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260 Famous Tiger Names: That Say Roar

Prepare to pounce on these cool tiger names for the most ferocious beasts and big cats who love to purr.

Tigers are one of the most distinguished wild animals. When looking for the best tiger names, you might not know how many choices are out there. From geographical influences to famous namesakes, names for tigers have much to offer.

Go on safari to find some of the coolest tiger names, whether you have an actual tiger or a tiny version you call your pet. You’ll find easy-to-navigate categories to help you reach the best name for all kinds of strong tigers.

92 Traditional Unisex Tiger Names

There’s no denying the popularity behind these robust tiger names for your favorite wild beast.

  1. Adira – means “strong,” “mighty,” and “majestic” in Hebrew and can also appear as Aadira.
  2. Akera – is “the lone wolf” in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  3. Aladar – a dinosaur character appearing in the 2000 Disney film Dinosaur.
  4. Alice – a nickname for Adelais, meaning “noble family” or “of the noble sort.”
  5. Ariel – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “lion of God” for a tiger who thinks big.
  6. Aslanmeans “lion” in Turkish and is a title for Turkish emperors in the Middle Ages.
  7. Athena – one of many mythical tiger names for the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
  8. Aurora – the personification of the Roman goddess of the dawn. Also, the princess in Sleeping Beauty.
  9. Axel – means “father of peace” in German and is the Danish form of Absalom.
  10. Bagheera – an Indian name meaning “tiger-like” for your favorite badass tiger mascot.
  11. Baloo – the “sleepy brown bear” in The Jungle Book, from the Hindu word for “bear.”
  12. Bella – a short form of names ending in “-bella,” meaning beautiful.
  13. Blanca – means “white” in French and describes the Bengal tigers, which originated in India.
  14. Bone – from the Middle English “bone” – a body’s “bone” that’s tough as nails for your pet tiger.
  15. Bruce – from the Gaelic word for “woods” or “thicket,” where tigers are often found.
  16. Carl – a Germanic name meaning “free man” that sounds as cuddly as a baby tiger.
  17. Catrina – a version of Catherine, from the Greek “katharos,” meaning “pure.”
  18. Charlie – if Charlie is good enough for Tiger Woods’ son, it can work for all tigers!
  19. Clifford – an English surname meaning “cliffside ford” that’s not just for big red dogs.
  20. Daniel – a biblical character who was victorious in the lion’s den (hopefully, no tigers).
  21. Drake – from the Old Norse “draki,” meaning dragon, to inspire great things in tigers.
  22. Durga – the Hindu goddess whose lion or tiger called Dawon protects her.
  23. Dylan – a Welsh name meaning “son of the sea” for tigers who might like a swim.
  24. Ella – the Spanish word for “she” or “her” when a girl tiger demands something feminine.
  25. Elsa – based on the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning “God is my oath.”
  26. Elvis – from the Old Norse Alviss, meaning “all-wise” for tigers who love rock n’ roll.
  27. Eva – means “bird-like” in Latin, while some tigers prefer to be sweet and small.
  28. Felice – symbolizes “luck” via the Latin “felix” for a tiger cub promising great things.
  29. Felicia – means “fortunate” and “happy” for the happiest lady tiger in the land.
  30. Felix – one of several names for tigers, meaning “good luck” when they need some.
  31. Fran – short for Francis/es, meaning “free man,” for female or male tiger names.
  32. Frederick – the English version of the German Friedrich, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  33. Garfield – an Old English surname meaning “spear field” or “triangular field.”
  34. Hailey – means “hay meadow” in English, “hero” in Norse, and “wise one” in Irish.
  35. Hatari – an African-Tanzanian way to say “danger” in case a tiger approaches.
  36. Hathi – an elephant name in The Jungle Book taken from “hāthī,” meaning “elephant” in Hindi.
  37. Honey – the famous golden color appearing in lions and tigers, meaning “sweetness.”
  38. Jackson – the Malayan tiger’s scientific name is “jacksoni,” to honor conservationist Peter Jackson.
  39. Jagger – means “carter” or “one who cuts” in Old English, depending on the tiger in question.
  40. Jasmine – inspired by Rajah, Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin, which means “king” or “prince” in Sanskrit.
  41. Java – an Indonesian island known for a now-extinct tiger, along with the Bali and Sumatran tigers.
