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Best Baby Trend Strollers of 2023

How good is Baby Trend? We’ll tell you everything you should know.

Choosing the right stroller for your baby is high stakes — you want to ensure maximum safety. It’s a process requiring a lot of research, which, lucky for you, is something we love.

The stroller market is a vast ocean of brands and manufacturers, so it can quickly become overwhelming. We did some fishing and, today, we’re putting Baby Trend under the spotlight. We’ve done a deep search and found everything you need to know, including which products are the best Baby Trend strollers.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds
Best for Jogging
Expedition Jogger Stroller
  • Bicycle-style all-terrain tires
  • Front-wheel swivel/lock function
  • Highly affordable
Product Image of the Baby Trend Nexton Travel System, Coral Floral
Best Travel System
Nexton Travel System
  • All-in-one travel system
  • Comfy seat & height-adjustable five-point harness
  • Large canopy featuring peek-window
Product Image of the Baby Trend Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout Travel System, Drip Drop Blue
Best Lightweight
Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout
  • Includes a car seat
  • Durable frame and EVA tires
  • Rotatable seat
Product Image of the Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller, Millennium
Best Sit & Stand
Sit N' Stand Double Stroller
  • Feature children’s trays & cup holders
  • Elevated rear seat
  • Large storage basket and parent console
Product Image of the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier
Best Stroller Frame
Snap-N-Go EX
  • Easy-to-fold lightweight frame
  • Compatible with several car seats
  • Secures the car seat in place
Product Image of the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard
Best Double
Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
  • For jogging & everyday life
  • Durable, carries up to 50lbs each
  • Features MP3 plug-in speakers
Product Image of the Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller, Princeton
Best Umbrella
Rocket Lightweight Stroller
  • Folds effortlessly and easy to carry
  • Several colors are available
  • Tall, easy-to-grip handles

The Best Baby Trend Stroller Reviews of 2023

Baby Trend produces several great strollers. By searching through parent reviews and expert recommendations, we found a type for every lifestyle.

Here are the best Baby Trend strollers on the market:

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Best Baby Trend Stroller for Jogging

Leading an active lifestyle can be a challenge after becoming a parent. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger may make it a bit easier. It’s designed for a safe jogging experience for both you and your baby.

For fitness-buff parents, the stroller offers useful features, such as bicycle-style tires. The front wheels have a swivel function, which you can lock when stability is needed. You can unlock it to use the stroller around town while the only running you’re doing is errands.

Another great feature is the ergonomically shaped handle. It’s long, stretching from one side to the other, helping you secure a firm grip. Baby Trend covered it in rubber for comfort and to prevent slipping if your hands get sweaty.

This jogger works wonderfully in any weather. Baby Trend included a large sun canopy with an extendable visor providing full protection. You can rotate it for an extra shield if the sun comes at an angle.


  • Bicycle-style all-terrain tires.
  • Front-wheel swivel/lock function.
  • Large sun canopy with visor.
  • Cup holders for both parent and child.
  • Highly affordable for a jogging stroller.


  • Heavy and bulky — difficult to store/place in the trunk.

Product Specs

Color Phantom, bubble gum, emerald, lemon zest, liberty, millenium, mosaic blue, optic green, optic pink, optic red, picante, tiger lily, topaz, and raspberry.
Stroller weight 26 pounds
Minimum age recommended Six months (without an infant car seat)
Maximum weight recommended 50 pounds
Stroller dimensions 21 inches by 47 inches by 41 inches

2. Baby Trend Nexton Travel System

Best Baby Trend Travel System

With a newborn on the way, we highly recommend looking into a travel system such as this one from Baby Trend. Many new parents praise how much easier life with a newborn gets having such a stroller.

It’s an all-in-one travel system, providing you with both a stroller and an infant car seat with a base for the vehicle. All you do is install the base in your car per the instructions. The car seat locks in and out when needed and is easy to use without waking or disturbing your little one.

Once your baby outgrows the infant car seat (around six months), they can use the stroller without it. The seat is comfy — it’s padded and offers multiple recline positions, which are easy to adjust.

