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Evangeline Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Evangeline including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Evangeline Overview

  • Meaning: Evangeline means “bringer of good news” in Greek.
  • Gender: Evangeline is traditionally a female name.
  • Origin: Evangeline originates from the Greek “good” or “eu” and “tidings” or “angelma.”
  • Pronunciation: “eh-VAN-jeh-leen”
  • Popularity: Evangeline is only mildly popular in the United States, ranking around #237 in recent years.
  • Nicknames: Evie, Eva, Ava, Gina, Lina, Angel, Angelina.
  • Variations: Eva, Eve, Evangelia, Evangelina, Evangelos, Vangie.
  • Namesakes: Evangeline Lily, Evangeline Adams, Evangeline Atwood, Evangeline Walton Ensley, Evangeline Cory Booth, Evangeline Marrs Whipple.

What Does Evangeline Mean?

The name Evangeline comes from the Greek meaning “bearer of good news” or “messenger of good news.” A variation, “evangelium,” was later used in Latin to mean “gospel” and is from the Greek “good” or “eu” and “tidings” or “angelma” (1).

What is the Origin of the Name Evangeline?

The name Evangeline has primarily Greek origins and was later introduced into English in the mid-1800s when Henry Wadsworth Longfellow used it in his poem Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie.

How Popular is the Name Evangeline?

Evangeline is not the most popular name, but it did go through a period of heightened popularity after Longfellow used the name in the title of his poem. In recent years, the name has ranked #237 in popularity in the United States, and in 2021, there were around 1,200 children born whose parents named them Evangeline (2).

Evangeline has also enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years. Parents have increasingly chosen the name for their children since the early 2000s, and in 2006, the name ranked #598.

There are a few variations of the name but the traditional version, Evangeline, is by far the most popular. It offers a feeling of uniqueness and inspires numerous, more common-sounding nicknames.

How Do I Pronounce Evangeline?

The name Evangeline is pronounced “eh-VAN-jeh-leen.” It is not pronounced like “Evange-line.” Instead, the emphasis is on the “van” part of the name.

Is Evangeline a Boy or Girl Name?

The name Evangeline is usually considered to be a girl’s name. Throughout the history of the name, there are no notable instances of the name used for a male baby or a male character in literature, TV, or film. That being said, it’s not impossible to use this name, or any other name, in an untraditional manner.

Variations of Evangeline

There are a few variations of the name Evangeline, including male variations if you want to change the name slightly for a male child.

  • Engie (Greek)
  • Eva (Hebrew)
  • Eve (Latin)
  • Evangelia (Greek)
  • Evangelina (Greek)
  • Evangelos (Greek)
  • Vangie (Greek)

Nicknames for Evangeline

Picking a great nickname for your baby can be difficult. If you like the name Evangeline, here are a few of the best nicknames to give her:

  • Angela
  • Angel
  • Angie
  • E
  • Eva
  • Evan
  • Eve
  • Evie
  • Lina
  • Van
  • Vana
  • Vangie

Similar Names to Evangeline

Evangeline is an interesting and unique name, but it may not be exactly what you want. Here are a few choices if you want a similar name to give your baby:

Middle Names for Evangeline

Picking a great middle name for your baby is nearly as important as their first name. Evangeline is a unique name, so you may want to choose some equally interesting or a name that’s slightly more common to balance your baby’s first name. Here are some options that pair well with Evangeline:

Sibling Names for Evangeline

If you have a child named Evangeline and need a name for their sibling, here are a few options that go well together:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Evangeline

Throughout the history of the name Evangeline, a few notable figures had the first name. They were mostly authors and activists. A few famous Evangelines include:

  • Evangeline Adams: American astrologer born in 1868. She is remembered for her astrology consulting business in New York City and her books, including Astrology: Your Place in the Sun.
  • Evangeline Atwood: American historian and activist. She is best known for co-founding numerous organizations like the Alaska World Affairs Council and the Cook Inlet Historical Society.
  • Evangeline Barongo: Ugandan author who is known for her children’s literature. She is a founding member of the Uganda Children’s Writers and Illustrators Association.
  • Evangeline Cory Booth: British Salvation Army General who was the first woman to hold that post. Her original name was Eva Cory Booth, and she was born in 1865.
  • Evangeline Walton Ensley: American author, best known for her fantasy fiction, including The Cross and the Sword and Witch House.
  • Evangeline Lily: Canadian actress, best known for her roles in “Ant-Man” and “The Hobbit.”
  • Evangeline Marrs Whipple: American theologian who is remembered for her humanitarian work in Europe during World War I.

Evangeline in Popular Culture

Although the name Evangeline isn’t very commonly used in popular culture, there are a few important examples:

  • Evangeline: Also known as Evening Star from Disney’s 2009 film The Princess and the Frog.
  • Evangeline: A character from the 2005 film Nanny McPhee played by Kelly Macdonald.
  • Evangeline Bellefontaine: The main character in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Evangeline: A Tale of Arcadie, published in 1847 and responsible for popularizing the name.

Evangeline FAQs

What is the Male Version of Evangeline?

There are a few different possible male versions of Evangeline. The most popular is “Evangelos.”

Is Evangeline an Old Name?

Although Evangeline isn’t very popular today, it isn’t necessarily an old name. More than 1,000 baby girls were named Evangeline in recent years. The name is becoming more popular as parents seek out unusual names for their children.

That being said, most people who acquired some degree of fame with the name were born in the mid-1800s, so the name does have a historic, older feeling.

Is the Name Evangeline in the Bible?

The name Evangeline is not in the Bible. But, in Latin, it means “gospel,” so it is considered by some to be religious in nature (3).

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