  42. Jerry – a diminutive for Gerald, meaning “spear,” influenced by Jerry Garcia’s famous tiger guitar.
  43. Khaa – an Indian-Marathi name for a “musket” used “near a beast, which a tiger has killed.”
  44. Kiara – an Irish female form of Ciarán, meaning “dark one” for darker tigers.
  45. Kip – means “pointed hill,” a funny nickname in honor of The Jungle Book’s Rudyard Kipling.
  46. Lana – a Slavic short form of Svetlana, meaning “shining” and “blessed.”
  47. Leif – from the Old Norse “leifr,” meaning “descendent” or “heir.”
  48. Leo – a Greek word for “lion” that works just as well for tigers.
  49. Lizzy – one of many cute nicknames for Elizabeth and a tiger in Numberfanagram, an animated series.
  50. Malcolm – comes from the Gaelic Maol Chaluim, meaning “the devotee of St. Columba.”
  51. Matilda – derived from the Germanic Mahthildis, meaning “mighty in battle” for strong tigers.
  52. Medusa – one of three Gorgons in Greek mythology to inspire the most ferocious female tiger names.
  53. Meetumeans “sweet” for Hindi girls for the nicest girl tigers around.
  54. Moana – the Polynesian sea God and a character in one of Walt Disney’s animated movies.
  55. Mowgli – the famous title character for Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  56. Nala – means “lion” in African cultures and is Simba’s cartoon friend in The Lion King.
  57. Narasimha – an Indian title for the Hindu god Vishnu in the form of a lion-man.
  58. Nika – means “good” and “chosen” in Persian, inspired by Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.
  59. Numa – means “law” and “custom” in Latin and is mostly used in South Asia.
  60. Obed – means “worshiper” in Hebrew and is a Nigerian kicker for the Clemson Tigers.
  61. Pearl – an iconic gemstone name perfect for a bright white snow leopard to show off.
  62. Phillip – means “lover of horses” in Greek, but is as common for tigers and lions.
  63. Raja – a royal Sanskrit title for a king and the name of Jasmine’s tiger in Aladdin.
  64. Raksha – the name for a female wolf in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  65. Randy – a unisex nickname for Randall or Randolph, meaning “shield” and “wolf.”
  66. River – the Tigris River means “swift river” and runs from Turkey to Iraq.
  67. Saber – a well-known name for a Saber Tooth tiger who once roamed North America.
  68. Samantha – a female version of Samuel, meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  69. Sanchez – a Spanish surname based on “sancho,” meaning “holy” or “sacred.”
  70. Sandra – a pet name for Alexandra, meaning “protector of humanity” among noble nicknames for tigers.
  71. Shere Khan – a Persian, Punjabi, and Hindi two-word phrase meaning “tiger king.”
  72. Simba – means “lion strength” in Swahili, which tigers also have in droves.
  73. Sissy – a diminutive of Cecilia that also means “sister,” but the “cowardly” meaning won’t be necessary.
  74. Sparkle – means “glistens in the light” when a tiger’s strong glare looks your way.
  75. Teddy – short for Theodore, meaning “wealthy protector” and linked with tigers as cute as teddy bears.
  76. Theresa – from the Greek “therizein,” meaning “to harvest,” for autumnal names meaning tiger.
  77. Thompson – a formal surname based on Thomas, meaning “twin” – when two tigers are better than one.
  78. Tigre – taken from the Old English “tigras” and the French word for “tiger.”
  79. Tigress – a female tiger or a woman known for her bravery, courage, and fierceness.
  80. Toby – the cutest of tiger names on the list based on Tobias, meaning “God is good.”
  81. Tom – means “twin” and belonged to three Bengal Tiger mascots of the Memphis Tigers.
  82. Tony – the well-known cartoon spokesperson Tony the Tiger, representing Frosted Flakes cereal.
  83. Ursula – though Scandinavian for “little she-bear,” Ursula is strong enough for tigers.
  84. Venus – the Roman goddess of love and beauty, will do nicely for a beautiful tiger girl.
  85. Wendy – means “friend” in English for your best big cat friend to enjoy.
  86. Wilson – an English surname meaning “son of William” for a tiger whose dad is Will.
  87. Yacoub – the Arabic form of Jacob, meaning “supplanter,” for an old-world tiger boy.
  88. Yulip – the name of a girl’s loyal tiger in a Japanese anime series.
  89. Zack – short for the Hebrew Zachariah, meaning “pure” or “innocent” for a well-behaved tiger.
  90. Zara – taken from the Arabic Zahrah, meaning “blooming flower” to fit a tigress queen.
  91. Zarafa – the Arabic word for “giraffe,” to give an offbeat name to your tall tiger.
  92. Zena – a Russian name associated with the Greek god Zeus for the lady tiger in charge.

