Best Britax Strollers of 2019

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Are you fine with spending a little more if you get higher quality? Are you looking for the best stroller for your little one? Then chances are you’ve heard of Britax.

Britax is an industry giant, known for prioritizing safety and durability. But are its products worth your investment? You’ll find out today.

We’re doing a deep-dig company inspection — providing you with everything you should know before spending your money. And we’ll share our picks for the six best Britax strollers.


    Who Is Britax?

    Britax has now reached senior citizen status — the company began nearly 70 years ago. From the beginning, it’s been focusing on child safety technology, pushing the boundaries in smart design. Britax has always sought to provide parents with the comfort of knowing that their babies are safe.

    For most of its history, Britax focused primarily on car seats. For a long while, thanks to its emphasis on safety, it was the best-selling car seat brand in Europe.

    Britax is consistently pushing for higher standards and continues to create products that ensure children’s safety (source).

    Being a European company at heart, Britax finally made a move across the pond to the U.S. in 1996. The brand quickly made its mark and became a must-have for many families.

    Britax has kept its focus on the needs of growing families and creates strollers to suit every type of parent. The brand often works with car manufacturers and child passenger safety experts. Together, they focus on finding new ways to keep children safe in the stroller and car.

    Britax Today

    Britax has made a few acquisitions over the years. But its most significant addition was in 2005 when it bought BOB, a revolutionary jogging stroller manufacturer. It opened up a new door for the brand to incorporate some fresh ideas and designs (source).

    Britax attained the rights to use BOB’s patented swiveling front wheel, making the buggies easy to maneuver. It has now become an industry giant, continuing its tradition of prioritizing safety and practicality.

    What Parents Say About Britax

    Most parents are pleased with Britax strollers. The company doesn’t have a wide selection, which enables it to put extra focus on the individual models.

    Parents praise how easy the strollers are to use. Most are car seat compatible, with separate adapters available for purchase. The adapters allow you to click the seat in and out as needed.

    Britax’s car seats are often rated among the best in the industry. They’ve undergone rigorous testing and incorporate energy-absorbing foam to minimize the force of impact.

    With its travel system strollers, Britax doesn’t hold back and includes some of its top-rated seats like the B-Safe.

    Unfortunately, some parents aren’t as pleased with these. A few of the complaints are about the wheels, particularly on the B-Mobile buggy. The reviewers stated that the wheels weren’t durable and broke quickly (source).

    Britax Stroller-Related Accessories

    To make your experience even better, Britax has a comprehensive selection of stroller-related accessories. These include:

    • Britax Stroller Organizer: This lightweight organizer will keep all your valuables and essential gear close at hand. It attaches effortlessly to nearly all strollers, even other brands. It’s roomy and has individual pockets for diapers or snacks, and smaller ones for your phone or cash.
    • Britax Wind and Rain Covers: Britax offers a few rain and wind covers for its various strollers. The covers all attach securely to their compatible strollers, protecting your baby from wind and rain. They’re available for the B-Lively, B-Agile, Pathway, and B-Ready.
    • Britax Child Trays: Britax prioritizes safety and comfort, so to keep your little one happy, it provides add-on child trays for its strollers. The trays consist of a small plate area and a cup holder. They’re available for the B-Agile, B-Ready, and Pathway.
    • Britax Adult Cup Holders: For your comfort, Britax produces several add-on cup holders for your drinks. The cup holders attach to the stroller frame and will even fold with it, so no need to remove and reattach it.
    • Britax Stroller Board: If you have an older toddler into the walking stage, the Britax stroller board is fantastic. It’s compatible with most Britax and BOB buggies and can carry a child up to 50 pounds.

    The Best Britax Stroller Reviews of 2019

    What a week — we spent our time researching the best Britax strollers based on user reviews. Then we narrowed it down by the help of some expert advice — here’s our top six.

    1. B-Lively Double Stroller By Britax

    Best Britax Double Stroller

    When you have two babies, you need something durable and spacious. Britax Lively Double Stroller is a favorite example — it’s sturdy and easy to navigate.

    It features all-wheel suspension, making the ride ultra-smooth even while fully-loaded. Some reviewers dubbed it as the “Cadillac of strollers.”

    The Lively has plenty of room for two babies, even two of varying ages. It can carry up to 50 pounds per seat.

