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Leilani Name Meaning (Origin, Popularity & Nicknames)

Learn about the name Leilani, including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Leilani Overview

  • Meaning: Leilani means “heavenly garland” and “royal child of heaven” in Hawaiian. Leilani can also mean “heavenly child” and “heavenly flowers.”
  • Gender: Leilani is traditionally a girl’s name.
  • Origin: Leilani combines the Hawaiian “lei” and “lani.” Leilani is connected to the brilliant flower garland, symbolizing royal status.
  • Pronunciation: Leilani is pronounced “lay-LAH-nee” worldwide.
  • Popularity: Leilani is popular in America, peaking in 2022 as the 59th most popular girl’s name. Leilani’s fame rose after Bing Crosby released the song “Sweet Leilani” in 1937.
  • Nicknames: Ani, La, LaLa, Lane, Laney, Lani, Layla, Lei, Leia, Ni.
  • Variations: Lalani, Laylanee, Laylani, Laylanie, Leighlanee, Leighlani, Leighlanie, Leilanee, Leylanee, Leylanie.
  • Namesakes: Leilani Bishop, American model. Leilani Sen, English pop singer.

What Does Leilani Mean?

Leilani means “heavenly garland” and “royal child of heaven” in Hawaiian. It is undoubtedly inspired by “lei,” the Hawaiian flower garland that symbolizes friendship and love. Leilani is also connected to “lani,” the Hawaiian word for “heaven.” Many parents choose Leilani to remind their daughters of their worth.

What Is the Origin of the Name Leilani?

Leilani has Hawaiian roots, combining “lei” and “lani.” When combined, these words refer to a heavenly “lei” or a “lei” worn by a cherubic child. In Hawaiian culture, “leis” signified social status, with royals having the most. With its easy, breezy pronunciation, Leilani appeals to those who want every day to feel like a vacation.

How Popular Is the Name Leilani?

Leilani is most popular in the United States, becoming famous after Bing Crosby released the hit song “Sweet Leilani” in 1937. The romantic comedy “Waikiki Wedding” featured the song, cementing Leilani’s popularity. Since then, Leilani peaked in 2022, ranking 59th for American girls. With its recent surge in popularity, Leilani has a fresh feel that appeals to parents who love vintage options.

How Do I Pronounce Leilani?

Leilani is pronounced “lay-LAH-nee” worldwide.

Is Leilani a Boy or Girl Name?

Leilani is traditionally a girl’s name.

Variations of Leilani

Try one of these unique and beautiful variations of Leilani:

  • Lalani (Hawaiian)
  • Laylanee (Hawaiian)
  • Laylani (Hawaiian)
  • Laylanie (Hawaiian)
  • Leighlanee (Hawaiian)
  • Leighlani (Hawaiian)
  • Leighlanie (Hawaiian)
  • Leilanee (Hawaiian)
  • Leylanee (Hawaiian)
  • Leylanie (Hawaiian)

Nicknames for Leilani

Check out these cute Leilani nicknames:

  • Ani
  • La
  • LaLa
  • Lane
  • Laney
  • Lani
  • Layla
  • Lei
  • Leia
  • Ni

Similar Names to Leilani

Take a peek at these charming names, similar to Leilani in origin, meaning, and pronunciation:

Middle Names for Leilani

Try one of these sweet middle names for Leilani:

Sibling Names for Leilani

These sibling names for Leilani are too perfect for words:

Famous People Named Leilani

Learn more about Leilani’s famous namesakes:

  • Leilani Bishop: American model.
  • Leilani Farha: Canadian activist.
  • Leilani Jones: American actress.
  • Leilani Maaja Munter: American race car driver.
  • Leilani Mitchell: Australian American basketball player.
  • Leilani Sarelle: American actress.
  • Leilani Sen: English pop singer.

Leilani in Popular Culture

Keep an eye out for these references to Leilani in pop culture:

  • Leilani: Featured in the Animal Crossing video game.
  • Leilani: Song by Hoodoo Gurus.
  • Sweet Leilani: Hit song by Bing Crosby.

Leilani FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Leilani.

Is Leilani Popular?

Leilani is a popular option for girls in America, particularly in the South. Leilani became popular in 1937 after a popular film featured the song “Sweet Leilani” by Bing Crosby. Leilani has been among the top 450 names for girls since 2002 and a top 100 pick since 2020. You’re not likely to find Leilani outside of America, though.

What Does Leilani Mean Biblically?

Though Leilani isn’t distinctly biblical, many will find spiritual connections within the name. Leilani means “heavenly child,” reminding many of spiritual paradise. For Christians or those who value spirituality, heaven symbolizes hope and a reward for those who put their faith in Christ. Leilani’s heavenly interpretation makes it particularly popular among Christian parents.

What Middle Names Go With Leilani?

Leilani is an exotic forename, inspiring many parents to pair it with a classic middle name. If you choose this route, Louise, Eve, Claire, Katherine, Diana, and Kate are all great picks. If you’re looking for something on the wild side, try Jade, London, Naveah, Kai, or Blue. Leilani’s spiritual meaning makes it a perfect match for virtuous middle names such as Faith, Hope, Charity, and Grace.

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