81 Adorable Unisex Nicknames for Tigers

Focus on cuteness with these pet names for tigers with a soft side.

  1. Alaska – a cold-weather moniker to honor the Bengal tigers that love snow and cold.
  2. Angel – means “messenger of God” in Greek, which works for the sweetest tigers around.
  3. Ash – based on the Hebrew Asher, meaning “happy,” and the name of an Ash Tiger sneaker.
  4. Autumn – derived from the Latin “autumnus,” meaning “harvest time,” for tigers who play in the leaves.
  5. Baby – the English word for “infant” that fits a tiger cub with growing to do.
  6. Babydoll – is a combination of your tiger baby and a precious doll with big teeth.
  7. Bandit – a gender-neutral name meaning “thief” when tigers like to steal.
  8. Beans – comes from the Middle English “bēne,” meaning “friendly” and “amiable.”
  9. Blanca – the Spanish word for “white,” perfect for a Bengal or snow tiger.
  10. Blazemeans “fire” or “flame” in Latin, a badass example among names for tigers.
  11. Blizzard – derived from the Middle English “iblescede,” meaning “fortunate” – ideal for snowy tigers.
  12. Blondie – means “caressing” and “light hair” when your tiger is a yellow or white variety.
  13. Boo – is similar to the French “beau,” meaning “sweetheart,” that can scare whoever meets a tiger.
  14. Bubbles – mostly a girl’s nickname meaning “precious,” reserved for good girl tigers.
  15. Bunny – a nickname for a “little rabbit” to confuse a big tiger into being a cutie.
  16. Buttercup – an antiquated girl’s name meaning “yellow wildflower” when your tiger is golden.
  17. Cat-nine – is related to the Egyptian and Celtic idea that cats have nine lives.
  18. Champ – a short form of the English “champion,” meaning “warrior” and “free man.”
  19. Chazzy – a cutesy diminutive form of Charles, meaning “free man” for a wild and free beast.
  20. Chi – a unisex Vietnamese name meaning “twig” or tree branch” tigers can reach towards.
  21. Cloudy – related to the “clouds” and works best when a tiger is puffy and white.
  22. Coco – a form of “cocoa,” meaning “chocolate bean” in French, for not-quite-black tigers.
  23. Daisy – means “day’s eye” in Old English and is the main character in the book Tiger Ways.
  24. Dumpling – a tasty filled pocket of dough and a chubby tiger nickname.
  25. Fang – a Chinese surname meaning “four-sided,” honoring the powerful tooth of a tiger.
  26. Fendi – the Italian fashion house, the only animal print needed is already built into tigers.
  27. Fluffy – a beloved pet name and one of the endearing nicknames for tigers.
  28. Frosty – snow tigers will appreciate Frosty as an homage to Tony the Tiger’s Frosted Flakes.
  29. Hairy – a very literal nickname for a tiger who needs a good brush.
  30. Houdini – why not name your favorite big cat after the world’s most famous magician?
  31. Hunter – an English surname for those who “hunt for a living” like tigers.
  32. Icy Paws – a cool cat name for tigers whose paws sink into the snow.
  33. Jinx – a Latin name meaning “spell” or “charm” that tigers have in their mesmerizing stare.
  34. Kenzie – a unisex diminutive for Mackenzie, meaning “pleasant to look at.”
  35. Kitt – the most adorable short form of Christopher, meaning “Christ-bearer,” made for cats.
  36. Kush – means “yoke of a plough” in Hindi and speaks to the tigers found in India.
  37. Ladybug – called “lady beetles” after the Virgin Mary and is a darling name for a lady tiger.
  38. Little Paws – the ironic choice of calling a tiger Little Paws makes them their own spirit animal.
  39. Marmalade – a Portuguese word for “quince” or “marmelo” that honors the tiger’s magnificent color.
  40. Mercy – makes good use of this Puritan name for girls when a benevolent tiger is near.
