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Best Sit and Stand Strollers of 2023

More than one kid? One of these sit and stand strollers can make your life easier.

Do you have more than one kid? Are you wondering how to deal with trips to the park or a walk around the block? The best sit and stand stroller could be the solution to your problem.

These double strollers cater to your older child, letting them sit or stand while having your younger one seated. Let’s look at some of their features, what to look for when buying, and review our top five picks.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Millennium Raspberry
One-Hand Fold
Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra
  • Five-point harness
  • Convenient to use
  • Compact
Product Image of the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Double Stroller with Universal...
Most Lightweight
Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite
  • Multiple seating options
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Extended sun canopy
Product Image of the Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, Iron
Chicco BravoFor2
  • Comfort in the rear
  • Quick-fold
  • Padded plush handle
Best for Two Younger Children
Baby Trend Double
  • Weight limit of 40 pounds
  • Infant car seat compatible
  • Roomy storage space
Product Image of the Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect
Good for Storage
Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect
  • Padded rear bench seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient fold mechanism

The Best Sit and Stand Strollers of 2023

Here are 5 great sit and stand strollers to consider.

1. Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra Stroller

One-Hand Fold

Baby Trend was one of the first companies to produce a sit and stand stroller. It provided a convenient travel option for parents with infants and toddlers, which quickly became popular.

We like that this stroller gives the option to attach an infant car seat in the front or rear positions. It will accept most brands. This is great if you don’t have a significant age gap between your kids.

Your older child can sit in the stroller while the infant is in their seat. As they grow, your younger child sits in the stroller with the older one having the freedom to walk, ride, or sit at the back.

What We Like

Safety Features

Strapping your child in is a must for their safety. The front stroller seat has a five-point harness and the rear bench seat a three-point harness.

There is a foot-operated rear brake, making it easy to stop at the edge of a sidewalk.

Convenience Features

Life out and about with two kids can be a challenge. This stroller has features to make your life easier. There is a large storage area beneath the seat and a parent tray with cup holders and covered compartment for a phone or keys.

The child’s tray has a snack area and cup holders. It is also a swing-away design, making it easy to get your little one in and out of the stroller seat.


For a double stroller, this one is compact when folded. This makes it great for storage or travel. It also has a one-hand fold for your convenience.

What We Don't Like

Seat Doesn’t Recline Flat

One setback for this stroller is that the front seat doesn’t recline much. That’s not ideal because when your little one naps, they will be sitting upright. On the other hand, it does mean your older child has more room on the padded bench seat in the rear.

Small Sun Canopy

The adjustable sun canopy does not seem to provide much cover from the sun or rain. You might also have to remove the canopy altogether when using an infant car seat.

Product Specs

Product Weight 25 pounds
Dimensions 49 inches long x 43 inches high x 21.5 inches wide
Child’s Combined Weight Limit 100 pounds (50 pounds each)
Color Choices Bubble gum, Raspberry, Lagoon, Millenium Raspberry, Phantom
Extra Features Parent console, child tray, removable sun shade, car seat compatible

2. Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite

Most Lightweight

Having two children close in age poses travel issues. The older one might not be ready to give up their stroller. If so, then this model has you covered.

There are two stroller seats that each accommodate a 45-pound child. Included is a car seat adapter to provide space for a newborn. Once your older child grows, you can remove the rear seat, leaving a bench seat and platform to sit on or ride standing.

This stroller is also one of the lightest ones available on the market. At just 23.5 pounds, it’s easy to fold and lift.

What We Like

Multiple Seating Options

The multiple seating options don’t compromise on safety or comfort. Both seats have a five-point harness to secure your kids. They also recline so your kids can kick back and nap.

The bench seat in the rear is padded, and the standing platform large and stable. Ergonomic handles have been placed on either side of the frame for your child to hold onto.

Easy to Maneuver

The wheels on this stroller have sealed bearings, similar to those on rollerblades or skateboards. Designed to carry heavy loads, they provide a smooth ride for your precious cargo. They also make it easier for you to steer.

Suspension on all four wheels helps keep the bumps at bay. The parking brake situated at the back locks the rear wheels with one tap of your foot.

Extended Sun Canopy

The sun canopy can be opened to shade both seats, and if that’s not enough, there is another extendable one. It unpacks from the parent organizer and attaches to the rear of the sun canopy. This is great for protecting your children from the sun no matter what the seat configuration.

Drinks Holders

The supplied neoprene parent organizer has two drink holders and a convenient zippered pocket. There is also one child tray that has space for a cup or juice carton and snacks.

What We Don't Like

Storage Basket Damages Easily

It appears the storage basket on this stroller sits low to the floor. It can be damaged when pushed toward the ground by little feet in the rear seat or riding on the platform.

