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Best Stokke Strollers of 2023

Get stoked for our top Stokke stroller picks.

Are you looking to splurge some extra cash on a high-end stroller? Perhaps you’re searching for something with a Scandinavian touch? There’s only one company for that — Stokke.

Stokke is a Nordic company, bringing parents everything from highchairs to bath accessories and strollers. It is, however, a pricey brand, so if you decide on one of its products, you’d better get it right.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Xplory Stroller
Best for Newborns
Xplory Stroller
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Extra support for small babies
  • Sustainable materials
Product Image of the Trailz All-Terrain Stroller
Best for All Terrains
Trailz All-Terrain Stroller
  • Elevated seat
  • Ample onboard storage
  • Added luxuries

The Best Stokke Stroller Reviews of 2023

Here are the top Stokke models currently on the market.

Stokke Xplory Stroller

Best Stokke Stroller for Newborns

Stokke’s first take on a stroller was the Xplory, and it’s only gotten better from there. Xplory grows with your baby — you can use it for the first outing and well into the toddler years. The stroller is compatible with Stokke’s carrycot, which accommodates your little one safely.

It features Stokke’s signature elevated seat, bringing your baby nearer to you, enhancing awareness and closeness. For extra comfort, the chair is ergonomically designed, fitted with hip and head support, while giving the arms room to move.

One feature many appreciate is the steering. Its superior maneuverability and swivel front wheels make the stroller effortless to push one-handed. It’s easy to store and folds in two pieces.

What We Like

Adjustable Seat Height

The Xplory buggy focuses on closeness. The height of the seat is fully adjustable so you can have the seat right up to you, or you can rotate it, so your baby has a front view.

Stokke recommends having it in one of the higher settings for closeness but also acknowledged the importance of versatility. This makes the stroller compatible with drivers of different heights — you can also adjust the height of the handlebar.

Extra Support for Small Babies

This model can safely accommodate a small baby. For newborns, Stokke recommends you buy the compatible carrycot. The seat provides plenty of support for babies once they are aged 6 months and up.

It’s also compatible with a standing platform for the oldest child. So, even after exceeding the seat’s weight limit, your toddler can still hop on for a rest from walking.

Sustainable Materials

Xplory is right for your baby and the environment too. The principal textile used is PET recycled fabrics, as well as GRS certified yarns. The PFC-free material is waterproof and keeps your little one snug as a bug, even during gloomy weather.

We appreciate the design of the inlay. It’s soft and cozy, as well as moisture-absorbent. It’s completely breathable, so your baby stays cool when the heat turns up.

Superior Handling

Many parents praise how easy it is to handle and how well it runs across various surfaces. The front wheels swivel, giving it superb maneuverability, great for when out and about in crowded places.

What We Don't Like

Tiny Storage

Many parents dubbed the onboard storage a joke, and we’re afraid that we can’t argue. Modern parents often haul along lots of gear, so ample room is essential. The accommodation consists of an 8.5-gallon bag, sitting on the platform.

Product Specs

Color Grey Melange, blue, and red
Stroller weight 19.4 pounds
Maximum weight 45 pounds
Chassis material Aluminum and plastics
Folded dimensions 41.3 inches by 18.7 inches by 20.1 inches

Our Ratings

4.5 / 5
Included Features
4 / 5
5 / 5
Weight Capacity
4 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Stokke Trailz All-Terrain Stroller

Best Stokke Stroller for All Terrains

If you’re looking for a stroller you can take off-road, Trailz is worth a look. Stokke Trailz is for the active family, enjoying the occasional stroll off-road.

It comes with large, air-filled wheels made from rubber. The handles are coated in soft foam, making them extra comfy to hold on long walks.

The seat sits high to promote bonding while out for a stroll, and it rotates so your baby can face forward or back. One thing we appreciate with the Trailz is the large onboard storage basket.

Additionally, Trailz can become a part of a travel system. It’s compatible with Stokke’s car seat adapters.

What We Like

It Allows for Exploring Beyond the Road

Thanks to the air-filled tires, Trailz can safely carry your baby to a destination beyond the smooth road. It can roll on the beach, or through the grass in the park. The rubber wheels smooth out road bumps and keep your baby safe.