  41. Mimi – a French nickname for Miriam, Emilia, or Naomi when your tiger feels precious.
  42. Mojo – means “lucky charm” or “talisman” for a particularly blessed tiger.
  43. Muffin – based on the French “moufflet,” meaning “soft,” to mirror the tiger’s smooth coat.
  44. Munchkin – known as anything “small and endearing,” Munchkin makes any tiger a cub.
  45. Nibblet – an Old Middle English surname meaning “nose”- as endearing as names meaning tiger get.
  46. Nimi – a diminutive inspired by The Nemean lion in Greek mythology who lived at Nemea.
  47. Ninja – when a tiger is as stealthy as a Japanese ninja would be when hunting.
  48. Ozzy – a tiger belonging to Michael The Tiger Man, a South African YouTuber.
  49. Pal – means “small,” “protector,” and “keeper” in Latin to cover all the bases.
  50. Papaya – inspired by the tropical fruit with markings similar to an orange tiger.
  51. Pawline – a tiger-approved spelling of the common French Pauline, meaning “small.”
  52. Pokey – a horse character from the cartoon Gumby and Pokey, fit for any tiger.
  53. Pounce – means “to swoop suddenly to catch prey,” which a tiger does best!
  54. Pride – a pride of lions is more common than for tigers, but Pride is purrfect for your tiger.
  55. Prince – whether a royal “king’s son” or the purple-loving musician, Prince has elegance.
  56. Pumpkin – for tigers born in the fall, Pumpkin is the best orange lover’s name out there.
  57. Purrfect – a big cat take on “perfect,” from the Latin “perficere,” meaning a “completed action.”
  58. Rainy – from the Middle English “reini,” for tigers who like walks in between the raindrops.
  59. Rascal – based on the Old French “rascaille,” meaning “outcast,” when your tiger is a loner.
  60. Rocky – means “rock” or “rest” in Italian, inspired by the iconic Rocky Balboa for fighting tigers.
  61. Siberian – the name for tigers who call Russia, China, and Siberia home.
  62. Smokey – a cool name for the rarely-sighted tigers with gray and black stripes.
  63. Snowball – another darling name for tigers who live in snowy environments.
  64. Snow White – when a female Bengal tiger is as pure as snow, only Snow White fits.
  65. Snowy – a diminutive for “snow,” based on the Old English “snaw” for white tigers.
  66. Snuffles – an offbeat version of the oversized Sesame Street character, Snuffleupagus.
  67. Sparkle – means “to throw out sparks” when tigers make their energy well known.
  68. Stay Puft – a comedic take on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.
  69. Stripey – named for the famous stripes you’ll see on most tigers worldwide.
  70. Sugarbelly – any tiger can be a big baby when named Sugarbelly (when he wants a rub)!
  71. Sunset – a unisex choice among female or male tiger names for the warm colors at dusk.
  72. Tabby – a way to describe the same stripes that appear on tigers and domestic cats.
  73. Taffy – a popular name for tigers appearing in children’s animated books and movies.
  74. Tigerman – a song by Elvis Presley to honor the beast in all of us.
  75. Tigger – the iconic tiger from Winnie the Pooh, whose moods change with his stripes.
  76. Timber – known for Timber the Tiger, a 1990s Mario video game character.
  77. Tuff – an edgy variation of the word “tough,” which most tigers naturally are.
  78. Wilder – means “untamed” and “wild” for the tiger who can’t be domesticated.
  79. Winnie – an homage to Tigger’s friend Winnie the Pooh when tigers are more like bears.
  80. Winter – means “time of water” in Old German and is alluring among female tiger names.
  81. Woody – a tiger named Woody feels somewhat related to the great golfer Tiger Woods.

