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25 Best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have an Easter pregnancy announcement.

People are always on the lookout for unique ways to announce their pregnancy. From the cute to the clever, there are endless ways to share your big news. Holidays and special events offer an additional opportunity to use props with a theme, groan-inducing puns, and fun photo poses.

So sit back, relax, and look for inspiration in our 25 favorite Easter pregnancy announcement ideas.

25 Best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. How’s Our Timing?

An egg timer, a cardboard box, and some pretty papercraft are all you need to recreate these Easter pregnancy announcements. Perhaps miniature versions of these would work for table place setting gifts?

2. Special Bunny Delivery

If you have some baby gear and a bunny at home this would be easy to set up. If, like the majority of us, your home doesn’t have bunnies, then some stock photography and photoshop should do the trick.

3. In Our Basket

Dye some hen eggs, write your big news on them, and then lay them in a basket. This is a simple Easter pregnancy announcement that packs a big punch.

4. Lovely Little Lamb

Chicks and bunnies are not the only Easter animals. We mustn’t forget our spring lambs. This pregnancy announcement makes the most of the spring and Easter themes without being too “eggy.”

All you need is a letter board, a toy lamb, some cute booties, and an ultrasound picture, and you’re good to go.

5. Indignity Is Fun

A couple of sets of bunny ears, a chalkboard, and some artistic skills and you have an Easter announcement to tell everyone you’re pregnant. Announcing it this way gets bonus points because it makes use of the four-legged members of the family.

6. An Announcement and a Chocolate Treat

Use the bottom part of a standard plastic Easter egg. Pose for a photo that looks like you are holding a big baby belly.

Print the photos, cut around your outline, and stick the cutouts on the inside back of the egg. Finally, place a chocolate egg so it looks like the photo version of you is holding it. Add a slogan or wait for people to puzzle it out for themselves.

7. Game Of Easter Eggs

This is a stretch for an Easter pregnancy announcement, but I included it because it is eggs. A wooden chest with dragon eggs and a note is all you need.

8. Our Little Basket Of Joy

If you are feeling crafty, you can make the most of your announcement and invoke the power of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets, and glitter.

9. Say It With Sequins

A pretty sequined Easter egg is the perfect accent piece in this fabulously glitzy pregnancy announcement.

10. Twice As Nice

Keep your news on the down-low and then turn up to your family gathering with these tees. Both partners get to share the news in a simple and fun way.

If you’re not visiting this Easter, then snap a photo of you both wearing these and enjoy people’s virtual reactions.

11. Digital Daughter Announcement

You can’t get much simpler than buying a digital file to which you can add your own details.

12. Table Talk

No need to get too fancy, especially if you are hosting Easter dinner. Instead lay a strip of photos and an announcement card out as part of each place setting.

13. Egg-Static

If you want to announce you are pregnant and want to include the rest of the family, how about a chalkboard, some baskets and eggs, and two super cute little fellas like these ones?

14. That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

If you’re a talented baker you could make some pregnancy announcement cookies and shape them like Easter eggs. If not, these can be ordered online and delivered to your home.

15. Double Duty Announcement

Most pregnancies announced at Easter are likely to result in births around Halloween. So why not combine the two with a pumpkin-carved face on your Easter egg?

16. This Won’t Fit In The Basket

Simple home-dyed eggs with a message written in chalk or crayon are a cute way of announcing your pregnancy during an Easter egg hunt. Make sure you snap a photo to share with those who can’t be there in person.

17. A Forever Gift

These pretty Easter pregnancy announcement eggs can be ordered with a custom message inside. Not only do they make a wonderful announcement, but they also serve as a special keepsake.

18. Can’t Go Wrong With Cards

Greetings cards may have been around forever, but there will be only one run of these pregnancy announcement cards. And sending an actual card is so much more personal then posing a photo on social media.

19. Simple Packs A Punch

A big egg for your big news. It may be low key and low tech but that doesn’t mean it will be low impact!

20. News On A Onesie

There are two announcement ideas in one here. You can set up a photo like this one with a onesie, or you can send a onesie to each special person. You could even do both.

Close family members could get a onesie and everyone else could get the follow-up photo.

21. A Pinch Of Everything

Not sure which Easter pregnancy announcement to go for? Squeeze several ideas into one. Headbands on the dog, bunny balloons, ultrasound picks, and some photoshopping!

22. Theme Meets Traditional

The “shoes with the dates on them” pregnancy announcement is popular and this one adds an extra twist. Mom and Dad are also wearing their pregnancy announcement t-shirts.

23. Handmade With Love

Consider making your own handmade baby item, adding a fluffy bunny or lamb accent and sending it to a loved one as your Easter pregnancy announcement. Alternatively, there are many gifted crafters on Etsy who can do this for you.

24. Cutie One Introduces Cutie Two

What could be more adorable than dressing your little one up in Easter finery, adding a chalkboard sign, some bunting, a rabbit, and some eggs?

25. Scratch It And See

Some family members and friends may be puzzled to receive an Easter scratch card, but the message they receive will be unforgettable. These scratch cards can be personalized, leading to an epic announcement.

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Spring Is A Time For New Life

What could be better than having the chance to announce your pregnancy at Easter, a time of new life and new beginnings?

Choose one of our ideas, use elements of these announcements, or create your own. But whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the excitement of your new pregnancy.

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