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133 Awesome Orc Names: for WoW, DnD, and More

Unearth the perfect orc names for your epic adventures with our naming guide!

Are you looking for awesome orc names for your fantasy adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re exploring the realms of DnD, WoW, Pathfinder, or crafting your own epic, we’ve got a treasure trove of orcish names waiting for you to explore.

These names for orcs are fierce, funny, and frightening, just like the orcs themselves, ensuring you’ll find the perfect title for your orc character. Let the naming adventure begin!

33 Strong Female Orc Names

Here are some powerful female orc names, perfect for an orc warrior or mage.

  1. Atrarim – carries a sense of tradition and honor, ideal for a half-orc with a strong moral code.
  2. Azrash – a female orc warrior known for her skill with dual weapons.
  3. Borgakh – in Skyrim, this is the daughter of Chief Larak, known for her strong heart.
  4. Bula the Boulder – her nickname comes from her habit of throwing boulders like pebbles.
  5. Dushara – one of the best female orc names, embodying intelligence and power.
  6. Ede Warpbinder – a pretty orc enchantress who leaves foes bewildered and fate-twisted.
  7. Geshatis Deaddrums – this fierce orc warrior beats foes into submission.
  8. Gigglefang – a rogue orc with a laugh as deadly as her daggers.
  9. Glugka – is a legendary choice for a badass orc warrior in Elder Scrolls.
  10. Igruk – known for her cunning and strategic prowess, Igruk is a force to be reckoned with.
  11. Kraga – an orc blacksmith renowned for her ability to forge weapons of unparalleled quality.
  12. Lazara Bloodmaw – ideal for a fearsome girl orc in Pathfinder.
  13. Lursha – one of the best female orc names, representing strength and resilience.
  14. Mag – a perfect choice for a female orc mage in fantasy games.
  15. Mazoga – an orc warrior in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion who wants to become a knight.
  16. Motgi Grandmight – a legendary orc warrior whose tales of might are shared throughout the tribe.
  17. Naz – is one of the simplest female orc names that is still strong and cool.
  18. Orzoga – a female orc rogue with a knack for stealth and a penchant for mischief.
  19. Rogna – as one of the best female orc names, Rogna is synonymous with fierce determination.
  20. Sharog the Shouter – known for battle cries that could wake the dead (and sometimes do).
  21. Snickerstrike – known for her sneaky strikes and snickering at her enemies.
  22. Smashina – a female orc with a talent for breaking things, especially in DnD campaigns.
  23. Smolderaxe – known for her sexy smolder and forging her own weapons.
  24. Snugglesnout – she’s as cuddly as a teddy bear but can still take down foes in DnD.
  25. Thrushna – her mastery of orcish magic sets her apart as a powerful mage.
  26. Thudcrusher – an orc girl who can bring down the house (literally) in ESO.
  27. Thunka – a half-orc who’s always tripping over her own feet.
  28. Urzul the Unshakeable – during battle, she remains as steady as a mountain.
  29. Vexxara – turns heads on the battlefield with her striking presence and fierce allure.
  30. Vorka – an orc hunter known for her stealth and precision in tracking prey.
  31. Vyxara – perfect for an orc who is as sexy as she is strong.
  32. Yar the Yawner – known for lulling enemies into a false sense of security before the battle.
  33. Zalara – strong and seductive, perfect for a female orc in any fantasy game.

63 Badass Male Orc Names

Get ready for some awesome male orc names that scream strength and resilience!