It can also be hard to access when the rear seat is in place or when the infant car seat is attached.

Infant Seat Compromises

When an infant seat is attached, the roominess of the rear stroller seat is considerably reduced. The other drawback of this is that the child in the rear seat or standing has no view to the front.

Product Specs

Product Weight 23.5 pounds
Dimensions 38 inches long x 42 inches high x 21.25 inches wide
Child’s Combined Weight Limit 90 pounds (45 pounds each front and rear)
Color Choices Black
Extra Features Parent organizer, extended canopy, car seat adaptors

3. Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting


We all know how hard it can be traveling with kids in tow. This stroller could make it more enjoyable.

It folds with one hand to become compact, measuring 18 inches by 23.25 inches by 35 inches. It also stands on its own, leaving your hands free.

A carry handle makes it simple to pick up to transport downstairs, on and off buses, or on the subway. At 26.5 pounds, it’s at the lighter end of sit and stand stroller models.

This is also a stylish looking stroller with its blend of black and gray fabric with silver accents and a brushed metal frame.

What We Like

Comfort in the Rear

Often overlooked in this style of stroller, Chicco has taken the rear passenger comfort into account. The standing platform is wide and sturdy. Once on board, there are comfortable handles to hold and a backrest for support.

When it’s time to sit, the bench seat is padded and has a three-point harness for safety. This seat folds away when not in use. The sun canopy can be extended to cover the rear seat.


In a quick fold battle, the chances are this stroller will win hands down. Just activate from the integrated handle and lift slightly. The wheels are placed in the right position to enable self-standing and give a compact fold.

Smooth Ride

The stroller has rubber tires and suspension on all four wheels which help absorb bumps from uneven surfaces.

When it comes to steering, the front wheels swivel making turns easy, and one-touch brakes hold it in place when stationary.

Parent Comforts

A padded plush handle is comfortable to hold when pushing this stroller. There is also a parent tray with two cup holders, great for your coffee on the go.

The lower storage basket is roomy and can be accessed from the front or rear.

What We Don't Like

Only Chicco Infant Car Seats Fit

This stroller can be converted to a travel system attaching a car infant seat, but only those made by Chicco are compatible.

Though some find other brands of car seats will fit, they do not click into place correctly, so their use is not advisable.

Front Seat Does Not Recline

The back-to-back seating design of this stroller means the front seat reclines only slightly. If the baby falls asleep, you won’t be able to lie them down and they might not be comfortable.

Product Specs

Product Weight 26.5 pounds
Dimensions 42 inches long x 45 inches high x 23.25 inches wide
Child’s Combined Weight Limit 80 pounds (40 pounds each front and rear)
Color Choices Champagne
Extra Features Parent tray, storage basket, padded handle

4. Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller

Best for Two Younger Children

Sit and stand strollers aren’t just for older and younger siblings. They could also be used for twins. This offering from Baby Trend covers all the bases from birth upwards.

It can be configured in numerous ways; one or two infant car seats, combine an infant car seat with a stroller seat or sit and stand option. Once your kids are old enough, there are two stroller seats or one stroller seat and a rear seat and standing platform.

There is a wide variety of on-trend color accents to choose from, including blue, pink, gray, and green combined with gray and black.

What We Like

Weight Limit

The stroller seats or rear platform can accommodate a child up to 40 pounds in weight or 40 inches tall. It’s worth noting that the rear platform is designed for use from about 2.5 years old when your child is stable on their feet and has good balance.

Infant Car Seat Compatible

Although not supplied, the frame of this stroller is compatible with both Baby Trend and other major brands of car infant seats. This is great if you chose a different brand for your first child that you want to use again.

Storage Choices

There are a few storage options included as standard to make your life easier. A roomy storage basket is located under the seats. A parent tray will hold two cups and has a central covered compartment to keep things like your keys and phone on hand.

There are trays for your children, which will hold a drink and snacks. These also swivel to the side — convenient for when you want to help your child in and out of their seat.

One-Hand Fold

The folding mechanism on this stroller is quick and easy to operate. Located in the center of the handle, simply depress the two buttons and push forward. Your stroller is ready to place in the trunk or store at home.

What We Don't Like

It’s Heavy

At 32.5 pounds, this is on the heavier side of comparable sit and stand strollers. Add your kids in the mix, and it could be a workout pushing it over anything other than even, flat surfaces.

Bulky When Folded

This stroller could be great for you if you have a large trunk or plenty of storage space. If not, transporting it and storing it could be a challenge.

The folded size is 18 inches by 11.5 inches by 37 inches. You might find you need to collapse a seat in your car to fit it in.