87 Unusual Tiger Names for Boys and Girls

Think outside the box for a set of unique tiger names that really roars.

  1. Aloha – means “breath of life” as a Hawaiian greeting for tigers with sunset colors.
  2. Amur – another name for the Siberian tiger inspired by the Amur River in Russia.
  3. Asad – an Arabic word for “lion” to bring old-world charm to a fellow beast.
  4. Asia – a cool way to honor the area of the world with a big lion population.
  5. Azrael – a popular name given to multiple characters in DC Comics, meaning “helped by God.”
  6. Babur – the Persian word for “tiger” or “panther” and one of many multi-language tiger names.
  7. Bandit – means “outlaw” as the Italian “bandito,” when a tiger runs his own show.
  8. Bangladesh – the Bengal tiger is the proud national animal of Bangladesh.
  9. Bartosz – a fun nickname for the Polish version of Bartholemew, meaning “furrowed.”
  10. Bhutan – a country famous for conserving its population of Bengal tigers.
  11. Blade – doesn’t sound like its origins as the Old English “blæd,” meaning “leaf.”
  12. Blaze – the best of color-focused names for tigers, representing their orange shades.
  13. Butch – short for the occupation of “butcher” and best known for outlaws in tiger form.
  14. Caesar – when only the Roman royal title inspired by the most famous emperor fits your tiger.
  15. Chilly – a Siberian tiger living in a cold environment might appreciate this name.
  16. Clawdia – a tiger-happy form of the Latin girl’s name Claudia, meaning “enclosure.”
  17. Crystal – based on the Greek “krystallos,” meaning “ice,” for tigers living in the cold.
  18. Cybil – a form of the Greek Sybil, meaning “soothsayer,” for tigers who wish they were sabertooth.
  19. Dawson – an early English nickname for David used to mean “son of David.”
  20. Elektra – means “bright one,” based on the Greek folklore character.
  21. Fritz – a sweet German pet name for tigers named Frederick or Frederich.
  22. Galaxy – from the Greek “galaxias,” for the Milky Way in the center of the solar system.
  23. Gizmo – a perfect ode to the 1980s gremlin character who shouldn’t get wet.
  24. Gunner – a strong German version of Gunther, meaning “battle” or “warrior.”
  25. Hobbs – one of the sweetest nicknames for tigers named Robert or Robin.
  26. Ice – a tiger named Ice must live in the Siberian forest and not fear winter.
  27. India – a tribute to the land with 75% of the world’s tiger population in 2023.
  28. Indy – short for India or Indiana and known for the Indy 500 race.
  29. Javan – a type of Panthera tiger now extinct on the island of Java.
  30. Jing – a Chinese name meaning “peaceful” and “tranquil” for sleeping tigers.
  31. Jupiter – another name for the Roman god Jove, equivalent to Zeus in Greek myth.
  32. Kaida – a Japanese girl’s name meaning “little dragon” to add more spice to female tiger names.
  33. Kailua – a Hawaiian name meaning “two seas,” although you’ll only find tiger sharks in Hawaii.
  34. Kaplony – a Hungarian version of the Turkish Kaplan, one of the oldest names meaning tiger.
  35. Kimono – part of a traditional Japanese set of clothes to bring some tiger style.
  36. King – a Chinese boy’s name meant for male tiger names with royal bloodlines.
  37. Kion – means “warrior” in Irish, inspired by the tiger’s great ability to hunt.
  38. Koda – a cute nickname for the Native American Dakota, meaning “little bear.”
  39. Kovu – is a character in The Lion King series and means “scar.”
  40. Ladybird – another name for ladybugs based on the Latin phrase for The Virgin Mary.
  41. Lao – a Chinese name meaning “consoling and rewarding,” depending on your tiger’s mood.
  42. Lotus – derives from the Greek “lotus flower,” a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism.
  43. Mala – a Buddhist rosary, often made with Tiger’s Eye stone, a symbol of courage.