  1. Arob – is renowned for his “friendly” headbutts that make friends and foes see stars.
  2. Azog – a ruthless orc chieftain known for his cruelty in The Hobbit.
  3. Balagog – in Skyrim, Balagog is a refined orc and chef who cooks for the Emperor.
  4. Boldog – this fierce orc captain is mentioned in Tolkien’s history of Middle-Earth.
  5. Bolg – the son of Azog and leader of the goblins and orcs in The Hobbit.
  6. Brugnak – an orc shaman who uses his magic to strike fear into foes in DnD.
  7. Bumph the Barrel-Crusher – his signature move is smashing through enemies like a bowling ball.
  8. Drakar – a male orc who stands out for his mastery of ancient orc traditions.
  9. Draknash – synonymous with cunning strategy and tactical brilliance on the battlefield.
  10. Durak – a Dawnguard member with a fiery forge and a heart for battle in Skyrim.
  11. Dûshrat – an evil orc encountered in the Shadow of Mordor video game.
  12. Garnok – among the best male orc names, signifying power and authority.
  13. Ges Wolffang – a badass option among orcish names, signifying a warrior’s lineage.
  14. Ghorbash – a former Imperial Legion orc soldier in Skyrim.
  15. Ghorza gra-Bagol – a blacksmith crafting for orcs and adventurers in Skyrim.
  16. Golfimbul – a Tolkien orc who fought in the Shire’s historic Battle of Greenfields.
  17. Gorbag – an opportunistic orc who always manages to survive in the harsh lands of Mordor.
  18. Gorem – exudes a fierce and rugged persona, well-suited for a half-orc on daring quests.
  19. Gorgol – a vicious Orc chieftain from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.
  20. Gothmog – an orc lieutenant of Morgul in LOTR.
  21. Gragvoll The Wretched – one of the best male orc names
for an evil rogue in DnD.
  22. Grazob the Growler – an orc whose menacing growls are simply his way of saying “hello.”
  23. Grimmok Ironfist – perfect for a battle-hardened orc warrior in Pathfinder.
  24. Grishnakh – an evil orc captain from Mordor in Tolkien’s LOTR.
  25. Grukthar – perfect for a legendary blacksmith who crafts the finest orcish weapons.
  26. Gularzob – this orc is loyal to Chief Yamarz in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls.
  27. Gul’dan – the first orcish warlock who betrayed his people for power in WoW.
  28. Hokulk the Hugger – his bear hugs are legendary but a bit too bone-crushing for most.
  29. Krognar – is among the best orc names, representing sheer force and resilience.
  30. Larak – in Skyrim, this is a fierce and respected chief of the orcs.
  31. Lugdush – the orc who smells “man flesh” in LOTR: The Two Towers.
  32. Lurtz – a Uruk-hai commander who is loyal to Saruman in LOTR.
  33. Lurzog – known for his dexterity and talent for disarming traps.
  34. Marzul The Repulsive – is so great at being repulsive that even evil monsters give him space in DnD.
  35. Mauhulakh – a powerful orc leader in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls.
  36. Mauhúr – in LOTR, Mauhúr is an orc captain of Isengard.
  37. Mogrul – in Skyrim, Mogrul is a ruthless moneylender who’s up to no good.
  38. Morgulon – known for his unstoppable rage in battle.
  39. Moth gro-Bagol – an orc blacksmith in Skyrim.
  40. Muzgash – a minor orc character in Tolkien’s legendarium.
  41. Obould Many-Arrows – in Forgotten Realms, this is an orc chieftain who seeks to unite orc tribes.
  42. Oguuzall – carries a sense of resilience and courage, perfect for a half-orc warrior.
  43. Opoguk the Overeater – his battle strategy is to eat the enemy’s food before they can.
  44. Ratbag – a sly Uruk (powerful orc) sometimes encountered in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
  45. Rhakzull The Filthy – a funny DnD orc name for a character with an aversion to soap.
  46. Shagrat – an orc-guard who clashes with Gorbag over Frodo’s belongings in LOTR.
  47. Skagflak – a fierce orc warrior and adversary in Shadow of Mordor.
  48. Snaga – a young Orc and scout who tries to eat the Hobbits in LOTR.
  49. Thalgrim – his rugged charm and confidence make him the heartthrob of the orcish world.
  50. Tharzok – a wise and experienced orc elder, Tharzok’s counsel is sought by many.
  51. Thos Nosechains – a unique orc given name and surname, perfect for characters in Pathfinder or DnD.
  52. Thrak – a relentless and fearsome Uruk warrior from Shadow of Mordor.
  53. Thrall – a powerful orc shaman in World of Warcraft.
  54. Uglúk – an evil orc leader tasked with capturing Merry and Pippin in Tolkien’s LOTR.
  55. Ugor the Unflinching – his stern gaze is enough to make enemies reconsider their life choices.
  56. Urag gro-Shub – the Arcanaeum’s orc librarian, always ready with a stern retort in Skyrim.
  57. Urgran the Unbreakable – known for standing firm even when the ground trembles.
  58. Urzul the Unyielding – refuses to move an inch even if a tornado tries to budge him.
  59. Vargok – a perfect choice for a powerful male orc and shaman.
  60. Yamarz – in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls, this is an orc chief who hates outsiders.
  61. Zazgul the Wise – his orcish names hold profound meanings, mirroring his knowledge of orcish traditions.
  62. Zevomir – suggests a blend of orcish heritage and noble blood, ideal for DnD role-playing.
  63. Zevudim – a strong name for a half-orc adventurer in DND.

37 Cool Unisex Orc Names

Let’s dive into some badass unisex orc names that are versatile and pack a punch.

