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150 Outstanding Middle Names for Olivia: With Cool Facts

These middle names for Olivia are oh-so cute.

Olivia is a gorgeous title that refers to the olive tree, a universal symbol of peace. Olivia is the female version of Oliver, emerging in the 13th-century. Many associate Olivia with Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night.

It makes sense that you’d want to explore the best middle names for Olivia. This extensive buffet includes rare, popular, and exotic options. You’ll even discover a few fun facts. Grab a drink and relax. It’s time to determine the best Olivia middle name for your baby girl.

50 Beautiful Middle Names for Olivia

These delightful middle names for Olivia are the bee’s knees!

  1. Ada – is short for Adelaide, meaning “noble” in German.
  2. Addison – of English origin, meaning “son of Adam.”
  3. Adelaide – hails from Germany and means “hardworking” and “noble one.”
  4. Alexandra – a pretty Greek option referring to “defenders of man.”
  5. Astrid – is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “divinely beautiful.”
  6. Audrey – an English pick borne by actress Audrey Hepburn.
  7. Blair – taken from “blar,” meaning “meadow” and “field.”
  8. Blake – hails from the U.K. and means “black” and “white.”
  9. Blakely – means “black meadow” and “dark clearing” in English.
  10. Charlotte – is the feminization of Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  11. Eleanor – means “bright shining one” in Greek and French.
  12. Elizabeth – joins the ranks of biblical middle names for Olivia, mentioned in the New Testament.
  13. Evangeline – a Greek option meaning “bearer of good news.”
  14. Faith – a short but sweet middle name meaning “to trust.”
  15. Fiona – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, referring to girls with blonde hair.
  16. Fleur – a cool French choice mentioned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  17. Grace – is among the most popular of Olivia middle names, meaning “unmerited favor.”
  18. Harmoni – a respelling of Harmony, which speaks of unity between men.
  19. Harriet – of German origin, meaning “home ruler.”
  20. Hazel – points to the mighty hazel tree once hailed for magical powers.
  21. Heidi – hails from Germany and means “noble type.”
  22. Hope – a spiritual option pointing to confident and positive expectations.
  23. Indigo – a rich shade of blue that originated in India.
  24. Inez – is of Portuguese origin, meaning “pure” and “chaste.”
  25. Iris – a delightful pick among mythical options, borne by the personification of rainbows.
  26. Joy – a feeling of utter elation and great delight, a beautiful pick among Olivia middle names.
  27. Juliet – means “youthful” and “sky father” in Latin and French.
  28. Katherine – is of Greek origin, meaning “pure of heart.”
  29. Kristen – a common alternative to Christian, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  30. Leighton – means “leek field” in English, often shortened to Leigh.
  31. Lennon – an edgy pick associated with singer and activist John Lennon.
  32. Lilly – of Latin origin, meaning “pure,” or a flower seen during Easter.
  33. Lucy – short for Lucille, which means “light” in Latin.
  34. Marie – of French origin, meaning “star of the sea.”
  35. Molly – a cute variation of Mary, referring to a bitter person.
  36. Morgan – taken from Morcant, meaning “sea-born” in Welsh.
  37. Nora – is of Latin origin, meaning “shining light.”
  38. Oaklyn – an American option that means “oak tree.”
  39. Ophelia – means “help” and “aid” in Greek.
  40. Penelope – of Greek origin, meaning “weaver,” associated with the mythical Queen of Athica.
  41. Posey – is a nickname for Josephine or a small flower bud.
  42. Rae – short for Rachel, meaning “ewe” and “sheep” in Hebrew.
  43. Scarlette – of French origin, meaning “red,” symbolizing passion.
  44. Sophia – means “wisdom” in Greek, ideal for an old soul.
  45. Summer – of English origin, pointing to many people’s favorite warm season.
  46. Sunday – means “of the sun goddess” in Norse or is the first day of the week.
  47. Sutton – a habitational option traditionally given to those from southern homesteads.
  48. Tatum – means “Tata’s homestead” in English.
  49. Violet – taken from “viola,” meaning “purple” in Latin.
  50. Zoey – a cute respelling of Zoe, which means “life” in Greek.

