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175+ Pretty Last Names: With Gorgeous Meanings

These pretty last names are gorgeous enough for an angel!

Hey there! Ready to dive into the world of pretty last names? We’ve rounded up a bunch of surnames that are not just beautiful but elegant and totally refined.

Whether you’re looking for pretty surnames for a character in a story or are just curious, these names are sure to add a touch of charm! So, sit back, relax, and get ready to explore some seriously beautiful surnames that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

63 Pretty Last Names (That Are Also Elegant and Refined)

Discover an array of beautiful last names exuding timeless sophistication and charm.

  1. Ainsley – of Old English origin, meaning “one’s own meadow,” Ainsley has a beautiful connection to nature.
  2. Ainsworth – of Old English origin, from the given name Ægen and “worþ” (enclosure).
  3. Allison – also used as a given name, meaning “son of Alan” or “son of Alexander.”
  4. Aoki – of Japanese origin, meaning “green wood,” signifying harmony with nature.
  5. Ariston – this translates to “the best” in Greek for a truly amazing family.
  6. Bannister – from the French “banastre” (basket), originally given to basket makers.
  7. Barlow – this sophisticated surname has several meanings, including “barley hill,” “barn hill,” and “boar clearing.”
  8. Beaumont – in French, Beaumont means “beautiful mountain,” signifying strength and stability.
  9. Belvedere – this is Italian for “beautiful view,” historically given to families residing in picturesque locations.
  10. Carlisle – means “fortress of Lugus” in English, referring to a stronghold or castle.
  11. Carrington – a classy English and Scottish surname meaning “settlement of Cerihere’s people.”
  12. Chevalier – this translates to “knight” in French, embodying chivalry and bravery.
  13. Clarendon – a classic English last name associated with several parishes and a palace.
  14. Claybourne – means “boundary of clay” in English, perfect for versatile families who go with the flow.
  15. Cresswell – this gorgeous Old English surname means “watercress river,” giving it a natural allure.
  16. Darcy – of Irish origin, meaning “dark one,” associated with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
  17. Dubois – in French, Dubois translates to “of the woods,” embodying timeless elegance.
  18. Dumont – translates to “of the mountain” in French, representing strength and stability.
  19. Everly – means “wild boar in the clearing” in English, symbolizing the untamed beauty of nature.
  20. Fitzroy – perfect for a prominent family, meaning “son of the king” in Old French.
  21. Fulbright – means “bright people” in German, perfect for intellectual families.
  22. Gracewood – a modern choice among our pretty last names, combining elegance with strength.
  23. Halifax – of English origin, signifies historic charm and a captivating presence.
  24. Harper – is one of England’s prettiest last names, originally given to harp players.
  25. Harrington – this nice-sounding English surname means “stony town” or “Haefer’s town.”
  26. Hawthorne – an English name derived from the thorny hawthorn bush, symbolizing beauty amidst life’s challenges.
  27. Heathcliff – a literary classic associated with a character from Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights.
  28. Ivory – is of English origin, meaning “pale white,” related to the precious material it’s named after.
