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41 Paw Patrol Character Names: With Fun Facts

These fun Paw Patrol character names are on a roll.

Are you curious to know more about the Paw Patrol characters? This extensive list of Paw Patrol characters has everything you’re looking for. You’ll learn more about the original characters and fall in love with new Paw Patrol names.

Whether you want to impress your child or find Paw Patrol dog names, we’ve got your back. We’ve even included fun facts about each character to make you feel like an expert. Ready or not, these Paw Patrol names are coming in hot!

Original Paw Patrol Character Names

These familiar Paw Patrol character names will be there on the double.

  1. Chase – a brave police dog and German shepherd puppy known for his blue suit.
  2. Marshall – a Dalmatian pup with a keen sense of smell, cast as a fire dog and medic.
  3. Rocky – joins the ranks of nature-inspired Paw Patrol character names, borne by an eco-friendly dog.
  4. Rubble – a construction dog dressed in yellow with a knack for digging.
  5. Ryder – the first member of the cast and the leader of the Paw Patrol group.
  6. Skye – among Paw Patrol’s first girl characters, a spunky air rescue dog.
  7. Zuma – is an underwater rescue puppy who often says, “Let’s dive in!”

New Paw Patrol Names

Explore unfamiliar worlds with these brand-new Paw Patrol names.

  1. Cap n’ Turbot – among the coolest Paw Patrol names, borne by a marine biologist.
  2. Everest – one of the newest members of the crew, a Siberian husky who tackles winter rescues.
  3. Rex – Paw Patrol’s first disabled dog, an expert on dinosaurs and paleontology.
  4. Robo-Dog – a new character created by Ryder, known for going berserk when broken.
  5. Sid Swashbuckle – ideal for those who enjoy the silliest names of Paw Patrol characters.
  6. Sweetie – a royal pup with queenly aspirations, a sassy option to add to your list.
  7. Tracker – known for his extraordinary hearing and the phrase, “I’m all ears!”

Minor Paw Patrol Characters

These Paw Patrol dog names are little-known, yet adorable.

  1. Ace Sorenson – a female pilot known for her gravity-defying feats.
  2. Alex Porter – Mr. Porter’s grandson who created his own “mini” version of the Paw Patrol.
  3. Apollo the Super Pup -a bull terrier the Paw Patrol crew watches on television.
  4. Arrby -Sid Swashbuckle’s pirate dog who steals hearts and food.
  5. Cali -Katie’s pet cat who joins Alex Porter’s copycat Paw Patrol team.
  6. Chickaletta – Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken with a love for food and square dancing.
  7. Copycat – an alias for Mr. Nibbles, can successfully imitate anyone.
  8. Daring Danny – a young daredevil who considers Ryder his most significant role model.
  9. Ella – one of the Mighty Twins, a golden retriever who coined the phrase, “It’s go time!”
  10. Farmer Al – owns the Moo Juice Dairy farm and adores God’s green earth.
  11. Farmer Yumi – Farmer Al’s wife who knows ancient martial arts secrets.
  12. Francois Turbot – Cap’n Turbot’s cousin who can often be found taking pictures of nature.
  13. Jake – owns Everest and operates Adventure Bay’s snowboarding resort.
  14. Katie – a pet groomer in training, often seen helping her grandmother.
  15. Ladybird – a thief who antagonizes the Paw Patrol crew, particularly the Mighty Twins.
  16. Liberty – featured in Paw Patrol: The Movie, the perfect dog name for either gender.
  17. Mayor Goodway – the kindhearted mayor of Adventure Bay, hailed for her dramatic antics.
  18. Mayor Humdinger – the evil mayor of Foggy Bottom who competes with Mayor Goodway.
  19. Merpups – featured in season 2 of Paw Patrol, the dog equivalent of mermaids.
  20. Mr. Porter – Alex’s grandfather who owns the Adventure Bay cafe.
  21. Precious – a lovable kitty that tends to need rescuing, owned by Rubble.
  22. Princess of Barkingburg – a kind princess who believes the best of Sweetie, her sneaky kitten.
  23. Sylvia the Super Shepherd – the puppy who competed against Chase in a herding contest.
  24. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew – an evil league of minions who follow Mayor Humdinger’s orders.
  25. Traveling Travis – a brave explorer who adventures in his colorful hot air balloon.
  26. Tuck – the other half of the Mighty Twins and the arch-enemy of Ladybird.
  27. Walinda – Wally’s wife and a cherished mother to their baby seal.
  28. Wally – a walrus who loves performing for Cap’n Turbot, especially when treats are involved.

Paw Patrol Character Names FAQs

Who Are the 10 Pups in Paw Patrol?

The original pups in Paw Patrol include Chase, Marshall, Ryder, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, and Zuma. Throughout later years, Paw Patrol added other lovable dogs, some more memorable than others. Among the most noteworthy are Everest, Rex, and Tracker. With a world of possibilities, who knows what characters Paw Patrol will add next?

Is Skye the Only Girl on Paw Patrol?

Skye is undoubtedly the most popular female Paw Patrol character, but she’s not the only girl. In season 2, Paw Patrol added Everest, a spunky dog specializing in winter rescues. Other feminine characters include Ella, Liberty, and Coral, who appear regularly. Paw Patrol’s newest female lead is Sweetie, a dog intent on becoming queen.

Do Paw Patrol Dogs Have Names?

All Paw Patrol dogs have names, making them extremely popular among kids. Paw Patrol names their dogs according to their professions. Chase is a police dog who chases bad guys; Marshall is an animal fire marshall. Other cute titles include Skye, known for her air rescues, and Everest, who works in cold climates.

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