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174 Last Names That Start With Q: From Across the Globe

These last names, starting with Q, are as unique as the families that carry them!

Exploring last names that start with Q introduces you to a world of rare and interesting surnames. Since Q is not as common as other letters, surnames starting with Q often have really fascinating histories behind them.

In this article, we’ll give you a peek into their origins and what makes them stand out. Whether your surname starts with Q or you’re just curious, get ready for some fun facts and surprising stories about these uncommon names.

23 Most Common Last Names Starting With Q

Discover the most popular last names starting with Q and the stories behind them.

  1. Qasem – is Arabic for “one who divides goods among people,” conveying generosity and fairness.
  2. Qassem – a slightly less common variant of Qasem.
  3. Quade – originally a German nickname for an evil person or someone living near a muddy place.
  4. Qualls – from English, possibly denoting a person who lived by a wood or forest.
  5. Quan – a Chinese surname meaning “spring” or “fountain,” common in Chinese-speaking regions.
  6. Quarles – this habitational name meaning “circle” may be linked to someone who worked with stone.
  7. Queiroz – of Portuguese origin, Queiroz is often associated with soccer coach Carlos Quiroz.
  8. Quennell – a medieval English surname meaning “woman-battle,” borne by British poet Peter Quennell.
  9. Quick – an Old English surname conveying agility and speed.
  10. Quigley – from Irish, meaning “descendant of Coigleach” or “untidy.”
  11. Quill – was traditionally associated with writing and scribes.
  12. Quincey – a slightly less common variation of Quincy, linked to English writer Thomas Penson De Quincey.
  13. Quincy – meaning “estate of the fifth son,” Quincy is associated with several places in Normandy, France.
  14. Quindlen – an uncommon surname, notably linked to American author and journalist Anna Quindlen.
  15. Qingzhao – is of Chinese origin, meaning “clear” or “luminous,” often associated with poet Li Qingzhao.
  16. Quinlan – from an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Caoinlean” or a given name meaning “handsome one.”
  17. Quin – a concise and striking name of Irish origin, meaning “wise” or “counsel.”
  18. Quinn – a classic option among last names starting with Q, meaning “descendant of Conn” in Irish.
  19. Quintana – in Spanish, Quintana indicates a person who lived near a farmstead or estate.
  20. Quintanilla – in Spanish, Quintanilla means “small estate” and is found throughout Spain and South America.
  21. Quintero – from Spanish, meaning “fifth” or “farmstead,” often referring to the location of a house or farm.
  22. Quirke – meaning “heart” or “center” in Irish, also the word for an eccentric person.
  23. Quispe – a common Quechuan name meaning “free,” reflecting a proud heritage.

64 Beautiful Last Names That Start With Q

Explore these gorgeous last names starting with Q, each with its own elegant charm.

