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25 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Fun ideas to introduce the love of your life this Valentine's Day.

What better way to celebrate the patron saint of lovers than to share your news by using one of these Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas?

If you find out you’re expecting and this holiday is right around the corner, you can make the most of it with a fun and unique announcement.

25 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Valentine’s Day

1. Guess What I’m Baking

Some heart-shaped cookie cutters are all you need for a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement like this one. Lay them out on any surface, or keep with the romantic theme and set them among candy heart cake decorations.

2. Love Hearts Message

This way of telling the world you’re pregnant is exceptionally easy to recreate. And the best thing about it is, you can make your cut-out love heart as simple or elaborate as you like.

3. Good News Rhymes

A digital download is a useful pregnancy announcement, especially if you have friends and relatives in diverse locations.

4. Check The Details

This is not an immediately obvious pregnancy announcement — until you spot the tiny shoes.

5. Chalk It Up

Grab yourself a chalkboard, draw a heart and an arrow, and you have a fun pregnancy announcement.

6. Onesie Message

A cute onesie and a calendar to show your due date are all you need for this one.

7. Balloon Details

With a balloon for your due date month and another for your stage of pregnancy, this is an information-filled pregnancy announcement.

8. Delicious

Everything is sweeter with a slice of cake. After you’ve taken an announcement photo like this, you get to eat cake. Score.

9. Sweet Photo

Stage a photo full of Valentine’s Day items and slide a framed copy of your ultrasound photo in at the side. See who notices and who doesn’t.

10. Printables

Download an announcement card, add an ultrasound image and, presto, you have a fabulous Valentine’s day pregnancy announcement.

11. Bootie Joy

Have some gorgeous handmade booties shipped to your loved ones. Make sure to put a tag or card in there to avoid confusion.

12. Full of Love

Heart-shaped balloons, baby’s first photos, and a big grin make this a heart-felt Valentine’s pregnancy announcement.

13. Letterboards And Siblings

Announce your pregnancy and bring the siblings in on the action. Add a letter board and you’re done.

14. Sweet Rhymes

A cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement rhyme and a smiling sibling make for a sweet photoshoot.

15. Rose Wall

Reimagine the romantic rose bouquet for a truly unique way to share your news.

16. Candy Call

A candy heart for each family member and the news there’ll be one more results in a simple but powerful Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement.

17. Work It

If Mom or Dad is a firefighter, pose in front of the fire truck for an occupation-inspired announcement.

18. Ultrasound Heart

Make that tiny heart the center of your pregnancy announcement.

19. Greetings

There are many companies that create and post one of these personalized Valentine’s pregnancy announcement ideas. Or, you can make one on your own and save the money for that much-needed nursery.

20. A Little Bit Of Everything

A t-shirt, a onesie, a heart, and a little bit of everything makes for a lovely pregnancy announcement for Valentine’s Day.

21. Big Sister Tells The World

Dress your little one up in a t-shirt such as this and go to visit the relatives.

22. Avalanche Of Hearts

Candy hearts in a heart-shaped dish, draped with foil hearts, with your ultrasound at the center — perfect!

23. Loved Up Twice

A pair of heart onesies means that this pregnancy announcement doubles as a twins-themed one, as well as one for St. Valentine’s Day.

24. Sign Your News

Download and print this touching watercolor sign and add your ultrasound picture.

25. Ruff News

Another letterboard could mean that this pregnancy announcement was similar to others, but a heart balloon and the family dog take it to the next level.

Love To Love You, Baby

What better time to announce to the world that you’re pregnant than on Valentine’s Day? We hope these fun and memorable ideas have inspired you to create your own unique pregnancy announcement.

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