Product Specs

Product Weight 32.5 pounds
Dimensions 49 inches long x 43 inches high x 21.5 inches wide
Child’s Combined Weight Limit 80 pounds (40 pounds each front and rear)
Color Choices Carbon, Liberty, Millenium, Millenium Blue, Millenium Pink, Onyx, Optic Aqua, Optic Green, Optic Grey, Optic Pink, Optic Red, Optic Teal, Optic Violet
Extra Features Covered parent tray, swing open children’s trays with drink holders, storage basket

5. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect

Good for Storage

Graco is a well-recognized brand in the baby care market. They have been producing solutions for many parenting needs for more than 75 years.

This sit and stand stroller accommodates two children weighing up to 50 pounds each. It has lockable front swivel wheels measuring 6.7 inches and larger rear wheels at 8 inches. It also has suspension for a more comfortable ride.

It is compatible with Graco car seats making it a good option for families with an infant and toddler. The stroller seat reclines to almost flat, which is good for naps on the go.

What We Like

Storage Options

The storage basket beneath the seating area is extra large. That makes it great for carrying a packed lunch to the park as well as your diaper bag and your kids’ favorite toys.

Then there are the trays for parents and kids. Both feature deep cup holders, and the parent console has space for your keys and phone. We like that the child tray pivots, giving easy access to the front stroller seat.


The comfort of your older child has been considered in this stroller with a padded rear bench seat. There are also ergonomic handles on each side for them to hold when standing.

Your younger child is also covered with the multi-position reclining seat. An adjustable sunshade helps keep them cool when the sun is shining.

Easy Clean

A removable stroller seat makes cleaning a breeze. Pop it in the machine on a cold cycle, and line dry it. The frame can also be wiped down easily with warm water and household soap.

Convenient Fold Mechanism

A one-hand fold is a must-have for many parents. This stroller collapses easily by releasing a catch and then pushing it closed until the storage latch clicks. That’s great when you want to pop it into the trunk of your car.

What We Don't Like

Seating Compromised With Infant Seat

With an infant seat attached, the stroller seat has to be fully reclined. This infringes on the bench seat at the rear so your older child might have no option but to stand. While this is okay for short walks, it could be trying for little legs over a more extended time.

Bumpy Ride

Smooth sidewalks or strolling around the mall shouldn’t pose any problems, however when the ground gets rough, so does the ride. While there is some suspension, the hard plastic wheels don’t absorb bumps well.

Product Specs

Product Weight 27.18 pounds
Dimensions 34.6 inches long x 40 inches high x 20.9 inches wide
Child’s Combined Weight Limit 100 pounds (50 pounds for each sitting/standing option)
Color Choices Gotham (black and gray)
Extra Features Child and parent drinks trays, storage basket

Product Comparison Chart

Product Award Product Weight Dimensions Child’s Combined Weight Limit Color Choices
Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra One-Hand Fold 25 lbs 34.6″ long x 40″ high x 20.9″ wide 100 lbs (50 lbs each) 5 colors
Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Most Lightweight 26.84 lbs 49″ long x 43″ high x 21.5″ wide 100 lbs (40 lbs front seat, 60 lbs rear seat) 6 colors
Chicco BravoFor2 Travel-Friendly 23.5 lbs 38″ long x 42″ high x 21.25″ wide 90 lbs (45 lbs each front and rear) Black
Baby Trend Double Best for Two Younger Children 26.5 lbs 42″ long x 45″ high x 23.25″ wide 80 lbs (40 lbs each front and rear) Champagne
Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Good for Storage 27.18 lbs 34.6″ long x 40″ high x 20.9″ wide 80 lbs (40 lbs each front and rear) 13 colors

Who Should Choose a Sit and Stand Stroller?

Sit and stand strollers combine the best of both worlds for an expanding family. They are hybrids between inline double strollers and travel systems that take an older child into account.

An age difference of two to five years between your kids can be challenging to deal with. These strollers bridge that gap by keeping both kids comfortable.

At the back of the stroller, your eldest can ride on the platform or they can sit on the bench seat when their legs get tired. Ergonomic handles are fitted on the stroller frame for them to hold onto. It’s fun for them to be able to hop on and off at will — and saves you the constant buckling and unbuckling from a stroller seat.

But your smallest child also has a seat on this parent-pushed express train. They can sit in the stroller seat just as they would in any other kind. The seats often recline, making them comfortable for sleeping when out and about.

Finally, many sit and stand strollers are infant car seat compatible. Just be sure to check that yours will fit the brand and model you choose.

The inline design makes it easier to steer and lighter weight than their double side-by-side counterparts.

You could liken this mode of kiddie transportation to a single stroller with more room at the back for an older child.

There are downsides though, including:

  • These strollers are not going to be as compact or lightweight as a single stroller.
  • The sunshades are often lacking, especially for the child in the rear.
  • You might also find they don’t steer as easily on uneven surfaces.

