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Teagan Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Teagan including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Teagan Overview

Teagan is an Irish name with a colorful and interesting history.

  • Meaning: Attractive and worldly.
  • Gender: Teagan is a unisex name.
  • Origin: Teagan has Gaelic roots and comes from ancient Ireland.
  • Pronunciation: “Tee-gun”
  • Popularity: Teagan is not too common, but was in the top 200 names in 2016.
  • Nicknames: Tea, Teag.
  • Variations: Teaghan, Tegan, Teegan.
  • Namesakes: Tegan Heesch, Tegan Clive, and Teagan Croft.

What Does the Name Teagan Mean?

Teagan is a trending name with old Irish roots. The name means beautiful and knowledgeable. It stems from the Gaelic word for poet or storyteller, Tadhg (1).

In ancient times, Tadhg was a popular male name and later surname. The word was also common in expressions referring to wise or knowledgeable poets. The modern-day meaning of the name Teagan is thus very similar: attractive and worldly or sophisticated.

What Is the Origin of the Name Teagan?

The name Teagan has undergone several changes over time but remains a timeless, strong name. If you’re considering naming your baby Teagan, you will be happy to know you can use it for either gender. Though Teagan originated as a predominantly male name, it is a unisex one today.

The Gaelic language is still somewhat of a mystery. Though many people attribute Gaelic to the Celts, the language is a subset of the Celtic group of languages. What we know about its fascinating roots is that it reached Ireland before the 4th century BC.

Over time, Gaelic became so widespread in Ireland that words like Tadhg became common names. Eventually, it transformed into a popular Irish surname.

For some time, “Tadhg” was used interchangeably with “Irishman.” So many Irish men held the name, that the two became synonymous.

As new cultures came into the region, several Irish names changed in spelling. Tadhg became “Taig” in the Anglicized version, and sometimes you may still find this and similar spellings today. It took a few centuries before Taig paved the way for Teagan, the charming name we know now.

How Popular Is the Name Teagan?

Per the Social Security Administration, the name Teagan reached its peak in popularity in 2016. That year it enjoyed the 150th spot in the top 200 most popular US names (2).

Since then, Teagan has become less common but it remains popular in the northern United States.

How Do I Pronounce Teagan?

The way to pronounce Teagan is “Tee-gun.” Some people will spell it “Taegan” and pronounce it as “Tay-gun,” but the former is the most common pronunciation. Pronunciation may also differ depending on whether speakers use British or American English.

Is Teagan a Boy or Girl Name?

You can use the name Teagan for both boys and girls. However, though it ironically began as a male name, it is now more popular among girls. In the US, more girls than boys have the name Teagan.

Variations of Teagan

Teagan has many variations in spelling. Here are a few:

  • Taegan
  • Teegan
  • Teaghan
  • Tegan

Variations of Teagan

The name’s uniqueness and powerful historical roots mean there are no equivalents in other languages. If you’re looking for a bold Irish name, Teagan is an excellent choice.

Nicknames for Teagan

You can shorten the name Teagan into adorable nicknames. Some of the most popular include:

  • Tea
  • Teag
  • Tee
  • Tiggy

Similar Names to Teagan

Here are a few Irish boy names that are similar to Teagan:

Middle Names for Teagan

If you plan to combine Teagan with a middle name for your little one, here are a few ideas for girls:

  • Teagan Alaina
  • Teagan Alexandria
  • Teagan Alexandra
  • Teagan Christina
  • Teagan Elizabeth
  • Teagan Eliza
  • Teagan Olivia
  • Teagan Penelope
  • Teagan Reese
  • Teagan Riley
  • Teagan Victoria

On the other hand, if you’re seeking middle name ideas for a boy, some include:

  • Teagan Alexander
  • Teagan Charles
  • Teagan David
  • Teagan Damian
  • Teagan Drake
  • Teagan Elliot
  • Teagan Finnley
  • Teagan Henry
  • Teagan Logan
  • Teagan Kade

Sibling Names for Teagan

Teagan is a versatile name and sounds good with many sibling names:

Famous People Named Teagan

Among the best-known people named Teagan are the following:

  • Teagan Clive: American writer, bodybuilder, and actress.
  • Teagan Heesch: American actor.
  • Teagan Croft: Australian actress.
  • Teagan Vincze: Canadian actress.

Teagan in Popular Culture

Teagan appeared in several shows and stories as a character. Interestingly, most of these shows are from the UK.

  • Teagan Callahan: a character in the show “Home and Away.”
  • Tegan Freedman: a character in the show “Neighbours.”
  • Tegan Jovanka: a character on the popular TV show “Dr. Who.”
  • Tegan Lomax: a character on the show “Hollyoaks.”

Teagan FAQs

When people search the name Teagan, they commonly ask the questions below.

Is Teagan a Rare Name?

Teagan isn’t a rare name, but it isn’t one of the most common names either. The name dwindled in popularity since 2016 when it was most popular.

Is Teagan Gender Neutral?

Teagan is a unisex name and people use it for both boys and girls. However, it is more common among girls.

How Do You Spell Teagan?

Teagan is the most common spelling of the name. The second most common way to spell it is by adding an H: Teaghan.

Is Teagan a Good Name?

Teagan is an elegant yet simple name that sounds well for either gender. It isn’t too feminine nor too masculine. In addition, it goes well with a wide range of names.

One of the strongest qualities of the name Teagan is that it is ethnic-sounding without too much extravagance or difficulty. It has bold Irish roots but is also common in the US. If you have Irish ancestry, Teagan is a wonderful choice.

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