    Padding in the seating area is removed as needed for cleaning. There’s also padding through the shoulder straps and the five-point harness.

    The adjustable recline is just right for naps on the go.

    Keep In Mind

    Doesn’t Have Sufficient Airflow

    The side windows on this unit don’t offer ventilation. This can make for hot and sticky rides during warm weather, which may lead to unhappy passengers.

    Have a plan in place to combat the heat. Cool beverages and personal fans may be worth considering.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight28 pounds
    Minimum Child WeightN/A
    Maximum Child Weight75 pounds
    ColorRoarange; Thule blue
    Additional FeaturesActivity kits; adjustable suspension; cargo space; Thule infant sling-compatible

    5. J Is for Jeep Jogging Stroller

    Best Convertible Jogging Stroller

    A three-in-one stroller, this unit is used in multiple ways. It’s compatible with certain infant car seats in a travel system mode. It also offers a carriage style for parent-facing and a traditional ride for older children.

    The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to maneuver and folds flat for quick and easy storage. An automatic latch keeps the unit folded securely and prevents it from unlocking during transportation.

    Undercarriage storage offers enough room to store your items. Unfortunately, the stroller’s frame makes this space difficult to access. It might not be a good option for items you need to access frequently or quickly.

    This stroller is designed for children who weigh up to 50 pounds.

    A five-point harness keeps your child safe and sound while reflective piping through the unit makes you more visible. Both the footrest and the seat back are adjustable to suit your child’s needs.

    Why We Love It

    Safety Features

    We love the addition of reflective piping throughout the stroller to increase your visibility during low-light conditions. This unit includes a touch cable lock brake system and meets all ASTM and stroller-related CPSC standards. It’s also JPMA-certified.

    SPF 50 Canopy

    With a peek-a-boo window in the canopy, you maintain a view of your little one even while they’re shaded. The pop-out sun visor fabric features SPF 50 protection to prevent sunburn while you’re out and about.


    An adjustable handlebar lets you get the right setting for individual pushers. The customized footrest and reclining seat increase your child’s comfort during trips. The convertible seat options allow you to choose just the right configuration for you and your little one.

    Included Organizer

    This model includes a detachable stroller organizer where you can contain your necessities. Whether it’s snacks for your trip, extra diapers or toys, your items stay close by. The organizer is soft-sided and straps onto the handlebar.

    Keep In Mind

    Lacking Adult-Friendly Features

    This model doesn’t offer an organizing tray or a cup holder near the handlebar. This means there isn’t a friendly storage place for your phone or water. Although the detachable organizer is an option, you’ll likely have that stored during exercise.

    If you plan on exercising for extended periods, consider a universal cup holder accessory or an oversized carabiner-style clip.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight26 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight8 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight50 pounds
    Colorgrey/black; red/black
    Additional FeaturesAdjustable handlebar; moving lap bar; convertible seat

    6. Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

    Best Jogging Stroller for Low-Light Visibility

    A good option for runners, this version features a swiveling front wheel that locks in place when needed. The rear tires are larger than the front tire, and the stroller is equipped with performance shocks for use on all terrain.

    The handlebar’s angle is adjustable to improve the pusher’s comfort and find the best fit for height and activity level.

    This stroller is great for day-to-day errands too. Undercarriage storage provides space for a diaper bag, shopping bags, jackets, and other belongings. A snack tray for your little one makes their food and drink accessible, while a parent tray keeps the pusher organized.

    The oversized, adjustable canopy comes with SPF 50+ protection. It’s also designed for use during darker hours, with reflectors built into the stroller to increase visibility.

    Why We Love It

    Padding Through the Seat and Straps

    Many jogging models lack additional cushioning. This unit has extra padding through both the seat and the harness straps, creating a cozy ride for your passenger. The five-point harness is adjustable to give your child a custom, comfortable fit.

    Serious Tires

    A leading name in bicycles, Schwinn has brought tire expertise to this stroller. The rubber wheels are air-filled, durable, and sturdy enough to use on any terrain.

    Performance-quality shocks are in place to absorb impact and ensure a comfortable ride.

    Schwinn has incorporated classic bike safety into this stroller model as well. Large reflectors on the wheels help both pusher and passenger remain visible to passing road traffic.

    Child and Parent Trays

    A parent tray near this unit’s handle comes equipped with two cup holders. Whether you need it for drinks, car keys, or your cell phone, this tray holds your items within easy reach.

    There’s also a child snack tray with a space for a bottle or cup of their own. The tray has a lip around the edge, so that little one’s food and other items remain in place.

