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150+ Darling Parrot Names: With Cool Facts

These beautiful parrot names will make you feel free as a bird.

Are you looking for the best roundup of parrot names? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of over 150 possibilities. You’ll find sweet, zany, and sophisticated names for parrots.

You’ll also uncover a treasure trove of fun facts, making choosing parrot nicknames a breeze. As everyone knows, the early bird gets the worm, so grab your thinking cap and get to it.

61 Handsome Boy Names for Parrots

These studly boy parrot names will make you happy as a lark.

  1. Alfie – means “elf,” “wise,” and “counsel” in German, joining the ranks of intelligent parrot names.
  2. Ash – short for Asher, a Hebrew pick meaning “happy,” ideal for the joyful bird.
  3. Bandit – of American origin, interpreted as “thief,” perfect for the parrot that stole your heart.
  4. Benny – a moniker for Ben or Benjamin, meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  5. Bill – derived from Wilhelm and William, referring to a soldier’s armor in German.
  6. Boss – refers to the boss, the ideal parrot name for the boy who rules the roost.
  7. Brad – short for Bradley or Brady, means “broad” or “wide” in English.
  8. Buddy – the perfect pick for your best friend, joins the list of parrot pet names.
  9. Buster – an English option meaning “tough guy,” commonly used as a nickname.
  10. Captain -among pirate names for parrots, the perfect pick for your bossy boy.
  11. Charlie – of German origin, meaning “free man” or “warrior,” short for Charles.
  12. Chip – a derivative of Ceorl, meaning “free man” in German, loosely connected to Charles.
  13. Christian – means “follower of Christ” in Latin, a virtuous pick for your pretty bird.
  14. Chuck – a pet name for Charles, meaning “free man” or “warrior” in German.
  15. Einstein – of German origin, meaning “stone worker,” borne by genius Albert Einstein.
  16. Frankie – a unisex pick that’s more popular for male parrots, means “French man” in Latin.
  17. George – derived from Georgios, describing farmers, often with the nickname Georgie.
  18. Giani – an Italian pick meaning “God is gracious,” connected to John.
  19. Gizmo – a fun gadget or doodad, a cute addition to your parrot names list.
  20. Harley – of British origin, meaning “hare’s meadow,” often associated with the motorcycle brand.
  21. Harry – a variation of Henry, meaning “home ruler” or “estate ruler” in German.
  22. Homer – means “hostage,” “security,” or “pledge” in Greek, borne by a famous poet.
  23. Iago – the Spanish variation of Jacob, borne by a villainous Disney character.
  24. Jack – short for John or Jacob, a Greek pick meaning “supplanter” or “God is gracious.”
  25. Jacobi – an edgy Hebrew option meaning “he who supplants,” often shortened to Jake.
  26. Johnny – a pet name for John that means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  27. Larry – short for Laurence, referring to Greek laurel wreaths, symbolizing victory.
