Best Evenflo Strollers of 2019

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Trying to find the perfect stroller, but your head is spinning from all the choices? Perhaps you’re trying to narrow it down to a specific manufacturer or brand?

Evenflo is today’s headliner, as we go through a complete company review. Evenflo traces its roots back to the early 20th century, making it one of the older companies you’ll run across. But does that mean it’s worth your time and money?

We’ve reviewed seven of the best Evenflo strollers to complement various needs. By the end of this post, you’ll know if Evenflo is for you, and exactly which stroller to choose.


    Who Is Evenflo?

    Evenflo dates back to 1920. Initially, it was a baby feeding manufacturer, producing innovative feeding nipples. Soon after beginning, the firm incorporated the Pyramid Rubber Company, which was based in Ravenna, Ohio.

    The Evenflo feeding nipples became the core product of the company for the years that followed. Before World War II, it came out with a rubber nipple that attached to the bottle using a cap. The innovative solution soon became a standard, replacing the former system, which required parents to pull it over the mouth of the container.

    This is where Evenflo’s passion for serving parents wholesome and innovative solutions began. After 1947, the company expanded by acquiring Oil City Glass Co. The new acquisition enabled Evenflo to introduce a line of glass baby bottles.

    In 1960, Evenflo started marketing several lines of one-stop-shop nursing kits — a first of its kind. These kits included bundles offering items such as sterilizers, nipples, bottles, and other accessories.

    Over the following years, Evenflo went through ownership changes. This enabled the company to evolve and include more products. After 1995, its name, Evenflo Company Inc., was launched as well as various collections of car seats, strollers, and home goods.

    Evenflo Today

    Today, Evenflo still has its headquarters and its manufacturing facilities in Ohio. It’s currently a subsidiary of Goodbaby International Holdings Limited (source).

    Goodbaby is also a juvenile products company, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and known for producing durable items.

    Evenflo continues its passion and dedication of providing parents with high-quality goods at affordable prices. The brand additionally acts as a springboard for Goodbaby International to gain an expanding influence in the global market.

    What Parents Say About Evenflo

    Evenflo’s strollers receive a few mixed reviews online. On big retail sites such as Amazon, they get a lot of praise. Parents compliment how affordable, yet durable the strollers are.

    The reviewers appreciate how comprehensive the products are — nearly all the strollers are sold as travel systems. This eliminates the need for expecting parents to look and research which car seats and strollers are compatible.

    Evenflo offers a large variety of stroller types. It produces doubles, convertibles, umbrella, and joggers — so there’s one for every need.

    The Evenflo buggies look nice, too. Most of the products have color options you can choose from, with a matching car seat. Then there are small, but useful, features such as cup holders for parents and large storage baskets.

    However, on sites such as, some reviewers are less enthusiastic (source). A few parents complain of the front wheels, stating they tend to get stuck while you’re walking. Most say a small nudge gets them going again, though it’s still impractical.

    The same goes for Evenflo’s customer service — it also receives mixed reviews. Some parents are positive, saying items were replaced within a couple of days. Others, however, noted the service as useless, saying they received no help.

    Evenflo Stroller Related Accessories

    Besides its strollers, Evenflo has a small collection of useful accessories to make your strolling experience a little better. These are:

    • Evenflo Pivot Xpand Second Seat: If you have the Pivot Xpand Modular stroller, Evenflo offers its second, add-on seat to convert it into a double. It comes in matching attire and snaps securely into place. The seat can carry your toddler up to 55 pounds.
    • Evenflo Rider Board: When you’re bringing along a walking toddler, Evenflo suggests using its rider board. It’s durable, and it attaches easily on the back of the Evenflo stroller. It can accommodate your child up to 50 pounds.
    • Infant Car Seat Adapter: With this car seat adapter, you can pair your Pivot Xpand stroller with a car seat from Graco, Chicco, or Peg Perego.
    • Stroller Weather Shield: To keep your baby safe from the elements, Evenflo has its universal weather shield. It’s see-through and will protect your baby from wind and rain.
    • Reversible Strap Covers: Not all Evenflo strollers come with padded shoulder straps. For those that don’t, the company produces these covers. They provide a layer of padding, making your little one extra comfortable.
    • Stroller Netting Insect Net: If you’re taking a stroll through mosquito territory, Evenflo suggests using its insect net. It’s made of ultra-fine mesh, which is breathable, yet protective. It’s universal, suitable for nearly all single Evenflo strollers.

    The Best Evenflo Stroller Reviews of 2019

    Now for the crown jewel of today’s post — our reviews. We spent the week researching, looking through user comments, and followed some expert advice. At last, we managed to put together a list of the seven best Evenflo strollers.

    1. Vive Travel System By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Stroller for Newborns

    When expecting a baby, there’s a lot to prepare before the due date — one thing is a compatible stroller. Most strollers require an infant car seat to accommodate your little one safely. With the Evenflo Vive, everything is included.

