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50 Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

Make your pregnancy reveal a moment your parents will never forget.

Once the news that you are pregnant has sunk in, you’ll no doubt want to share your excitement with the world. And high on most people’s “People I must tell right away or else I’m going to burst” list are the grandparents-to-be.

You’ll only get one chance to break the news of their new status as Grandma and Grandpa, so make the best of it with a memorable reveal.

If you are stuck for ideas, no worries — we’re here to help you out. So sit back, try to relax, and check out our 50 pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents. We’re sure you’ll find something you love.

50 Unique Ways to Announce a Pregnancy to Grandparents

1. That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

A little felt fortune cookie with a personalized message is a pregnancy announcement and a keepsake all rolled into one.

2. Chalk It Up

Create one of these gorgeous little countdown signs and either wrap it up as a gift or hang it up at Grandma’s house and wait for her to notice. What a cute way to announce a pregnancy to your parents.

3. Sign Them Up

Buy your parents an appointment book, add your due date, and then book some babysitting slots. Hand them the datebook, and get them to flick through and discover the news. As far as grandparent pregnancy announcement ideas go, this one is funny because it’s so true — you’ll be relying on their babysitting services quite often.

4. Bootie Message

If your parents are far away, how about having a lovely gift box with handmade booties and a note that tells all?

5. Frame It

Product Image of the Pearhead Distressed Gray Grandparents Picture Frame, 6.75x7.25in, Ultrasound...

What better way to announce your pregnancy by letting your soon-to-be granny have a glimpse of the grandchild through his first sonogram all rolled out in a frame? This is a unique way to break your news.

6. Pop-Tastic News

Product Image of the Sweet Baby Co. Jumbo 36 Inch Baby Gender Reveal Balloon | Big Black Balloons...

If you are waiting until after you know the baby’s gender to make your announcement, why not turn your announcement into a gender reveal? This balloon will do the trick. The color of confetti will let your parents know the gender, too.

7. Not The First?

If this isn’t your parents’ first grandchild, order them one of these signs with the names of all of their grandkids on it. Add “And Baby” as the last panel.

8. Tasty News

Almost too good to eat, order or make some pregnancy announcement cookies and serve them up when your parents come around.

9. A Christmas Gift

For parents who don’t like you to buy them gifts, this baby onesie ticks all the boxes as a unique pregnancy announcement for grandparents.

10. A Winning Scratch Card

Product Image of the 6 Pack - Pregnancy Announcement Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets | 4x6 Authentic...

Everyone’s a winner with this pregnancy announcement card for your mom. Also available for your dad or to both parents.

11. Not So Soothing Soother

Expecting them to be shocked? What better way to tell your parents you’re pregnant under these circumstances than with a not-so soothing soother?

12. Womb With A View

Have your parents look through a retro viewfinder. You can have your own pictures placed into a viewfinder disk and make one of them say, “I’m Having A Baby!”

13. Is Your Parent A Knitter?

If you have a parent who loves to knit, you can buy them the supplies for a cute baby item. Wrap up the supplies along with a pattern and enjoy watching realization creep across their face.

14. Glam-ma

Give your mom this cushion, or if you want the announcement to be more subtle, leave it on the sofa for her to find.

15. Get Prepped

Product Image of the Little Critter: Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

Lay a book like this one on the table for your parents to discover. Tell them you thought they’d like some time to practice reading bedtime stories.

16. Tweet Treat

A sweet little pregnancy announcement gift, this sculpture can be shipped anywhere in the world.

17. Choose Your Name

Give your dad a gift box filled with the different names he already has. Add a couple, such as “grandpa” or “grandpops,” and tell him he has to choose what he wants the baby to call him.

18. You’re Promoted

Let your mom know how special she is and that you think she should be promoted.

19. Subtle Jewelry

If your mom has a more subtle taste in jewelry, how about this morse code message? It spells out Grandma in morse code.

20. Start Me Up

Make your own grandparents’ starter kit and either send it to your parents or send a photo of the kit to them online.

21. Young Gun

Use clothes as your pregnancy announcement. Give your mom a shirt to celebrate her new status — also available for grandpa!

22. Onesie Shot

Wrap up your pregnancy announcement in the shape of a onesie, give it to your parents, and film their faces as they open the gift.

23. An Announcement For Ever

Product Image of the Little Grandbaby Ultrasound Picture Frame/Sonogram Frame, Pregnancy Announcement...

Frame your ultrasound photo in this commemorative frame.

24. M&M And Grandma&Grandpa

Did you know you can order personalized M&M’s? Have Grandma and Grandpa printed on their favorite candy and fill a bowl on the table. How long will it be until they notice the big news?

25. Drink To It

Product Image of the Grandma Gift Insulated Wine Tumbler - 12oz with Steel Straw, BPA Free Lid, and...

Give your mom and dad their own sippy cups so they can drink to their new grandchild.

26. Stepping Stones

Make your own stepping stone immortalizing your parents’ garden as Grandma and/or Grandpa’s garden.