Another excellent feature is the large sun canopy. It’s expandable and features a peek-a-boo window so you can check on your baby at any moment. On the sides are mesh windows, letting some fresh air ventilate on hot days.


  • All-in-one travel system — ready to use from day one.
  • The stroller continues to accommodate your child until 50 pounds.
  • Comfy seat and height-adjustable five-point harness.
  • Large canopy featuring peek-window and mesh material.


  • The stroller is bulky and heavy.
  • The child may outgrow the height restrictions of the car seat quickly (limit is 30 inches).

Product Specs

Color Coral floral, keen green, starlight pink
Stroller weight 35 pounds
Minimum age recommended From birth with car seat
Maximum weight recommended 50 pounds
Stroller dimensions 26 inches by 46 inches by 40 inches

3. Baby Trend Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout

Best Lightweight Baby Trend Stroller

If you’re often commuting, hopping on and off public transportation, or traveling, you need a lightweight stroller. The Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout is one of Baby Trend’s lightest chassis, weighing a mere 4 pounds without a seat.

The Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout comes as a travel system. Baby Trend provides you with both car seat and base, to accommodate even the smallest family member. The seat included is the Secure 35 infant car seat, with an integrated five-point harness and EPS energy-absorbing foam.

To make this stroller as lightweight as possible, Baby Trend used aluminum for the chassis. It’s durable and is suited with EVA tires as well as an anti-shock system, keeping the ride smooth.

We appreciate the adjustable handle height. You can place it into five positions providing a comfortable fit for different-sized drivers.

To accommodate a growing baby, the stroller converts into three modes — bassinet, parent-facing, and forward-facing.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold.
  • Included car seat to convert into a travel system.
  • Durable frame and EVA tires.
  • Rotatable seat — can face front or back.


  • The car seat is difficult to remove from the stroller — requires two hands.
  • Sun canopy on the car seat is flimsy so it doesn’t stay in place well.

Product Specs

Color Drip drop, blue spectrum, phoenix, and rose gold
Stroller weight 4 pounds without seat
Minimum age recommended From birth with car seat
Maximum weight recommended 50 pounds
Stroller dimensions 32.3 inches by 19 inches by 9 inches

4. Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double Stroller

Best Sit and Stand Baby Trend Stroller

Having two kids of varying ages can be challenging when it comes to family outings, especially if the oldest prefers to walk. A stroller with a stand-on board is an excellent solution, and Baby Trend’s Sit N’ Stand is a great example.

The stroller comes as a double, with the seat fitted in tandem. You can easily use it as a double for two seated children. But if one prefers to walk, remove the second chair, and your child can use the board.

It’s a great solution, adding a fun element to an outing. The stand-on platform can accommodate children up to 40 pounds, about the weight of an average 30-month-old.

Both stroller seats come with an integrated five-point harness for safety. They’re full-sized and can carry babies from six months and up. Each chair has a small tray with a cup holder for drinks or snacks.


  • A great solution for families with two children.
  • Seats feature children’s trays and cup holders.
  • Elevated rear seat for a better front view.
  • Large storage basket and parent console.


  • The wheels are plastic, which is less durable.
  • The stroller is quite long.

Product Specs

Color Millennium, carbon, liberty, millenium blue, millenium pink, onyx, optic aqua, optic green, optic grey, optic pink, optic red, optic teal, and optic violet.
Stroller weight 32.5 pounds
Minimum age recommended Six months
Maximum weight recommended 40 pounds per seat
Stroller dimensions 21.5 inches by 49 inches by 43 inches

5. Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX

Best Baby Trend Stroller Frame

If you’ve already splurged on a car seat, a stroller frame is the best solution, and the Snap-N-Go EX Universal is a good pick. It’s compatible with nearly all Baby Trend car seats, as well as some from the biggest brands like Graco and Britax.

With a stroller frame, you get the chassis without a seat. It’s perfect during the first months until your baby outgrows the infant seat.

The Snap-N-Go is lightweight and folds using one hand. It’s practical to store and place in the trunk when traveling. It also features a functional parent console with two cup holders and a covered storage compartment.

