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Maverick Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Maverick including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Maverick Overview

  • Meaning: Maverick means non-conformist or wildly individual.
  • Gender: The name can be given to both, but it is primarily male.
  • Origin: After Samuel Maverick refused to follow the norms of his time, rule-breakers became known as mavericks. The film Mavericks increased the name’s popularity.
  • Pronunciation: Maverick is pronounced “MAV-rik.”
  • Popularity: Maverick is very popular in the United States but not in other countries.
  • Nicknames: Eric, Mac, Mav, Mavy, Ricky
  • Variations: Mavrick, Maveric, Maverik, Maveryck, Maveryc, Maveryk, Mavryk
  • Namesakes: Maverick Carter, a personal friend of Lebron James.

What Does Maverick Mean?

The name Maverick means “wildly independent” or “non-conformist.” It is a relatively recent first name, only becoming common in the 1950s. However, it was a surname before then. While most often given to boys, it is sometimes aptly given to girls.

What is the Origin of the Name Maverick?

As a surname, Maverick likely came from Welsh. The term mawr rwyce, meaning “great hero,” might be its origin, similar to Morris and Maurice. However, it may have originated from Hebrew’s maberiq, which means “brilliant, shiny.”

A man named Samuel Maverick lived in Texas in the 1800s. He became a cattle rancher unintentionally and refused to put a brand on his cattle. Since most people branded their cattle, the unbranded cattle became known as “mavericks.”

Not branding cattle went against the customs of the time, and people began to apply the term to other people who were rule-breakers (1).

The name Maverick became more popular because of the show Maverick which aired from 1957 until 1962.

Top Gun, in 1986, reignited interest in the name because it has a main character called Maverick.

How Popular is the Name Maverick?

While only a few parents a year named their children Maverick before the 1980s, its popularity grew in later years. After 2010, its popularity increased every year.

It has become prevalent. It currently ranks #37 on the top boy names chart in the U.S.

In a list of boy names beginning with M, Maverick is the ninth most popular.

How Do I Pronounce Maverick?

According to the dictionary, you pronounce it “MAV-er-ik.” However, it is rarely actually pronounced so clearly. Most people say it “MAV-rik.”

Is Maverick a Boy or Girl Name?

Maverick is usually a boy’s name. Over 98% of the people named Maverick are male. Applying the name to a female is, therefore, particularly apropos.

Variations of Maverick

Maverick only has one official spelling, but people have made their own variations. Most of the time, the variation is a spelling change. Some people might change a part of the word by mixing it with another name.

  • Maeverick (English)
  • Marick (Czech)
  • Maverae (English)
  • Maverek (English)
  • Maveric (English)
  • Maverich (English)
  • Maverik (English)
  • Maverrick (Canada)
  • Maveryc (English)
  • Maveryk (English-American)
  • Mavric (English-American)
  • Mavrick (American)
  • Mavrik (English)

Few people use these alternates. You are more likely to see the original form.

Nicknames for Maverick

Maverick is often a nickname itself, but some people may use these for people who have the name Maverick.

  • Erick
  • Mac
  • Mav
  • Mavellous
  • Mavy
  • Ricky

Similar Names to Maverick

There are few names like Maverick. Names that sound similar to Maverick or that users chose after looking for names like Maverick include:

Middle Names for Maverick

Choosing a middle name is generally easier than a first name, but not always. With a strong name like Maverick, a suitable middle name could be challenging to find. Here are some suggestions:

Remember to say the name out loud with your last name. You also want to check the initials, as some combinations could turn out to be words.

Sibling Names for Maverick

When adding another child to the family, most people choose names that go well together. Whether the next child is a brother or sister, consider these names that match well.

Famous People Named Maverick

Surprisingly, there are over forty people who act named Maverick. Quite a few famous people chose the name for their sons. The parents of Mavericks include Meridith Andrews and Jacob Sooter, Steve Ott, Briana Renee, and Michael and Nicole Phelps.

See the names of some celebrities named Maverick below.

  • Maverick Baker: TikTok personality.
  • Maverick Carter: American producer and CEO.
  • Maverick Lopez: Spanish pop singer.
  • Maverick McNealy: Amateur golfer.
  • Maverick Risley: American actor and model.
  • Maverick Sabre: English rapper.
  • Maverick Thompson: American actor.
  • Maverick VandenBrekel: American actor.
  • Maverick Vinales: Spanish motorcycle racer.

Maverick in Popular Culture

Popular culture made the name famous, so it follows that it would show up in popular culture a lot. Along with the Maverick brothers in the TV show and the pilot in Top Gun, other portrayals include:

  • Maverick: Brand name of Logan Paul’s merchandise.
  • Maverick: A mutant in the X-Men comics.
  • Mavericks: The name given to Apple’s OS X 10.9 version in 2013.
  • Mavericks: Dallas’ professional basketball team.
  • Maverick: Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, roller coaster.
  • Maverick: The model of a Ford vehicle.
  • Maverik: A chain of gas stations’ brand name.

Maverick FAQs

You may have other questions about Maverick. You are not alone. People have asked these questions:

Is Maverick a Biblical Name?

Though many sources consider Maverick a Christian name, it does not appear in the Bible. Maverick is not a biblical name.

What Name Is Maverick Short For?

Maverick is a name that began as a surname. It became a first name in the 1800s after a man with that surname refused to follow the common expectations of the day. It is not short for any other name.

Is Maverick Positive or Negative?

In the United States, being a maverick is a positive thing most of the time, and the name Maverick has positive connotations.

What Is a Maverick Personality?

People view someone as a maverick if they are independent and do things their own way. Mavericks often create new things and find new ways to do everyday tasks.

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