    Flat Fold

    This jogger offers a compact fold that makes storage and transportation a little easier. Designed to collapse flat, it won’t take up as much room in its permanent location or in the back of a vehicle. It’s straightforward when folding down and has a locking mechanism for it to stay in place.

    Keep In Mind

    It’s Heavy

    A flat fold does make travel and storage more convenient. However, this unit is quite heavy. Weighing in at 35 pounds, it’s around 10 pounds heavier than other models out there.

    You aren’t likely to be able to carry it with one hand while juggling a child and additional supplies. If you use stairs frequently or find it difficult to lift things out of your vehicle, you may want to consider a more lightweight model.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight35 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight15 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight50 pounds
    ColorOriole; stone blue
    Additional FeaturesAdjustable handle; performance shocks; parent tray

    7. Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller

    Best Jogging Stroller for Small Children

    This model weighs in at just 22 pounds and features an easy-fold design that makes traveling a breeze. A free tractive webbing tether lets you attach yourself to the stroller to prevent losing control of it during use.

    The seatback is adjustable, and there are different recline options so your little one is comfortable. A 12-inch front wheel and two 16-inch back wheels are air-filled, feature a suspension system, and provide easy maneuverability. The seat is well-padded to create a cozy place for your little one to enjoy the view.

    An oversized canopy and substantial undercarriage storage make this unit appropriate for everyday use as well as for exercising.

    Additional features include a child snack tray, two molded cup holders, and a parent’s tray with cup holders and extra storage.

    Why We Love It

    Multi-Position Seat

    This stroller’s seat is adjustable using a strap at the back. You’re in full control over the angle you use, with no presets restricting your child’s recline. A great feature for nap time, this also allows you to set your child upright for meals and outings.

    Attention to Safety

    We love the long tether included with this stroller. It works as a back-up safety feature in the event you lose your grip. The front swivel wheel is equipped with a locking system for additional stability during exercise.

    Easy Folding System

    It only takes a few moments to collapse this stroller for convenient storage or transportation. There’s no need to remove the snack tray, parent tray, or make any other changes prior to folding. It offers a compact fold suitable for storage, even where space is limited.

    Suitable for Daily Use

    A great option for running and other physical outings, this unit is also well-equipped for daily use. It’s not too large to navigate and offers nice add-ons like the parent and child snack trays.

    An undercarriage storage space gives you an extra area to keep your belongings while you’re out. It’s great for purses, umbrellas, and purchases, and can support up to 5 pounds.

    Keep In Mind

    Low Weight Limit

    This jogging stroller is better designed for younger children. It has a lower weight limit than most models on the market, being safe for children who weigh up to 33 pounds. If you’re looking for a long-term investment you can use throughout childhood, check out some of the other options.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight22 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight5 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight33 pounds
    Additional FeaturesFootrest; snack tray; parent tray; tether

    8. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

    Best Travel System Jogging Stroller

    Looking for a jogging stroller that can function as a travel system for your newborn? This unit from Chicco is designed to work with the KeyFit30 car seat. It snaps securely and quickly into place without the use of an adapter. Older children can enjoy this model without the car seat.

    The outer material is durable, water-resistant and easy to care for. Wipe it clean with soap and water as needed. The adjustable canopy also features tinted, mesh windows to provide plenty of ventilation during rides.

    Pneumatic, air-filled tires offer a smooth, even trip on a variety of terrain. They feature a customized suspension system to suit the activity and the surface you’re riding on.

    After use, the one-handed folding operation makes putting your stroller away quick and simple.

    Why We Love It

    Convenient Folding Options

    When putting the stroller away, you can choose between three different folds to better suit your needs and space.

    A self-standing fold is great for short-term storage, when you’re on the go and in between uses. The flat-fold option works well for trunk rides, and the compact fold is ideal for longer storage periods.

    Adjustable Suspension System

    A suspension system helps give you a smooth ride regardless of the surface and terrain. Customize the ride depending on where you’re using your stroller and whether you’re walking or running.

    Compatible as a Travel System

    This model can be used with the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat by removing the child seat portion. This creates a frame the car seat can latch securely into.

    When using the travel system, your child will face you in the stroller. It’s safe to use this way until your child outgrows the car seat and can sit in the stroller without it.

    Great Braking System

    We love that this jogging stroller offers easy-to-operate locks and braking mechanisms. A switch near the handlebars allows you to lock the front wheel in place during runs when swiveling may be dangerous. A deceleration-assisting handbrake is also located up top to give you better control over your speed during runs.

