Best Stroller Boards of 2020

Let your toddler take a load off their feet with one of these stroller boards.

Is your toddler getting a younger sibling soon? Is your stroller still going strong and you want to avoid having to purchase a double? There’s a simple solution to this issue, and that’s a stroller board.

Arguing with your toddler before every outing about why they can’t ride in the stroller is a headache. With a stroller board, your oldest child can still ride along, but more as a big kid than a baby.

Some buggies come with an included board. Don’t worry though if yours doesn’t — there’s a board for nearly all strollers. We’ve found the eight best stroller boards on the market to help you out.

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    What Is a Stroller Board?

    It’s a platform with wheels that attaches to the stroller.

    These come in all shapes and sizes. Some resemble a skateboard like the Mini Board we have featured later in this article. Others look more advanced with seat attachments and handles.

    Why Buy a Stroller Board?

    Stroller boards are designed for the older sibling who’s walking, generally at the toddler or preschool age. Your child will be able to get on and off as they please. So, they must understand boundaries and rules, like not jumping off while in traffic.

    They’re not suitable for older kids. Most can’t carry more than 50 pounds, which is the weight of your average 4-year-old. You can find ones that can support a child weighing as much as 66 pounds, but it’s rare.

    These boards are practical if you enjoy long walks with your kids. They allow you to bring everyone along without having to purchase a new buggy.

    Important Features When Buying Stroller Boards

    • Ease of use: Some stroller boards can be complicated — add in an impatient toddler, and you’ve got a recipe for a headache. That’s why the board you choose must be easy to use — and most on our list are. We also recommend choosing one that can fold with your stroller.
    • Compatibility: Is the board you’re looking at compatible with your stroller? Even when purchasing from the same brand, don’t assume it will fit — double-check before buying. Sometimes you may need an adapter.
    • Safety: We recommend finding a board with a non-skid material on the deck to keep your child secure. You should also verify you have full access to the stroller’s brakes once the board is attached (1).
    • Durability: Good materials and sturdy wheels are a must. Most stroller boards are made of metal and plastic, although there are some constructed of wood.

    The Best Stroller Board Reviews of 2020

    To find the best stroller boards, we followed the criteria above. Then we searched through user reviews and expert recommendations.

    1. CRUZ PiggyBack Ride-Along Board By UPPAbaby

    Best Stroller Board for UPPAbaby Buggies

    UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBack Ride-Along Board
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    If you have an UPPAbaby Cruz stroller, then this ride-along board fits perfectly. It’s an updated version of the old stroller board, which was only compatible with models before 2014.

    The PiggyBack board is fantastic. It’s capable of carrying a child weighing up to 55 pounds. Your toddler can get on easily once they need a break from walking.

    When riding on the board, your child will stand within the handlebar, which they grip so they don’t fall off.

    The board attaches easily to the back of the buggy using the included snaps. Once you’ve finished your outing, the PiggyBack folds with your stroller, saving you time and effort.

    One thing we love about this ride-along is the material. It’s made of eco-friendly wood — it’s 100 percent natural and durable. UPPAbaby also attached a layer of non-skid material to the surface for extra protection.

    • It works for all UPPAbaby’s Cruz strollers.
    • Folds with the stroller.
    • Made of eco-friendly materials.
    • Suited with non-skid material for safety.
    • The indentations for the feet make it tricky to jump on and off quickly.
    • It tends to drop back out when the stroller is folded.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight3.8 pounds
    Compatible withUPPAbaby Cruz strollers
    Weight limit55 pounds

    2. Black Footboard By Joolz

    Best Stroller Board for Joolz Buggies

    Joolz Footboard, Black
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    If you have either the Joolz Geo, Geo2, Hub, or Day3, this stroller board works well. It’s suitable for toddlers and children weighing up to 44 pounds.

    Your child will love how wide the board is. It’s spacious and offers plenty of room for their feet. It features two large wheels, providing outstanding stability.

    Joolz kept parents with long legs in mind, so you don’t have to compromise your stride. It’s specially designed so the driver won’t step on or hit it. Following your stroll, the board folds easily with the buggy without making it bulky.

    Joolz included a layer of non-skid material on the surface, which features grooves for extra grip. This ensures your toddler will stand safely. The board also allows for easy access to the brake so that you can stop without worries.