    The Vive travel system is a comprehensive package. It provides you with the Embrace infant car seat and base for a vehicle.

    All you need to do is install the base in your car. Then you can remove and replace the seat as you please. The Embrace car seat snaps in and out effortlessly.

    We love the lightweight Vive stroller, which is suited perfectly for outings to the park or mall.

    You can recline the seat into different positions, and a large canopy protects your baby from the sun. You get a sizeable onboard storage basket as well as a pocket.

    It comes with four-point, 13-inch thick EVA wheels, with a front-wheel shock-absorbing system.

    • It’s an all-inclusive system with a car seat and base.
    • Easy to put together — the car seat snaps effortlessly in and out.
    • The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold.
    • Lots of onboard storage for your gear.
    • The stroller isn’t for rigorous use. It’s not for hardcore walking parents.

    Additional Specs

    ColorSpearmint Spree
    Stroller weight29.8 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds (with car seat)
    Maximum weight recommended50 pounds

    2. Folio3 Stroll & Jog By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Stroller for Jogging

    Being active is good, but including your baby in your activity is even better. That’s what a jogging stroller can do, and the Folio3 might be what you need.

    Evenflo describes it as a crossover stroller, meaning you can use it for jogging or peaceful strolls. It combines the best of both worlds by being a feature-packed, lightweight stroller for every day.

    Thanks to the lockable front wheel and large, air-filled tires, it becomes excellent on the track as well. While you run, your baby is shielded under the large canopy.

    Once your jog is over, it folds by the use of a handle located on the seat. Pull it, and the stroller collapses in half, ready for the trunk. When folded, it can stand on its own.

    Two other great features are the parent and child consoles. There’s room for snacks and drinks for both.

    The stroller comes as a travel system, and includes the LiteMax 35 infant car seat and base. It’s been rigorously tested to ensure top safety.

    • Versatile jogging stroller — suitable for daily activities and exercise.
    • Packed with features.
    • Effortless to fold and self-standing.
    • It comes as a travel system.
    • Tricky to unfold — you must hear a click, which some reviewers don’t.

    Additional Specs

    ColorAvenue and skyline
    Stroller weight31.4 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds (with car seat)
    Maximum weight recommended50 pounds

    3. Pivot Modula By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Travel System

    A travel system is a godsend when you’re a new parent. It helps you get out of the house hassle-free.

    The Pivot Modula is a stylish package, arriving as a three-in-one solution. To safely carry your newborn, Evenflo included the SafeMax infant car seat. One thing about this product is that it’s been tested thoroughly.

    The car seat has passed several tests for structural integrity, using energy levels two times that of standard tests. It’s been through a simulated side-impact and roll-over event, to ensure your baby is safe. It comes with a compatible base for your vehicle, making it easy to take in and out.

    Once your baby outgrows the car seat, you can continue using the stroller. From here, you can choose whether your child should face forward or face you.

    To make navigating a breeze, it features large multi-surface tires and an ergonomic handle. For your baby’s comfort, Evenflo installed a three-panel sun canopy.

    • A stylish set with a broad selection of colors.
    • It’s an all-inclusive bundle, featuring the SafeMax infant car seat and base.
    • The seat can rotate so your baby can face forward or back.
    • It features a large canopy and ergonomic handle.
    • The car seat is tricky to snap into the stroller.

    Additional Specs

    ColorSandstorm tan, casual gray, dusty rose, rockland, and navy
    Stroller weight20.1 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds (with car seat)
    Maximum weight recommended50 pounds

    4. Pivot Xpand Modular By Evenflo

    Best Single-to-Double Evenflo Stroller

    The Pivot Xpand can convert into a double stroller to suit two children of different ages. It transitions effortlessly by sliding up the seat and engaging the integrated seat mounts.

    As a double stroller, it’s meant to accommodate a toddler and an infant, where the smallest child sits above the other. The toddler seat is reversible so your child can face the front or you. It has an individual canopy for sun protection.

    The Pivot Xpand is serious about storage. It features a large basket that measures two feet in length. It’s easy to access from front and back.

    After your walk, the stroller folds effortlessly into a compact package, even with the toddler seat intact. While folded, the stroller is self-standing, making it easy to store.

    The toddler seat adjusts easily into three recline positions. The footrest is flexible as well, capable of five settings.

    It has large cruiser tires with rear-wheel suspension and front-wheel swivel function. It’s straightforward to adjust and provides a smooth ride for your babies.

    • Converts effortlessly into a double.
    • Large storage basket.
    • Big sun canopy on toddler seat.
    • Straightforward to fold.
    • The toddler seat is rather small — can’t accommodate a tall child.

    Additional Specs

    ColorStallion, percheron
    Stroller weight28.6 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds (with car seat)
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds

    5. Sibby Travel System By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Sit and Stand Stroller

    To give little legs a break while out and about, Evenflo offers its Sibby stroller. It’s a two-in-one bundle, providing you with a seat and an attachable stand-on platform.

