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25 Aww-Inspiring Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

How to make your Halloween pregnancy announcement the one they talk about for years.

Halloween is a fabulously fun time of year to announce your pregnancy. Many of the more popular pregnancy announcement ideas lend themselves to a spooky twist.

Not only that, but the holiday also provides a unique opportunity to share your news in the weirdest and most wonderful ways.

So, let’s go through the best Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas on the internet.

25 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy This Halloween

1. Double Trouble Pumpkin Pregnancy

Good news — you need only the most basic of pumpkin-carving skills for this fun Halloween pregnancy announcement. Hollow out your mama pumpkin, carve a large heart, and pop a baby pumpkin, or in this case two, inside.

2. It’s Not The Donuts

This cute set-up involves the whole family. Have everyone, except mom, pulling innards out of their pumpkins. Then have the mom-to-be holding a clue to the new pregnancy.

3. A Potter Halloween Announcement

Write your pregnancy announcement on a set of pumpkins. Then, set them out on your favorite spooky or magical books, add a few props, and abracadabra, you have a creative pregnancy announcement.

4. A Surprise Inside

Have fun with your Halloween pregnancy announcement by dressing up. This couple made use of the fact that the dad is a radiologist to create this fun x-ray Halloween costume for two.

5. Hocus Pocus Pregnancy Announcement

If you are a fan of a particular Halloween movie, like Hocus Pocus, you could work it into a pregnancy announcement like this one.

6. Chalk It Up

Chalkboards are a popular way to announce you’re pregnant. This announcement has made the trend unique to the time of year with Halloween colors and a seasonal pun.

7. Oh, Baby

Tell the world about your baby with an announcement t-shirt.

8. Edit For Your News

There are many sellers of digital pregnancy announcements, and it doesn’t take much in the way of skills or knowledge to edit a digital file with your details. You can then use your own tailored image to tell the world.

9. On The Porch

Use your annual Halloween porch-decorating tradition to tell everyone your big secret. If you’re concerned that people might not get the message from your spooky crib, add a letterboard and spell it out for them.

10. Baby’s First Halloween Costume

A simple way to make your pregnancy announcement at Halloween is to wear a skeleton costume that includes your belly baby’s skeleton.

11. Fear Free

Not everyone wants to make a full-on spooky fall announcement. If that’s the case for you, this darling letterboard and pumpkin tell-all could provide the inspiration you need.

12. It Takes A Second

This Halloween pregnancy t-shirt is a great way of announcing your pregnancy, and it also makes for a fun shirt to wear in the months to come.

13. Trying On A New Role

What do you get when you mix Halloween, a pregnancy announcement, and a cutie pie sibling? An adorable way to tell the world you are pregnant.

14. It Takes Two

Product Image of the Rasta Imposta When You are Expecting. Bun Maker & Bun in The Oven Costume Set...

Ensure you bring a smile to everyone’s face when you tell them you have that bun in the oven!

15. Funny But True

Make ‘em laugh with a humorous take on a Halloween pregnancy announcement.

16. News Brews

The addition of a gender-reveal smoke bomb makes this way of announcing your news a big hit. You’ll be announcing the gender in a fun way for those who love witches and potions.

17. Pets Included

This couple utilized funny t-shirts and added their fur babies for a fun announcement.

18. Ultra-Pumpkin

Simple, to the point, and incredibly adorable. A baby pumpkin with an ultrasound image pasted to the front.

19. A Family Affair

With this one, mom, dad, and kiddo wear matching costumes to create a family backdrop for their little pumpkin announcement.

20. Onesie Piece Of News

Product Image of the Halloween Fall Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Onesie Little Pumpkin on the...

Either buy some onesies and send them to your loved ones or share a photo of this Halloween onesie.

21. Lil’ Pumpkin

Your ultrasound image can be used for many different Halloween pregnancy announcements. This one puts your lil’ pumpkin front and center.

22. Hats Off

A little white paint, a fancy chalkboard, and Daddy’s favorite hat. That’s a unique pregnancy announcement that is easy to adapt and make your own.

23. It’s A Sign

You can use a chalkboard or a digital file to recreate this pregnancy announcement.

24. Use The Force (Of Halloween)

Use the chance to dress up as your favorite characters and give the costumes a funny pregnancy announcement twist.

25. Carving Skills

If you have the carving skills, this stork and date combo is an adorable alternative to the other pumpkin ideas on this list.

Sharing Your Treat

Letting everyone know you’ll soon be adding another pumpkin to your patch is a thing of joy and beauty. Make the most of the theme of the season, and you’ll have a fun pregnancy announcement that should cast a smile for years to come.

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