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August Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name August including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

August Overview

  • Meaning: The name August means “great, magnificent.” The word augustus, from which it came, means “consecrated” or “venerable.”
  • Gender: August is traditionally a boy’s name. In 2017, it slipped into the top 1000 for girls.
  • Origin: The name August comes from the Latin word “augustus.”
  • Pronunciation: Pronounce August “aw-gust” in English.
  • Popularity: August is a popular name, increasing in popularity year by year since 2000.
  • Nicknames: Augie, Auggo, Aust, Goose, Gus, Gusto.
  • Variations: Agustin, Auguste, Augustine, Augustus, Austen, Austin, Gus.
  • Namesakes: August Anheuser Busch, of the Anheuser-Busch Company.

What Does August Mean?

The name August means “great, magnificent, to increase.” It comes from a Latin word meaning “consecrated, venerable.”

While we usually think of it as a month (which it is), it is becoming more common to find boys named August or some variation.

In the last couple of years, some people named their daughters August, as well.

What is the Origin of the Name August?

August comes from the Latin word augustus which means “consecrated, venerable.” It became a month’s name just before B.C. turned into A.D. and then became a generic term for magnificence in the 1600s.

How Popular is the Name August?

Since 2000, August has grown in popularity. It started fairly popular, ranking #613 in the year 2000. It climbed the ranks, reaching #121 in 2021. The trajectory implies that it may break into the top 100 soon (1).

Before 2000, the popularity of the name August has gone through cycles of popular and less popular. You can find well-known people named August throughout history, from the 1600s until the present.

It tends to be more common in Germany. Sweden, Poland, and Estonia also have parents who like the name August for their children.

How Do I Pronounce August?

August is pronounced aw-gust in the United States.

Its sounds are quite different worldwide. In German, it is pronounced ow-guwst. Polish is similar with a slight change in the second syllable: ow-goost. The second vowel in Swedish is significantly different, as they pronounce it ow-guyst.

Is August a Boy or Girl Name?

Traditionally, August is a boy’s name, while Augusta is the feminine version. However, since 2017, more parents have been giving the name to their daughters, including Mark Zuckerberg and Garth Brooks.

Variations of August

The original Augustus has been shortened or Anglicized in several ways. Variations include familiar and unfamiliar options.

  • Agustin (Spanish)
  • Auguste (German)
  • Augustine (English)
  • Augustus (Latin, Ancient Roman, Dutch)
  • Austen (English)
  • Austin (English)
  • Gus (English)

Nicknames for August

August is easy to shorten, with several appropriate nicknames available.

  • Augie
  • Auggo
  • Aust
  • Goose
  • Gus
  • Gusto

You can have fun with initial nicknames, too. Since August begins with A, you can add middle names that make a word or a series of sounds that are specifically for your child. August Charles Edward gives the word “ACE”, for instance, or you can call August Jacob “AJ.”

Similar Names to August

Names that are like August fall into different categories. They may begin with A, have a similar time-related feel, or have a similar meaning.

Middle Names for August

A middle name may become the primary name in some situations. A middle name for August can also have a bearing on the child’s nickname, as mentioned above.

Sibling Names for August

Many names pair well with August. It is a versatile name that can pair with both common and unique names.

Famous People Named August

Ever since Caesar Augustus, people have named their children some form of Augustus. August is a strong name, worn well by many famous men.

  • August Alsina: American singer and rapper.
  • August Blanche: Swedish politician, journalist, and novelist.
  • August Brooksbank: ninth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • August Anheuser Busch, Sr.: American CEO and President of Anheuser-Busch.
  • August Floyd Coppola: brother of Francis Ford Coppola and father of Nicolas Cage.
  • August Diehl: German actor who played Hellstrom in Inglourious Basterds.
  • August Dvorak: co-creator of the Dvorak keyboard layout.
  • August Hermann Francke: German philanthropist, Biblical scholar, and Lutheran clergy.
  • August Horch: German automobile engineer.
  • August Ferdinand Möbius: German mathematician and astronomer.
  • August Stradal: Czech musician.
  • August Strindberg: Swedish writer and painter.
  • August Tischbein: German painter and lithographer.
  • August von Wassermann: German bacteriologist.
  • Caesar Augustus: the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

August in Popular Culture

Movies, television, and other media often reflect trends. Names are generally no exception. (2) Still, August is a fairly uncommon name in both literature and film.

  • August Matthews: son of Cory and Topanga on the sitcom Girl Meets World.
  • August Pullman: the main character of Wonder by R. J. Palacio.
  • August Rush: character in the movie August Rush.
  • August Landry: protagonist of the novel One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston.

August FAQs

August is becoming more common but is still seen less often than many names. We offer answers to some things you may wonder about the name August below.

What Is the Personality of the Name August?

Someone named August is often perceived as a dignified, impressive person. This is likely due to its early use by rulers such as Caesar Augustus.

Is August a Weird Name?

Weird is subjective, but most people do not consider August a weird name. It is being used by parents such as Princess Eugenie and Mandy Moore.

Is August an Old Name?

Considering August has been a name since B.C., one can safely say that it is an old name. However, it is equally a modern name, especially as a girl’s name (since that was very rare before 2017).

Is August a Surname?

In several countries, August is a surname. Families named August originate from Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, and Catalan.

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