Medela Freestyle vs Pump In Style: Which Is Better for You?

Medela is one of the baby gear companies that has earned a trusted reputation with moms, and for good reason. Medela is constantly coming out with products designed to make moms’ lives a little easier. Its products can help moms successfully overcome the hurdles that can accompany breastfeeding.

But when you have more than one option for which breast pump to buy, it can be tricky to know which way to go. This review will help you decide the dilemma of which pump to pick out of Medela freestyle vs pump in style.

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    Side By Side Comparison

    Medela FreestyleMedela PIS
    PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
    Our Rating4.254.4
    Warranty1 Year1 Year
    Weight5.2 Pounds7 Pounds
    AC AdapterIncludedIncluded
    BatteriesRechargable L-Ion (Included)8AA (Not Included)
    Car AdapterSold SeparatelySold Separately
    Pump TypeDouble ElectricDouble Electric
    Bag OptionsCarry Bag IncludedOn-the-go Tote, Backback, Metro Bag™Sold Seperately
    Bottles4 Included4 Included
    CoolerIncluded (Holds 4)Included (Holds 4)
    PlasticBPA FreeBPA Free
    PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


    Medela Freestyle Features

    • Can pump hands free when used with the Easy Expression bustier.
    • Backlit digital display that also has a timer and a memory button.
    • Two sizes of breast shields for moms who don’t fit that standard ones that are included in the Pump In Style.

    What The Freestyle Does Better

    The Freestyle is lighter to carry around

    Moms who are returning to work may prefer this pump taking it into the office an easy task. It you don’t want to take it in its carrying case, you can stick it in a Ziplock bag in your purse, and no one will even know it’s there.

    Learn More
    Medela freestyle breast pump reviewMedela Freestyle Review (2020 Edition) - Is It Worth The Price Tag?

    It’s quieter than the Pump In Style

    This can can make a big difference in an office setting. For moms who still feel embarrassment over pumping, or at least don’t want to draw attention to it at work, this can be a good solution.

    It has a digital display with a memory function, timer and backlight

    It has a hands-free option

    Moms who are extraordinarily busy may prefer that this pump allows them to get more work done at the house while they are pumping. With the correct specialty bra, you should be able to do dishes, vacuum, pay bills or anything else you need to do while you are taking care of your baby’s nutritional needs.


    Medela Pump In Style Features

    • Built-in bottle holders to avoid spills.
    • Contoured ice pack to fit around bottles in the included cooler bag.
    • One touch letdown button that lets your body know to release breast milk.
    • Easy-to-operate knob for finding perfect settings.

    What The Pump In Style Does Better

    It seems to do a more thorough job of expressing milk

    Women who are worried about protecting the output of their milk supply may want to go with the Pump In Style. The suction tends to be better which leads to more milk overall.

    It's less expensive

    If you don’t have medical insurance to cover the cost of the pump, that could be a huge benefit for you.

    It's easy to use

    While the LCD features of the Freestyle are nice to have, for the less technologically inclined moms out there like myself, the Pump in Style is a lot easier to figure out.

    Which Is Right For You?

    Despite its higher price, the Freestyle tends to be the more well rounded pump between these two.

    Having said that, both are powerful pumps and if you are serious about expressing milk, either would be a sound investment. You’ll be saving money by not buying baby formula, and you’ll be giving your baby her best start in life.

    To summarize, I find that each of these pumps is best for the following situation:

    • Moms on the go should consider checking out the more portable Freestyle pump.
    • Moms who will be homebound more may like the additional suction power of the Pump In Style.

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