50 Unique Middle Names for Olivia

These unusual Olivia middle names are full of spunk.

  1. Angel – means “messenger” in Greek, ideal for cherubic girls.
  2. Aubree – a unique respelling of Aubrey, meaning “elf ruler.”
  3. Avery – of English origin, meaning “ruler of the elves” and “wise.”
  4. Brooke – refers to a serene stream of water, symbolizing tranquility and the flow of life.
  5. Clementine – of French origin, meaning “merciful” or a small orange.
  6. Clover – hails from the U.K. and means “meadow flower.”
  7. Coco – often associated with designer Coco Chanel.
  8. Cove – an English term referring to a small coastal inlet.
  9. Crystal means “ice” and “gem” in Greek.
  10. Dottie – short for Dorothy, meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  11. Elle – of Greek and French origin, means “sun ray” and “light.”
  12. Elysia – inspired by the story of Elysium, meaning “the realm of the dead” in Greek.
  13. Estelle – of Latin origin, meaning “star,” often shortened to Stelle.
  14. Eve – means “living,” borne by the biblical mother of life.
  15. Evelyn – hails from Britain and means “desired” and “island.”
  16. Faye – a respelling of Faie, meaning “fairy” and “belief” in English.
  17. Francesca – an alternative to Francine that means “free” and “Frenchman.”
  18. Genevieve – of French origin, meaning “woman of the family.”
  19. Georgie – the feminization of George, meaning “farmer” in Greek.
  20. Harley – means “hare’s meadow” in English, associated with motorcycles.
  21. Hensley – of English origin, meaning “woody clearing.”
  22. Jade – a superb one-syllable middle name for Olivia, and a treasured green gemstone.
  23. Jett – of French origin, meaning “jet black,” borne by rocker Joan Jett.
  24. Jordan – means “to flow down” in Hebrew, connected to the Jordan River in the Middle East.
  25. Kitty – a nickname for Katherine or a young cat.
  26. Kylie – an Australian option meaning “boomerang.”
  27. Lulu – of Swahili origin, meaning “pearl,” “protected,” and “calm.”
  28. Luna – inspired by the mythical Roman personification of the moon.
  29. Magnolia – of French origin, meaning “magnolia flower.”
  30. Marigold – a yellow flower or a title meaning “resplendent Mary.”
  31. Millie – short for Millicent meaning “strong in work” in German.
  32. Mimi – an adorable moniker for Mary, meaning “star of the sea” and “bitter.”
  33. Newton – means “new town” in English and is often seen as a surname.
  34. Noa – is the feminization of Noah, meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  35. Nova – of Latin origin, meaning “new,” often connected to astronomy.
  36. Perry – a Roman term referring to travelers, ideal for jet-setters.
  37. Phoenix – points to the mythical bird known for its ability to regenerate.
  38. Poppy – a brilliant red flower often connected to veterans of war.
  39. Quinn – is of Irish origin, meaning “wise” and “sage.”
  40. Raven – an English option referring to the mysterious bird or a dark-haired person.
  41. Riley – is of English origin, meaning “clearing in the woods” and “courageous.”
  42. Rosie – means “rose” in Latin, ideal for romantics.
  43. Roux – a moniker for red-haired individuals, meaning “russet.”
  44. Sable – is of Slavic origin, meaning “black,” or a small mammal.
  45. Sage – a wise village leader or a fragrant herb used in savory cooking.
  46. Sloane means “warrior” and “raider” in Irish.
  47. Suki – is of Japanese origin, meaning “beloved.”
  48. Vivienne – taken from Viviana, meaning “alive” in Latin.
  49. Wilde – means “hunter” in German, but can also point to a scoundrel.
  50. Winnie – is of Welsh origin, meaning “white” and “fair.”