    To accommodate all the extra gear that two babies require, it features an extensive under-seat storage basket. Folding is a breeze, and it collapses quickly into a compact, upright shape. It’s also self-standing for easy storage.

    Both seats can recline into different positions, and they rotate individually. This allows each child to sit as they like.

    • Sturdy frame — can carry a lot of weight.
    • All-wheel suspension.
    • Extra-large storage basket.
    • Both seats recline and rotate.
    • Wide while unfolded.

    Additional Specs

    ColorRaven, dove
    Stroller weight29 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended50 pounds per seat
    Dimensions31.5 inches by 41.4 inches by 40.75 inches

    2. B-Lively & B-Safe Ultra By Britax

    Best Britax Travel System

    Britax designed the B-Lively stroller with on-the-go parents in mind. We decided to show you the travel system today, which is excellent for new parents.

    Britax is famous for its safe car seats, and in this bundle, it provides you with the B-Safe Ultra infant car seat. It has been specially engineered to include some top safety technology.

    The seat offers top-notch safeguarding, consisting of Britax’s SafeCell impact protection system. It’s made of a steel frame and an energy-absorbing base, as well as a V-shaped tether, which reduces forward movement. The base stays in your vehicle, while you take the seat for a stroll.

    The B-Lively stroller is outstanding as well. It comes with integrated all-wheel suspension and is light to carry. We adore the large sun canopy, which provides UPF 50 and includes a peek-a-boo window that also serves as ventilation.

    You can recline the seat into several positions and rotate it to suit your growing baby. For the parents, by the handle, there is a roomy, zippered pocket for valuables and phone.

    • Outstanding stroller and top-notch car seat included.
    • Great suspension and smooth steering.
    • Large UPF 50 sun canopy.
    • Features zippered pockets by the handle.
    • The car seat is narrow and there’s no room for newborn head support.
    • Some reviewers wish there was a bassinet attachment available for the stroller.

    Additional Specs

    ColorGris, cardinal, cowmooflage, dove, noir, and raven
    Stroller weight20 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds per seat
    Dimensions33 inches by 23 inches by 40 inches

    3. 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 By Britax

    Best Britax Stroller for Newborns

    Britax has created a great combo with its B-Agile 3 buggy and B-Safe 35 infant car seat. The B-Agile baby carriage is one of Britax’s best-selling strollers. It’s lightweight and provides incredible maneuverability.

    Many praise how easy it is to fold. It’s a one-handed maneuver, performed by pulling the handle in the middle of the seat. The buggy folds effortlessly in half, giving you a compact package, ready for the trunk. The handle also makes it easy to carry.

    It’s a three-wheel design, where the front features a swivel-lock function. Once you activate the swivel, the stroller becomes easy to turn around tight corners.

    The B-Safe 35 infant car seat is high-quality and safe — it comes with Britax’s SafeCell impact protection system. The system is great at keeping your baby snug, even in the event of a crash.

    • One of Britax’s best strollers.
    • It’s light and turns on a dime.
    • Straightforward to fold and carry.
    • It includes the B-Safe 35 infant car seat.
    • The car seat is heavy.
    • Unfolding the stroller isn’t as easy as folding it.

    Additional Specs

    Stroller weight18 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds per seat
    Dimensions38.5 inches by 23 inches by 40.5 inches

    4. B-Ready G3 Stroller By Britax

    Best Britax Single Stroller

    For first-time parents, a versatile stroller is a good pick, and the Britax B-Ready G3 is a prime example. It’s a light buggy that’s travel system ready, although the car seat is sold separately. You can choose to pair it with the B-Ready Bassinet (also sold individually), to make the stroller functional from day one.

    The B-Ready stroller is compatible with nearly all Britax and BOB infant car seats. However, you will need the appropriate adapters.

    A great feature is the extra-large storage basket sitting under the stroller. It’s roomy, and there’s ample space for a good-sized diaper bag.

    To keep your little one protected, Britax included an extensive sun canopy providing UPF 50. It covers almost half of the seat.

    For the driver’s comfort, Britax made sure the handle adjusts. You can place it in various positions, suiting your specific requirements. The B-Ready stroller folds effortlessly and is easy to fit into the trunk.

    • Versatile stroller — accepts both car seat and bassinet.
    • Features an extra-large storage basket.
    • Included is a large UPF 50 sun canopy.
    • Adjustable handle for various drivers.
    • Bulkier than other Britax strollers.
    • Car seat and bassinet are extra.