On the frame, there are adjustment straps to keep the car seat secure. Baby Trend also included rear wheel brakes for added security.


  • Easy-to-fold lightweight frame.
  • Compatible with several car seats, including some from Britax and Graco.
  • Practical parent console.
  • Secures the car seat in place.


  • It doesn’t perform well on uneven terrain.

Product Specs

Color N/A
Stroller weight 19 pounds
Minimum age recommended From birth (Car seat required)
Maximum weight recommended 45 pounds
Stroller dimensions 24.5 inches by 36.75 inches by 40 inches

6. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Best Baby Trend Double Stroller

Whether you’re looking for a jogger to have your twins in tow or merely a wholesome double stroller, the Navigator is excellent. It’s built for activity and has a durable frame, capable of carrying two kids weighing 50 pounds each.

The seats are suited with five-point harnesses and feature multi-position adjustments for the backrest. Your little ones can take a nap while you work on your cardio.

One amazing feature is the MP3 plug-in speakers. Connect it to a compatible device, and everyone can enjoy the music together.

Your little ones will love the children’s trays fitted to the front. There’s room for snacks and drinks.

The stroller has two large rear wheels and two smaller ones in the front. The front wheels include a swivel lock system. Locking adds more stability on the trail.

When you unlock it, the double stroller turns corners like a dream.


  • Fantastic stroller for jogging and everyday life.
  • Durable and capable of carrying a lot of weight.
  • Features MP3 plug-in speakers for music.
  • Included children’s trays with cup holders.


  • The handle height is not adjustable.

Product Specs

Color Vanguard, baltic, candy apple, Europa, Lincoln, and tropic
Stroller weight 43 pounds
Minimum age recommended Six months
Maximum weight recommended 50 pounds in each seat
Stroller dimensions 32.5 inches by 46 inches by 43 inches

7. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Best Umbrella Baby Trend Stroller

Umbrella strollers can truly make life on the road much easier, and the Rocket is a great place to start. It’s a lightweight, yet highly-durable frame, capable of carrying your child up to 50 pounds. Your little one will sit snug as a bug with the five-point harness ensuring top safety.

The Rocket is a stylish little thing — we love the black Princeton. But it’s also available in other colors.

To ensure you’ll travel across sidewalks and curbs easily, the Rocket is suited with double wheels, both in the front and back. These guarantee a smooth and comfy ride for your little one.

The handles are tall and easy to grip. In the middle, you’ve got a parent tray with double cup holders. Once you’re set to go home, the umbrella stroller folds effortlessly into a compact unit, ready for the bus or subway.


  • Folds effortlessly and is easy to carry.
  • Several colors are available.
  • Double wheels all around.
  • Tall, easy-to-grip handles.


  • The seat doesn’t recline.

Product Specs

Color Princeton, duke, and petal
Stroller weight 13.23 pounds
Minimum age recommended Six months
Maximum weight recommended 50 pounds
Stroller dimensions 18.31 inches by 29.5 inches by 40.55 inches

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Color Stroller weight Minimum age recommended Maximum weight recommended Stroller dimensions
Expedition Jogger Stroller for Jogging 14 colors 26 lbs Six months (without an infant car seat) 50 lbs 21″ x 47″ x 41″
Nexton Travel System Travel System 3 colors 35 lbs From birth with car seat 50 lbs 26″ x 46″ x 40″
Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout Lightweight Stroller 4 colors 4 lbs without seat From birth with car seat 50 lbs 32.3″ x 19″ x 9″
Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller Sit & Stand Stroller 13 colors 32.5 lbs Six months 40 lbs per seat 21.5″ x 49″ x 43″
Snap-N-Go EX Stroller Frame N/A 19 lbs From birth (Car seat required) 45 lbs 24.5″ x 36.75″ x 40″
Navigator Double Jogger Double Stroller 6 colors 43 lbs Six months 50 lbs in each seat 32.5″ x 46″ x 43″
Rocket Lightweight Umbrella Stroller 3 colors 13.23 lbs Six months 50 lbs 18.31″ x 29.5″ x 40.55″

Who Is Baby Trend?

