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Sophie Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Sophie including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Sophie Overview

  • Meaning: Sophie means “wisdom,” “knowledge,” or “intellect.”
  • Gender: The name is predominantly female.
  • Origin: Sophie is the French diminutive of the Greek name “Sophia.”
  • Pronunciation: “SOW-fee.”
  • Popularity: Sophie is a very popular name and held the 76th spot in 2021 in the United States.
  • Nicknames: Fee, Phia, Safia, Soph, Sophy.
  • Variations: Safia, Sofia, Sonja,Sopvo, Žofie.
  • Namesakes: Sophie Braslau, Sophie Germain, Sophie Pemberton, Sophie Turner, Sophie Wilson.

What Does Sophie Mean?

The name Sophie means ‘Wisdom.’ This has been the case since approximately the time of Homer.

But because of its close association with the root word “Sophos,” it can also mean “cunning” or “intelligent.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Sophie?

Sophie comes from “Sophia,” the Greek word for wisdom.

In particular, the name Sophie is the French variation on the Greek “Sophia,” which means “wisdom” or “knowledge.”

Sophie is also the French diminutive of “Sophia.” Because the French borrowed the name from Greek, the meaning of the name does not change.

How Popular Is the Name Sophie?

Sophie is a very popular name in the United States and ranked number 76 in 2021 (1).

Historically, the name Sophie was always popular, though the degree of which has varied. In 2000, it was somewhat popular, but still 160 out of the top 200 girls’ names.

Since then, it’s risen steadily in the rankings. Typically, Sophie moves upwards by ten to 20 places a year. However, in 2015, it dipped in popularity and hovered slightly below the 100th most popular girls’ name until 2018, when it became 98th.

How Do I Pronounce Sophie?

You pronounce the name Sophie as “SOW-fee.”

However, this is primarily true of English-language pronunciations of Sophie. In many other languages, including the original Greek, it’s the second syllable that gets emphasized.

Is Sophie a Boy or Girl Name?

Sophie is a female name that is popular with young girls. This may be because, in Greek, the noun Sophie derives from is feminine.

Variations of Sophie

The popularity of Sophie as a name means that there are several variations, both linguistically and in terms of spelling. Among the most frequently seen include:

  • Safia (Arabic)
  • Sofia (Dutch, Finnish, French, Scottish, Welsh)
  • Soffia (Icelandic)
  • Soffie (Danish, German, Swedish)
  • Sofiya (Bulgarian, Ukrainian)
  • Sonja (Croatian, Faroese, Icelandic, Serbian)
  • Sonia (English, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Sopvo (Armenian)
  • Zofia (Polish)
  • Žofie (Czech)

Nicknames for Sophie

Many people think that because Sophie is short for “Sophia,” there isn’t a lot you can do with it when choosing a nickname. However, there are plenty of fun, playful ways to shorten Sophie, such as:

  • Fia
  • Fifi
  • Pia
  • Phia
  • Posy
  • Saffie
  • Sassy
  • Sia
  • Soph
  • Sophy
  • Snowpea
  • Tophie

Similar Names to Sophie

There are also many names similar to Sophie, both in meaning and origin. The most popular of these include:

Middle Names for Sophie

One of the reasons Sophie remains a parental favorite is because it’s an adaptable name that pairs well with all kinds of middle names, like:

Sibling Names for Sophie

When looking for a sibling name, you might want to consider the following to match a baby Sophie:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Sophie

History is rife with Sophies. The name has a long and storied association with several monarchies. But it isn’t a name reserved for the aristocracy, and history is full of wise, intelligent people named Sophie who left their mark on the world, such as:

  • Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst: Later, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.
  • Sophie Braslau: American contralto.
  • Sophie Germain: French mathematician.
  • Sophie Dora Spicer Maude: English writer.
  • Sophie Mannerheim: Finnish nurse.
  • Sophie Pemberton: Canadian painter.
  • Sophie Turner: British actress noted for her role in “Game of Throne.”
  • Sophie Wilson: British computer scientist.

Sophie in Popular Culture

Another reason for the enduring popularity of the name Sophie is its prevalence in popular culture. Among the fiction world’s best-known Sophies are:

  • Sophie: Protagonist of Roald Dahl’s “The BFG.”
  • Sophie Burton: Character in the British television soap opera “Hollyoaks.”
  • Sophie Devereaux: Character in TV series “Leverage.”
  • Sophie von Faninal: Character in Richard Strauss’s opera “Der Rosenkavalier.”
  • Sophie Hatter: Character in “Howl’s Moving Castle,” by Diana Wynne-Jones.
  • Sophie Simpson: Character in the TV soap opera “Home and Away.”
  • Sophie Webster: Character in British soap opera “Coronation Street.”
  • Sophie Zawistowska: Eponymous protagonist of novel and film “Sophie’s Choice.”

Sophie FAQs

Here are other questions many people ask about the name Sophie.

What Colors Are Associated With the Name Sophie?

The name Sophie has links to black, violet, and blue, along with amethyst. So, if you’re wondering what to paint your baby’s nursery, consider these hues for an environment perfect for a little Sophie.

Who Is Sophie in the Bible?

Although the name Sophie has Biblical associations, there is no one named Sophie in the Bible. Instead, ‘Sophie’ appears in the Bible as the concept of or incarnation of Wisdom.

Is Sophie Considered an Old-Fashioned Name?

The name Sophie first appeared in the fourth century CE. Ever since it has enjoyed popularity as a girls’ name.

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