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Best Twin Carriers of 2022

Carry your twins in style.

Expecting twins and considering a sling instead of a tank-size twin stroller?

Baby carriers are growing in popularity thanks to the need for ease in the lives of busy parents. The additional press focus on attachment parenting lately has also meant the market and demand for them is expanding.

We’ve rounded up the best carriers for twins on the market and will give you guidance on how to twin carry.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier (Black, Blue & Orange) - Fully Adjustable Tandem...
Best for Longevity
TwinGo Original
  • Comes with extra straps
  • Ideal for older babies
  • Additional large pockets
Product Image of the Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Navy Blue - Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for...
Best Machine Washable
Boba Wrap Baby Carrier
  • Suitable for one or two babies
  • Dozens of color options
  • Helps with healthy hip development
Product Image of the Weego Twin
Best Newborn Carrier
Weego Twin
  • 3 sets of detachable bibs included
  • Zipper, snaps, and velcro attachment
  • Machine washable
Product Image of the TwinTrexx 2
Best Multiway Carrier
TwinTrexx 2
  • Can separate into one carrier
  • Lightweight materials
  • Worn in 5 positions
Product Image of the Malishastik Twin Ring Sling Gray
Best Budget Carrier
Malishastik Twin
  • Comes with instructions
  • Won’t break your budget
  • Comfortable to use

How to Choose the Best Twin Carrier

There are many benefits to carrying your babies. From bonding to helping relieve colic, to freeing your hands for other tasks.

Imagine getting to cook dinner without having to try to settle your little ones? No more doing a Mrs. Doubtfire, letting pans boil over and burning everything to a crisp!

Using baby carriers, you can get to places you likely couldn’t with a twin stroller too, like trying to get through the airport in a hurry when the elevator queue is as long as the runway. You won’t need to buy a new car either — just to fit a double stroller in the trunk!

When you first start looking for a twin sling, you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the different shapes, sizes, materials, and brands that are available. All you know is that you need one, but have no clue where to even begin.

Things you may wish to consider when on the search for your twin carrier include:

Ergonomic Design

While carrying twins, weight distribution is critical. Thankfully, the majority of slings are designed ergonomically — so look for one that won’t break your patience, or your back. Carrying the twin weight which is spread out equally is vital to reduce the risk of back or muscle injuries.


Would you prefer to have a single carrier that can hold both babies, or would you rather use two single slings and tandem carry?

Ease of Use

Two babies, one pair of hands. The last thing you want is to buy a carrier that has more instructions than a lifesize Lego Disney World. Although, how awesome would that be?


You will need the carrier to be supportive, strong, and comfortable for you and your babies. You want them to be safe and secure, with a durable fabric. The fabric should also be breathable, you don’t want them to overheat (or you, given you’ll be getting a workout anyway carrying them both at once!).

Easy Cleaning

Accidents happen, particularly of the liquid variety, when it comes to babies. If you don’t have kids already, you’ll soon become accustomed to inappropriately timed explosive diapers or impromptu vomiting down your back! In case that happens — and it will — you want a carrier that is easy to clean.

Babies Safety and Comfort

Selecting a sling that holds your babies in the correct position is important for their physical development, as well as their comfort. Slings should have ample support for little spines, and also at the pelvis to allow for sufficient joint and muscle growth. The positioning of your babies within the carriers is paramount to reducing the risk of conditions such as hip dysplasia.

The types available for twin use are generally buckled and structured, or wrap style. The wrap options are usually two separate slings designed for single-use, which are soft and unstructured. They are however, wrapped in ways to provide the required support for the user and the little one, and it is possible to wear two at a time.

It all boils down to personal preference as to which type you would rather use. But in this guide, we will look at the best twin carriers designed for carrying two at a time.

The Best Twin Baby Carriers of 2022

Here are our favorite carriers for twins.

1. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

Best for Longevity

Buying for twins is going to be costly, so you will probably want to make sure you go for a carrier that is built to last from birth and beyond.

This is not one carrier, but two products combined, with a maximum weight of 70 pounds in the tandem position. Single use weight is 45 pounds, meaning sharing the load (quite literally) with another family member or friend is simple. It is easy to separate into two carriers. 45lbs is a lot, most 5-year-olds aren’t 45lbs so this gives you a lot of time to get out of the carrier.

The straps and waistband are reinforced and adjustable, allowing for others to carry the babies to give you a break. The recommended height bracket is from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches, making it perfect for petite and tall users too.

Lumbar support will help keep you comfortable. Despite boasting super strength, the straps are padded and the fabric is soft for your comfort too. The TwinGo grows with your babies, again with the help of the strong, adjustable straps.

As for the babies, this carrier has been classified as “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, making it safe for their growing joints. You will be comfortable, and your babies will be safely secure, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be causing them any hip or back problems.

For tandem use, it will let your babies have a view of the world from your perspective. One baby can snooze while on your front, while the other can take in their surroundings at your level.


  • Comes with extra straps.
  • Ideal for older babies and toddlers.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Additional large pockets for your use.
  • Hoods to cover babies from the elements, or for shade during a snooze.


  • Not for newborn use, unless babies weigh over 7 pounds.
  • Infant inserts need to be purchased separately.
  • The product itself is over four pounds in weight.

2. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Best Machine Washable Twin Carrier

Keep your twins close with this Boba Wrap Carrier. Although it was originally designed for one bubba, many happy parents are using it for their twins. Your twins will be nice and snug when they’re both in this. It works by each baby sitting on either side of your chest, all snuggled together. Of course, it will take a bit of getting used to and if you don’t have any help to get them in and out, it can be a bit of a challenge!

As for the material, we think your little one will love this all year round. It’s stretchy and breathable, but still warm. So no matter if it’s summer or winter, your babies will be comfy and cozy. The Boba Wrap comes in dozens of different color options, too, so you can find one that matches your wardrobe! In between uses, wash, and machine dry following the care label instructions.

If you’re just carrying one baby at a time, then this is a must-have anyway. There is one way to tie in a baby, taking away the guesswork of the wrap. When you follow the instructions, you create an ergonomic carrier that helps with healthy hip development.

The Boba Wrap is suitable for babies between seven and 35 pounds. Of course, if using it with twins, the joint weight shouldn’t exceed 35 pounds.


  • Suitable for one or two babies.
  • Dozens of color options.
  • Breathable and machine washable fabric.
  • Helps with healthy hip development.


  • Challenge to fit two babies in without help.
  • It’s a bit too hot in warmer climates.

3. Weego Twin Carrier

Best Newborn Carrier for Twins

Suitable from the get go, you can keep your tiny twins up close to you, and one another, with this adorable carrier.

With a weight guide from 4 pounds, it is ideal for premature babies too. Keeping them safe and snug at your chest, the carrier has been designed to make them feel like they are still in the womb. Ahh, how sweet!

This cute sling is designed for use with babies up until their combined weight is around 33 pounds. Obviously, this is also dependent upon their actual size too. So, if you aren’t planning on carrying them beyond around six months, this carrier is a great option.

The design is pretty simple, with two front pouches and two fastenings for you at the back. The pouches may look a little like insulated bottle bags, but they do allow for correct posture and movement of your babies.

One attribute I just adore is that you can remove the carrier with babies still inside! This is great if you maybe feel like you need a break (as all moms sometimes do). You can remove the sling, with minimal disturbance to your babies, and pass to your partner who can then slip it on easily.

If the image of your other half doting on your two little ones hasn’t been enough to win you over, then the sheer ease of use, gorgeous colors, and design sure might make it the winner for you.

I have seen this carrier in action and the babies stayed snug and asleep at a loud play place! It was amazing.
Headshot of Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC

Editor's Note:

Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC


  • Three sets of detachable bibs included, to protect the upper section of the carrier.
  • Zipper, snaps, and velcro attachment for security.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried too.
  • Available in either combined polyester and cotton, or simply cotton twill.


  • Inward facing only.
  • No paper instructions provided, online or video only.
  • Not suitable for twins whose combined weight is over 33 pounds.

4. TwinTrexx 2 Baby Carrier

Best Multiway Carrier for Twins

If you want to use your carrier in more than one way, this carrier has got you covered. You have the choice of forward-facing, inward-facing, on your hips, tandem, or just use as a single carrier.

This carrier isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the others, and it does appear a little simplistic. But hey, if it does the job, then who am I to judge?

It can, however, hold a combined weight of 50 (yes you read that right, five-zero) pounds. Go, muscle momma!

The shoulder straps are padded, to help minimize any pressure when carrying heavier babies. The actual holders for the babies are padded too, for their comfort.

The waistband isn’t padded, and seems to come together pretty high up on the stomach. I’m not certain if it should be called a waistband — or chest band, maybe?

The adjustable shoulder straps, and waist/chest band, are attached securely with buckles. Additional poppers at the chest band, close to your collarbone, will keep the straps from slipping down your shoulders and — well — dropping a baby!

The straps also allow for simple removal. Their adjustable ties mean that use by your partner, sister, cousin, or whoever you choose, is easy too. Hallelujah! Hands-free time and the excuse to pass the babies to someone else, to give your back a break.

As for the comfort of your little wrigglers, the seat section for them is snug and wide, allowing for optimal tushy positioning.


  • Can separate into one carrier per baby/person — sharing is caring!
  • Lightweight materials.
  • Can be worn in five different positions.


  • When used as a double carrier, it can be complicated to figure out where all the buckles clip together.
  • Waistband would benefit from some additional padding/support.

5. Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier

Best Budget Carrier for Twins

Last, but not least, our best budget pick. This carrier is simple and functional.

Babies are held in an ergonomic position, one leg to either side of each of your hips, sitting comfortably on the arches of your pelvis. (Wow, does that actually sound painful for us though? Or is it just me and my post-baby pelvis phobias?)

As the babies are held on your hips, it can make getting through doors a little difficult, unless you turn to your side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for you to hold your babies in any other position. It is healthy for babies’ hip development though, which, of course, is paramount.

Thankfully for the babies and you, the carrier exterior is 50 percent cotton and the other 50 percent is linen, so it is soft, comfortable and breathable. Although being adjustable, the length of each line can only go up to 80 inches.

The carrier is suitable for newborn use and can carry up to 60 pounds combined weight.

Its solid gray color would complement any outfit and would help conceal a few dirt prior to washing. I know, you’re thinking, “Great, another item for the wash mountain!” That is definitely an added extra, though, with two babies attached to you — who knows what you will get covered in!


  • Comes with instructions.
  • Won’t break your budget.
  • Moms and babies love how comfortable it is.


  • Doesn’t separate into two separate carriers like many other twin slings.
  • There is no head support for the babies.
  • Some users find it quite difficult to put on without help.

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