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130 Awesome Dwarf Names: From Fantasy and Fiction

These powerful dwarf names highlight their warrior spirits and hearts of gold!

Let’s dive into the magical world of dwarf names, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re seeking cool made-up dwarven names or those inspired by renowned characters from DnD, WoW, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, Pathfinder, and Warhammer, you’re in for a treat!

These dwarvish names capture what makes these legendary creatures special – their amazing craftsmanship, incredible strength, and love for adventure. Whether you’re a storyteller crafting a fantasy world or a gamer selecting a character name, these dwarf names are bound to spark your imagination.

57 Badass Male Dwarf Names

Let’s explore some awesome male dwarf names, exhibiting strength, craftsmanship, and inspiring character.

  1. Alrik – a traditional, old-fashioned dwarf king in Warhammer.
  2. Aradun – a fantastic name for Ironforge Dwarves in World of Warcraft (WoW).
  3. Axegrinder – this dwarf always has an “ax to grind” with his enemies.
  4. Balin – a brave, wise dwarf who aids Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.
  5. Bashful – Snow White’s shy dwarf, always blushing.
  6. Belegar – in Warhammer, the dwarf leader of the Angrund clan.
  7. Belnar – one of the coolest dwarf names from DnD.
  8. Bofur – the cheerful dwarf companion of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, who loves to sing.
  9. Cragstone – resilient and rugged, this dwarf feels at home climbing mountain peaks.
  10. Dizzyhammer – always on the move; Dizzyhammer is a whirlwind of fun.
  11. Doc – is the wise leader of Snow White’s seven dwarfs.
  12. Dondar – a strong choice for Wildhammer Dwarves in WoW.
  13. Dopey – is Snow White’s youngest and most endearing dwarf.
  14. Driftstone – a dwarf with a wanderlust spirit.
  15. Durin – the Father of the Dwarves in The Hobbit.
  16. Fili – a caring, protective dwarf and brother of Kili from The Hobbit.
  17. Garrim – a name for Ironforge Dwarves in WoW.
  18. Gilrigg – one of DnD’s most popular male dwarf names.
  19. Gimlet – a playful and spirited option among dwarf names, like the cocktail.
  20. Gimli – a famous dwarf known for his loyalty and humor in Lord of the Rings (LOTR).
  21. Glintaxe – for a dwarf who loves shiny things and excels in battle.
  22. Goldbeard – wise and wealthy, Goldbeard is a dwarf who treasures wisdom.
  23. Gotrek – a powerful dwarf warrior and king from Warhammer.
  24. Grimm – the youngest dwarf to become a Master Engineer in Warhammer.
  25. Grombrindal – in Warhammer, this is a legendary white-bearded dwarf.
  26. Grumpy – in Snow White, Grumpy has a gruff exterior but a heart of gold.
  27. Happy – the cheerful dwarf from Snow White, radiating joy wherever he goes.
  28. Harrim – a companion dwarf in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
  29. Hoggle – quirky and memorable, like the goblin dwarf from Labyrinth.
  30. Ironforge – strong and unyielding, Ironforge is resilient and determined.
  31. Josef – the legendary master brewer dwarf in Warhammer.
  32. Kazdun – this elegant title suits a Wildhammer Dwarf in WoW.
  33. Kegworth – jovial and hearty, Kegworth is the life of the party.
  34. Kili – an adventurous, youthful dwarf from The Hobbit.
  35. Kurgan – in Warhammer, this dwarven king made treaties, growing his clan’s prosperity and strength.
  36. Malakai – a master dwarf engineer in Warhammer.
  37. Mithril – a robust name linked to J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional silver-like metal.
  38. Moradin – the 20-foot-tall god of the dwarves in Pathfinder.
  39. Ori – inspired by the dwarf Ori from The Hobbit.
  40. Pipeweed – enjoys simple pleasures and relaxing moments, much like hobbits do!
  41. Rumblebeard – this dwarf has a deep voice, like thunder rolling in the sky.
  42. Rustylocks – a mischievous red-headed dwarf with a witty personality.
  43. Sleepy – the lovable dwarf in Snow White who’s constantly falling asleep.
  44. Sneezy – despite his allergies, Sneezy maintains a cheerful attitude in Snow White’s company.
  45. Snorri – the first high king of the dwarves in Warhammer.
  46. Stonefoot – feet as tough as stone, ready to face any challenge.
  47. Stonehewer – a creative dwarf who shapes stone into works of art.
  48. Thorin – the leader of the Company of Dwarves from The Hobbit.
  49. Thrain – a dwarf descendant of Durin the Deathless in Lord of the Rings (LOTR).
  50. Thudrick – one of the best dwarf names for a character who’s lively and full of fun.
  51. Thundertop – a badass dwarf who’s as strong as a thunderstorm.
  52. Tumblestone – conjures images of rocky adventures and daring escapades.
  53. Ungrim – a badass option among our male dwarf names, associated with a slayer dwarf in Warhammer.
  54. Varric – a dwarf with a sharp wit and legendary storytelling abilities in Dragon Age.
  55. Whiskers – this dwarf’s well-groomed beard is his biggest prize.
  56. Yobbish – a funny option among dwarven names, for a dwarf with a hearty appetite.
  57. Zorken – a humorous and whimsical name for a playful dwarf.