  1. Qamari – of Arabic origin, meaning “moon-like,” Qamari symbolizes beauty, serenity, and the celestial.
  2. Qiao – in Chinese, Qiao means “skillful” or “clever,” often associated with grace and intelligence.
  3. Qin – this 3-letter Chinese surname dates back to the first imperial dynasty of China.
  4. Qu – means “bend” or “curve” in Chinese, reflecting an ability to thrive in various circumstances.
  5. Quadeem – in Arabic, Quadeem means “leader,” suggesting a familial legacy of leadership.
  6. Quadir – of Arabic origin, meaning “powerful” or “capable,” signifying strength and authority.
  7. Quaglia – is Italian for “quail,” reflecting the beauty of the natural world.
  8. Quaint – is English in origin, often associated with something pleasantly old-fashioned.
  9. Quaintance – an English nickname for a friend or acquaintance, now a rare surname.
  10. Quaranta – this Italian surname meaning “forty” is associated with an ancient and noble family.
  11. Quaresma – means “lent” in Portuguese, referencing a period of reflection and renewal in the Christian faith.
  12. Quarrington – a classy option among Q last names, possibly relating to quarries.
  13. Quarry – this surname initially indicated a place from which stone is extracted.
  14. Quartararo – an Italian surname thought to have historical ties to craftsmen or quarters.
  15. Quartey – a common surname among the Ga people in Ghana, with uncertain etymology.
  16. Quay – this 4-letter surname is common in Singapore among the Chinese community.
  17. Quayson – of Ghanaian origin, linked to literary critic and Stanford professor Ato Quayson.
  18. Quddous – in Arabic, Quddous means “most holy,” carrying a deep spiritual significance.
  19. Quebec – after the Canadian province, giving bearers a strong sense of place and identity.
  20. Queen – a powerful option among surnames starting with Q, signifying royalty and leadership.
  21. Queirós – of Portuguese origin, affiliated with noteworthy writer Eça de Queirós.
  22. Queiroz – a variation of the Portuguese surname Queirós.
  23. Quelch – from the Old English “woelisc,” referencing a “Celt” or a “foreigner.”
  24. Quenault – a locational name of French origin, likely derived from “quesne” (oak).
  25. Quenby – of Old Norse origin, meaning “womanly,” blending strength with feminine grace.
  26. Queneau – a rare French surname borne by French novelist Raymond Queneau.
  27. Quent – likely a modern diminutive of Quentin, meaning “fifth.”
  28. Quentin – is Latin for “fifth,” offering a classic feel.
  29. Quenzler – this cool German surname comes from “Künzeln,” meaning “curl” or “entwine.”
  30. Quercia – this beautiful Italian surname means “oak,” giving it a natural feel.
  31. Quereau – with a soft, appealing sound, Quereau is often found stateside but suggests French ancestry.
  32. Querido – the Spanish and Portuguese word for “beloved,” also a charming surname.
  33. Queripel – from French, originally a nickname for an uncooperative person.
  34. Querry – likely a unique variation of Quarry, related to rocks.
  35. Quéry – this surname may come from Quiéry-la-Motte in France or other places in northwestern France.
  36. Quest – an English word and surname related to a journey or adventure.
  37. Quested – from the English word “quest,” a good choice for families that love adventure.
  38. Quetant – a sophisticated option among Q last names, first found in Normandy, France.
  39. Quetzal – associated with the vibrant Central American bird, symbolizing freedom and beauty.
  40. Quevedo – this Spanish surname was famously borne by the Baroque nobleman and writer Francisco de Quevedo.
  41. Quibell – an English surname possibly meaning “woman’s cap,” indicating a tradesman or craftsman’s lineage.
  42. Quiddington – a sophisticated option among last names starting with Q, hailing from Chiddingstone in Kent.
  43. Quilala – likely of Filipino origin, Quilala has a uniquely beautiful sound.
  44. Quilez – from the Spanish personal name Aquileo, meaning “pain.”
  45. Quillan – means “son of Hugelin” in Gaelic, often linked to a prominent Irish family.
  46. Quilliam – this lovely surname of Manx origin means “William’s son.”
  47. Quillman – a strong English variation of the German surname Quillmann.
  48. Quillmann – this surname comes from the ancient German given name Williman, meaning “will of man.”
  49. Quilty – the Anglicized form of the Gaelic Caoilte, associated with a mythical Celtic warrior.
  50. Quinby – a variation of Quenby, possibly meaning “womanly” in Old Norse.
  51. Quine – an unusual choice among Q last names, borne by American philosopher Willard Van Orman Quin.
  52. Quiney – this beautiful surname derives from the Old English “coenig,” meaning “king.”
  53. Quinney – a cute elaboration of the Irish Quinn, meaning “wise” or “counsel.”
  54. Quiñonez – of Spanish origin, Quiñonez signifies a “descendant of Quiñon.”
  55. Quintal – a habitational Portuguese name meaning “small country house vegetable garden.”
  56. Quintana – this cute Spanish surname means “country house” or “fifth house.”
  57. Quintáns – of Galician origin, meaning “small estate.”
  58. Quintas – a habitational name from several places called Quintas in Spain and Portugal.
  59. Quintela – in Portugal and Galicia, Spain, Quintela is a habitational name, ultimately meaning “fifth.”
  60. Quinto – is Italian and Spanish for “fifth,” often denoting the fifth child.
  61. Quinton – from the Latin “quintus” (fifth) or English “cwen” (queen).
  62. Quintrell – likely of English origin, Quintrell could mean “queen’s settlement,” giving it a regal feel.
  63. Quiterio – this Portuguese name comes from the Greek Kythereia (of Cythera), relating to the goddess Aphrodite.
  64. Quixley – a variation of the English surname Whixley, meaning “woodland clearing.”

87 Unique Surnames Starting With Q

Let’s explore these rare and distinctive surnames, starting with Q, each with a unique story.