  44. Maverick – an “independent man who avoids conformity,” just as good for a tiger.
  45. Montana – based on the Latin “montanea,” meaning “mountain,” for tigers who love climbing.
  46. Myanmar – a country known for its population of Bengal and Panthera tigers.
  47. Nepal – named after the Hindu sage Ne and the first nation to double its tiger population.
  48. Nero – an infamous name for Rome’s notorious emperor that means “strong.”
  49. Nimbus – taken from the Latin “nimbus,” meaning “cloud,” of a “sacred” kind.
  50. Nimer – based on the Lebanese-Arabic male personal name Nimr, meaning “tiger.”
  51. Nikita – a perfect Russian unisex tiger name meaning “unconquered” and “victor.”
  52. Nitro – short for nitrogen and a popular name for wrestlers and tigers.
  53. Nuka – a Greenland-based name meaning “younger sibling of the same gender.”
  54. Osiris – the Egyptian god of the underworld whose name means “mighty.”
  55. Pawla – a tiger-ready alternative to the Latin Paula, meaning “small” and “humble.”
  56. Puss in Boots – inspired by the fairy tale about a cunning cat for smart tigers.
  57. Ranger – means “get into line,” based on the Old French “rangier,” when tigers lead the way.
  58. Rikki-Tikki Tavi – a mongoose in a short story in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  59. Rokku – refers to “rock music” in Japanese when tigers crave the limelight.
  60. Saber Tooth – an extinct tiger species known for its massive canine teeth.
  61. Sablemeans “black” in Slavic in honor of the blackest tigers who roam.
  62. Sapphire – a deep blue gemstone famous for the Tomahawk Tiger sapphire in Australia.
  63. Shiro – a Japanese word meaning “samurai” or “gentleman,” depending on which a tiger chooses.
  64. Shiva – a Hindu god whose name means “pure” for tigers at the center of the universe.
  65. Starlight – refers to the “light from the stars,” shining as bright as a tiger’s glare.
  66. Sumatran – a tiger species who are the only ones left in the Sunda Islands of Indonesia.
  67. Sunda – a type of tiger known as the Sunda Island tiger of Indonesia.
  68. Tabaqui – the jackal character and sidekick to Shere Khan in The Jungle Book.
  69. Tarzan – a character who lived among the tigers in the jungle. His name means “white skin.”
  70. Tasmin – an Arabic female diminutive of Thomas inspired by the extinct Tasmanian tiger.
  71. Tesla – a Slavic name meaning “harvester” and the inspiration for a Japanese “tiger Tesla” car.
  72. Thai – means “free man” in the language of Thailand, where some tigers remain.
  73. Thailand – a country meaning “land of the free,” with a small population of tigers.
  74. Thor – the ancient Norse god of thunder and a mythical name for tough tigers.
  75. Tigerlily – a bright orange flower with black markings said to look like a tiger.
  76. Tigre – the Spanish and French word for a female tiger and a jaguar.
  77. Topaz – a dark, golden-colored gemstone, representing wealth and prosperity.
  78. Tora – the Japanese word for “tiger,” along with the female version of the Norse god Thor.
  79. Tramp – means “to walk with heavy footsteps” in Middle English, which a tiger loves to do.
  80. Vice – from the Latin “vitium,” meaning “failing” or “defect,” associated with viciousness.
  81. Vikram – a Hindi boy’s name meaning “valorous,” to mirror the bravery of the tiger.
  82. Vitani – means “demon of war” and is a character in The Lion King: Simba’s Pride.
  83. Vixey – a sassy diminutive of “vixen,” referring to a female fox.
  84. Whitey – a vintage-inspired nickname for a tiger made up of white markings.
  85. Wolf – a great name for a tiger, honoring one of the other awesome animal species.
  86. Yang – when two tigers make up the “light” and the “dark,” one can be called “yang.”
  87. Zira – means “moonlight” and is the female leader of the Outsiders in The Lion King.

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