Elevated Seat

Many users appreciate the elevated seat. It’s not adjustable like the Xplory, but the height is suitable for all drivers. Your baby is right where all the action happens.

Although the height isn’t adjustable, you can effortlessly adapt the recline and rotate it, so your baby faces the rear or the front. Trailz can even be used for newborns when combined with Stokke’s carrycot, which is sold separately.

Ample Onboard Storage

Trailz onboard storage allows for a bit more gear. It’s roomy and waterproof, excellent for a family outing. It’s sturdy and can carry up to 23 pounds.

Added Luxuries

The seats are extra padded for a comfy ride, and the handles are made from durable leatherette. You can also customize the look — on its website, Stokke has a range of colors both for fabric and chassis.

What We Don't Like

Tires Are Tricky to Inflate

Some reviewers complained that it’s difficult to inflate the tires. The valve sits in an awkward position, and it requires you to remove the wheel entirely.

Product Specs

Color Black, gray, lilac, blue, red, and purple
Stroller weight 22.55 pounds
Maximum weight 45 pounds
Chassis material Aluminum and plastics
Folded dimensions 37.4 inches by 19.68 inches by 24.8 inches

Our Ratings

4 / 5
Included Features
4 / 5
3.5 / 5
Weight Capacity
4 / 5
Total Rating
3.75 / 5

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Color Stroller weight Maximum weight Chassis material Folded dimensions
Xplory Stroller For Newborns 3 colors 19.4 lbs 45 lbs Aluminum and plastics 41.3″ x 18.7″ x 20.1″
Trailz All-Terrain Stroller For All Terrains 6 colors 22.55 lbs 45 lbs Aluminum and plastics 37.4″ x 19.68″ x 24.8″

Who Is Stokke

In 1932, in the western coastal city of Ålesund, Norway, Stokke AS was founded (1). In the beginning, Stokke was producing adult furniture and bus seats — it focused on recliners, home office systems, and ergonomic seating solutions.

It wasn’t until 1972 that Stokke launched its first children’s product — the Tripp Trapp highchair. Designed by Peter Opsvik — it became an iconic chair in the Nordic-style genre. Some of my earliest memories are of climbing up and down the Tripp Trapp steps.

As the 1990s came around, Stokke expanded its children’s collection. Its first line was a nursery system designed to grow with your baby. It wasn’t until 2003 that Stokke began producing strollers.

Its premier stroller, the Xplory, introduced an innovative concept for the time. It elevated the seat, promoting eye-contact between parent and baby — a first in the industry.

Since then, Stokke has focused exclusively on children’s products, such as premium furniture, highchair equipment, baby carriers, nursery items, and strollers.

Stokke Today

Stokke came out with its iconic Tripp Trapp highchair over 40 years ago, and it’s still a timeless piece of Scandinavian-style furniture. Today, the company is owned by NXMH, an investment business located in Belgium, owned, in turn, by NCX in South Korea.

The long tradition of producing sustainable, smart products that grow with your child has been maintained. All its products have the baby elevated to strengthen the connection between parent and child.

Besides connecting families, Stokke emphasizes sophisticated engineering. It has designed its buggies to suit any family, with exceptional functionality and ergonomics.

What Parents Say About Stokke Strollers

Stokke’s strollers receive good reviews from parents. Many talk about how great the extra height is.

The height is excellent in many ways — it can allow your child to interact during an outing. The ability to press the button before a crossover or in the elevator is great fun for a 2- or 3-year-old.

The strollers allow you to rotate the seat, facing your baby forward or back to suit their mood.

Parents seem pleased about the quality. Most appreciate the sturdiness and how secure their baby is. All Stokke strollers are carrycot and car seat compatible, but you’ll have to buy them separately.

While Stokke gets great reviews, its strollers are pretty pricey. Because of this, some parents feel more attention to small details is due.

One example is the onboard storage on the Xplory. Many mentioned it’s too small for an average-sized diaper bag. There aren’t any other pockets, which led some reviewers to hang their stuff from the handlebar.

