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50 Adorable Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Make your pregnancy announcement extra special by involving your older child with these creative sibling announcement ideas.

Announcing a new addition to the family is an exciting time, especially when you’re including a soon-to-be big brother or sister in the reveal.

Involving your older child in the pregnancy announcement can make it even more special.

We’ve put together this list to inspire you and provide creative ideas for sibling pregnancy announcements that are both fun and heartwarming.

50 Pregnancy Announcements With a Future Big Sibling

1. Promotion From Only Child

What could be better than putting your only child’s new “big sibling” status front and center?

2. Here We Go Again

Product Image of the Olive Loves Apple Big Sister Again Bow Sibling Reveal Birth Announcement Shirts...

For the older siblings who are pros at this baby game, these Big Sister/Brother AGAIN t-shirts are great fun.

3. Planning For Fun

Let your child decide what kind of buddy their sibling is going to be.

4. Hugging Both

If your little one is still too young to actively join in, you can still have a cute sibling pregnancy announcement by hugging them and a strip of ultrasound images.

5. More Trouble For Mom And Dad

This unique announcement gives a fun twist for a sibling who is full of mischief.

6. Seasonal Siblings

Product Image of the Personalized Easter Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement Paper Art Print |...

Make the most of any special seasons or holidays for your sibling announcement ideas. This one focuses on Easter, but you can find similar posters for spring, fall, Thanksgiving, and more.

7. The Absent Sibling

This unique way of breaking the news includes the middle child who was lost during the parent’s last pregnancy.

8. A Drip Drip Drip Of Information

This adorable announcement makes the most of a simple sign, a strip of pictures, and an adorable sibling.

9. We Must Be Quackers

Giving a creative twist to a common figure of speech makes this a unique sibling pregnancy announcement.

10. A Simple Smile

A sister-to-be in a sister sweatshirt and a beaming smile works with or without an ultrasound strip.

11. Big Brother Gift Set

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Share a photo of you and your son wearing a cape and mask. Announcing your big news with this product creates a great memory and gives you a fun activity that will last with the additional Big Brothers are Superheroes book.

12. Siblings Implied

The first three children may not physically be in this photo but their presence makes this pregnancy announcement work.

13. Pretty Boot Camp

If you have a sibling with a nurturing nature, set up a darling sibling-in-training boot camp like this. Snap your pics and share to announce your pregnancy.

14. Chalk And Ice-Cream

Give your little one a treat, write-up a slogan on a chalkboard, and voila — one of the cutest sibling pregnancy announcement ideas.

15. Excitement Shines

This stylish photoshoot showcases both the new pregnancy and the sibling-to-be’s excitement.

16. Book It

Product Image of the I Am a Big Brother (Caroline Jayne Church)

Have your child read a book such as this, take a photo, and share your big news.

17. Hanging Out

Fur baby, human baby, and your newest bundle of joy all get to appear in this one-of-a-kind way of breaking your news.

18. Sweet Dreams

Sleep is no barrier to this sibling pregnancy announcement that gives a nod to the coming lack of shut-eye.

19. Wish List

This announcement can be personalized to suit your child’s interests. They’ll be so excited to share their favorite activities with their new sibling.

20. Fab Fam

Include the siblings and make them the reason you’re going for another round of midnight feeds and diapers.

21. Too Cute For Words

Make your kids the stars of your pregnancy announcement and the butt of your joke at the same time. It’s a win-win.

22. Nothing Else To Say

How awesome is this set of t-shirts? Mic drop! Loved ones can offer congratulations on your big news and the stellar sibling pregnancy announcement.

23. Terrific Trio

Three kids, three chalkboards, and one fantastic baby announcement.

24. Very Happy New Year

Welcome the New Year by sharing your good news. Kiddos, party hats, and a happy message are all you need.

25. Trike To Be Filled

Ready for their new playmate, this sibling sits on their trike, but you could replicate this announcement with any pair of toys.

26. Beau-Tee-ful

Product Image of the Sibling shirts set of 4 4th pregnancy announcement matching shirts for kids

Big family? No problem. The great thing about this tee-shirt set is you can buy as many as you need.

27. Bigger Table Needed

This kind of announcement would also work with the kids around the table and an additional place setting for the baby.

28. Furry Sibs

Don’t forget your fur babies when you’re thinking of sibling pregnancy announcements. You can also hang signs on your existing children.

29. The Mix

This fun way of sharing your news puts a fresh twist on the “bun in the oven” line.

30. Numbers Game

Make this pregnancy announcement idea your own. Maybe you could have your little ones decorate their numbers and hang them above their heads on a wall.

31. Signs

Anyone can create an announcement with their children having fun at the park and the parents holding up the big news.

32. Tippy Toes

A lap, a pair of adorable baby feet, and a letterboard come together to create a touching announcement.

33. Toy Story

Spell out the message with your kiddo’s favorite toys and have them lay among them. Add an ultrasound and you have a photo-worthy way of breaking the news.

34. Work It

Some like to work their career and their kids into their announcement. If you can manage it, this is an excellent way to tell everyone.

35. Ready For A Second

Try having mom and sibling in matching outfits and a big pic of baby number two.

36. Role Prep

This achingly cute “lesson in big brotherness” has to be one of the most unique we’ve seen.

37. Bad Luck Dad

Gain a child, lose a car. It happens to the best of us, so why not turn the situation into a funny pregnancy announcement?

38. A Long Time Coming

If you’ve all been waiting a long time for number two — use that fact to personalize your announcement.

39. Run Away

Give a humorous twist to your announcement and create a scene where the brother-to-be isn’t so happy.

40. Grumpy Pants

This is in the same vein as the last sibling pregnancy announcement, but make their displeasure crystal clear — as long as they’re only joking!

41. Everyone’s A Winner

It doesn’t have to be a one-one situation. Create a tie-breaker announcement for any even girl/boy split.

42. Short ‘n Sweet

There’s no need to complicate things, sometimes less is more, and that’s why this way of announcing you’re pregnant again works so well.

43. Balloon Signs

Set up a fun family photo, then add balloons to the side to spell out your news.

44. Prego Twist

How about a twist on the old Prego sauce pregnancy announcement? Make it your own by cooking up a sibling, or having the siblings cook together.

45. Drive It Home

Partner-in-crime, wingman, sidekick, whichever kind of sign you choose, it’ll work with a cute sibling.

46. Waiting For Dinner

Easy to recreate at any table, this “reserved for a playmate” sign tells the entire story. You could also reflect your child’s interests by putting a similar sign in any play situation.

47. Movin’ On Out

Evictions are never easy. Make the most of this one to create a fun pregnancy announcement.

48. Onesie Fun

Make your point with your kiddos holding a super cute onesie between them. Bonus points if you can work in some fun characters.

49. A Perfect Gift

This one does double duty as a sibling and Christmas pregnancy announcement.

50. All Ages

Use everyone’s age as the centerpiece of your announcement. You could chalk it on the floor, make signs to hold, paint it on the windows — anything you want. Get creative and make this idea unique to you.

Enjoy Your Expanding Family

Bringing your other children onboard for sibling pregnancy announcement ideas is a fun way of letting them know that their role may be changing but it doesn’t mean they are any less loved. Your children will all have an equal place in your heart.

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