Nevertheless, they are a good solution for an older child who isn’t ready to walk all the time when there is also a little one who needs to ride along. They give an older child a little independence but still take their comfort and safety into account when their tired legs have had enough exercise.

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Types of Sit and Stand Strollers

There are some subtle differences in sit and stand strollers. These include:

Suitable for One Older Child and One Younger Child

This is the most basic seating format for these strollers. A traditional stroller seat at the front keeps baby comfortable while your older child rides on the platform or bench at the back. Some can accommodate a car seat for infants.

You might find an ergonomic handle for a child to hold onto, a padded bench seat, and sometimes a backrest. Harnesses for both children come as standard on many models.

The front seat might recline, but the trade-off is reduced room on the bench seat at the back.

Additional extras include storage baskets, cup holders, parent and child trays, and sun canopies.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Maneuverable.


  • Not suitable for twins or children very close in age.

Suitable for Twins or Two Children Close in Age

Some sit and stand strollers will grow with your children. They can handle two car seats, have two stroller seats, or one stroller seat and a rear seat or stand option. Then you can also use one car seat with a rear stroller seat or sit and stand.

The advantage of this type of sit and stand stroller is it can be used for twins as well as siblings of different ages. On the downside, if you are using it for older twins, they might bicker over who sits and who rides.

These again come with many extras, including storage baskets, cup holders, and sun canopies.


  • Can be used as a travel system from birth upwards.
  • Two children can sit.
  • Takes two car seats.


  • Can be bulky when folded.

How to Choose a Sit and Stand Stroller

Deciding what features you want in a sit and stand stroller will depend on the ages of your kids. Here are some factors to consider.

Infant Compatibility

Children below the age of about three months or who can’t hold their heads up should not sit in a stroller (1).

Keeping this in mind, the seats on a sit and stand do not fully recline. If you are looking for one suitable from birth, then choose one that is infant seat compatible.


For ease of use and storage, look for a lightweight option. Sit and stand strollers do tend to be heavier, but some models weigh as little as 23 pounds.

Weight Limit

You will want to get the most use out of your investment, so check the maximum weight they can carry. The variance can be up to 20 pounds between models. On average, they carry between 80 and 100 pounds split between two children.

Your common sense will tell you when your child is ready to use the ride option. Not all kids develop at the same rate, and some will be more advanced than others.

The consensus is that they should be at least 2.5 years old, steady on their feet when walking, and have good balance.


These strollers might not handle as easily as single or jogging style ones. Some models take this into account and provide built-in suspension or utilize all four wheels. This will make it easier to steer.

One thing to bear in mind is that these strollers are not designed for all-terrain use.


There are compromises when using this type of stroller. This is often the comfort factor for your older child. Jump seats that are padded with a three-point harness are an option to look for to up the comfort level a bit.

Then there is the comfort of your younger child to consider. Again, keep an eye out for padding as well as how fully the seat will recline. When laid back, they will encroach on the rear space, but this is an essential consideration for nap time for little ones.

Finally, for your benefit, make sure the handle height is a good fit. Some have adjustable ones so you can place them just where you want.

Easy Fold

Juggling two kids, bags, and a stroller is no easy feat. A game-changer can be an easy fold model that uses only one hand.


Mentioning bags, storage is a significant factor for some moms. We have so much stuff to carry. To avoid shoulder strain and feeling like a pack mule, we need storage.

A basket underneath can hold your diaper bag and a parent console can contain your keys and phone.

Other accessories like child and parent trays, and cup holders, are conveniences that make life easier.

Sun Protection

Protection from the harsh rays of the sun is important for your little one’s delicate skin (2). Sit and stand strollers have an elongated design so check that the sun canopy is sufficient.

Some will detach and can be adjusted or will extend to cover both children in the front and rear seats.


Sit and stand strollers are safe for your children, but you may want to check that they meet set standards. Look for JPMA certification and compliance with CPSC safety for strollers.

Another thing to check for includes a five-point harness at the front and a three-point harness at the rear. Handles for the older child should be ergonomic and durable. Flame retardant fabric is also a plus, and the brake system should be easy to use.

Easy Cleaning

Kids can be messy — spilled drinks, sticky hands, and the occasional diaper accident are all part of daily life. Some models might have seat fabric which is removable and machine washable. Stain resistance can also help when it comes to keeping your stroller clean.

Strolling Away

An expanding family can pose many challenges for moms and dads, one of which is undoubtedly transport. A sit and stand stroller provides the best of both worlds for children of different ages.

Choosing the best one for your family will depend on the difference in the ages of your children. Then you need to take into account the must-have add-ons you want from your stroller. All the models we have featured will help make wheeling your children around easier and more fun.

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