Baby Trend started nearly 30 years ago, producing juvenile products such as nursery items and high chairs. It’s been a dedicated childcare company since day one, striving to provide parents with innovative products meeting every demand (1).

Baby Trend set high standards in terms of safety from the beginning. It made its core goal to produce the safest, most reliable juvenile products on the market.

It tailors its products toward the changing demands of parents, to provide solutions which help families face daily challenges. Baby Trend is the manufacturer and inventor of several specialized products, including the award-winning Snap-N-Go and Sit N’ Stand strollers.

The Snap-N-Go stroller frame allows parents to convert their baby’s infant car seat into a buggy. This creates a lightweight, portable solution for transporting baby.

Sit N’ Stand gave parents of two an alternative solution to long walks. The extra seat could convert into a stand-on platform for an older infant — an excellent answer to the often grumpy toddler who’d have to walk.

But Baby Trend is known for more than just its strollers. It’s also behind the Diaper Champ — a diaper pail compatible with any 13-gallon refill or trash bag, keeping odors at bay.

Baby Trend is also most proud of its car seats. These have continually been ranked among the best in the industry. They offer top-notch safety for good value.

Baby Trend Today

Baby Trend is among the forerunners in the industry. It has maintained a good reputation among parents for its creative products suited to busy lives.

Since 2016, Baby Trend has been a subsidiary of Alpha Group CO, a Chinese animation producer in the film industry. The parent company wanted a foot inside the juvenile products sector and continues to pursue Baby Trend’s objective of producing reliable, quality merchandise. Baby Trend headquarters have remained in Ontario, California.

What Parents Say Online About Baby Trend

Baby Trend strollers are doing well on sites such as Amazon, where they continually receive solid ratings. Parents praise the sturdiness and steering — how they turn tight corners and handle uneven terrain.

Many also praise the vast selection available. Baby Trend has produced at least one of every type of stroller there is — all at affordable prices, which is another pro most reviewers mention.

Baby Trend is a budget-oriented brand. Most of its products remain at a reasonable price-point for many families. Its stroller frames and even some umbrella buggies could fit into any budget.

One of the outstanding things about Baby Trend strollers is that they include a six-year warranty. You will have to register the product after purchase, but it shows the confidence the brand has in its quality.

However, while doing some digging on sites such as ConsumerAffairs.com, we found some negatives parents didn’t love. It seems most of Baby Trend’s strollers are pretty heavy and bulky to store. Some parents said they were almost impossible to fit into their smaller trunks.

Many are also disappointed with the customer service. A few parents state that representatives were reluctant to help, and weren’t the friendliest. However, other reviewers say their experience was excellent, with customer service quick to respond.

Baby Trend Stroller-Related Accessories

Baby Trend doesn’t make many stroller accessories. However, another brand called Sasha Kiddie Products has produced a few exclusively for Baby Trend. These are:

  • Sasha’s Rain Cover for Baby Trend Expedition: This premium rain cover is marketed solely for the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller. It’s also compatible with some other buggies, though, such as the Excel, ELX, CityScape, and Range.
  • Sasha’s Rain and Wind Cover for Sit N’ Stand: For Baby Trend’s Sit N’ Stand stroller, Sasha offers this wind and rain cover. It’s long enough to protect both seats from outside elements. It’s made from high-quality materials to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Sasha’s Wind, Sun, and Insect Cover: Another accessory for the Expedition stroller is this cover. It protects against wind, sun, and insects, keeping your little one safe while you stroll. It’s made from mesh so your baby can look out, and fastens using elastics.

Baby Trend Website and Contact

Baby Trend’s website is fantastic. You can find information on all its products, as well as where to buy them. Once you’ve located the stroller you want to buy, the description features a “where to buy” section, bringing you directly to the retailer.

The website guides you to the page where you register your new product. Once it’s registered, you’re covered by the warranty and will receive notifications of recalls.

It also includes a thorough FAQ page where many questions are listed and answered. This is a quick go-to place to find out things like what to do in case of a recall, or how to correctly install its car seats.

To contact its customer service, you can call Monday through Friday at 1-800-328-7363. Or you can send an email through the online form.

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