    I don’t know about you, but my oldest always wants to ride on his sibling’s stroller. The stand-on platform offers an inclusive solution for the walking child. They can come along on the longer walks, and quickly take a break when needed.

    The ride-along board is easy to connect and will even fold away with the stroller. When folded together, the board and stroller take up minimal space for storage.

    This unit comes with sleek cruiser tires and oversized rear wheels. It’s straightforward to maneuver and turns on a dime.

    Evenflo provides you with a travel system package. Included is the LiteMax infant car seat as well as a base for your vehicle.

    • Excellent solution for a walking child.
    • The stand-on platform folds with the stroller.
    • Fitted are cruiser tires for a smooth ride.
    • It’s a travel system, with the Lite Max infant car seat Included.
    • The included cup holders fall off easily and aren’t reliable when in use.

    Additional Specs

    ColorCharcoal and highline gray
    Stroller weight13 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds (with car seat)
    Maximum weight recommended50 pounds

    6. Minno Lightweight Stroller By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Umbrella Stroller

    If you’re often hopping on and off public transportation or cabs, an umbrella stroller like the Evenflo Minno is perfect. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing just under 17 pounds, making it one of Evenflo’s lightest strollers.

    Folding the Minno is as easy as can be. It’s a one-handed procedure, and it collapses into a tiny umbrella shape. Once folded, it can stand on its own, helping with storage and freeing one hand for you to carry your baby.

    Your little one will love the seat. Evenflo included soft cushioning and smooth suspension for a bump-free ride.

    The seat and footrest allow you to recline them into different positions to suit your baby. The five-point harness is comfy as well — the shoulder straps are padded and soft for small children.

    Evenflo didn’t leave out extra luxuries. You get a cup holder as well as a large basket, and your baby has an extensive sun canopy with visor.

    • Compact and light to carry.
    • Straightforward to fold and self-standing.
    • Adjustable backrest and footrest.
    • Extra luxuries such as a cup holder and large sun canopy.
    • Wheels tend to rattle while rolling over uneven surfaces.

    Additional Specs

    ColorSeashore blue and mochaccino brown
    Stroller weight17 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended5 pounds
    Maximum weight recommended45 pounds

    7. Minno Twin Double Stroller By Evenflo

    Best Evenflo Double Stroller

    If you have two babies and are looking for a lightweight double stroller, take a peek at this one. The Evenflo Minno has a twin — quite literally, a twin. It’s the same lightweight umbrella buggy, but for two kids.

    The stroller offers two cushioned seats, with padded five-point harnesses. It’s easy to fold and comes with an integrated carry handle for simple transport.

    Although it’s a double stroller, each seat acts individually, reclining according to the specific passenger’s need. Each chair has its own sun canopy, giving both babies full control.

    It’s easy and comfortable to steer as well. The handles are angled, providing a good grip. And you get a cup holder for your drinks.

    The front wheels feature a lockable swivel function for stability. The fabric is durable and easy to clean.

    • Cushioned seats and padded harnesses.
    • Lightweight frame and easy to fold.
    • Angled handles and effortless to steer.
    • Durable fabric that’s simple to clean.
    • The seats don’t recline fully.

    Additional Specs

    ColorGlenbarr grey
    Stroller weight25.4 pounds
    Minimum weight recommendedFrom six months
    Maximum weight recommended45 pounds per seat

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestColorStroller weightMinimum weight recommendedMaximum weight recommended
    Vive Travel SystemFor NewbornsSpearmint Spree29.8 lbs4 lbs (with car seat)50 lbs
    Folio3 Stroll & JogFor JoggingAvenue and skyline31.4 lbs4 lbs (with car seat)50 lbs
    Pivot ModulaTravel System5 colors20.1 lbs4 lbs (with car seat)50 lbs
    Pivot Xpand ModularSingle-to-Double StrollerStallion, percheron28.6 lbs4 lbs (with car seat)55 lbs
    Sibby Travel SystemSit & Stand StrollerCharcoal and highline gray13 lbs4 lbs (with car seat)50 lbs
    Minno LightweightUmbrella StrollerSeashore blue and mochaccino brown17 lbs5 lbs45 lbs
    Minno TwinDouble StrollerGlenbarr grey25.4 lbsFrom six months45 lbs per seat
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    Where to Buy Evenflo Strollers

    Evenflo’s products are sold through its website and selected retailers across the U.S. You can find them on sites like Amazon, Toys R’ Us, Baby R’ Us, and BuyBuyBaby.

    Website and Contact

    The Evenflo website is simple, and easy to navigate. You get an overview of all its products such as strollers, car seats, home gear, and feeding bottles. If you want to get in touch with its customer service, you can call 1-800-233-5921.

    Keep It Strolling

    Evenflo is a comprehensive brand with an almost 100-year history. Today, it’s a subsidiary to Goodbaby International.

    Evenflo manufactures all types of strollers for affordable prices. You can expect good quality with small, useful features such as cup holders and pockets.

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