Ameda Purely Yours vs Medela Pump In Style: Which Is Better?

Companies are lining up to torture your breasts and help you feed your baby. There’s so many choices when it comes to which breast pump you should purchase, and some of them are super cheap compared to others.

Trust me, you don’t want to entrust your breasts to a cheap pump. That’s asking for trouble. You should look at trusted, reputable breast pump brands.

If you’re considering some of the top brands, you’ll want to read this Ameda vs Medela breast pump review.

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    Side By Side Comparison

    Ameda Purely YoursMedela PIS
    PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
    Our Rating3.754.4
    Warranty1 Year1 Year
    Weight5.9 Pounds7 Pounds
    AC AdapterIncludedIncluded
    Batteries6AA (Not Included)8AA (Not Included)
    Car AdapterSold SeparatelySold Separately
    Pump TypeDouble ElectricDouble Electric
    Bag OptionsCarry ToteOn-the-go Tote, Backback, Metro Bag™Sold Seperately
    Bottles4 Included4 Included
    CoolerBuilt-in (2)Included (Holds 4)
    PlasticBPA FreeBPA Free
    PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

    Ameda’s Purely Yours Features

    • Lightweight design – motor is only one pound.
    • Dual hygiene-kit collection system for your breast milk.
    • Doesn’t use DEHP, a chemical compound some moms want to avoid.
    • Built in battery pack.
    • Closed system.
    • FDA approved to keep outside air and milk separated.

    What it does Better than the Pump In Style

    The Price

    The price is usually quite different between these two units. Having and raising children is expensive, and there’s a seemingly never-ending list of things to buy. Moms who are watching their budgets will want to consider the Ameda pump instead of the much more expensive Medela pump.

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    The Weight & Builkiness

    Moms who don’t want to feel like they are pumping iron when they cart around their breast pump will prefer the Ameda pump kit, which is almost 3 pounds lighter than the Medela pump. As moms, we cart around so much equipment as it is. Sometimes you don’t want to add to it with a bulky, heavy breast pump.

    When I took my first vacation as a new mother, my child needed more suitcases than I did. People probably thought I was a total diva walking into that hotel, having to drag a cart behind me with all my suitcases. Believe me, the lighter a new mom can pack, the better off she is.

    Medela Pump In Style Features

    • Comes in three bag styles – tote, backpack or Metro bag.
    • Two-phase expression technology, which helps express milk in less time at certain settings.
    • Built-in pump for the tote and backpack.
    • Removable pump for the Metro bag.
    • FDA approved to keep outside air and milk separated.

    What The Pump In Style Does Better

    Pumping power

    Moms who are looking for a heavier duty option should consider the Medela Pump In Style. The Pump In Style was meant to be used multiple times a day. The Ameda pump is better for women who aren’t pumping as frequently as that because its suction does tend to lessen with heavy usage.

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    More thorough milk expression

    Women who are worried that they don’t have enough milk stockpiled may want to choose the Medela pump. It seems to do a more thorough job of expressing milk. An extra ounce may not seem like a big deal, but if you are going through the trouble of pumping breastmilk, every ounce counts.

    It’s not a fun process to sit while your breasts are being uncomfortably handled – the only thing that makes it better is seeing the milk flowing into the storage containers. It’s a real morale booster to see them filling up quicker.

    Which Is Right For You?

    The choice you’re making to breastfeed your child is commendable, and it may help your baby’s long-term health. But pumping isn’t always easy. Finding a pump that works well for you is crucial to your success.

    These are both decent pumps, but choosing one over the other requires you to look at your individual situation.

    • If money is no object and you’ll be pumping like a woman on a mission several times a day, you should consider the more expensive and heavier duty Medela pump.
    • If you are watching your funds, and you want a lightweight pump that does a good job for the money you paid, you may want to go for the Ameda pump.

    No matter which pump you choose, congratulations on your new baby and treasure the precious moments you are about to have. Welcome to the wonderful, wild adventure of motherhood.

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