50 Exotic Middle Names for Olivia

These foreign middle names for Olivia will transport you to new lands.

  1. Allegra – means “joyful” and “happy” in Italian.
  2. Alouetta – of French origin, meaning “lark,” can also be a term of endearment.
  3. Anthea – was inspired by the Greek goddess of marriage.
  4. Arabella – of Latin origin, meaning “yielding to prayer,” ideal for religious families.
  5. Araceli – means “altar of the sky” or “altar of the heavens” in Spanish.
  6. Beatriz – is the Spanish version of Beatrice, meaning “joy.”
  7. Bowie – a Scottish option referring to blondies, belonging to singer David Bowie.
  8. Cadence – of Latin and Italian origin, meaning “rhythmic,” associated with music.
  9. Calista – the feminization of Kallisto, which means “most beautiful” in Greek.
  10. Catarina – an alternative to Katherine, meaning “pure of heart.”
  11. Celestia – a pretty variation of Celeste, meaning “heavenly” in Latin.
  12. Claire – of French origin, referring to someone with a bright personality.
  13. Cleopatra – a beautiful homage to one of Egypt’s greatest rulers.
  14. Constance – of French and Latin origin, meaning “steadfastness.”
  15. Daniella – the feminization of Daniel, a popular biblical name meaning “God is my judge.”
  16. Daphne – is of Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree.”
  17. Dixie – a French option traditionally given to the tenth child.
  18. Dylan – a masculine middle name for Olivia that means “son of the sea.”
  19. Eden – points to the biblical garden where Adam and Eve dwelled and communed with God.
  20. Elodia – a vibrant Spanish pick referring to those with many riches.
  21. Elowen – is of Celtic and English origin, meaning “strong like an elm tree.”
  22. Ember – means “spark” and “burning low” in English.
  23. Esmeralda – of Spanish origin, meaning “emerald,” mentioned in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  24. Esperanza – a religious option that means “hope” and “expectation” in English.
  25. Everly – is of English origin, meaning “boar” and “woodland clearing.”
  26. Greer – a Scottish occupational title for guards and watchmen.
  27. Isla – means “island” in Spanish, perfect for little tropical beauties.
  28. Isolde – of Welsh and German origin, meaning “ice ruler.”
  29. Juliana – means “youthful” in Latin, connected to the mythical god Jove.
  30. Juniper – inspired by the lush juniper tree, symbolizing strength and renewal.
  31. Leonie – a variation of Leo, meaning “lion” in Latin.
  32. Linnia – of Swedish origin, meaning “linden tree.”
  33. London – a trendy place name and the bustling English city known for its rich history.
  34. Margot – of French origin, meaning “pearl,” can be short for Margaret.
  35. Marisol – a Spanish and Hebrew pick that means “Mary of solitude.”
  36. Oakley – of English origin, meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  37. Oceane – a classy variation of Ocean, ideal for water-loving families.
  38. Odette – is of French and German origin, meaning “wealthy.”
  39. Paloma – a Spanish option referring to doves or a type of horse.
  40. Paris – inspired by the French city of love, borne by heiress Paris Hilton.
  41. Prudence – means “caution” and “discretion” in Latin.
  42. Rory – is of Irish origin, meaning “red king.”
  43. Rue – means “regret” in English and “street” in French.
  44. Ryan – is of Irish origin, meaning “little king,” often seen as a surname.
  45. Seraphine – means “burning ones” and “flaming,” connected to cherubim.
  46. Sienna – is of Italian origin, meaning “reddish brown.”
  47. Thessaly – short for Thessaloniki, meaning “victory” in Greek.
  48. Trinidad – of Spanish origin, meaning “holy trinity” or a Caribbean country.
  49. Valli – short for Valerie and Valentina, meaning “healthy” and “strong.”
  50. Wren – of English and Irish origin, meaning “small bird.”

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