  28. Lester – of Roman origin, means “man from Leicester” and “Roman town.”
  29. Luigi – an Italian pick meaning “renowned warrior,” borne by a funny video game character.
  30. Major – often associated with military rankings, means “great” in Latin.
  31. Mario – means “manly” or “Mars” in Italian, referring to the mythical god of war and agriculture.
  32. Marley – hailing from the U.K., a habitational surname meaning “marsh meadow.”
  33. Max – of Latin origin, meaning “greatest,” can be short for Maximus.
  34. Mohawk – a Native American pick that means “people of the flint” or a cool hairstyle.
  35. Monty – means “mountain” in French, often associated with the vintage Monty Python skits.
  36. Mozart – hails from Germany and means “bog” or “marsh,” borne by a famous composer.
  37. Mr. Spock – a leading character in the Star Trek series, known for his intelligence.
  38. Naruto – the perfect title for the foreign bird, associated with a cute animé character.
  39. Newton – means “new town” in English, inspiring visions of adventures abroad.
  40. Olly – short for Oliver, meaning “olive tree” in English, symbolizing peace.
  41. Oscar – is of Gaelic origin, meaning “deer lover” or “champion warrior.”
  42. Ozzy – short for Oscar, meaning “divine power” in German, borne by rocker Ozzy Osborne.
  43. Paco – the Spanish version of Francis, meaning “Frenchman,” a cute tribute to your homeland.
  44. Paul – a derivative of Paulus, meaning “small” or “humble” in Latin.
  45. Pilot – refers to those who fly different aircraft types, ideal for your airborne parrot.
  46. Reed – an English surname given to those with flaming locks of red hair.
  47. Ringo – a Japanese title meaning “apple,” borne by Beatles member Ringo Starr.
  48. Roberto – an Italian alternative to Robert that means “bright” and “shining.”
  49. Rocky – of Italian origin, meaning “rest,” often associated with boxer Rocky Balboa.
  50. Romeo – hailing from Italy, borne by half of Shakespeare’s most tragic couple.
  51. Rooster – refers to a roosting bird or male chicken, a funny pick for any bird.
  52. Scooby – a mystery-solving Great Dane that’s appeared in many motion pictures.
  53. Sergeant – among military parrot nicknames, but can also refer to police rankings.
  54. Smokey – refers to a smoke-filled area, a fitting title for the grey parrot.
  55. Sparky – taken from Spark, an English surname given to those with lively personalities.
  56. Spike – means “heavy, long nail” in English, a tough pet name for your sweet boy.
  57. Star – a bright ball of gas seen at night or a famous celebrity.
  58. Tio – means “uncle” in Spanish and Portuguese, a fitting title for the multilingual parrot.
  59. Toby – taken from Tobias, meaning “God is good” in Hebrew and English.
  60. Tony – short for Anthony or Antonius, meaning “priceless one” in Latin.
  61. Zeus – a Greek pick meaning “to shine,” borne by the mythical sky god.

