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Best Babywearing Shirts of 2023

Babywearing shirts are a comfortable and convenient way to bond with your baby.

Do you want to build a bond with your newborn from the very beginning? We all know how important those first few months can be with your new baby. That’s why mom and dad want to hold their babies as closely as possible.

Aside from your standard carriers and wraps, there’s a new trend emerging. This is where babywearing shirts come in.

But is it all just hype? Let’s find out and look at the best babywearing shirts currently on the market.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the DadWare Bondaroo Kangaroo Shirt for Dad and Baby - Stylish Elongated Dad Shirt...
Casual Kangaroo Care
DadWare Cotton Kangaroo
  • Constructed from soft cotton
  • Easy access
  • Two color options, several sizes
Product Image of the monochef Women's Fleece Zip Up Maternity Wearing Carrier Hoodie Sweatshirt Coat,...
Keeping Warm & Cozy
Monochef Women’s Sweatshirt
  • Warm polar fleece
  • Compatible with carrier and shirt
  • Can be used during pregnancy
Product Image of the Moby Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap | Black – Size 4 (X-Large) | Versatile Support...
Best for Baby’s Growth
Moby Bump & Beyond T-Shirt
  • Supports your baby like a carrier
  • Multiple different sizes
  • Suitable for newborns
Product Image of the Mens Baby Carrier Shirt V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirts for Men Skin to Skin...
Best for Home Use
ThusFar Baby Carrier T-Shirt
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Multifarious color options
Product Image of the NuRoo Pocket Soft, Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Babywearing Shirt with Full...
Best for Being Active
NuRoo Moisture-Wicking Shirt
  • Polyester material
  • Tested up to 45 pounds
  • Compression for support
Product Image of the amropi Men's Baby Carrier Soothe V Neck Short Sleeve Kangaroo T Shirt (Blue,M)
Best for Adventures
Amropi Men's Baby Carrier
  • Sporty and casual style
  • Durable
  • Soft for dad and baby
Product Image of the VIJA Design Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt | Hands-Free Skin-to-Skin for Mom...
Best for Soothing
Vija Design Kangaroo Care
  • 3-in-1 shirt
  • Ideal for easy nursing
  • Hands-free

The Best Babywearing Shirts of 2023

Here are 7 great babywearing shirts to consider.

1. DadWare Cotton Kangaroo T-Shirt

Casual Kangaroo Care

A lot of people automatically assume babywearing shirts are only popular with moms. But dads can enjoy wearing them, too.

Skin-to-skin contact can be beneficial for both parents to bond with their infant. This t-shirt may offer you the best way to do this.

It’s made from 92 percent cotton blended with jersey, which makes it super soft. It’s also stretchy for comfort, with 8 percent spandex. This t-shirt is stylish, available in navy blue and charcoal colors.

While it’s not hands-free, you can hold your child while moving about. You can keep your infant cozy by pulling the velcro flap over, which may help with better sleep quality and building that unbreakable bond.


  • Constructed from soft cotton.
  • A flap for easy access.
  • Two color options and several sizes.


  • Velcro can scratch.
  • Not hands-free.

2. Women’s Babywearing Sweatshirt

Keeping Warm and Cozy

Most babywearing shirts are suitable for the spring and summer. But this one is great for colder months of the year.

The idea of this sweatshirt is that it could be combined with a babywearing t-shirt, or a front-side baby carrier. It has two inserts: one for maternity and the other for carrying your newborn. All you do is simply zip in the one you want.

We think it’s adorable that there’s even a little hood to keep away the cold. It’s made from a warm polar fleece that’s going to be cozy for you to wear, too.

Let’s not forget that it has a trendy design. It’s grey with a bright-colored teal hood, so you can be warm and fashionable.


  • Made from warm polar fleece.
  • Compatible with carrier and shirt.
  • Made for pregnancy, too!


  • No supportive insert for baby on their own.

3. Moby Bump & Beyond T-Shirt

Best for Baby’s Growth

Your little one can be in here from the newborn stages until they’re 19.8 pounds. So if you enjoy the skin-to-skin shirts, the fact you can use this for so many months will put a smile on your face.

It’s also great that this works as a great pregnancy shirt, too. Your bump will love this, and be super comfortable before your baby is even here.

This shirt is also great for people with back pain since the wrap at the back supports your spine and improves posture. This takes the strain off your back while you’re pregnant and postpartum.

The breathable and machine washable fabric is both comfortable for you and the baby, as well as low maintenance. If it gets dirty, toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes for quick washing.


  • It supports your baby like a carrier does so you can go hands-free while wearing.
  • You can nurse your baby while wearing it.
  • There are multiple different sizes, including a plus-size option.
  • It is suitable for newborns, up to 19.8 pounds.


