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Alina Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Alina including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Alina Overview

  • Meaning: Alina means “light” and “nobility.”
  • Gender: Alina is typically a name given to females.
  • Origin: Alina is of European descent. The exact origin is unknown.
  • Pronunciation: “Ah-LEE-Nah.”
  • Popularity: Alina currently ranks in the top 150 names for female babies in the US.
  • Nicknames: Allie, Ally, Al, Lina, Nina.
  • Variations: Adele, Adelina, Alena, Alenna, Alinna, Alyna, Alynna.
  • Namesakes: Alina Smith, Alina Cho, Alena Martinovská.

What Does Alina Mean?

Alina means “light.” This name derives from the similar names Adelina and Alena. Adelina carries the meaning of “nobility.”

The origin of the name Alina is European. Many European individuals from across the continent, especially from North, Central, and Eastern Europe give the name to their children (1).

How Popular Is the Name Alina?

Alina is a popular name. In the United States, it currently ranks in the top 150 for female babies. This number is well up from where it was at the turn of the century. In 2000, Alina came in at number 466.

Beyond the US, Alina is a top-10 name in Switzerland and a top-50 name in Finland, Norway, Germany, and Austria. It is well-used throughout the world (2).

How Do I Pronounce Alina?

Pronounce Alena,” Ah-LEE-Nah.” The emphasis is on the middle component, rather than the final one.

Is Alina a Boy or Girl Name?

The name is most commonly given to girls. There are similar names for males such as Ali,” Alex,” or Allistair,” but the similar-sounding names for boys are of different origins.

Variations of Alina

Each region that the name Alina traveled to made a mark on it. Some of the many known variations include:

  • Adele (French)
  • Adelina (Romanian)
  • Alena (Slavic languages)
  • Alenna (Slavic languages)
  • Alina (Arabic, Romanian)
  • Alinna (Slavic languages)
  • Alyna (Slavic languages)
  • Alynna (Slavic languages)

Nicknames for Alina

There are also as many nicknames you can come up with to go along with Alina.” Some of the best ones are:

  • Allie
  • Ally
  • Al
  • Lina
  • Nina

Similar Names to Alina

There are also plenty of names you can use instead of Alina.” Some have similar sounds, or alliteration with it, while others just have the same feel. Let’s take a look at the ones we like:

Middle Names for Alina

Alina is a name that pairs well with many great names. It’s hard to find many that don’t sound good as a middle name. The best middle name options for Alina include:

Sibling Names for Alina

We’ve got you covered if you already have a child named Alina or are just thinking ahead for sibling names. Some options for either gender include:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Alina

Dozens of famous people answer to the name Alina.” They have a range of talents that made them famous as well, from writing and acting to politics. Let’s look at a few Alinas” and why they’re famous!

  • Alina Baraz: An American singer known for her debut album It Was Devine.
  • Alina Cho: American television correspondent and host at CNN and NBC.
  • Alina Dikhtiar: Ukrainian pair skater and Olympic silver medalist.
  • Alina Orlova: Lithuanian sung poetry singer and musician.
  • Alena Martinovská: A Czech actress, best known for her role in the movie “Komedianti.”
  • Alina Somova: A Russian ballet dancer.
  • Alina Smith: Russian-American musician, songwriter, and producer of pop music.
  • Alina Tugend: American author, reporter, and public person.

Alina in Popular Culture

There are also plenty of Alinas” that made their way into pop culture as characters in films and television programs. Some of the most recognizable are (3):

  • Alena”: Title of the Czech film from 1947.
  • Alena”: The title of the Swedish graphic novel and the film that it was based on made in 2015.
  • Alena Encantadia: A fictional character who possessed the “Gem of Water” in several television programs in the Philippines.
  • Alina Fomicheva: The main character from the mobile app video game “Escape From Chernobyl.”
  • Alina Gray: The primary bad guy from the video game “Magia Record.”
  • Alina Pop: A character in the British soap opera “Coronation Street.”
  • Alina Starkov: The main character from Leigh Bardugo’s book series Shadow and Bone, as well as its Netflix adaptation.
  • Alena Vorshevsky: A character from “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

Alina FAQs

Is Alina a Rare Name for English Speakers?

Alina is not a common name in English-speaking countries. Despite its popularity in North, Eastern, and Central Europe, it tends to be popular in places that speak Slavic languages.

There are benefits to this though: Alina is recognizable, but not overdone in Judeo-Christian communities. Therefore, it’s a great choice for a unique baby name.

Is Alina a Beautiful Name?

Yes, Alina is without a doubt one of the most beautiful names in the world. As a testament, you can look at how far it traveled to get to this webpage alone. It has even made its way down to the Afrikaans language, where it is commonly shortened to Lina.

Is Alina a Biblical Name?

Yes, Alina has biblical significance as well. It is a Hebrew name for women and carries the meaning “fair,” “noble,” “light,” and “beautiful.”

What Is the Personality of Someone With the Name Alina?

Alina has a personality that is forward-moving. It never stays still and is always looking for the next thing to learn or do. Girls called Alina lead and can stay focused on the goal at hand.

When things get tough, Alina remains calm and uses her intuition to guide her out. She doesn’t like to deal with the minutiae of daily activities but works on big things.

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