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Solomon Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Solomon, including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Solomon Overview

  • Meaning: Solomon means “to be or make whole or complete” and also relates to the Hebrew “shalom,” meaning “peace.”
  • Gender: Solomon is a boy’s name, though it is also a surname.
  • Origin: Solomon is best associated with the biblical king of Israel, known for his wisdom and wealth. It is said that Solomon wrote the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon.
  • Pronunciation: Solomon is pronounced “SAHL-ah-Mahn” (American English) and “SAWL-ah-Mahn” (British English).
  • Popularity: Solomon is currently ranked 894th in the U.S., while ranked 299th among U.S. boys.
  • Nicknames: Ollie, Sal, Salmon, Slomie, Sol, Solly, Solo, Sonny, Suljo, Sully, Sunny, Zolly.
  • Variations: Salama, Salamon, Saleem, Salem, Salim, Salman, Salomo, Salomon, Salomone, Salomão, Selim, Selman, Shalom, Shelomoh, Shlomo, Sulayman, Sulejman, Süleyman, Zalman.
  • Namesakes: Solomon of Montpellier, 13th-century rabbi at Montpellier. Solomon Busendich, Kenyan long-distance runner.

What Does Solomon Mean?

Solomon derives from the Hebrew “shalom,” meaning “peace,” and is taken from the Semitic root “Š-L-M,” meaning “to be or make whole or complete.” It’s the basis for the Hebrew word “shalom,” meaning “peace.” Solomon also appears in Hebrew as Shelomo, meaning “recompense” and “completeness.”

It’s best associated with the biblical figure, Solomon, the son of David, whose name means “peaceful” and “friend of God.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Solomon?

Solomon is associated with the Latin Solomōn, Greek Solomṓn, and Hebrew Šĕlōmō. In the Old Testament, Solomon was the king of Israel and the son of David. Solomon is considered a traditional Jewish name, yet it appears in multiple cultures. Its alternative, Salomon, was a favorite Christian name used by several French saints around the 7th century.

In the modern world, Solomon Grundy is a well-known name from a nursery rhyme also used by a rock band from California.

How Popular Is the Name Solomon?

Solomon is currently ranked 894th in the U.S. and 299th among American boys. It has typically ranked between 355th and 705th for U.S. boys in recent years. Solomon ranked in the top 100 for U.S. boys in the 1920s and 1930s. It seemed to decline during the 20th century, but is becoming more common again, especially in Jewish cultures.

How Do I Pronounce Solomon?

Solomon is pronounced “SAHL-ah-Mahn” in American English and “SAWL-ah-Mahn” in British English.

Is Solomon a Boy or Girl Name?

Solomon has traditionally been a first name for boys, but it is very rarely given to girls. It’s also a Jewish surname.

Variations of Solomon

There are many different variations of Solomon worldwide.

  • Salama (Arabic)
  • Salamon (Hungarian)
  • Saleem (Arabic)
  • Salem (Arabic)
  • Salim (Arabic)
  • Salman (Arabic)
  • Salomão (Portuguese)
  • Salomo (German)
  • Salomon (French)
  • Salomone (Italian)
  • Selim (Albanian)
  • Selman (Albanian)
  • Shalom (Hebrew)
  • Shelomoh (Hebrew)
  • Shlomo (Hebrew)
  • Sulayman (Arabic)
  • Sulejman (Albanian)
  • Süleyman (Turkish)
  • Zalman (Yiddish)

Nicknames for Solomon

Find the best nickname for your dashing Solomon right here.

  • Ollie
  • Sal
  • Salmon
  • Slomie
  • Sol
  • Solly
  • Solo
  • Sonny
  • Suljo
  • Sully
  • Sunny
  • Zolly

Similar Names to Solomon

Various alternatives to Solomon exist if you’re looking for something unique.

  • Abraham
  • Enoch
  • Esau
  • Ezekiel
  • Gideon
  • Josiah
  • Lazarus
  • Malachi
  • Micah
  • Mordecai
  • Moses
  • Obadiah
  • Samson
  • Seth
  • Shiloh
  • Silos
  • Simeon
  • Suleiman
  • Sylvan
  • Thaddeus

Middle Names for Solomon

Keep Solomon going strong with one of these handsome middle names.

Sibling Names for Solomon

Name Solomon’s baby brother or sister something that fits perfectly.

Famous People Named Solomon

Some of the most famous namesakes named Solomon are listed below.

  • Sol Lesser: American film producer.
  • Solomon: American hip-hop artist.
  • Solomon: British pianist.
  • Solomon Alabi: Nigerian player.
  • Solomon Brannan: American football player.
  • Solomon Feferman: American mathematical logician.
  • Solomon kaDinuzulu: Zulu king.
  • Solomon of Hungary: 11th-century king of Hungary.
  • Solomon S. Calhoon: Justice of the Supreme Court of Mississippi.
  • Solomon Shereshevsky: Russian journalist.
  • Solomon Sufrin: New York assemblyman.
  • Solomon Thomas: American football player.
  • Solomon Trujillo: American businessman.
  • Solomon W. R. D. Bandaranaika: Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.
  • Sol Stern: Manhattan Institute senior fellow.
  • Sol Wachtler: Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals.

Solomon in Popular Culture

Dig into the various ways Solomon appears in popular culture.

  • Dick Solomon: Character in the TV series “3rd Rock from the Sun.”
  • Harry Solomon: Character in the TV series “3rd Rock from the Sun.”
  • Peter Solomon: Character in Dan Brown’s book “The Lost Symbol.”
  • Solomon Grundy: Villain in DC Comics comic books and TV series.
  • Solomon Kane: Character in various Robert E. Howard short stories.
  • Solomon Lane: Villain in the “Mission: Impossible” film series.
  • Solomon: 1742 serenata written by William Boyce.
  • Solomon: 1748 oratorio by George Handel.
  • Solomon: 1997 biblical film.
  • Solomon: 2017 album by the Welsh band Calan.
  • Solomon: New Zealand rock band formed in 2004.
  • The Kingdom of Solomon: Iranian film series.

Solomon FAQs

Find out more about facts surrounding the boy’s name Solomon.

What Does the Name Solomon Mean Biblically?

The biblical Solomon is a variation of the Hebrew Sholomoh. In the Bible, Solomon is the second son of David, who became a very wise king and peacemaker in the ancient kingdom of Israel. Solomon appears 12 times in the New Testament Gospels and Book of Acts. As a Bible figure, Solomon is an ancestor of Christ, according to the Gospel of Matthew.

What Was Solomon’s Name in the Bible?

Although Solomon is known as a wise king of Israel in the Bible, he wasn’t simply called Solomon. The Book of Samuel reports that Solomon’s name at birth was changed to Jedidiah by the prophet Nathan. The prophet was sent a message by God to name their second son (Solomon) Jedidiah, meaning “beloved of the Lord.”

Is Solomon a Holy Name?

As a religious name, Solomon has remained traditionally Jewish throughout the centuries. It links any newborn son to the famous king of Israel, known for his great wealth, wisdom, and peacemaking abilities. However, during the Middle Ages, Christians also used Solomon.

Influenced by the biblical King Solomon, the peaceful one, many Christians at that time considered Solomon a nickname for anyone known to be wise.

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