Best Stroller Fans of 2019

Are you worried it’s too hot to take your baby outside? Perhaps you have a toddler who gets cranky in the summertime on walks — can’t we all when it’s scorching and humid? A stroller fan could be just what you need for a more comfortable time outdoors.

These versatile machines provide mom and dad with a nice breeze too. That’s a nice side benefit when you’re out in the heat pushing your baby around in their ride.

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    Why You Need a Stroller Fan

    Babies and younger children can’t regulate their temperature as easily as adults. They tend to overheat quickly, which can be dangerous (1).

    Even while wearing appropriate, light clothing for summer, your baby can overheat.

    Are you hoping to use a sunshade to protect them from the harsh rays? The downside is a lack of air circulating through their stroller. Imagine being inside a tent when it’s hot and you get the picture.

    Popping a fan on the stroller moves the air around, helping to keep your little one from overheating. Not only that, the gentle hum is calming and the movement is fascinating to them.

    The benefits of this type of fan are not limited to a stroller. It’s usable at home in the nursery during naps, in the car when traveling, or when having playtime in the yard. There’s always somewhere convenient to clip it, and there’s no need for finding a nearby plug as the fan runs on batteries.

    It’s not all about the little ones here either. Mom and dad get hot, too. You could get two fans and attach one on the stroller handle to keep you refreshed as well.

    Features of a Stroller Fan

    While stroller fans are pretty straightforward, there are several features worth noting. Here are just a few for you:

    1. Design

    Children are curious, and fans can be dangerous. Look for a fan that has a shield with a closely spaced guard that completely encloses the blades. To be safe, position the fan so that it blows air across your child but is out of their reach.

    Some fans are available with sponge blades and no guard. While popular, they are less effective.

    There is also the possibility your little one could rip the blades off if they grab it. Score: one point for baby and nil for the fan.

    2. Adjustability

    Being able to adjust how much, or how little, the air is flowing is a bonus. These mini wind machines produce anything from a gentle breeze to a powerful gust at the touch of a button or dial.

    3. Rotation and Oscillation

    Babies sit in all sorts of positions and directing air just where you want it can be a challenge. Look for a fan that offers rotation to direct the flow.

    Oscillation is another good feature to have. It moves the air around the stroller rather than in one direction only.

    Heads Up

    Children, especially newborns, can lose body heat quite quickly. The rate can be up to four times faster than adults (2). If you use a stroller fan to keep your child cool while napping, avoid directing the airflow straight at them.

    4. A Sturdy Clip

    The great thing about these fans is the portability factor, but you don’t want them sliding down the handle of your stroller. You also don’t you want them moving around every time your stroller hits an uneven patch of ground.

    A clip that’s strong with some padding is a good option. Also, make sure it opens wide enough to fit on your stroller.

    5. Battery Life and Charging Methods

    Battery life on these devices varies. On average, they last between two and four hours on a fast speed setting. If you turn the wind factor down, they last longer.

    Something to keep an eye out for is the type of batteries it uses. Many come with dedicated rechargeable ones, so you won’t spend a fortune on replacing standard varieties.

    Most use a USB for charging, which also powers the fan when attached. If you need a boost while you’re out and about, use an independent power pack.

    6. Ease of Cleaning

    Stroller fans are generally low maintenance. However, you need to keep them free from dust and grime. Check that the casing is easy to open and the fan blades are accessible for wiping and dusting.

    7. Noise Level

    While the white noise from a fan can soothe your kiddies, you won’t want it to be too loud.

    Check the decibel level of the fan. To be safe for delicate ears and to prevent hearing damage, they should be less than 80 dB (3).

    The Best Stroller Fans of 2019

    Here are our five favorite stroller fans.

    1. COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

    Best Stroller Fan for Airflow

    This is a caged clip-on stroller fan with a small grid. It’s powered by two rechargeable batteries, although it can work on only one. It charges via a USB connection.

    The fan has a 360-degree rotation in any direction and oscillates through 80 degrees horizontally. It’s great for circulating air around your little one.

    A graduating dial controls the speed of the fan, so set it just where you want. It operates for a maximum of 40 hours on the lowest setting. The company offers a three-year warranty in case any issues arise.

    This model also has an aroma diffuser tank, which is ideal for baby-safe insect repellent or essential oil to diffuse as it blows.

    Why We Love It

    Easily Adjustable Airflow

    The fan allows you to send the airflow just where it’s needed, rotating through 360 degrees, vertically and horizontally. Once it’s customized, it swings from side to side, circulating the air.