27. Birthday Surprise

If you discover you’re pregnant and one of your parents has a birthday in the next few days, you can give them a piece of Grandma or Grandpa jewelry. Bet nobody else will get them that for their birthday.

28. Creating Memories

Product Image of the The Grandmother Book: A Book About You for Your Grandchild

A grandparent memory journal is a wonderful way to announce your pregnancy to your parents. You can also use it to record stories and family history that your child will be able to treasure forever.

29. Out Of Retirement

Product Image of the Pack of 2 - I'm not retired. I'm a professional grandma - 11OZ ceramic coffee...

Give your parents something they can use to tell the world about your pregnancy. These mugs not only serve as beverage holders, but they’re a way for them to tell their friends and neighbors.

30. Wait For It

Product Image of the 5x8 Vintage Style Sign with Classic Car Saying 'Grandpa's Garage WHAT HAPPENS IN...

Hang a sign in your dad’s garage and wait for him to get the message.

31. Park It

Product Image of the Flagline Worlds Greatest Grandpa Parking Signs

If he doesn’t have a garage, maybe you can hang this sign at your dad’s parking space. This is especially fun if you can go out in the car with him and get someone else to hang the sign while you’re out. Enjoy the confusion and realization on his face when he sees his sign.

32. Congratulations

Product Image of the Congrats You're Going To Be Babysitters Oops We Mean Grandparents Baby...

A fun way to reveal your pregnancy to your parents is with this onesie. Let them know they’ll soon be babysitters AND grandparents.

33. A Slice Of Excitement

This couple produced a unique pregnancy announcement for their parents who owned a pizza restaurant. Think of ways to work your parents’ professions into your own announcement.

34. Fishing For Smiles

If you have a fisherman in the family, buy them a special hook with which to announce your pregnancy.

35. Bragging Rights

Product Image of the The Grandparent Gift Co. First Grandson Brag Book - Faux Suede Photo Album for...

Too often we have photos on devices we never look at. Create a hard copy photo album for the grandparents-to-be and place your baby’s ultrasound image on the first page.

36. Countdown To Fun

Make one of these cute countdown block calendars. Set it up on your parents’ mantle or a shelf and don’t forget to keep glancing at it to ensure they notice.

37. Special Delivery

Arrange for the stork to deliver the news that you’re having a baby. These “Special Delivery” bags come filled with Grandma and Grandpa goodies, or you can make your own.

38. A Twist On A Theme

You can bring sweet treats to the family gathering and paste a note on the inside of the lid about your soon-to-be big belly.

39. Grandma’s Mug

Invite your mom over for a coffee and make a drink in this mug. On second thought, if you’re using this idea, better make it an iced coffee in case she drops the cup in shock.

40. Funky-Tee

I have a friend who bought one of these t-shirts and made her mom put it on with her eyes closed. Then she led her mom into a room filled with family and waited for everyone else’s reaction before letting her mom open her eyes.

41. Noteworthy

Slip a card such as this one between the other birthday cards and give your mom or pop a special surprise gift.

42. Image Pending

Product Image of the When a Grandchild is Born Frame - Gift for New Grandma or to-Be-Grandma

Give a Grandma or Grandpa frame with a note that says, “Photo on the way in…” and fill out how long it will be until your baby is born.

43. Cute Mug Part 3

Product Image of the 5Aup Mothers Day Gifts Grandma Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug Christmas Gifts,...

If the other mugs on the list don’t do it for you, perhaps this is the one to present to your mom or dad as your pregnancy announcement.

44. Near And Far

Product Image of the Grandma Quote Long Distance Mug, States and Countries, Personalize the Name On...

If you can’t be close together, send a gift such as this. You could ask your mom or dad not to open up their parcel until you are all on a video chat. Let them open it up and enjoy their joy.

45. Make It

Make a sign to celebrate your parent’s existing grandparent status and add an extra spot for their grandbaby-to-be.

46. A Slice Of Joy

Bake a cake and ice it with the words Grandma, Grandpa, or both, and serve it up as your pregnancy announcement.

47. Tree Decor

Product Image of the The Grandparent Gift Co. Ultrasound Christmas Ornament, Clear, 3 1/2' 5' (3056)

If you’re announcing your pregnancy to your parents during the holidays, make a decoration using your ultrasound image and hang it on the tree.

48. Christmas Is Coming

Alternatively, if your baby is due at Christmas, Thanksgiving, or another occasion when the family would get together, set up a letterboard with a message like this one.

49. Paws For Effect

Let your mom or dad know you’ve made a human baby to go with your fur babies. Extra points if you can have your pet deliver this t-shirt to the grandparents to be.

50. A Simple Message

Throw on a t-shirt like this one, stop by for a coffee, and enjoy the look on your parents’ faces when they read the message.

Whatever You Do

However you decide to break the big news to your parents, it’s likely they will be thrilled. Getting to tell them they’re going to be grandparents won’t happen often so enjoy yourself with it.

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