    • Wide board with lots of space for feet.
    • Suited with two large wheels for stability.
    • Comfortable for the person pushing.
    • When folded, the board blocks the brakes on the Joolz Hub stroller.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight3 pounds
    Compatible withJoolz Geo, Geo2, Hub, and Day3
    Weight limit44 pounds

    3. Stroller Rider Board By Evenflo

    Best Stroller Board for Evenflo Buggies

    Evenflo Stroller Rider Board, Convenient Riding Options, Non-Skid Surface,...
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    For Evenflo strollers, we found this beautiful board, providing the perfect solution for expanding families. The Evenflo Rider Board is straightforward to use. It clicks onto the back of the stroller frame without a need for tools or additional parts.

    It’s only compatible with Evenflo strollers. These include the PivotXpand, Pivot Xpand Travel System, and Shyft Travel System strollers.

    The board holds up to 50 pounds and features sturdy wheels for a stable ride. The wheels are designed for smoothness, enabling them to follow the stroller across bumpy sidewalks or uneven paths.

    Evenflo made the board with a non-skid surface to keep your child from slipping, even if the weather is poor. Then for aesthetics, it’s coated in a wood applique.

    • Easy to install without tools or extra parts.
    • Compatible with many Evenflo strollers, even doubles.
    • Designed with smooth-riding wheels.
    • Fantastic design with the sleek wood-inspired coat.
    • The stroller becomes harder to push with the board attached.
    • The wheels are noisy when going over bumpy sidewalks.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight1.8 pounds
    Compatible withEvenflo strollers
    Weight limit50 pounds

    4. Ride With Me Board By Peg Perego

    Best Stroller Board for Peg Perego Buggies

    Peg Perego Ride With Me Board
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    If you’re searching for a way to convert your Peg Perego stroller into a toddler-friendly ride, look no further. Peg Perego has you covered with its Ride With Me Board, ready for your walking toddler.

    It’s a sleek design that offers ample space for your toddler to stand. The Ride With Me Board is compatible with the YPSI, BookCross, Book Pop Up, Booklet 50, and Book for Two strollers.

    To avoid having to stretch your arms excessively, Peg Perego includes handlebar extensions, allowing for extra space between you and the ride-along child.

    What’s more, when not in use, the board folds up onto the stroller. This makes storing easier and helps you get going quicker on your next trip.

    • Looks sleek.
    • Straightforward to attach and folds with the stroller.
    • Comes with included handlebar extensions.
    • Without handlebar extensions, the driver’s feet will bump into the board.
    • Fold buttons don’t work as smoothly as hoped — requires a few tries.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight2 pounds
    Compatible withPeg Perego Book series strollers
    Weight limit48.5 pounds

    5. Mini Board Toddler Board By Bumbleride

    Best Stroller Board for Bumbleride Buggies

    Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board
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    For Bumbleride strollers, we present its Mini Board — a fun ride-along platform suitable for children weighing up to 44 pounds. The Mini Board is inspired by a skateboard. It offers a spin on the traditional platforms, adding a dynamic element.

    The platform is fun for toddlers. You can use it with the following strollers: Indie, Indie 4, and Indie Twin.

    Your toddler will love hitching a ride on this — it features a non-slip deck and allows them to hold onto the handlebar. Parents will enjoy pushing it because, thanks to the double swivel wheels, It turns as smoothly as the stroller itself.

    • Skateboard-inspired board — fun and unique for toddlers.
    • Features swivel wheels, providing superb maneuverability.
    • Includes a non-stick deck.
    • Easy to attach.
    • The board doesn’t fold with the stroller.
    • If the stroller seat reclines, there’s no place for a standing child.

    Additional Specs

    ColorBlack and wood
    Board weightOne pound
    Compatible withBumbleride Indie collection
    Weight limit44 pounds

    6. Easy Rider Trailer By Englacha

    Best Universal Stroller Board

    Englacha Easy Rider Trailer - Standing Platform - Quick and Easy to Use -...
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    This board is ideal for long walks, and your little one will love hitching a ride. It’s important to note that the board isn’t universal — it’s the included adapters that are.

    If you want to use this ride-on with a different brand than Englacha, you must attach the adapters to the horizontal tube at the back of your stroller.