    There’s an integrated locking mechanism located through the handbrake for stroller parking. This gives you safety and control during stops without having a foot pedal get in your way during activities.

    Keep In Mind

    Not for Daily Use

    Although this unit does have a lap bar, it doesn’t work with a snack tray attachment, which is inconvenient during errands.

    The undercarriage storage is on the small side. It won’t support most diaper bags, and it may be difficult to stash shopping bags while at the mall.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight28.5 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight5 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight55 pounds
    Additional FeaturesHandbrake; snack tray; infant seat-compatible, adjustable suspension

    9. Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

    Best Double Jogging Stroller

    This model offers two separate canopies and can support up to 100 pounds. The canopies have UV 50+ protection and also feature ventilation through the side for better air exchange. Two peek-a-boo windows are integrated through the top of the adjustable canopies.

    All-wheel suspension is a welcome feature, along with a foot pedal brake and a handbrake for easy braking.

    A long tether gives you options for keeping the stroller close to you even if you trip or fall.

    You’ll love how easy the stroller is to maneuver, and your little ones will enjoy the smooth ride and comfortable seating. Both seats recline individually to customize your children’s ride.

    Why We Love It

    One-Hand Fold

    It’s easy to collapse this jogging stroller into a compact fold with just one hand. Once folded, it’s quite small (34.25 inches by 32.5 inches by 15.35 inches) and suitable for a trunk, despite the size of the open stroller.

    No Foam Through the Handlebar

    This jogging stroller doesn’t have foam through the handlebar, making it a good choice for serious runners. While foam coverings can increase comfort during light use, they can also become slippery during more vigorous activity.

    Great Storage

    There’s no skimping on storage here. Undercarriage baskets have the room you need for essential belongings. With two kids on board, this can make your time out with the stroller easier and more enjoyable.

    Separate Seats

    The two seats in this model have individual frames to support each child. Twin strollers that don’t have this feature may tip in toward each other.

    With the separate seat frames, your children will remain fully supported and comfortable in their seats.

    Keep In Mind

    It’s a Heavier Stroller

    At nearly 40 pounds, this twin jogger is heavier than most. It’s easy to fold and navigate, but you may want to consider another model if you feel lifting this one will be difficult.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight37 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight15 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight100 pounds (combined)
    ColorBlack/grey; green/grey
    Additional FeaturesUV 50+ canopies; accessory-compatible; hand and foot brakes

    10. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

    Budget-Friendly Double Jogger

    A good jogging stroller doesn’t have to come at a high price. This option from Baby Trend is equipped with features that make it suitable for exercise and everyday use.

    The included parent tray has two molded cup holders and an enclosed storage spot that keeps keys and phones in place. In terms of storage, the space beneath the stroller leaves plenty of room for diaper bags and snacks.

    An adjustable ratchet-style canopy is perfect to suit your needs. Within this, the peek-a-boo panel allows for air circulation or for you to check in on your kids.

    The seats recline individually, and a triangular-shaped footrest is shared between the riders. Five-point safety harnesses keep your little ones safe and can be fitted as needed.

    This unit is equipped with a foot pedal brake, and the front wheel is locked for stability while jogging.

    Why We Love It

    Compact Storage

    Folding is easy by using the two trigger pulls on either side of the stroller. A latch manually secures it in place to prevent the unit from unfolding.

    If needed, the large rear tires offer a quick release and take just moments to remove. This is a great feature for smaller cars and long-term storage. Easy-to-remove tires also mean they’re easy to replace should they become bent or have a leak.

    Friendly for Daily Use

    Useful add-ons make this a stroller you can enjoy outside of running. The parent tray has two molded cup holders, and a latching storage spot lets you safely store other important items.

    We love the oversized undercarriage storage. It’s a single large basket that has plenty of room for all the items you’ll need while on the go.

    Plenty of Ventilation

    We love the way the top of the stroller’s seat is ventilated. When reclined, mesh through the top allows a breeze to pass over your little one. The peek-a-boo panel rolls up to reveal additional ventilation on the top of the sunshade.

    Affordable Price Point

    Specialty strollers can get expensive, especially when you’re looking for double models. We love that this one makes jogging strollers accessible to everyone without sacrificing safety and comfort. With many of the same features as more expensive versions, this one gives you great value for your money.

    Keep In Mind

    Not for Use With Car Seats

    This jogging stroller isn’t for use with infant car seats. It’s recommended for children aged 6 months and up who are fastened directly into the stroller.