59 Beautiful Girl Parrot Names

There’s no ugly duckling among these gorgeous girl names for parrots.

  1. Angel – an easy favorite for girl parrots, means “messenger” in Latin.
  2. Bella – of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “beautiful,” and can be short for Isabella.
  3. Belle – a French title referring to a lovely girl borne by one of Disney’s original princesses.
  4. Betty – short for Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew.
  5. Blondie – of English origin, meaning “light hair,” borne by the 80s singer.
  6. Buffy – a unique moniker for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  7. Candy – means “sweet” in English, often associated with treats.
  8. Cherry – joins the ranks of fruit-inspired parrot names. In Japanese culture, cherries symbolize luck.
  9. Cinderella – Disney’s most popular princess, perfect for pet owners with fairy-tale dreams.
  10. Cleo – a Greek option short for Cleopatra, meaning “glory.”
  11. Cloe – an alternate spelling of Khloe, meaning “blooming” in Greek.
  12. Coco – a female French option associated with chocolate or a luxury fashion designer.
  13. Dottie – short for Dorothy, a Greek title referring to God’s many gifts.
  14. Duchess – a derivative of “dux,” meaning “leader” in Latin, associated with royals.
  15. Gracie – a cute nickname for Grace, meaning “unmerited favor” in Hebrew.
  16. Hermione – means “earthly” in Greek, a good pick for fans of Harry Potter.
  17. Honey – of English origin, referring to bee’s nectar that was once ultra-valuable.
  18. Ivy – refers to the ivy plant, often given to newlyweds as a sign of eternal love.
  19. Jane – the feminine version of John, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  20. Jasmine – a popular Muslim title borne by Disney’s Arabian princess.
  21. Jenny – short for Joanna, a French pick meaning “God is gracious.”
  22. Katniss – means “aquatic plant” in Greek, often associated with The Hunger Games franchise.
  23. Kiki – of French origin, meaning “double happiness,” perfect for the bird that brings you joy.
  24. Lady – means “head of the house” in English, a title often given to nobility.
  25. Leia – a Hebrew option that means “child of heaven,” associated with the Star Wars princess.
  26. Lila – of Indian origin, means “night” and “beauty,” perfect for the dark-feathered bird.
  27. Lilo – a breezy Hawaiian title that means “generous one,” connected to Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.
  28. Louisa – the female version of Louise, meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  29. Lucy – a derivative of Lucius, meaning “light” in Latin.
  30. Maria – the Latin alternative to Mary, meaning “bitter” or “star of the sea.”
  31. Mimi – short for Mary or Miriam, meaning “bitter” or “beloved” in Hebrew.
  32. Mindy – a fun moniker for Melinda, means “sweetened with honey” in Greek.
  33. Molly – an Irish option meaning “star of the sea” can be short for Miriam.
  34. Moxie – of American origin, used to describe a brave, spunky girl.
  35. Nellie – short for Cornelia, a Latin title that means “sun ray” or “horn.”
  36. Pearl – a precious jewel found inside clam shells and June’s birthstone.
  37. Penny – short for Penelope, meaning “weaver,” inspired by the Greek queen of Ithaca.
  38. Peppa – means “Jehovah increases” in Italian, connected to the Peppa Pig cartoon.
  39. Polly – an alternative to Molly, meaning “star of the sea” in Latin.
  40. Portia – a Shakespearean option that means “offering” in Latin.
  41. Posie – of English origin, means “small flower bouquet.”
  42. Princess – refers to the king’s daughter, a classic name for any pet.
  43. Queenie – a moniker for the queen, but can also mean “ruler” or “woman” in English.
  44. Rosie – of Latin origin, meaning “rose,” symbolizing love and friendship.
  45. Ruby – a Latin and French pick referring to the priceless jewel.
  46. Ruthie – short for Ruth, meaning “friend” in Hebrew, inspired by the biblical character.
  47. Sarah – the biblical wife of Abraham, a Hebrew title meaning “princess.”
  48. Sasha – a moniker for Alexandra, meaning “defender” in Russian.
  49. Scarlette – of French origin, an occupational title given to those who dyed clothing.
  50. Snow White – Disney’s raven-haired princess known for her friendliness to animals.
  51. Sugar – a term of endearment used between couples or a sweetener.
  52. Sunny – a playful moniker given to people with pleasant personalities.
  53. Tasha – short for Natasha, meaning “born on Christmas Day” in English.
  54. Tia – a Spanish and Portuguese option meaning “aunt” or “goddess.”
  55. Tilly – short for Matilda, a German title meaning “strong in battle.”
  56. Trixie – of Latin origin, meaning “bringer of joy” and can be short for Beatrice.
  57. Wanda – a Slavic option that means “wanderer” or “shepherdess.”
  58. Willow – refers to the willow tree, symbolizing resilience and strength.
  59. Zara – an Arabic pick meaning “blooming flower” or “radiance.”

59 Hilarious Parrot Names

These funny pet names for parrots will have you slapping your knee.

