Manual vs Electric Breast Pumps

Manual vs Electric Breast Pumps – Which Are Better?

Last Updated April 22, 2017

You know you want to breastfeed your child to give him the best possible nutrition and head start on life that you can. But you aren’t sure what type of breast pump you need – manual or electric.

Before you can decide which type to buy, you need to figure out how often you’ll be using it. The manual vs electric breast pump question requires careful consideration of several factors.


How Often Will You Be Pumping?

Some moms won’t pump very often. They plan to nurse their babies, and they don’t expect to have long separations from their new bundles of joy. Women who don’t plan to pump every single day can easily get by just with a manual pump (source).

But some women plan to head back into the workforce after having their babies. They’ll be pumping at least once a day. Those women will want to buy an electric breast pump because it’ll be a big time-saver for them since it will express milk more quickly than a manual pump.

What is Your Cash Flow Like?

Sometimes price makes the decision for mothers as to what type of pump they buy. Women who are watching every penny may not be able to afford an electric pump, even if they plan to pump multiple times a day.

Electric pumps, even single electric pumps, are much more expensive than manual pumps.

Even if you have to struggle to save up enough money for a breast pump, you should try to get the nicest pump you can. While there are good, affordable options out there, some cheap pumps tend to break easily and not have enough suction to express an adequate amount of milk.


While electric pumps can be packed away and taken to work or on vacation, they aren’t as portable as manual pumps, which are generally lighter, smaller and easier to clean. Plus, if you aren’t near a power outlet or you run out of battery power, you will still be able to express milk if you have a manual pump.

But if you need an electric pump because you plan to express a lot of milk, there are some electric breast pumps out there that are easy to pack up and take on the road with you.

Before You Choose One

Take a close look at your lifestyle, your finances and what your pumping needs will be. No matter which pump you choose, the most important thing to do while breastfeeding is never give up, even if it gets difficult.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m committed to providing the best information I can to every mom who visits my website.

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