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Kaylee Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Kaylee including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Kaylee Overview

  • Meaning: Crown, beloved, chaste, pure.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Origin: Arabic, British, Irish.
  • Pronunciation: “KAY-lee”
  • Popularity: Popular in the United States mainly.
  • Nicknames: Kay, Kiki, KK, Lee, LiLi.
  • Variations: Caleigh, Caley, Kaleigh.
  • Namesakes: Kaylee DeFer, an American actress; Kaylee Frye, a character from Firefly.

What Does Kaylee Mean?

Kaylee has a particular meaning for different cultures. Many believe it is a combination of the names Kay and Lee. Kay is a derivative of Katherine, with the definition of “pure”; Lee has the English meaning “of the meadow or pasture.”

Others believe Kaylee has an alternate spelling of Chaeli derived from Michaela. Michaela is the feminine form of Michael. Michael means “who is like God,” so some would say that Kaylee could also mean “who is like God.”

For the British, the name Kaylee means “laurel” or “crown.”

In Arabic, it means “beloved.”

The Hebrew meaning of Kaylee is “chaste, pure.”

Lastly, because Kaylee is primarily an American girl name, the American meaning is also “pure.”

What is the Origin of the Name Kaylee?

Kaylee has roots in different cultures, including English, Irish, Arabic, and Hebrew.

How Popular is the Name Kaylee?

1984 was the year Kaylee first appeared on America’s Top 1000 list. After that, it steadily climbed the chart, breaking the top 100 in 1998 and peaking in 2009 at number 26.

Kaylee is still a popular name, mainly in the United States, with current data ranking it at 139. (1)

How Do I Pronounce Kaylee?

Kaylee is pretty easy to pronounce! You pronounce the name Kaylee as “KAY-lee.”

Is Kaylee a Boy or Girl Name?

Kaylee is a girl’s name, with few exceptions.

Some cultures, such as the Irish and Greek, use an alternative spelling, such as Caleigh or Caley, and consider it a unisex name.

Variations of Kaylee

There are many variations of the spelling of the name Kaylee. People have become very creative with this name! Most variations come from British, Greek, and Irish backgrounds, but it is used mainly for American girls.

Some variations include:

  • Caleigh (Gaelic)
  • Caileigh (Gaelic)
  • Caylee (Gaelic, Irish)
  • Cayleigh (Gaelic, Irish)
  • Cayley (British)
  • Chaeli (Irish)
  • Chaile (Irish)
  • Kailee (Irish)
  • Kaleigh (Gaelic)
  • Kaileigh (Gaelic)
  • Kailey (Greek, Welsh, Hebrew, Punjab)
  • Kaily (Gaelic, Hebrew)
  • Kalee (American, English)
  • Kalie (American, Arabic, Gaelic)
  • Kayleigh (Irish)
  • Kayley (British)
  • Kayli (English, Greek)
  • Kaylie (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Keyli (Irish)

Nicknames for Kaylee

The obvious nickname for Kaylee is Kay, but there are others used.

Examples are:

  • Kate
  • Kiki
  • KK
  • Lee
  • Leelee
  • LiLi

Similar Names to Kaylee

Similar names to Kaylee range from those that rhyme to those with similar meanings.

Here is our list of similar names to Kaylee:

Middle Names for Kaylee

Kaylee is a modern name, so you may want to stick with simpler middle names such as:

Sibling Names for Kaylee

There are many possible sweet sibling names for Kaylee!

Famous People Named Kaylee

If we were to list all the famous people with a version of the name Kaylee, we would have a very long list! But here are some with the exact spelling:

  • Kaylee Bryant: An American actress and model.
  • Kaylee Dakers: A Canadian breaststroke swimmer.
  • Kaylee DeFer: An American actress.
  • Kaylee Hartung: An American television journalist.
  • Kaylee McKeown: An Australian Olympic swimmer.
  • Kaylee Quinn: An American actress.
  • Kaylee Williams: An American actress.

Kaylee in Popular Culture

There are a few popular culture characters named Kaylee, particularly of social media fame, such as:

  • Kaylee Baker: A YouTube star.
  • Kaylee Bodiford: A TikTok sensation.
  • Kaylee Bull: An Instagram star.
  • Kaylee Deantoni: A TikTok sensation.
  • Kaylee Frye: a character from the TV series Firefly and Serenity.
  • Kaylee Herring: A TikTok sensation.
  • Kaylee Malcolm: A TikTok sensation.
  • Kayle Marie: A YouTube star.
  • Kaylee Morales: A TikTok sensation.
  • Kaylee Mitchell: An Instagram star.
  • Kaylee Pereira: A TikTok sensation.

Kaylee FAQs

Is Kaylee a Religious Name?

The holy books do not contain the name Kaylee, but for Hebrews, the name is a derivative of Chaeli, which is the Hebrew form of Michael or Mi-ke-el. Therefore, this name means “who is like God” and connects to Archangel Michael.

Where Is the Name Kaylee Most Popular?

Kaylee is most popular in the United States as it is spelled. However, variations of the name are used elsewhere, such as in Ireland and Greece.

Is Kaylee an Irish Name?

Generally, Kaylee is a popular Irish girl name. However, you may find that girls with Irish heritage may spell it differently, such as Caylee, Cayleigh, Kailee, Kayleigh, or even Keyli.

For the traditional Irish, the name Kaylee probably came from Caoilainn (pronounced KAY-lin), meaning “slender,” or Cadhla (pronounced KEE-la), which translates to a “woman so beautiful that only poets can describe her” or “rare beauty.”

The modern take on these names is Keelin (from Caoilainn) or Keela (from Cadhla). Kaylee is likely related to these names for the Irish.

Is Kaylee a Greek Name?

Kaylee is often spelled differently in Gaelic families. You may find it as Caileigh, Caylee, Cayleigh, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaily, Kalee, Kalie, or Kayli.

For the Greeks, Kaylee is a combination of Kay and the suffix -lee. Kay is a diminutive of Katherine and means “chaste” or “pure.”

Is Kaylee a Trendy Name?

Kaylee was a more trendy name in the 1990s and 2000s when having a name beginning with “K” was quite popular. Names like Kaden, Kaitlyn, and Kyla were all hitting the charts, along with Kayla and Kaylee.

The name Kaylee hit its peak in 2009, peaking at number 26 on the U.S. chart for girl’s baby names. Since then, the name is not quite as trendy but still sits high on the charts in the U.S.

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