  1. Augustus – a Latin pick associated with emperor Augustus Caesar.
  2. Baby – describes a young child, perfect for your newborn parrot.
  3. Birdie – often given to baby birds, but can also refer to golf.
  4. Bluey – Disney Junior’s lovable blue heeler, sure to be a hit among children.
  5. Boo – means “beautiful” in French or an English pet name between lovers.
  6. Boombox – a portable music machine fitting for the loudmouthed bird.
  7. Celeste – of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly,” often connected to the heavens.
  8. Cha-cha – a Cuban dance similar to the mambo, a favorite in ballroom competitions.
  9. Chatterbox – refers to a person who talks a lot, fitting for the talkative bird.
  10. Chatty Cathy – a chatterbox with a tendency to ramble about nothing.
  11. Cheery – of English origin, means “happy” and “optimistic.”
  12. Chestnut – a brown nut associated with cozy holidays.
  13. Chirpy – means “cheerful” and “lively” in English, perfect for your lean green talking machine.
  14. Cracker – a parrot’s favorite treat or a slang term describing corn used to make moonshine.
  15. Diablo – the Spanish version of Devil, a fitting pick for your sneaky pet.
  16. Diego – a derivative of Santiago, meaning “supplanter” in Spanish.
  17. DJ – of American origin, means “believer of truth” or someone who plays music.
  18. Dopey – means “stupid” in English, borne by one of Snow White’s seven dwarves.
  19. Eevee – a fresh take on Eve that means “life” in English, often associated with Pokemon.
  20. Ghost – refers to a supernatural being, a common concept around Halloween.
  21. Happy – means “joyful” in English, a perfect pick for the cheery chick.
  22. Hulk – points to a large person, made famous by Marvel Comics’ green monster.
  23. Jazz – a lively style of music involving piano and saxophones.
  24. Jupiter – is of Latin origin, meaning “Jove,” pointing to the Roman sky god.
  25. King – hailing from the U.K., an excellent choice for the parrot that rules your house.
  26. Kiwi – Australia’s native bird or a green, fuzzy fruit.
  27. Kojo – an African option meaning “born on Monday” in Ghanaian.
  28. Landon – of English origin, a habitational surname for those who dwelled near long hills.
  29. Lucky – an American pick meaning “fortunate” or “good fortune.”
  30. Mango – a Spanish title referring to the tropical fruit.
  31. Marvel – means “to wonder” in English, associated with the famous comic franchise.
  32. Maximus – the Latin word for “greatest” comes with the nickname Max.
  33. Mickey – connected to Michael, a Hebrew title meaning “who is like God?”
  34. Mini – of Finnish origin, used as a moniker for Minerva, meaning “intellect.”
  35. Mojo – an African term describing a magic bag or the nerve to get something done.
  36. Nemo – a Latin choice that means “nobody.”
  37. Nibbles – used to describe a little snack or a light bite.
  38. Peaches – means “Persian apple” in Latin, a fruit famous in Georgia.
  39. Pearly – a moniker for Pearl, can also mean “like a pearl” in English.
  40. Phoenix – a mythical bird known for its ability to resurrect, often seen rising from ashes.
  41. Pikachu – means “spark mouse” in Japanese, borne by the leading character in Pokemon.
  42. Pip – hailing from Britain, meaning “lover of horses,” perfect for the equestrian family.
  43. Pirate – of English origin, means “robber of the sea,” among the most classic names for parrots.
  44. Pretty Bird – a common pet name for any parrot, fitting for colorful, beautiful birds.
  45. Rainbow – a biblical covenant signifying God’s promise to never flood the world again.
  46. Rambo – a series of films about a soldier, most popular in the 1980s.
  47. Rio – of Spanish origin, often associated with rivers.
  48. Scallywag – means “scamp” in English, an insult often used in pirate movies.
  49. Skittles – a colorful candy that comes in various fruity flavors.
  50. Snuggles – the perfect name for the parrot who never leaves your side.
  51. Spot – a specific place or splotch of color, a great pick for the speckled parrot.
  52. Sunny – a term of endearment given to those with bright, cheerful personalities.
  53. Sweetie -is an alternative to Sweetheart, a fitting option for a kindhearted bird.
  54. Tango – a dance between couples that originated near Argentina.
  55. Tiki – an image carved on a wood totem pole, often seen in Hindi culture.
  56. Toots – a loud sound made by a trumpet or other instrument.
  57. Tweety – a lovable yellow bird featured in Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.
  58. Twix – an American candy bar containing a delicious crunchy cookie.
  59. Yogi – describes a yoga master or wise yoga teacher.

Parrot Names FAQs

Does a Parrot Know Its Name?

Like dogs and cats, parrots can recognize and respond to their name. Some parrots can even introduce themselves to others, adding to their charm. Parrots will react to their name by acting excited or by talking back. The more you use your parrot’s name, the likelier it is to know it.

Is it OK to Change a Parrot’s Name?

You can change your parrot’s name but may have difficulty getting it to respond to a new title. Many pet owners prefer to rename their parrots similarly to the old title, especially if the new title sounds similar. This helps the pet owners feel a sense of ownership while comforting the bird throughout changes. Like anything different, a new name will take time to stick.

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