  1. Qabbani – of Arabic origin, Qabbani is often associated with poet Nizar Qabbani.
  2. Qadri – meaning “power” or “might” in Arabic, Qadri is a name that commands respect.
  3. Qajar – named after a historic dynasty in Persia.
  4. Qazvini – is of Persian origin, referring to someone from Qazvin, Iran.
  5. Quackenbush – a funny option among our surnames beginning with Q, meaning “frog marsh” in Dutch.
  6. Quadeer – in Arabic, Quadeer means “powerful,” denoting a strong and commanding presence.
  7. Quaid – this Irish surname comes from Ulster and means “son of Uad.”
  8. Quail – a gentle option among our last names that starts with Q, related to the bird.
  9. Qualter – an Irish surname for a “son of Walter,” showing paternal lineage.
  10. Quanbeck – likely derived from the Norwegian surname Kvambekk, meaning “small valley by the brook.”
  11. Quant – a short and impactful English surname meaning “wise,” “skilled,” or “clever.”
  12. Quantrill – an unusual English surname from the French “cointerel” (beau), referencing a vain or silly man.
  13. Quaritch – likely of British origin, possibly related to a guard or keeper of a court.
  14. Quart – a distinctive English surname, Quart is believed to originate from a unit of measurement.
  15. Quarton – possibly of English origin, affiliated with Irish novelist Marjorie Quarton.
  16. Quartuccio – an Italian surname from an old measurement of liquid, especially oil or wine.
  17. Quasar – a modern surname, related to the cosmic phenomenon.
  18. Quashie – this 7-letter Ghanaian surname comes from the given name Kwasi, meaning “born on a Sunday.”
  19. Quasim – in Arabic, Quasim means “divider” or “bringer of joy,” suggesting fairness and leadership.
  20. Quasimodo – is famously associated with the character from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
  21. Quast – with potential German origins, Quast may reference a tool like a brush or a broom.
  22. Quattle – possibly a short form of the German surname Quattelbaum, relating to the quince tree.
  23. Quattlebaum – this German surname relates to the “quince tree,” implying an unyielding nature.
  24. Quayle – likely of English origin, Quayle evokes images of the wild quail bird.
  25. Que – this Chinese surname means “watchtower on either side of a palace gate.”
  26. Queal – an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Caollaidhe, meaning “descendant of Caollaidhe.”
  27. Queally – another variation of the Gaelic surname Ó Caollaidhe.
  28. Quealy – this 6-letter Irish surname is derived from Ó Cadhla, meaning “descendant of Cadhla.”
  29. Queenan – from the Gaelic surname Ó Cuineáin, ultimately from “cú” (hound) or “cano” (wolf-cub).
  30. Queirolo – is Italian in origin, possibly related to winemaking or locksmithing.
  31. Quell – a German topographic name for a person living near a spring.
  32. Quenzel – likely of German origin, meaning “small twig” or “branch,” symbolizing growth and renewal.
  33. Quezada – may derive from the town of Quesada in Andalucia, Spain.
  34. Quiballo – this unusual surname with only 683 bearers may come from the Philippines.
  35. Quibilan – the meaning of this Filipino surname is uncertain, possibly “perseverance.”
  36. Quickenden – possibly an English locational name or a variation of Wickenden.
  37. Quickley – a variation of Quick, possibly denoting an ancestor known for their speed.
  38. Quid – this 4-letter surname likely suggests Scottish-American heritage.
  39. Quider – with German roots, Quider was found in the U.S. between 1840 and 1920.
  40. Quiel – a relatively uncommon surname found in the U.S., Canada, Scotland, and the U.K.
  41. Quiett – originally an English nickname meaning “quiet” or “peaceful.”
  42. Quig – possibly a variant of Quigg, meaning “son of Cuaid” in Irish.
  43. Quigan – the origins of Quigan are unknown, possibly from Irish or Norse.
  44. Quigg – derives from the Gaelic surname Mac Cuaid, meaning “son of Cuaid.”
  45. Quigly – a unique variation of Quigley, meaning “unruly one” in Irish.
  46. Quijano – this rare beauty means “from the town of Quilius” in Spanish.
  47. Quilenderino – a unique and exotic surname, almost exclusively found in the Philippines.
  48. Quiles – originally an English topographic surname for those living by specific physical features.
  49. Quilici – an Italian option among Q surnames, ultimately from the Latin saint name Cyriacus.
  50. ​​Quiling – the rarer form of the German patronymic surname Quilling.
  51. Quiller – an English surname, ultimately from the Old French “coillour” (tax collector).
  52. Quiller-Couch – associated with the British writer Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.
  53. Quillinan – means “descendant of Cuileannain” or “descendant of the cub” in Irish.
  54. Quillon – this powerful French surname meaning “crossed swords” is also a town in Chile.
  55. Quilter – an occupational surname of English origin for someone who was a quilt maker.
  56. Quimby – from the Old Norse word “kvenna,” meaning “estate of woman” or “queen’s settlement.”
  57. Quimpo – is of Filipino origin and is associated with Filipino activist and author Susan Quimpo.
  58. Quinault – this 8-letter French surname was famously borne by playwright and composer Philippe Quinault.
  59. Quinlisk – an uncommon name, first found in Tipperary and Offaly, Ireland.
  60. Quinnett – possibly derived from the Irish Quinn, suggesting “wisdom” or “counsel.”
  61. Quinones – with Spanish origins, Quinones initially referenced a piece of land shared by five co-tenants.
  62. Quint – from the Latin word for “fifth,” originally indicating the fifth child.
  63. Quintard – a rare option among surnames beginning with Q, linked to American clergyman Charles Quintard.
  64. Quinter – a short form of the Irish Mac Quinter, meaning “son of the harpist or fiddler.”
  65. Quiocho – a Filipino surname that increased in popularity from 2000 to 2010.
  66. Quiogue – this Filipino surname is also a town in New York.
  67. Quirarte – a Spanish variation of the French name Girard, primarily found in Mexico.
  68. Quirie – likely of Scottish origin, derived from “currie” or “corrie,” indicating a landscape feature.
  69. Quirin – is of Germanic origin, meaning “spear,” Quirin symbolizes protection and strength, highlighting a warrior spirit.
  70. Quirindongo – from the Spanish slang word “querindongo,” meaning “lover.”
  71. Quirk – a unique 5-letter surname relating to uniqueness and eccentricity.
  72. Quiroga – of Galician origin, Quiroga is related to Uruguayan playwright Horacio Quiroga.
  73. Quisenberry – possibly of English origin, affiliated with American baseball pitcher Dan Quisenberry.
  74. Quist – this Swedish surname likely derives from “kvist,” meaning “twig” or “branch.”
  75. Quisumbing – of Chinese origin from the Minnan language, often used in the Philippines.
  76. Quitter – a funny variation of the English surname Whitter, meaning “to whiten.”
  77. Quivey – derives from the Irish surname Ó Coinne, meaning “descendant of Coinne.”
  78. Quizon – meaning “grandchild,” this cool surname is of Chinese-Filipino origin.
  79. Qunta – this rare South African name is borne by writer and lawyer Christine Qunta.
  80. Quock – a variant of the Cantonese name Kwok, meaning “country.”
  81. Quodling – an Anglo-Saxon name initially given to fishermen.
  82. Quoniam – either from the Latin “quoniam” (since) or the Old French “conin” (rabbit).
  83. Qurashi – suggests a connection with the Quraysh tribe, emphasizing a rich Arabic cultural lineage.
  84. Qureshi – an Arabic choice among last names that start with Q for descendants of the Quraysh tribe.
  85. Qutb – an Arabic term meaning “pole” or “axis,” often used to denote a spiritual leader.
  86. Quye – with English roots, Quye originated in a place called Quy in Cambridgeshire.
  87. Qvitzow – this unique surname likely originated in Germany or Scandinavia.