  1. Burub the Burper -an orc who can belch so loud it once brought down a castle wall.
  2. Celk Mesh – perfect for an orc with awesome combat skills and unwavering loyalty to his tribe.
  3. Dakagrot – one of the best names for orcs who are blacksmiths, forging great weapons.
  4. Ditgurat – an orc shaman with a deep connection to the spirits.
  5. Elgir Deadsong – when enemies hear their voice, they know death isn’t far.
  6. Ery Boldsorrow – this orc’s “bold” adventures often lead to surprising mishaps.
  7. Gergadre Proudbasher – this orc’s bashing skills are only surpassed by their pride.
  8. Grakthor the Gobsmacker – this orc’s punches leave enemies speechless.
  9. Grulnok – a fearsome warrior and protector of the tribe who is respected by all.
  10. Irnulkk Chenrel – a skilled orcish pathfinder, unearthing hidden secrets for the tribe.
  11. Kalurall – has an exotic and imposing quality, a great fit for a DnD half-orc.
  12. Kaszar Sourflesh – their sour disposition is surprising… even for orcs.
  13. Kozvaly Laughingstorm – has laughter so thunderous, even thunderstorms feel a bit self-conscious.
  14. Kurdan – this orc loves exploring and is always eager to venture into uncharted territories.
  15. Kzim Imuth – a guttural orc name, perfect for a character in Pathfinder.
  16. Madamtu Quickpack – so swift that they’ve earned the title of “Quickpack” among orcs.
  17. Magabash – combines elements of magic and strength, a unique choice for your half-orc character.
  18. Mekbad the Battler – a badass orc name for a character in DnD.
  19. Mogak, the Mischief-maker – known for playing pranks on unsuspecting foes.
  20. Morgok Skullcrusher – perfect for a brutal orc fighter who revels in close combat.
  21. Murbol the Muncher – an orc whose idea of a snack is devouring a whole wild boar.
  22. Nurghed – a fierce warrior with a reputation on the battlefield.
  23. Orni Redaxe – this orc’s ax is as red as the blood of their foes.
  24. Rogmesh the Rumormonger – spreads wild tales about their heroic feats.
  25. Shadbak the Shadow Sneaker – an orc who moves so silently they can steal the last piece of meat unnoticed.
  26. Sharn – this orc is renowned for its skill in one-on-one combat.
  27. Shewgy Deadrage – has comically explosive outbursts.
  28. Skabgrim – has the ability to outmaneuver foes in both warfare and politics.
  29. Skarok – one of the best orc names, symbolizing strength and courage.
  30. Sniknob – this orc is known for devising ingenious solutions to challenges.
  31. Smirknife – is one of the best orc names for a cunning rogue in DND.
  32. Thundertoes – these orcs’ thunderous footsteps can be heard from miles away.
  33. Uloth the Unpredictable – you never know if this orc is going to hug you or punch you.
  34. Vescurg Zosh – perfect for a great orcish warrior who’s feared by enemies and respected by their tribe.
  35. Zarnak Bloodaxe – is ideal for a relentless orc ranger and skilled tracker in fantasy games.
  36. Zoguz – is among the best orc names for pathfinders and adventures.
  37. Zogwort – able to follow even the faintest of trails with unerring precision.

Orc Names FAQs

How Are Orcs Named?

Orcish names, like the species, are tough and guttural, often sounding harsh and powerful. They can strike fear with fearsome surnames like “Skullcrusher” or “Bloodaxe.” In Skyrim, you’ll notice orc family names typically (though not always) follow a gender-specific prefix: “gro-” for males and “gra-” for females. For example, Moth gro-Bagol is a male, while Ghorza gra-Bagol is a female. So, it’s a mix of intimidating sound, orcish tradition, and a dash of creativity.

What Are Good Names for Orcs in WoW?

Good names for orcs in WoW? Well, they should hit hard, just like the orcs do! Think tough, gritty, and fierce. If you’re leaning toward names inspired by the English language, options like “Gorehammer,” “Darkfang,” or “Thundertusk” definitely fit the bill. Or, for a more original touch, create a name with a strong, guttural sound, like “Thalgrim” or “Gularzob.” Your orc will be ready to conquer Azeroth with one of these badass orcish names.

What Is the Name of the Orc Race in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, the orc race goes by the name “Orsimer.” They’re a big part of the province’s culture, adding their warrior spirit and impressive blacksmithing skills to the mix. You might have heard of Moth gro-Bagol and Ghorza gra-Bagol, two famous blacksmiths who’ve shown incredible craftsmanship and toughness in Skyrim’s rugged landscapes.

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