    Englacha confirms the adapters are compatible with all strollers which have a sturdy rear frame. The board also includes a storage strap, helping you to keep it out of the way when not needed.

    The Englacha stroller board comes in three variations — standing, two-wheel, and four-wheel. The two and four-wheel versions feature a seat, seatbelt, and handle for your child.

    • Compatible with many strollers from various brands.
    • Affordable.
    • Easy to store with the stroller.
    • Available in three variations — two of which feature a seat.
    • Not for uneven surfaces as it can tip over.
    • Difficult to turn and back up with.
    • Significantly heavier than other stroller boards.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight5.91 pounds
    Compatible withMost strollers
    Weight limit45 pounds

    7. BuggyBoard Maxi By Lascal

    Best Stroller Board for Older Children

    Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi, Black, Universal Ride-On Stroller Board, Fits More...
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    If you’re looking for a flexible stroller board, Lascal has one for you. Lascal has been around since 1995 and has become a global market leader.

    The BuggyBoard is compatible with more than 95 percent of stroller types and models. This includes umbrella strollers and travel systems — some of the brands include Graco, Britax, UPPAbaby, Baby Jogger, and Bugaboo.

    To make the board compatible, you use Lascal’s Universal Connector Kit. It makes it easy to attach, allowing your child to stand securely.

    The BuggyBoard is sturdy and has gone through rigorous testing to ensure full safety. It can carry a child up to 66 pounds, making it suitable for most 9-year-olds.

    The wheels are top-notch. They feature a suspension system, working to absorb bumps, making the ride more comfortable. The wheels are large and provide ample room underneath to go over rough terrain.

    • Suitable for nearly all strollers.
    • Carries a higher weight than many other boards.
    • Available with a seat.
    • Features large wheels and good suspension.
    • Not easy to fold with the stroller.

    Additional Specs

    ColorBlack and red
    Board weight4.41 pounds
    Compatible withMost strollers
    Weight limit66 pounds

    8. Hitch Ride-On Stroller Board By guzzie+Guss

    Best Stroller Board for Preschoolers

    guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board, Fits Different Styles...
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    Are you looking for a stroller board for your preschooler? Guzzie+Guss might have just the one for you. The Hitch Ride-On stroller board is great for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

    The board attaches to most types of strollers, including joggers, prams, and umbrella. The best part? It fastens without the need for adapters.

    You should verify the measurements before purchasing. The attachment system is adjustable according to the rear frames on your stroller. The minimum width is 13.7 inches, and the widest is 18.5 inches — it won’t fit anything larger or smaller safely.

    Your preschooler will love riding this on the way to kindergarten. The wheels feature a full suspension system, providing a smooth, bump-free ride. It can carry up to 62 pounds — exceeding this may impair the wheels.

    • Works well with a large variety of strollers, including umbrella and joggers.
    • It attaches without adapters and has an adjustable width.
    • Carries a high amount of weight.
    • It features a good suspension system.
    • The board is bulky.

    Additional Specs

    Board weight5 pounds
    Compatible withMost strollers
    Weight limit62 pounds

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestColorBoard weightCompatible withWeight limit
    UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBackUPPAbaby BuggiesWood3.8 lbsUPPAbax Cruz strollers55 lbs
    Joolz Black FootboardJoolz BuggiesBlack3 lbsJoolz Geo, Geo2, Hub, Day344 lbs
    Evenflo Stroller RiderEvenflo BuggiesWood1.8 lbsEvenflo strollers50 lbs
    Peg Perego Ride With MePeg Perego BuggiesBlack2 lbsPeg Perego Book series48.5 lbs
    Bumbleride Mini BoardBumbleride BuggiesBlack & wood1 lbBumbleride Indie collection44 lbs
    Englacha Easy Rider TrailerUniversal BoardBlack5.91 lbsMost strollers45 lbs
    Lascal BuggyBoard MaxiOlder ChildrenBlack & red4.41 lbsMost strollers66 lbs
    guzzie+Guss Hitch Ride-OnPreschoolersBlack5 lbsMost strollers62 lbs
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    Ride Along

    Stroller boards are practical if you have a walking toddler and no room in the buggy. They come in different sizes and shapes, but all attach to the rear of the stroller.

    The best stroller boards are safe, easy to use, and made of durable materials that will hold up to an active toddler. Before purchasing, verify that it’s compatible with your buggy.

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