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Amari Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Amari including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Amari Overview

  • Meaning: The name Amari has multiple meanings. It translates as “promised by God” in Hebrew.
  • Gender: Amari is a unisex name, but boys are usually named Amari more than girls.
  • Origin: The name Amari has multiple influences but is primarily of Hebrew origin.
  • Pronunciation: Amari is pronounced as “ah-MAHR-ee.”
  • Popularity: Amari is a popular name in the United States as it is firmly in the top 1,000 list for both genders. In 2021, it was 199th for boys and 333rd for newborn girls.
  • Nicknames: Mar, Mari, Ari, Ama, Ammi.
  • Variations: Amariah Amaris Damari Jamari Kamari.
  • Namesakes: Amari Cooper, Amari Morgan-Smith, Amari Rodgers.

What Does Amari Mean?

The name Amari has multiple meanings depending on its origin. In Hebrew, Amari means “promised by God” and is likely derived from Amariah and Amaris. There are similar interpretations in Thai and Yoruba (in which it also means “strength”). To African-Americans, it means “loved.”

As a Japanese surname, Amari means “surplus” or “remainder” or “so much.” In English, it is usually given the evocative meaning of “miracle of God.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Amari?

Amari is a name with diverse origins. It likely is connected to the Hebrew names Amariah and Amaris. These are ancient names and have been in use for thousands of years. In particular, Amariah was often used in biblical Israel as a name for priests and appeared in the Hebrew Bible (1).

Despite that, Amari can also be inspired by Yoruba and Thai cultures. As a surname, it is of Japanese origin.

How Popular Is the Name Amari?

Amari is a unisex name that only started to gain traction in the United States in the 1990s. It was first used as a girl’s name in 1996 when it ranked 889th. Amari has since become more common and occupied the 333rd spot in 2021 (2).

For boys, Amari entered the top 1000 in 1997 when it was the 914th most popular name that year. In 2021, Amari broke into the top 200 when it reached the 199th position.

How Do I Pronounce Amari?

The name Amari can have multiple pronunciations due to language, culture, and region. Nevertheless, the most common way to say it is as “ah-MAHR-ee.”

Is Amari a Boy or Girl Name?

Amari is a unisex name, with the name being a popular choice for boys and girls. The probable root names (Amaris and Amariah) are typically gendered.

Variations of Amari

Amari is the most common variation used in the United States. However, the name has a rich history. That is reflected in its many versions that span multiple languages, among them:

  • Amariah (Hebrew)
  • Amaris (Hebrew)
  • Damari (Greek)
  • Jamari (Arabic)
  • Kamari (Arabic)

Nicknames for Amari

Amari is a fairly short name, but it is not too difficult to create a nickname from it. A selection of the most endearing options for Amari include:

  • Ama
  • Ammi
  • Ari
  • Mar
  • Mari

Similar Names to Amari

When considering a similar name, you might want to look at options as unisex in nature as Amari. Some of the most versatile choices include:

Middle Names for Amari

Since Amari is a unisex name, one good approach is to follow a similar theme when choosing a middle name. Among the excellent options for a middle name are:

Sibling Names for Amari

If you have a boy or girl already named Amari, you’ll need a name to compliment the sibling pair. Here are some suggestions based on the gender of your next baby (though some are also unisex like Amari!):

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Amari

Not many famous people are associated with the name Amari. The majority are American and include prominent actors and athletes, such as:

  • Amari Bailey: American basketball player.
  • Amari Cooper: American NFL football player.
  • Amari Cheatom: American actor.
  • Amari McCoy: American actor.
  • Amari Miller: English soccer player.
  • Amari Morgan-Smith: English soccer player.
  • Amari O’Neil: American actor.
  • Amari Rodgers: American NFL football player.
  • Amari Spievey: American NFL football player.

Amari in Popular Culture

Since Amari is relatively rare, it has not appeared extensively in popular culture. Still, the name does come up in a couple of anime, novels, and video games, like:

  • Amari: Character in the book “Amari and the Night Brother” by B.B. Alston.
  • Amari: Male character in the anime “Joker Game.”
  • Amari: Character in the book “Copper Sun” by Sharon Draper.
  • Amari: A song by the American rapper J. Cole.
  • Princess Amari: Main character in “Children of Blood and Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Ana Amari: Support character in the video game “Overwatch.”
  • Amari Katasumi: Protagonist in the anime, “Idol Land PriPara.”

Amari FAQs

Even as you consider Amari as a possible baby name for your little boy or girl, you may still have some questions in mind.

Does the Name Amari Appear in the Bible?

While Amari is of Hebrew origin and means “promised by God,” it does not make an appearance in the Bible. The potentially related Amariah makes several appearances in the Hebrew Bible.

Are There Colors That Can Be Linked to the Name Amari?

One common aspect of choosing a name is researching whether it has specific traits or colors attached to it. Of course, every person is unique, but it can be helpful when buying clothes for a baby. Amari can be connected to the colors violet and red.

Is Amari a Classic Name?

The name Amari has a soft sound that gives it a magical, easy-to-say quality. Its various meanings add to the richness of Amari.

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