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Alora Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Alora including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Alora Overview

  • Meaning: The name Alora means “God is light” or “dreamer.”
  • Gender: Alora is a girl’s name.
  • Origin: Alora has roots in Hebrew and African Bantu.
  • Pronunciation: “uh-LAWR-uh” or “uh-LOW-ruh”
  • Popularity: Alora is a fairly popular name. It is increasing in popularity at present.
  • Nicknames: Al, Alo, Aly, Aura, Lo, Lola, Lora, Lori, Ori
  • Variations: Alara, Alaura, Allora, Allure, Alorah, Elora, Elorah
  • Namesakes: Alora Johnson, Alora Kate, Alora Mae Sasam, Alora Catherine Smith.

What Does Alora Mean?

Alora has several meanings, depending on the origin nationality. In Hebrew, the name means “God is light” or “God’s light.” In Africa, it means “the dream” or “dreamer.” In Greek or Latin, it means “shining light” and is a variant of Eleanor or Elora. Some other spellings of Alora have different meanings, as well, due to the origin of the variation.

What is the Origin of the Name Alora?

There are two commonly accepted origins of the name: Hebrew and African. The Hebrew feminine name basis is Elora, of which El means God and ora means light. The Greek Eleanor is similar, and Elora may be an alternate form of it. The African girl’s name is from Botswana’s Bantu language.

How Popular is the Name Alora?

Alora is a fairly popular name in recent years, but before 2018 it was not in the top 1000 names in the United States (1). At present, its popularity is continuing to increase. If it continues on the same trajectory, it should reach the top 200 soon.

How Do I Pronounce Alora?

The name Alora’s pronunciation is “uh-LAWR-uh” or “uh-LOW-ruh.” The differences in the central syllable are more likely to be regional. The former pronunciation occurs more often in the northern United States and the latter in the southern USA.

Is Alora a Boy or Girl Name?

Alora is typically a girl’s name. In fact, in the USA, no parents have named a boy Alora. A boy’s name with the same meaning is Elior. Parents give the name Alora to girls in many countries, including the United States and Africa.

Variations of Alora

There are several other ways to spell Alora. Consider your family’s naming pattern. An alternate spelling may fit better than the original: The meaning of some variations may be different in their root language.

A variation with an E may be a better option for an initial when used with certain middle and last names. For instance, Elora Selena Smith has a better combination of initials than the alternative.

  • Alara (Armenian)
  • Alaura (American)
  • Allora (Italian)
  • Allure (French)
  • Alorah (English)
  • Ellory (English)
  • Elora (Greek)
  • Elorah (English)

Nicknames for Alora

While Alora is short enough on its own, some people prefer to use nicknames. Some cute nicknames for Alora include:

  • Al
  • Alo
  • Aly
  • Aura
  • Lo
  • Lola
  • Lora
  • Lori
  • Ori

Similar Names to Alora

Many names are like Alora. These range from similarly short names to longer ones. Many other appellations rhyme with Alora, and some are a letter or two different.

Middle Names for Alora

Since Alora is more unique than average, you might want to pair it with a more common name. Alternately, you might want to keep the uniqueness level high. Whatever you prefer, here are some suggestions for middle names to go with Alora.

Sibling Names for Alora

The name Alora has a unique fantasy feel to it. You can carry it out in a family pattern. Alternately, your naming pattern may use all initial A or have rhyming names. Some families name the children in alphabetical order. Some names that go well with Alora include the following:

Famous People Named Alora

While the popularity of the name is increasing, its uniqueness means that few famous people currently bear that name. If Alora continues to grow in popularity, the list of celebrities named Alora will also grow.

  • Alora Johnson: American actress.
  • Alora Kate: American author.
  • Alora Mae Sasam: Filipino actress.
  • Alora Catherine Smith: American actress.
  • Alora Young: American author and poet.

Alora in Popular Culture

The name Alora is found in television and literature, but not often. It is most often found in works in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. It seems that most of the time an author uses the name, it is featured in the title of the work, as well.

  • Alora: passenger on the Enterprise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.
  • Alora: titular character in a novel by Megan Linski.
  • Alora: titular character in a series by Tamie Dearen.
  • Alora Bravemist: character in Alora and the Golden Stone by M. J. Williams.

Alora FAQs

You will find the answers to some questions that you may have – and some you may not have thought about – regarding the name Alora below.

Is Alora a Bible Name?

While the Hebrew name translates to “God is light,” the name Alora does not appear in the Bible. Its meaning makes it a suitable name for a Christian child, despite its absence from the Bible.

Is Alora an Islamic Name?

As spelled, Alora is not an Islamic name. However, Ellora is a Muslim or Arabic name from Sanskrit that means “clouds.” It sounds the same, even though it is not spelled the same.

What is Alora Short for?

Alora is not specifically short for another name, but it may be derived from Eleanor. It could be used as a nickname for Eleanor if desired, but is usually a given name.

What Does Allora Mean in Italian?

Alora might be a difficult name to have in Italy, since the Italian word allora is a common word meaning “then” or “so.” A girl named Alora walking on the street in Italy will hear her name often, though nobody is speaking to her.

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