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25 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Twice as Fun

Drop everyone’s jaws with one of these epic twin pregnancy announcement ideas.

Twin pregnancy announcements come in two flavors.

First, there is the “We haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy yet, so this is a pregnancy and twins announcement combo.”

Second is the “We’ve already made our pregnancy announcement and now we’ve found out we’re having twins.”

Whichever way you’re breaking your news, we’re betting we have some twin pregnancy announcement ideas here to inspire you.

25 Unique Ways to Announce a Twin Pregnancy

1. Keyboarding It

A pair of quirky onesies and a strip of ultrasound images tell the world you’re in for twice the fun. You can lay them out and photograph from above, or hold one each and have someone snap a picture of the terrified happy couple.

2. Career Announcement

If mom or dad are police officers, what better pregnancy reveal than one which tells the world there are two in custody? Throw in a couple of escapee onesies and the ultrasound images and you have a unique, funny way of announcing you’re pregnant.

3. Send A Letter (Board)

A simple letterboard announcement can be great for both single and multiple pregnancies. Spell out your news, add some accessories, and be sure to include two of everything!

4. Mix It Up

You can fancy up the letterboard with some twins-themed bodysuits and accessories from your favorite hobbies. The clever slogan is optional!

5. Sweet Sibling Announcement

Bring the other kids on board and have them help announce your pregnancy. It’s especially fun to make light of the fact you planned on these two being the last one.

6. Include The Menu

Need some creative ideas? How about a food theme? Make your twin pregnancy announcement on Taco Tuesday and turn it into Taco TWOsday.

We especially enjoyed the use of the uno, dos, tres, cuatro shirts.

7. Spooky One And Spooky Two

Product Image of the Twin Pregnancy Shirts for Women X-Ray Maternity Twins Tshirt Womens Baby Shower...

If you’re looking for a Halloween pregnancy announcement, how about a spooky skeleton t-shirt?

8. Spell It Out

Spell out your big news with giant balloons. This would work as a word-only twin pregnancy announcement just as well as it works with Mom and Pop in the frame.

9. Batch Baking

Put a twins-twist on the old “bun in the oven” pregnancy announcement with a pair of buns, a pair of cooks, and two strips of pictures.

10. Easy And Enigmatic

The lucky couple’s hands cradling a pair of rubber duckies leads to a simple and clever announcement. If your family and friends are not expecting a pregnancy announcement, this may be a little too mysterious for them to get straight away. But if they’ve been waiting for some news like this, they might just be able to pick up what you’re throwing down.

11. Puppy Power

If you’ve already shared the story of your pregnancy, then using the “plot twist” line is a fabulous way to tell the world you’re having twins. The use of a pair of gorgeous fur babies is optional.

12. Decorative Announcements

For a Christmas announcement, this oh-so-cute tree decoration is a lovely way to share your two-for-one deal.

13. Big Sis Twice Over

Let your little one make your twins pregnancy announcement with a letterboard, an ultrasound image, and a gorgeous beaming smile.

14. Musical Notes

This happy family shows how you can put a musical twist on your pregnancy announcement without having to play a note. Just beware, you should really have your encore before your mic drop!

15. Punch Line

Make the most of that moment of panic when you found out it was twins. Use it in your announcement and get a laugh at your partner’s expense.

16. Extra Boots

Make the “extra pair of tiny shoes” type of pregnancy announcement your own. Use footwear that speaks to who you are and add two pairs.

17. It’s A Sign

Product Image of the Twins On Board Car Sign, Baby on Board Sign Style Suction Cup Car Sign for Twins

Send a photo of you both holding one of these signs to everyone you know to break the news that you have twins on board. If you’re feeling a little mischievous, put the sign in your vehicle before visiting friends or relatives and let them work it out for themselves.

18. If The Letters Work

A creative use of WTF, this announcement makes the most of a surname that has the initial F. Dad’s expression is particularly fun in this photo.

19. Thoughts And Prayers

Another twins pregnancy announcement using a clever slogan and a pair of coordinating onesies.

20. Eating For Three

Set up your pregnancy announcement with a pair of signs telling everyone that Dad is drinking for two and Mom is eating for three.

21. We Waited

If you have been trying to become pregnant for a while, celebrate your twins as a pair of miracles.

22. Photo Perfect

Children are a gift, so your twin pregnancy announcement should include a pair of gifts, right?

23. Make It Clear

Shout it from the hills, hold a string of balloons between you, and throw in a strip of ultrasound photos for good measure.

24. Two Mother’s Day Gifts

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chalkboard twin pregnancy announcement.

25. An Exclusive Premiere

Create a fun movie poster for your pregnancy announcement. If you’ve already made your pregnancy announcement and later discovered you’re having twins, release the poster for “We’re Expecting 2.”

Twice As Nice

The news you’re expecting twins can be exciting and terrifying in equal measure. However, it does also give you the opportunity for a unique pregnancy announcement you’d otherwise never be able to pull off.

Have fun with it, and enjoy the attention that the news of your twin pregnancy will evoke.

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