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25 Best Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Blow your family away this Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for creative Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We have 25 show-stopping announcements that are easy to replicate at home.

Some are already popular and some are unique, but all are fun ways to share your big news with the world.

25 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy This Thanksgiving

1. Handmade from the Heart

If you are a creative person, you could take the idea behind this Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement and make a beautiful handmade image to share.

2. Look What We Brewed

Order some personalized labels and put them on some bottles of wine. Give them out as Thanksgiving gifts or set them on the family dinner table for your guests to discover.

3. Winner Winner Turkey Dinner

A scratch card for each guest looks like some simple Thanksgiving fun. But it turns out to be a prize for everyone with these scratch cards that share the big reveal.

4. Low-Tech Adorbs

Make your own little turkey egg and hide one in a gift box. Alternatively, put one at each place setting and see who guesses your news first.

5. Thanksgiving Gatecrasher

How cute are these Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement cards? And who knew the turkey would be upset by the stork crashing its party?

6. Our Gift Is Your Gift

You can use any gift box and cutouts to recreate your own version of this announcement. Crafts are just one of the fun ideas you can use for sharing your big news.

7. T-Shirt Giveaway

Product Image of the It's Your Day Clothing Thanksgiving Womens Maternity Shirt Extra Thankful This...

Announcing your Thanksgiving pregnancy with a t-shirt you can continue to wear for several months afterward is a practical, but cute, choice.

8. A Creative Family Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

Include everyone in your pregnancy reveal with these fabulously funny t-shirts for all family members.

9. Editable Not Edible

If you won’t be spending time with your family this Thanksgiving, you can still share news of your growing family with an editable Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement digital file.

10. Puzzled?

Order some of these little Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement jigsaw puzzles and make everyone work to discover the surprise.

11. A Subtle Nod To Thanksgiving

If a t-shirt with the subtle “Mashed Potatoes For Two” slogan doesn’t get the message across, you can add some ultrasound images and a letter board to make things crystal clear.

12. Pregnancy Pie

A unique way of announcing your pregnancy at Thanksgiving is to bake your news into a pie. Well, put it on a pie dish and then bake a pie. But a warning, it’s difficult to keep the excitement to yourself until the last slice is served up.

13. Easy Does It

Using a chalkboard and a mom with her baby belly is one of the easiest Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas. It’s still an adorable way to tell the world about your pregnancy, though.

14. Turkey In The Oven

Sweet t-shirts are a popular way to reveal your pregnancy and this one is no exception.

15. A Once-In-A-Lifetime Wreath

This announcement has been set out as a flat lay photo. However, it would work equally well as a wreath if you are crafty enough to make it.

16. Photo Trickery

No need to buy lots of props. Use some photoshopping skills instead and create a pregnancy announcement with a Thanksgiving flavor.

17. One(sie) Cute Gift

If you have a small group coming to dinner, why not gift each of them with a carefully packaged Thanksgiving baby onesie to announce your pregnancy?

18. Unique Decor

Have a copy of your ultrasound image embroidered onto one of these unique keepsakes. Not only can you display it on your Thanksgiving table or mantle but it also makes a lovely nursery decoration and keepsake.

19. During The Blessing

The simplest way of making your Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement is to drop the news into the blessing before dinner. But don’t be surprised if the news causes a mid-blessing uproar!

20. Tell It To The Beat

Have your baby’s heartbeat downloaded to a Heartbeat Bear, put it on the table, and sit back to watch everyone’s face.

21. Make A Note Of It

Product Image of the Note Card Cafe Thanksgiving Cards With Kraft Envelopes | 72 Pack | A Bountiful...

Have everyone write down what they are grateful for this year, then swap cards and read each other’s “I’m thankful for…” Spill your big news in your card and soak up the shocked expressions when it is read out loud.

22. Tell At The Table

Sleek and sophisticated, these Thanksgiving blessing table cards are a beautiful way of sharing your most wonderful blessing with the family.

23. Spelling It Out

Letterboards give you the opportunity to personalize your message. And the addition of some seasonal props makes this a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement you can make at home.

24. All Of Your Chickies

Snap a picture of your older child spilling the beans. They can bring the sign to a family dinner and tell all in person. Then you can share the photo with your wider circle of friends and family.

25. Onesie Cute Way To Tell

This photo serves as both a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement and a gender reveal. But, you could use the idea to share as much or as little information as you like.

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Celebrate Your Little Turkey

No matter how you choose to reveal the creation of a new life, it will always be special. Being able to share this with your loved ones at a time like Thanksgiving will make your pregnancy announcement even more memorable.

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