  • It’s not as secure for holding larger babies, but it’s great for the newborn stage.

4. ThusFar Baby Carrier T-Shirt

Best for Home Use

Your infant can enjoy comfortable cuddles with dad in this hands-free shirt. You can walk around with confidence, enjoying activities while your child sleeps.

Simply wear it like a normal shirt then place your child into the pouch. No ties or adjustments are needed. It has the capacity to securely hold your baby with a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds and make them feel safe.

It’s great for relaxing, bonding, and maybe even sleeping more comfortably. Plus, you can choose between royal blue, armygreen, dark grey, or black, to match your wardrobe.


  • Stylish and comfortable design.
  • Multifarious color options.
  • Soft and breathable fabric.


  • Only suitable for babies up to 15 pounds.
  • Does not support healthy hips.

5. NuRoo Soft Moisture-Wicking Shirt

Best for Being Active

One of our favorites is this mother’s babywearing shirt. Simply put it on like a normal shirt and you can enjoy the softness, support, and bonding time.

This product comes with a design that offers full coverage for your baby. This shirt includes a fashionable belt for a supportive fit.

Compression makes the baby feel secure, almost recreating the womb. It also makes it hands-free.

Seamless stitching is going to be just what you need postpartum. It will feel comfortable as your body adjusts to life after pregnancy. It’ll also reduce chafing for your new baby.

The polyester makes this product breathable and moisture-wicking, so you can feel cool on hot days. What’s more, this is one of the few babywearing shirts that adheres to ASTM sling and carrier standards.


  • Made from a soft polyester material.
  • Seamless stitching for comfort.
  • Tested up to 45 pounds.
  • Compression for support.


  • Sizes seem to run big.
  • Babies outgrow it quickly.

6. Amropi Men's V-Neck Babywearing Shirt

Best for Adventures

Does dad want to take his baby on an adventure? Then this shirt may be just the item of clothing you need. It has a sporty V-neck style, making it look and feel casual. It has short sleeves for warm weather and a slim fit design.

It’s made from a mixture of polyester and cotton. This makes it soft and comfortable for dad and newborn to wear all day.

All you’ve got to do is carefully place your child into the built-in pouch. It extends to swaddle your child. While this isn’t a hands-free shirt, you can still walk around if you hold your baby.


  • Sporty and casual style.
  • Short sleeves for the summer.
  • Soft for dad and baby.


  • Maximum weight is 15 pounds.

7. Vija Design Kangaroo Care T-Shirt

Best for Soothing

You can wear this fashionable t-shirt and hold your child close. It’s a babywearing t-shirt that supports your child and allows skin-to-skin contact.

It’s made from cotton and can support children weighing up to 20 pounds, thanks to the shirring on the sides. It’s great that this top can also be used for nursing— you’ll be able to do this discreetly, even in public.

It’s also machine washable, so you can launder it with your other washing. This t-shirt is hands-free.

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  • Made from soft cotton.
  • Ideal for easy nursing.
  • Hands-free.


  • Some moms reported the sizes run small.

What Is a Babywearing Shirt?

If you’re wondering what babywearing shirts are and what makes them so special, we’ll let you in on the secret. This is the latest trend for bonding between mom and newborn, as well as dad and newborn.

It’s simply a shirt with a pouch on it. The infant lies, chest to chest, with their parent.

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How to Choose a Babywearing Shirt

Since babywearing shirts are a new product emerging on the market, it can be difficult to know what you’re looking for.

Most we found are only suitable for newborns, so keep in mind it’s not necessarily for the long haul. Check out the features you should consider if you want to buy the best babywearing shirt for you or your partner.

Soft and Comfortable Materials

The last thing you want is for your babywearing shirt to feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Chances are, if the material feels bad against your skin, it will be even worse for your sensitive newborn. So, be sure to look out for soft materials only.

Cotton is known for being gentle, as well as hypoallergenic. Polyester is also a breathable material for hot days. For some stretch, you’ll want to look out for a percentage of spandex too.

Inside or Outside Pouch?

Some babywearing shirts are designed so that your child can be supported inside the shirt itself. This the best way to enjoy skin-to-skin bonding, alongside the other benefits.

Alternatively, this item of clothing can also have an outside pouch. While you can still enjoy some closeness with your child, there’s no direct skin-to-skin experience.

Hands-Free Design

Would you love to carry your baby around but still get on with your daily activities? Well, now you can. Some hands-free designs use compression, seams, and stitching to provide extra support.

Easy for Nursing

All newborns need milk, and some of the best babywearing shirts make this easy. They‘re made from thin and stretchy materials and can be discreet. V-neck designs in particular are the best for nursing.

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