    Additional Specs

    Product Weight34 pounds
    Minimum Child Weight22 pounds
    Maximum Child Weight50 pounds (per child)
    ColorCarbon; centennial; millennium
    Additional FeaturesParent tray; foot pedal brake; locking front wheel; suspension system

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductAwardProduct WeightMinimum Child WeightMaximum Child WeightColorAdditional Features
    BOB Revolution Flex 3.0Extended Use28.5 lbsN/A75 lbs4 colorsCompatible with infant car seat adapter; UPF 50+ canopy
    Baby Trend XcelBudget Buy27.6 lbs5 lbs55 lbs3 colorsSnack tray; parent cup holder; reflectors; storage; canopy
    Thule Urban Glide 2Compact Fold25.3 lbsN/A75 lbs4 colorsZippered undercarriage storage; hand brake; compact fold
    Thule Chariot Cross SportEnclosed Option28 lbsN/A75 lbsRoarange; Thule blueActivity kits; adjustable suspension; cargo space; Thule infant sling-compatible
    J Is for JeepConvertible26 lbs8 lbs50 lbsgrey/black; red/blackAdjustable handlebar; moving lap bar; convertible seat
    Schwinn IntervalLow-Light Visibility35 lbs15 lbs50 lbsOriole; stone blueAdjustable handle; performance shocks; parent tray
    Costzon BabySmall Children22 lbs5 lbs33 lbsBlackFootrest; snack tray; parent tray; tether
    Chicco TRE Travel System28.5 lbs5 lbs55 lbsTitanHandbrake; snack tray; infant seat-compatible, adjustable suspension
    Summit X3 DoubleDouble Option37 lbs15 lbs100 lbs (combined)Black/grey; green/greyUV 50+ canopies; accessory-compatible; hand and foot brakes
    Baby Trend Expedition DoubleBudget-Friendly34 lbs22 lbs50 lbs (per child)3 colorsParent tray; foot pedal brake; locking front wheel; suspension system


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    Where Can I Use My Jogging Stroller?

    These models are wonderful for boot-camp style exercise programs and also work for trails and at parks. Many people use jogging strollers exclusively.

    One thing to bear in mind — especially with double jogging strollers — is that they’re significantly wider than other stroller types. That means you have to be extra careful when walking along narrower streets that have no sidewalks.

    If you plan on being indoors and walking through doorways, even ADA-compliant facilities may not be wide enough for your stroller (3).

    Are Jogging Strollers Safe?

    These strollers are held to the exact industry standards as other strollers. They’re required to pass the same tests and have similar safety features. For more information on stroller safety, check in with the American Academy of Pediatrics (4).

    What If I Need a New Tire?

    Just like with a bicycle or car tire, these will require maintenance and occasionally need replacing.

    There are universal jogging stroller wheels on the market, but your model’s manufacturer probably has replacement parts available. We always recommend ordering and using manufacturer-approved components for optimal safety and operation.

    Tips for Using Your Jogging Stroller

    Get the most out of your jogger with the following tips:

    1. Dedicated Paths Are Best

    Avoid busy roads and sidewalks when exercising with a stroller. Otherwise, it can put you in a dangerous position, especially on winding roads. This is particularly true during hours when there’s low lighting.

    2. Choose Your Time of Day Wisely

    If it’s a cooler season, schedule your activity during the warmest part of the day. During the hotter months, the opposite is true. Don’t forget to factor in your child’s naps and appropriate skin care needs.

    3. Stay Hydrated

    You’re working hard and should always have a water bottle handy when you’re exercising with your baby. Although they are just along for the ride, make sure your child has water as well to prevent any overheating.

    4. Start Slowly

    You have plenty of time to get fit. Always make sure you have your medical team’s permission to begin exercising. Check in with your pediatrician to ask if it’s safe for your baby to accompany you.

    5. Check Your Equipment Often

    Ensure your child’s harness and the tires are in working order before every ride. It’s better to know if there’s a problem ahead of time instead of getting stuck during your outing.

    6. Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

    Hitting the trails with your little one is exciting. To stay safe, let someone know where you’re headed. Consider a location app to keep your family posted as to your whereabouts.

    The Right Jogging Stroller for You

    There are plenty of options out there when it comes to jogging strollers. Pick out the features you can’t live without and go from there. Determining how long you’ll be using your model, and for how many children will help you narrow down your choices.

    Safety should always be a top priority. Jogging strollers aren’t suited for babies until they’re at least 6 months old.

    Which is your favorite model? What did you think of our jogging stroller reviews? Leave us a note in the comment section below!

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