  29. Jennings – meaning “son of Jan” in English, Jennings represents a strong family lineage.
  30. Kensington – this classy Old English name means “Cynesige’s town.”
  31. Lancaster – a classy English name associated with a city in northwestern England.
  32. Lysander – of Greek origin, meaning “liberator,” embodies the strength to overcome challenges.
  33. Montagu – a variant of Montague born by several British earls.
  34. Montgomery – as lovely as it is strong, Montgomery is of Norman origin, meaning “Gumarich’s mountain.”
  35. Nightingale – of English origin, Nightingale symbolizes beauty and the melodic charm of a songbird.
  36. Olivier – an attractive French surname meaning “olive tree,” symbolizing friendship, reconciliation, and peace.
  37. Pembroke – of Welsh origin, meaning “headland,” associated with a town in Wales.
  38. Pendleton – an English last name meaning “overhanging settlement,” associated with a textile manufacturer.
  39. Peregrine – an English surname associated with a character in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
  40. Pereira – from Portuguese and Galician, meaning “pear tree,” symbolizing natural beauty.
  41. Pomeroy – a cute French surname meaning “apple orchard,” adding a touch of sweetness.
  42. Quincy – of English origin, inspired by a Roman given name for the “fifth son.”
  43. Quinlan – one of the most beautiful surnames in Ireland, meaning “handsome form.”
  44. Rainier – carries an air of nobility and sophistication, meaning “army counsel” in French.
  45. Ravenscroft – this rare surname has Gothic charm, derived from the Old English “hræfn” (raven).
  46. Riviera – of Italian origin, originally given to those who lived on the bank of a river.
  47. Romano – this Italian surname has timeless appeal, originally given to a person from Rome.
  48. Rutherford – means “ox river crossing” in English; Rutherford has a lovely association with animals and nature.
  49. Sterling – derived from the Scottish city of Stirling, this surname is as elegant as sterling silver.
  50. Tennyson – among the best pretty last names for literature lovers, associated with English poet Alfred Tennyson.
  51. Thoreau – of French origin, associated with the famous philosopher, Henry David Thoreau.
  52. Thornfield – inspired by the English word “thorn,” Thornfield embodies protection and the ability to overcome adversities.
  53. Vale – from English meaning “valley,” an attractive surname for nature lovers.
  54. Vanderbilt – of Dutch origin, meaning “low hill,” connected to a prominent family in the United States.
  55. Waverly – this soft, nature-inspired English surname means “from the brushwood meadow.”
  56. Wentworth – in English, Wentworth means “winter enclosure,” exuding natural beauty.
  57. Whitmore – of English origin meaning “white moor,” this classy surname suggests a refined style.
  58. Windsor – means “riverbank with a windlass,” associated with the royal family of England.
  59. Wycliffe – meaning “white cliff” in English, this nature-inspired surname has a timeless sophistication.
  60. Xavier – is of Basque origin, meaning “new house,” Xavier embodies innovation and a pioneering spirit.
  61. Yale – from a Welsh place name meaning “fertile upland,” associated with the prestigious university.
  62. Yardley – a surname for someone from several towns in England, meaning “branch clearing.”
  63. Zephyr – of Greek origin, meaning “west wind,” inspired by the Greek god Zephyros.