Last Names That Start With Q FAQs

Why Are Last Names Starting With Q So Rare?

Last names starting with Q are rare because Q is one of the least frequently used letters in the English alphabet. It often requires the letter U to follow, limiting the natural combinations in many languages. Historically, surnames evolved from occupations, locations, or personal characteristics, and words starting with Q fitting these categories were less common. So, spotting a Q at the start of a last name is like finding a four-leaf clover — pretty uncommon!

What Are Variations of the Surname Quinn?

The surname Quinn, rooted in the Irish “O’Cuinn,” meaning “descendant of Conn” (wisdom, intelligence), has several variations, reflecting its rich heritage. These include Quin, Quinne, and even McQuinn, for those branches with some Scottish ancestry. As families moved or the name was Anglicized, variations like O’Quinn or Quinlan emerged. Each variant carries the original meaning, with a twist to mark different family lines or linguistic differences.

Which Are the Rarest Surnames Starting With Q?

Some of the rarest surnames starting with Q are deeply rooted in specific cultures or languages, often with unique meanings or origins. Examples include Quixley, a variation of the surname Whixley, meaning “woodland clearing.” Some Filipino names are pretty rare, too, such as Quilenderino and Quiogue. Quirindongo is a rare Spanish surname, originating from a slang word meaning “lover.” All in all, names starting with Q tend to be unique. So, if you have a Q last name, you’re already a rarity!

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