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Yeshua Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Yeshua including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Yeshua Overview

  • Meaning: Yeshua means “to save” or “to deliver.” It signifies the salvation of God for his people.
  • Gender: Yeshua is a masculine name.
  • Origin: The name is derived from a verb meaning “freedom from oppression” It is traced back to the Hebrew language.
  • Pronunciation: Yeshua is usually pronounced “YEH-shoo-ah.”
  • Popularity: Yeshua was most popular in ancient times. It has yet to break into the top 1000 for baby boys born in the United States.
  • Nicknames: Eshu, Eshua, Shu, Shua, Shuah, Ya, Yeh, Yesh, Yeshu.
  • Variations: Isa, Jeshua, Jesus, Joshua, Josiah, Jozua, Lesous, Shuah, Yahshua Yehoshua, Yeshu.
  • Namesakes: Yeshua bar Yosef (Jesus Christ), Yeshua ben Sira (author of the Book of Sirach).

What Does Yeshua Mean?

Closely linked to the ancient Biblical texts, the name Yeshua is created from the Hebrew verb “yasha.’” That title directly translates to “salvation” or “saved” according to the Hebrew language.

It is no coincidence that Yeshua sounds similar to the names Joshua and Jesus. These names are all closely related in both meaning and origin.

Simply put, Yeshua is a shortened form of Joshua in the original language, with the longer name meaning “the Lord saves” (1). Jesus is most likely a Greek translation of these two variations, with no distinction in the Greek form “lesous.”

Since the name Joshua points to the Lord as a savior, that name inherently looks toward that person. Conversely, the shortened form of Yeshua can identify the savior himself since the name focuses on the action of rescue. Therefore, Jesus, or Yeshua, was given this name to reflect his role as the redeemer in Christianity.

Yeshua is also commonly understood to mean “rescuer,” “deliverer,” and “freedom from oppression and death.” Used today, the name Yeshua draws from this rich history and varied meanings.

What Is the Origin of the Name Yeshua?

The name Yeshua as well as its other forms can be found in many places in the Hebrew Bible.

As a form of a common Hebrew word meaning “to save,” this name appears both in Biblical texts and other Hebrew artifacts from the period such as an ossuary and Jewish bowls. Most uses of the name Yeshua in the Bible occur in Ezra and Nehemiah (2).

Yeshua was a common name given to people found in the Hebrew Bible, such as the priestly leader Yeshua and the town of Jeshua. Occasionally, an individual named Joshua was also referred to as Yeshua since it is a contracted form of “the Lord saves.”

In Christianity, Jesus Christ was commanded by an angel to be named Yeshua in Matthew 1:21. However, this name is not unique to him.

How Popular Is the Name Yeshua?

At present, it is a rare name in the US and has not yet broken the list of top 1,000 baby names for boys. Between 1880 and 2020, there was an estimated population of 1,876 babies born with the name Yeshua in the US.

However, in ancient times, Yeshua was much more common in the Middle East.

How Do I Pronounce Yeshua?

The name Yeshua is pronounced “YEH-shoo-ah” with the first syllable emphasized more than the following syllables. Some Hebrew pronunciations may emphasize the second syllable.

Is Yeshua a Boy or Girl Name?

There are no records of baby girls with the name Yeshua. While this name would sound beautiful when calling either a boy or a girl, it is currently used for males.

Variations of Yeshua

There are many variations of the name Yeshua in the Hebrew language as well as other languages.

Possible variations of Yeshua include:

  • Isa (Arabic)
  • Jeshua (Hebrew)
  • Jesus (Hebrew)
  • Joshua (Hebrew)
  • Josiah (Hebrew)
  • Jozua (Dutch)
  • Lesous (Greek)
  • Shuah (Hebrew)
  • Yahshua (Hebrew)
  • Yehoshua (Hebrew)
  • Yeshu (Hebrew)

Nicknames for Yeshua

Since Yeshua is already a contracted form of Joshua in the Hebrew language, there are many nicknames that maintain the sound and meaning.

Possible nicknames for Yeshua include:

  • Eshu
  • Eshua
  • Shu
  • Shua
  • Shuah
  • Ya
  • Yeh
  • Yesh
  • Yeshu

Similar Names to Yeshua

If you like the name Yeshua, but prefer an alternative, these have similar links to Hebrew, start with the letter J, or otherwise have special religious significance:

Middle Names for Yeshua

This three-syllable name would pair well with a one- or two-syllable middle name. It also complements other Biblical boy names or more modern ones.

Here are some ideas for middle names:

Sibling Names for Yeshua

Naming a child Yeshua allows for many variations among other siblings. A parent can choose similar Hebrew names or complementary names for girls and boys. These include:

For a brother:

For a Sister:

Famous People Named Yeshua

Since Yeshua is a less common name in the modern world, there are no contemporary famous people by this name.

Here is how you may recognize the name Yeshua:

  • Yeshua bar Yosef: Commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth, the central focus of Christianity.
  • Yeshua ben Sira: Author of the Book of Sirach.

Yeshua FAQs

If you’re eager to learn more about the name Yeshua, read on to delve into some commonly asked questions about it.

Is Yeshua the Same As Jesus?

Yes, these two names generally have the same meaning and origins. Yeshua is the Romanized pronunciation of the Hebrew name while Jesus developed from the Greek and Latin spelling.

Can I Name My Child Yeshua?

Yes, the name Yeshua is a perfectly appropriate name for a child. However, parents should be aware that the United States prohibits naming a child Jesus Christ. Names like King and Queen are also banned.

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