    Additional Specs

    ColorPistachio, black, haze, navy, nanotex
    Stroller weight30 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds per seat
    Dimensions44 inches by 24 inches by 43.25 inches

    5. Pathway Lightweight Stroller By Britax

    Best Lightweight Britax Stroller

    Getting out of the house is essential after having a baby — physically, but also mentally. Although all strollers help you get out, a lightweight version makes it a lot easier. The Britax Pathway buggy will do that and much more.

    Although it’s not the lightest Britax stroller, weighing in at 20 pounds, it feels light. The folding is a breeze thanks to the convenient handle sitting in the center of the seat. Pull it, and the stroller collapses, ready for storage or transport.

    The stand-out point on this buggy is the design. You can choose between three combos, giving the stroller a unique appearance. Our favorite is the Connect — the blue exterior and bright dotted interior create stunning contrast.

    The seat reclines fully to accommodate your sleeping baby. Underneath you have a large basket for all your gear. For your little extras, Britax also included a zippered pocket.

    • Light and easy stroller.
    • A breezy fold.
    • Various prints and colors available.
    • Fully reclining seat.
    • Basket is difficult to access when the seat is fully reclined.

    Additional Specs

    ColorConnect, cabana, crew, and sketch
    Stroller weight20 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended4 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds per seat
    Dimensions29 inches by 23 inches by 11 inches

    6. USA B-Ready Stroller By Britax

    Best Britax Convertible Stroller

    If you’re considering expanding your family or having twins, the B-Ready stroller will be suitable. It’s a dual-mode design, allowing you to use it as a single or double. The adapters on the frame enable you to attach an extra seat.

    It features an integrated click-and-go system that allows for easy removal and attachment. However, the car seat and adapters are sold separately.

    The B-Ready stroller is durable too. It has foam-filled rubber tires that work to absorb shocks and bumps. Once the top seat is intact, you can rotate it so your baby can face either you or the world.

    Another favorable element is the adjustable handle. It moves easily to your desired height, and you can always have your water close with the included cup holder.

    • Converts easily into a double with compatible seat and adapters.
    • Features foam-filled tires for durability.
    • Seat rotates and reclines.
    • Adjustable handle height.
    • Extra seat isn’t included.
    • It is difficult to fold.

    Additional Specs

    Stroller weight30 pounds
    Minimum weight recommended5 pounds with car seat
    Maximum weight recommended55 pounds per seat
    Dimensions44 inches by 24 inches by 43.25 inches

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestColorStroller weightMinimum weight recommendedMaximum weight recommendedDimensions
    B-Lively Double StrollerDouble StrollerRaven, dove29 lbs4 lbs with car seat50 lbs per seat31.5″ x 41.4″ x 40.75″
    B-Lively & B-Safe UltraTravel System6 colors20 lbs4 lbs with car seat55 lbs per seat33″ x 23″ x 40″
    2017 B Agile & B Safe 35For NewbornsBlack18 lbs4 lbs with car seat55 lbs per seat38.5″ x 23″ x 40.5″
    B-Ready G3 StrollerSingle Stroller5 colors30 lbs4 lbs with car seat55 lbs per seat44″ x 24″ x 43.25″
    Pathway Lightweight StrollerLightweight Stroller4 colors20 lbs4 lbs with car seat55 lbs per seat29″ x 23″ x 11″
    USA B-Ready StrollerConvertible StrollerBlack30 lbs5 lbs with car seat55 lbs per seat44″ x 24″ x 43.25″
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    Where to Buy Britax Strollers

    Britax’s strollers are available on nearly all big retail sites. Some of these include:

    • Walmart.
    • BuyBuyBaby.
    • Amazon.
    • Albee Baby.
    • Kohl’s.
    • Brixy.
    • Target.

    Website and Contact

    Britax’s website is thorough — you can find information on everything from its products to cleaning methods and where to buy. It doesn’t sell through its site, but each product directs you to a local retailer or an authorized online site where it’s available.

    Contacting Britax is also easy. You can call its customer service toll-free at 1-888-427-4829, or send an email via the website.

    Our Verdict

    Britax is a great brand with some of the best car seats to its name. It offers top-notch safety, both for car seats and its strollers, keeping your baby as secure as can be.

    Its collection isn’t as broad as other brands, but it’s ample, and there’s something for every need.

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