58 Beautiful Last Names (That Are Enchanting and Alluring)

Check out our list of pretty last names captivating enough for a superstar.

  1. Alderwood – an English surname meaning “elder tree forest,” symbolizing wisdom and enduring beauty.
  2. Astor – an Occitan surname meaning “hawk,” prevalent in American and British high society.
  3. Astoria – of Greek origin, meaning “star,” embodying celestial beauty and elegance.
  4. Auburn – a hot and fiery English surname inspired by the beautiful reddish-brown shade.
  5. Avery – means “ruler of elves” in Germanic, offering a magical and enchanting aura.
  6. Belladonna – an Italian surname meaning “beautiful lady,” associated with the deadly nightshade.
  7. Bellamy – means “beautiful friend” in French, representing companionship and a charming aura.
  8. Bellefontaine – of French origin, meaning “beautiful fountain,” symbolizing beauty and vitality.
  9. Carter – this surname is hot and trendy, associated with rapper Dwayne Carter, Jr. (AKA Lil Wayne).
  10. Cavanaugh – from the Irish Gaelic name Caomhánach, meaning “a student of saint Caomhán.”
  11. Chantal – a French surname meaning “stony,” given in honor of Saint Jeanne-Françoise de Chantal.
  12. Charming – this magical English surname is associated with Prince Charming from Fairytales.
  13. Clancy – reflects a family with a deep connection to Irish heritage.
  14. Cooper – an occupational surname, denotes a maker of barrels or tubs.
  15. Dayton – an English surname meaning “day settlement” or “bright and sunny town.”
  16. Delaney – in Irish, Delaney means “child of dark defiance,” representing a strong-willed nature.
  17. Delphine – this gorgeous surname is derived from the city of Delphi in ancient Greece.
  18. Dresden – in German, it means “people of the forest,” giving it a magical quality.
  19. Elysian – a rare surname inspired by heavenly fields in Greek mythology.
  20. Emerson – means “son of Emery,” born by famous American writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  21. Emery – of Germanic origin, translates to “industrious” or “brave ruler.”
  22. Everett – an English surname meaning “brave as a wild boar,” embodying courage and strength.
  23. Everhart – as beautiful as it is strong, Everhart is of Dutch origin, meaning “brave boar.”
  24. Fitzgerald – this sexy Irish surname is associated with American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  25. Fletcher – an occupational surname for an “arrow-maker,” from Old French “fleche” (arrow).
  26. Fontaine – one of several pretty surnames from France, meaning “fountain” in Old French.
  27. Gabrielle – means “God is my strength” in French, symbolizing divine beauty and feminine allure.
  28. Harland – of Old English origin, meaning “hare land.”
  29. Hollis – a cute topographic surname for someone living by holly trees.
  30. Jolie – this sexy and sophisticated French surname means “beautiful” or “pretty.”
  31. LeBlanc – this French surname has an irresistible allure, meaning “the white” for someone with blonde hair.
  32. Lennox – one of the most beautiful surnames for nature lovers, meaning “place of elms” in Scottish.
  33. Lockhart – of Scottish origin, meaning “strong lock,” giving it a mysterious quality.
  34. London – England’s capital – embodies history, grandeur, and a cosmopolitan vibe.
  35. Lumière – this radiant French surname meaning “light” has a luminous allure.
  36. Maddox – a badass Welsh surname meaning “fortunate” or “blessed one.”
  37. Marcello – from Italian meaning “young warrior,” perfect for a family full of strapping war heroes.
  38. Monroe – of Scottish origin, meaning “mouth of the river,” associated with iconic actress Marilyn Monroe.
  39. Montague – an aristocratic English surname borne by Romeo’s family in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  40. Montclair – this gorgeous surname means “clear mountain” in French.
  41. Orsini – of Italian origin meaning “bear,” representing someone who is strong and fiery.
  42. Portman – this sexy surname is associated with top actress Natalie Portman.
  43. Radcliffe – an English last name meaning “red cliff,” giving off a sophisticated aura.
  44. Ravenna – like the “raven,” this sexy Italian surname is mysterious and enchanting.
  45. Rosalie – a romantic French given name and surname meaning “rose.”
  46. Rosalind – means “soft horse” in English, influenced by the Latin phrase “rosa linda” (beautiful rose).
  47. Ryder – an English surname for a warrior on horseback, associated with bravery and honor.
  48. Sawyer – derived from the Old English word “sawiere,” meaning “woodcutter.”
  49. Silverwood – a habitational name inspired by the silver bark of birch trees.
  50. Sinclair – one of the prettiest Scottish surnames, meaning “renowned” or “illustrious.”
  51. Sylvaine – a sexy French surname meaning “of the woods,” perfect for nature enthusiasts.
  52. Thalassa – among the most beautiful last names for ocean lovers, associated with a Greek sea goddess.
  53. Valencia – of Spanish origin, ultimately from the Latin “valentia” (strength, bravery).
  54. Valerian – from the Latin “valere” (to be strong), perfect for families with irresistible strength and allure.
  55. Westbrook – in English, this last name signifies a peaceful, flowing brook.
  56. Whitman – this English surname, meaning “white man,” is associated with the American poet Walt Whitman.
  57. Winters – an enchanting English surname, as captivating and elegant as the season it represents.
  58. Worthington – historically, Worthington was a habitational surname for people from places in Lancashire and Leicestershire.

58 Pretty Surnames (That Are Soft and Angelic)

Explore our selection of beautiful last names that sound absolutely heavenly!