41 Female Dwarf Names

These fabulous female dwarf names are the perfect blend of elegance and strength!

  1. Adelina – a skilled blacksmith with a fiery spirit.
  2. Ailiel – unafraid to venture into the most dangerous caverns to search for hidden treasures.
  3. Aithina – concocts powerful potions and elixirs that aid her fellow dwarves.
  4. Amara – a fearless warrior, equally skilled with a hammer or sword.
  5. Angritha – perfect for a master brewer dwarf who crafts the finest ales in the land.
  6. Arinna – is among the best female dwarf names for an adventurous explorer, constantly seeking hidden treasures.
  7. Bargina – renowned for her ability to forge weapons and armor of exceptional quality.
  8. Bruni – well-suited for a jovial storyteller with a love for ancient lore.
  9. Chise – this cute name is perfect for a female Ironforge Dwarf in WoW.
  10. Dagna – a brilliant inventor, constantly creating ingenious contraptions.
  11. Disa – the mother of Fili and Kili in adaptations of Lord of the Rings.
  12. Dora – the stoic guardian of her clan’s ancestral tombs.
  13. Drisella – a talented fighter whose ax never misses its mark.
  14. Elira – the clan historian, preserving dwarven traditions.
  15. Frerinna – perfect for a skilled dwarf geologist mapping the depths of the earth.
  16. Furga – tough and persistent, Furga will conquer any hill or obstacle to obtain victory.
  17. Gilda – a talented rune-caster, inscribing powerful spells.
  18. Glorora – wields her battle ax with unmatched precision.
  19. Helge – is among the best female dwarf names for a character in WoW.
  20. Hilda – a master stonemason, crafting intricate sculptures.
  21. Imli – short yet strong, Imli is perfect for an Ironforge Dwarf in WoW.
  22. Ingrida – the clan’s master of traps, defending against intruders.
  23. Ironfist – a surname or given name for a dwarf from a family of blacksmiths.
  24. Jorunna – a shrewd trader known for her excellent business skills.
  25. Karissa – an expert jeweler, adorning her kin with beautiful gems.
  26. Katnora – this elegant female dwarf name is perfect for a character in DnD.
  27. Kella – in WoW, this is a lovely choice for a female Wildhammer Dwarf.
  28. Maela – a courageous dwarf knight wielding a mighty warhammer.
  29. Meda – perfect for a dwarf queen in a fantasy novel who leads with wisdom and strength.
  30. Moira – in WoW, Moira is a female dwarf and empress of the Dark Iron clan.
  31. Nilda – a skilled tracker, navigating the wilderness with ease.
  32. Orinda – a cunning spy, gathering intelligence for her clan.
  33. Ragnhild – the clan’s historian, preserving tales of their heroes.
  34. Ramila – dedicates her life to sharing the rich lore of her dwarf clan.
  35. Rhiara – is one of the most badass female dwarf names from WoW.
  36. Runa – a talented musician, enchanting all with her songs.
  37. Senica – poetic and lyrical, Senica is a lovely choice for a Wildhammer Dwarf in DnD.
  38. Sigrunna – a fierce warrior, leading her clan into battle.
  39. Thogriel – creates weapons and artifacts with magical properties.
  40. Yiva – one of the best dwarvish names for a sharp-witted merchant.
  41. Zelna – a cunning tactician, devising clever battle strategies.