    The minimum wind speed is 1500 rpm, which is turned up using a dial on the base to the level you want.

    Good Battery Life

    Two rechargeable batteries are included. The charging time from a USB outlet takes up to four hours. Once fully charged, the fan operates between 4 hours and 30 minutes to 40 hours, depending on the setting.

    The fan will even work with only one battery inserted, although the operating time won’t be as long.

    Added Aromatherapy

    There is a diffuser tank behind the fan where you add a few drops of essential oil or insect repellent. The blade of the fan will pull the aromas through with the air and disperse them. Try lavender or chamomile to soothe your child.

    Please Note: Essential oils should not be used on or around babies less than 3 months old (source).

    Keep In Mind

    Annoying Grinding Sound

    The decibel level on the fan is less than 40 dB. Some, however, find it makes a grinding sound when positioned at certain angles. While it’s not a deal-breaker, it could be annoying to sensitive ears.

    Additional Specs

    Size3.7 inches by 9.1 inches by 5.7 inches
    Battery Life4.5 to 40 hours
    Power TypeUSB or rechargeable battery
    Weight12.6 ounces
    Clip Width (Open)1.38 inches

    2. SkyGenius Clip-on Mini Fan

    Strong and Sturdy

    This stroller fan is small but mighty with a sturdy clip and a child-safe housing. A manufacturer’s two-year hassle-free warranty is included.

    The working time of the fan varies between six and 40 hours. Powered by two rechargeable batteries, it attaches to a USB and takes up to 4 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge.

    Rotating through 350 degrees, air flows in almost any direction. If you want it circulated, there’s an auto-oscillation feature operating through a 90-degree angle horizontally. An aromatherapy foam pad lets you add fragrance to the air.

    Why We Love It

    Strong Clip

    Attaching the fan to a stroller is a breeze (no pun intended!). It has a robust clip that fits surfaces up to 1.38 inches thick. There are also soft pads to hold the clip in place and protect the surface it’s attached to.


    Operating on two rechargeable batteries, the unit is highly portable. At just 17 ounces, it’s also lightweight. Take it out with you for use in the car, on the stroller, or attach it to a picnic bench.

    Measuring 8.26 inches by 5.7 inches by 3.7 inches, the fan is compact. Pop it in your diaper bag or the car, so it’s on hand when you need it.

    Quiet Operation

    At less than 40 dB, the fan is quiet, even on high speed at 10.5 feet per second. The speed can be regulated easily by the graduated dial on the base.

    Keep In Mind

    Batteries Are Not Standard

    The rechargeable batteries supplied are not a standard size, and you could have trouble replacing them. The good news is that the fan will still operate via a USB connection without batteries.

    Additional Specs

    Size8.26 inches by 5.7 inches by 3.7 inches
    Battery Life6 to 40 hours
    Power TypeUSB or rechargeable battery
    Weight17 ounces
    Clip Width (Open)1.38 inches

    3. Anglink Clip-on Fan

    Best Fan Speed

    A casing with small slats houses the six-blade fan. Made from durable ABS plastic, the rear cover is smooth, and the base has foam protection pads.

    Working on one rechargeable battery, this fan is quiet at as little as 30 decibels. The fan works between 3 hours and 30 minutes and eight hours on a single charge or runs while attached to a mini-USB.

    This model rotates through 360 degrees vertically and horizontally for targeted airflow. The clip opens to about 1 inch and has foam protection pads.

    Confident in its product, the company offers a one-year no-hassle warranty.

    Why We Love It

    Powerful Air Output

    The fan has four different speeds. At maximum, it expels air at 80 feet per second. This keeps air flowing even on the hottest of days.

    Just remember, operating the fan at high speed runs the battery down quicker.

    Battery Charge Indicator Light

    We love that this fan has a low-power indicator. A rapidly blinking red light alerts you to recharge the battery.

    Throughout the charging process, this light continues to flash but at a slower rate. When the unit’s fully charged, the red light is constant.

    Quick Charging

    The charging time for the battery on this fan is about one hour, which is faster than some of its contemporaries.

    Keep In Mind

    Narrow Clip Opening

    The attachment clip only opens to about an inch, so it only fits on areas less than this size.

    Additional Specs

    Size7.2 inches by 5.5 inches by 3.8 inches
    Battery Life3.5 to 8 hours
    Power TypeUSB or rechargeable battery
    Weight0.63 pounds
    Clip Width (Open)Approximately 1 inch

    4. OPOLAR Clip Fan

    Best Battery Life

    This multi-purpose compact fan is great for strollers, the nursery, or as a desk fan. The clip has a generous opening at 2.4 inches and foam pads to protect surfaces.