  1. Aether -from Greek meaning “heavenly,” associated with a god of the upper sky.
  2. Allegra – this pretty Italian surname means “joyful,” exuding happiness and positivity.
  3. Amaterasu – this gorgeous Japanese name means “shining over heaven.”
  4. Amethyst – a rare and pretty English surname inspired by the gemstone.
  5. Amorette -one of the sweetest and most beautiful last names from France, meaning “little love.”
  6. Angel – associated with the heavenly being, representing divine beauty and grace.
  7. Angeles – a Spanish surname meaning “angels,” associated with the Virgin Mary.
  8. Angelis – of Greek origin, meaning “angel,” embodying celestial beauty.
  9. Angelou – this lovely last name means “son of the angel” in Greek.
  10. Aureliana – of Latin origin, meaning “golden,” perfect for families, giving off a warm and friendly vibe.
  11. Avalon – a mythical island in Arthurian legend, also rarely used as a surname.
  12. Azrael – in Hebrew texts, Azrael is the angel of death, giving this surname religious significance.
  13. Bell – a cute English surname, signifies a bell ringer or a maker of bells.
  14. Bellerose – this French surname meaning “beautiful rose” is as lovely and delicate as a blooming flower.
  15. Berry – an English surname, initially for a “dweller near the berry trees.”
  16. Bright – a beautiful last name, perfect for someone as radiant and luminous as an angel.
  17. Buchanan – in Gaelic, this means “house of the canon,” giving it a religious flair.
  18. Caldwell – means “cold spring” in Scottish, giving it a peaceful feel.
  19. Calmwater – of English origin, relating to the tranquility and peace of a gentle stream.
  20. Celestia – in Latin, this beautiful surname means “heavenly” or “of the sky.”
  21. Cerelia – derived from Ceraelia, an ancient Roman festival inspired by the agricultural goddess Ceres.
  22. Channing – of English origin, meaning “canon,” a Christian religious leader.
  23. Christian – is derived from the Latin Christianus (follower of Christ).
  24. Cielo – this sweet Italian and Spanish surname means “sky.”
  25. Deangelo – a popular combo of the suffix “de” with the Italian “Angelo” (angel, messenger).
  26. Delacroix – in French, this beautiful surname means “of the cross,” giving it a religious feel.
  27. Dovecote – is an angelic surname associated with doves.
  28. Dulcinea – inspired by the Spanish word “dulce” (sweet).
  29. Everglen – this picturesque English surname invokes images of a serene forest landscape.
  30. Fairchild – meaning “beautiful child,” in English, representing innocence and the beauty of youth.
  31. Forsythe – one of many pretty surnames from Scotland, meaning “man of peace.”
  32. Gracefield – this modern last name is as charming and beautiful as a field of flowers.
  33. Halloway – means “holy way” in English, exuding purity and spirituality.
  34. Hartley – in English, Hartley means “deer meadow,” embodying grace and gentleness.
  35. Hartwell – of English origin, meaning “rivers of the stags,” perfect for warm-hearted families.
  36. Ingram – meaning “angel raven” in Germanic, this pretty last name has been used since medieval times.
  37. Lavender – inspired by the flower, perfect for families with a soft and gentle presence.
  38. Love – from the English word, giving families with this name an admirable and endearing presence.
  39. Lovelace – derived from a medieval nickname associated with poet Richard Lovelace.
  40. Luminelle – a blend of “luminous” and the French suffix “-elle,” which radiates luminous beauty.
  41. Luna – this cute surname comes from the Latin word for “the moon.”
  42. Marigold – a pretty surname inspired by the flower, symbolizing natural beauty and grace.
  43. Oakley – means “oak clearing” in English, representing strength and nature’s beauty.
  44. Page – an English surname originally referred to a young servant or attendant.
  45. Paloma – meaning “dove” in Spanish, Paloma symbolizes peace and beauty.
  46. Rosario – of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning “rosary,” representing purity and devotion.
  47. Saint – a rare English surname derived from the Latin “sanctus” (holy, saintly).
  48. Santiago – in Spanish, Santiago means “saint,” giving it an angelic feel.
  49. Sebastian – a respectable Greek surname meaning “venerable,” associated with Saint Sebastian.
  50. Seraphim – derived from Hebrew, meaning “fiery ones” or “angelic beings.”
  51. Snow – an English surname embodying purity, serenity, and the beauty of winter.
  52. Sommer – the German word for “summer,” embodying warmth and joy.
  53. Starlily – a poetic creation combining radiant stars with the delicate beauty of lilies.
  54. Starr – derived from the English word “star,” giving it a beautiful, celestial quality.
  55. Sweeting – conveys sweetness and warmth, derived from the Middle English “sweting” (sweetheart, darling).
  56. Whitaker – in English, Whitaker means “white field,” evoking images of flowers in a meadow.
  57. Willoughby – a sweet English surname meaning “willow town.”
  58. Zion – with biblical origins, Zion symbolizes strength and heavenly beauty.

Pretty Last Names FAQS

What Are Some Fancy Last Names?

Fancy last names add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Some classy options include Worthington, Kensington, Beaumont, Montgomery, and Harrington. These beautiful surnames have a rich history and can instantly make you feel like you’re in a Jane Austen novel. Whether you’re looking for some pretty last names for characters or are just curious, these surnames bring refinement and style.

What Is a Pretty Last Name for a Girl?

There are plenty of pretty last names for girls that add a touch of charm. Some lovely options include Everhart, Rosalind, Hawthorne, Delaney, and Sinclair. These names sound beautiful and carry a sense of elegance and grace. These beautiful surnames can make any girl’s name sound enchanting.

What Are Some Pretty Fake Last Names?

Coming up with fake last names for book or film characters can be a fun and creative endeavor! Some of our favorites are pretty surnames like Sterling, Everly, Whitman, Monroe, and Ellis. These names sound sophisticated and carry a sense of timeless charm. Feel free to mix and match letters or even invent new names based on what sounds good to you and fits your character’s personality.

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