32 Unisex Dwarvish Names

These unisex dwarf names prove that gender knows no bounds in fantasy!

  1. Balin – suitable for dwarves known for their bravery and wise advice.
  2. Brynn – ideal for dwarves who overcome great challenges.
  3. Bumbleflint – known for accidentally starting small fires.
  4. Clankers – this dwarf’s armor makes too much noise, alerting the enemies every time.
  5. Dagmar – carries an air of authority and leadership for dwarves who command respect.
  6. Draven – a strong and commanding name for dwarf leaders.
  7. Durrak – a cool and versatile option among dwarven names, perfect for a dark-haired warrior.
  8. Elira – imbued with a deep sense of history and tradition.
  9. Ember – reflecting fiery determination and passion.
  10. Faelan – associated with mysticism, perfect for a dwarf master of dark magic.
  11. Finnian – is among the best dwarf names for an adventurous character who loves uncovering new realms.
  12. Fumblefingers – a funny name for dwarves who break everything they touch.
  13. Garnet – inspired by the gemstone for a dwarf who is a skilled jeweler.
  14. Gemstone – sparkling with charm, just like the precious jewels it represents.
  15. Gobsmacker – known for telling outrageous stories that leave his audience gobsmacked.
  16. Grumblebelly – a dwarf whose stomach is as loud as his complaints.
  17. Haldor – commonly adopted by dwarves with a knack for inventing.
  18. Keldan – a tough name for dwarves who can withstand the harshest conditions.
  19. Linden – inspired by the resilient and enduring qualities of Linden trees.
  20. Malin – this name evokes a sense of craftsmanship and artistry, perfect for a creative dwarf.
  21. Nugnug – lighthearted and fun, perfect for a dwarf who enjoys a good laugh.
  22. Onyx – inspired by precious stones, suitable for dwarves who love mining and gems.
  23. Snickersnack – always armed with a comically oversized weapon, Snickersnack’s foes are in for a surprise.
  24. Stalagmite – represents mysterious beauty, reminiscent of underground caverns.
  25. Stumblestone – turns even epic fantasy battles into comedic spectacles.
  26. Sylvaar – unique and mysterious, Sylvaar is great at uncovering secrets.
  27. Thistle – chosen for dwarves who appreciate the beauty of nature.
  28. Thordis – fitting for dwarves who come from prestigious and influential lineages.
  29. Thrain – an ancestral option among dwarf names for a character of noble lineage.
  30. Torin – evokes a sense of honor and duty, perfect for loyal dwarves.
  31. Vaelis – a master of ancient dwarven runes, unlocking their secrets.
  32. Wynn – ideal for dwarves with a cheerful disposition.

Dwarf Names FAQs

How Do You Make a Good Dwarf Name?

Creating great dwarf names is all about understanding what dwarves love. Think about what makes dwarves special: they really enjoy mining, crafting, and fighting with swords and axes.

Mix up sounds to make the name fun and different while showing your dwarf character’s unique personality. Don’t forget to add humor or creativity to make your dwarf names stand out in the fantasy world.

For example, for a dwarf who likes mining and ale, you could go with “Stonepick Brewbeard” or “Orebelly Alequaffer” to showcase both sides of the character’s personality.

What Is a Good Male Dwarf Name?

Good male dwarf names capture the essence of dwarf culture, emphasizing traits like ruggedness, craftsmanship, and resilience.

Examples of good male dwarf names include “Sylvaar Stonehammer,” “Onyx Ironforge,” “Balin Steelbeard,” “Vaelis Fireforge,” and “Kazdun Hammerfist.” These names reflect the strength and character often associated with male dwarves in the fantasy realm.

You can also choose names of dwarves from your favorite fantasy movies and games, such as Lord of the Rings, DnD, or Dragon Age.

What Are Dwarven Leaders Called?

In fantasy movies and games, dwarf leaders often hold the titles of “kings” or “lords.” Consider characters like Thorin Oakenshield, the king in The Hobbit, or King Magni Bronzebeard from World of Warcraft.

These dwarf names indicate they’re the big shots responsible for leading their fellow dwarves and their kingdoms to glory. Other less common titles for dwarven leaders include Hammerthane, Thane, and Forgelord.

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