Be Cautious

Never hang anything remotely substantial from the handlebar. Doing so can easily tip the stroller backward, potentially injuring your baby (2).

Stokke Stroller Related Accessories

Besides its stunning strollers, Stokke also has a range of accessories to make your experience even better. Just ensure it’s compatible with your chosen stroller.

  • Car Seat Adapter for Stokke Strollers: If you want to use a car seat with a Stokke buggy, you need this adapter. It’s compatible with several manufacturers, including Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, or Nuna. The adapter works with the Xplory, Scoot, and Trailz pushchairs.
  • Stokke Stroller Cup Holder: It’s essential to stay hydrated, and to help with this, Stokke offers its cupholder, suitable for all Stokke stroller handles. It’s made from durable polyamide plastic and is capable of holding up to 2.2 pounds.
  • Stokke Stroller Sibling: Stokke’s skateboard-like attachment is great for the walking child. It attaches easily to any Stokke stroller, and your kiddo can stand securely while taking a break on longer walks.
  • Mosquito Cover for Stokke Strollers: To keep mosquitoes and other pesky pests away from your little one, Stokke offers its mosquito cover. It’s made from breathable mesh. The cover is compatible with the Crusi, Trailz, and Xplory V6 — it also makes one exclusively for the Xplory.
  • Stokke PramPack: Stokke’s prampack is excellent for traveling parents — it’s suitable for all its strollers, and it’s airline approved. The bag ensures your buggy arrives safely without any scratches. You simply fold your stroller and pack it in the bag.
  • Stokke Sibling Board for Xplory V6: For the Xplory V6, Stokke has a special sibling board. Made from recyclable raw materials, it’s eco-friendly and can carry a toddler weighing up to 44 pounds.
  • Stokke Rain Cover: On rainy days, you need some extra protection. Stokke’s rain cover is breathable and provides excellent visibility — it’s lightweight as well as easy to store. You can use it with the Xplory V6, Trailz, and Crusi.
  • Newborn Seat Inlay by Stokke: To provide a safe ride for your newborn, Stokke recommends its newborn seat inlay. It’s made of breathable, moisture-absorbing material. It supports the head and legs, with adjustable cushions.
  • Xplory Shopping Bag: For the Xplory V6, Stokke offers a 7-gallon shopping bag. It’s suited with mesh pockets and attaches to the stroller using clips.
  • Stokke Xplory Sun Shade: During the hot summers, Stokke’s Xplory Sun Shade helps to keep your little one cool. It’s an easy to install UPF 50 fabric that you pull over for full protection.
  • Scoot Newborn Insert: If you have a Stokke Scoot stroller, this insert keeps your newborn snug and cozy. It’s simple in design and made from terry cloth cushioning.
  • Stokke Stroller Parasol: For extra sun protection, Stokke suggests its stroller parasol, which is available in gray, blue, and black.
  • Stokke Stroller Snack Tray: An onboard snack is always a hit with small children. Stokke’s buggy snack tray attaches effortlessly to the Xplory and Trailz strollers.

Where to Buy Stokke Strollers

Stokke strollers are quite exclusive — it’s only a limited amount of online retailers who sell them. You can find the most comprehensive selection on the Stokke website, along with accessories and other children’s products.

However, if you prefer, you can also buy their strollers from Amazon, Baby R’ Us, Nordstrom and other well-known retailers.

Stokke Website and Contact

If you’re shopping through the Stokke site, do your research. Stokke doesn’t show reviews of its products, so check out the reviews on other websites to know how the buggies perform in real life.

If you want to get in touch with Stokke, you can call its customer service at 0080 895 010. It also allows for emails, but you have to fill out a contact form on their website.

Final Words

Stokke is a high-end company, known for its premium children’s furniture such as the Tripp Trapp. It’s been a market force since it began in 1932, producing adult furniture.

Its stroller collection isn’t vast, but it’s well worth a second look. Its buggies are high-quality with elevated seats to promote closeness. While you’re out exploring the big world together, you’ll both take comfort that you’re within arm’s reach of each other.

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