    It has three-speed settings: 1,100 rpm, 1,700 rpm, and 2,200 rpm. There’s also a timer with intervals of one, two, or four hours.

    With rotation through 360 degrees, angle the fan to provide a breeze for baby. It produces low levels of noise so it won’t hurt delicate ears.

    Why We Love It

    Great Battery Life

    We love the battery life on this fan — it lasts up to 48 hours on low speed, 11 hours on medium speed, and 5 hours and 30 minutes on fast speed. Recharge the built-in battery pack using the USB cable provided.

    On trips out with your little one, you’ll have circulating air through the stroller the entire time. There could even be battery life left for the car journey home.

    Easy to Clean

    The fan has a removable frame, which makes cleaning a snap. Take it apart to wipe down the outer casing and clean dust from the blades.

    Baby Safe Grill

    The openings covering the seven-blade fan are small. They won’t allow prying little fingers inside. Play it safe and always place the fan out of baby’s reach.

    Keep In Mind

    Don’t Lose the Charging Cable

    The charging cable is not a standard USB. It’s a proprietary one unique to Opolar. If you lose or damage it, you won’t be able to use another USB charging cable.

    Additional Specs

    Size5.5 inches by 3 inches by 7 inches
    Battery Life5.5 to 48 hours
    Power TypeUSB or rechargeable battery
    Weight14 ounces
    Clip Width (Open)2.4 inches

    5. BLUBOON Clip-On Fan

    Best Clip

    The last thing you want is a fan that slips when clipped on. This model has a strong clip that opens to fit the handles or sides of a stroller measuring up to 2 inches. It will hold it securely, blowing air while you’re on the go.

    A lithium battery powers the fan, and a USB cable is included to recharge it. Connect it to a power source like a computer, car USB charging point, or any other USB port.

    The fan rotates through 360 degrees, allowing you to angle it to direct the flow of air. It has speeds from low to high, so you can decide how powerful, or light, you want it to be.

    Why We Love It

    Color Choices

    Most stroller fans seem to come in one color — black. With this one, you have a choice of black or blue and white.

    The spinning fan and bright color could attract your little one’s eyes, keeping them mesmerized.


    The wide opening on the clip of this fan makes it versatile. The clip has foam protection pads so it won’t damage the surfaces you clamp it to. It will also stay where it’s put — no hassle when you take your little one out for a walk.

    Interchangeable Battery

    The supplied rechargeable lithium battery in this fan is a standard 18650B. Unfortunately, rechargeable batteries do eventually stop holding a charge.

    The good news is, when this happens, you can buy a replacement. Some come in packs with their own chargers so you will never be without power for your fan.

    Keep In Mind

    Low Run Time

    The estimated run time on a single charge is between two and six hours. Although this is less than some other brands, it should cover your outings with baby in a stroller. Just remember to recharge it when you get back, so it’s ready for your next excursion.

    Additional Specs

    Size6.8 inches by 3 inches by 8 inches
    Battery Life2 to 6 hours
    Power TypeUSB or rechargeable battery
    Weight15.8 ounces
    Clip Width (Open)2 inches

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductBestSizeBattery LifePower TypeWeightClip Width (Open)
    COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller FanAirflow3.7″ x 9.1″ x 5.7″4.5 – 40 hoursUSB or rechargeable battery12.6 oz1.38″
    SkyGenius Clip-on Mini FanSturdy8.26″ x 5.7″ x 3.7″6 – 40 hoursUSB or rechargeable battery17 oz1.38″
    Anglink Clip-on FanFan Speed7.2″ x 5.5″ x 3.8″3.5 – 8 hoursUSB or rechargeable battery0.63 lbsApproximately 1 inch
    OPOLAR Clip FanBattery Life5.5″ x 3″ x 7″5.5 – 48 hoursUSB or rechargeable battery14 oz2.4″
    BLUBOON Clip-On FanClip6.8″ x 3″ x 8″2 – 6 hoursUSB or rechargeable battery15.8 oz2″
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    Stepping Out and Staying Cool

    This little gadget is a great tool to have when Mother Nature turns the heat up. They’re portable, lightweight, and circulate air to keep baby from overheating. Don’t forget you can always use it to cool yourself down too!

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to stroller fans and found it useful. If you plan to use the fan for extended periods of time, don’t forget to consider battery life. Airflow adjustability and rotation/oscillation are also important factors, depending on your needs.

    We would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment. Also, please share so other parents can have refreshed kiddies too!

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