Best Maclaren Strollers of 2019

Ever wondered how good Maclaren strollers are? Are they the ultimate dad-buggy, or do they include some feminine designs?

Maclaren is a brand with a solid history — deriving its innovations and ideas from real-life parent-struggles. The company is renowned for producing lightweight strollers which are excellent for active parents. If you’re curious about this brand, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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    Who Is Maclaren?

    In England in 1965, Owen Finlay Maclaren was inspired to create a new stroller.

    Following a visit from his daughter, who was hauling a heavy, bulky buggy to transport his grandchild, he recognized the need for a lightweight alternative (1).

    As a former aviation engineer and test pilot, Maclaren was famous for his lightweight, load-bearing designs used on Spitfire aircraft.

    He used this knowledge to create his first stroller, establishing a blueprint for today’s umbrella pushchairs. The stroller folded easily into a compact package much like the landing gear on a Spitfire aircraft, making it perfect for travel.

    Maclaren has kept to its patented design, which clearly shows in its modern strollers. The original Baby Buggy has been declared a design icon, featured in two art museums in New York and London.

    The company has worked with several high-end designers, as well as luxury brands, to create some stunning strollers. Collaborators include Lacoste, Philippe Starck, Jill Stuart, Burberry, Lulu Guinness, BMW, and Juicy Couture, among others.

    Maclaren Today

    Maclaren has become a leader in the industry. It’s dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible, in terms of both design and safety. Its wares are all created with active parents in mind — commuting moms and dads.

    The strollers are stylish and functional — a classic 60s style, almost nostalgic in appearance. And even though the company still follows the original blueprint, its strollers now come in various colors, prints, and fabrics.

    What Parents Say About Maclaren Strollers

    Parents seem to love Maclaren’s strollers. Most parents back up Maclaren’s claim of producing strollers for urbanites who depend on cars and public transport.

    A lot of parents note that the easy-to-fold design is convenient when traveling on subways or buses.

    A few reviewers would appreciate some of the strollers being a little lighter. Maclaren, however, has produced some exclusive lines, such as the Quest, that are featherweight light.

    It’s also clear from user comments that the fabrics employed are high caliber, and the durability of the strollers is outstanding.

    Maclaren’s customer service also receives praise. Strollers are delivered within a few days, and if any issues arise, parents noted that its customer support was quick to respond.

    Warranty information

    When buying a Maclaren stroller, remember to register it within 60 days of purchase to activate the warranty.

    Maclaren Stroller-Related Accessories

    Maclaren has a lot to offer its customers. Nearly all its strollers are compatible with special seat liners among many other things. Some of these include:

    • Maclaren Universal Seat Liner: Seat liners provide extra comfort for your little one — they’re padded and fasten to all Maclaren strollers. Maclaren’s seat liners are available in several prints, including the Union Jack, New York map, sunshine stripes, and shark. All are machine washable.
    • Maclaren Universal Organizer: Although most Maclaren strollers come with onboard storage baskets, this organizer is a great add-on for single and double pushchairs. It consists of large mesh pockets, extending down behind the stroller, which is excellent for toys, clothes, or snacks. They also have smaller compartments for your keys, phone, or other valuables as well as two pockets for bottles.
    • Maclaren Sun Shade: If you want some extra protection for your little one against the sun, Maclaren’s add-on sunshade is wonderful. It’s a large canopy, which you attach to the stroller — it works with, or without, an existing canopy. The shade consists of UPF 50, water-resistant material, and it will fold with your stroller, so there is no need to remove it.
    • Maclaren Lightweight Storage Bag: To keep your stroller safe and clean during storage, Maclaren offers this bag. It is compatible with all its strollers as well as most other umbrella strollers. It comes with a handle for easy transport, but it’s not for conventionally checked luggage.
    • Maclaren Cup Holder: A good cup holder is a handy add-on to any stroller, especially if you’re often on the go. This one is made from sturdy material that is dishwasher safe and will hold a bottle, can, or cup. It attaches to the stroller chassis, and it’s available in silver or black.
    • Maclaren Universal Raincover: To protect your little one from rain, snow, and wind, Maclaren has its universal raincover, providing a premium shield. It’s made from phthalate-free materials and allows for ample ventilation — it’s clear, so your baby can see out, and you in. It fits most of Maclaren’s strollers including the Triumph, Quest, and Techno XT, among others.
    • Maclaren Parasol: To protect against head-on sun rays, Maclaren’s parasol is excellent. It attaches to all Maclaren strollers as well as some other umbrella types. You can get it in black or silver.
    • Maclaren Universal Footmuff: For parents trying to keep their babies warm during cold weather, Maclaren suggests its universal footmuff. It’s made from soft microfiber fleece, provides extra padding on the seat, and is easy to zip on or off. It’s compatible with babies 6 months and up.
    • Maclaren Mark II Footmuff: For the Mark II stroller, Maclaren offers this attachable footmuff for cold days. It’s suitable for babies aged 6 months and up — it will create a snug and comfy cocoon because of the soft and warm materials. It zips off easily once you’re back home, and it’s machine washable.
    • Mark II Liners: The Mark II stroller is also customizable, but it requires a different size than the others. Maclaren offers a range of Mark II seat liners, such as the Hexagon Midnight Navy. Not only do these liners look good, but they also add comfort for your child by providing an additional layer of padding.
    • Maclaren Carrycot: If you want to use your Maclaren stroller from day one, you need a carrycot. Maclaren offers a matching one — it’s ideal for newborn babies up to 20 pounds. It features a large sun canopy and an apron to protect your little one, and it’s also available for the XLR stroller.
    • Universal Pannier: When out on family outings, food is always a necessity. To ensure you have a safe place to store it, Maclaren suggests its pannier. It’s insulated and will keep your provisions cool and fresh for hours, and it looks nice as well.
    • Disposable Wheel Covers: To prevent the wheels from turning the trunk into a mud pit after a rainy stroll, Maclaren has its disposable wheel covers. They’re easy to put on and work to protect the hood while the buggy is folded. In the pack, you get ten disposable covers.
    • Disposable Storage Covers: To keep your stroller as clean as possible or protect surrounding stuff, you can use Maclaren’s disposable storage covers. You get a pack of three, which are easy to place over your folded stroller. It’s an excellent solution when traveling and you don’t want to bother with cleaning.
    • Mosquito Nets: Pesky flying pests have nothing on this net — it attaches easily over the stroller, protecting your baby from mosquitoes. It’s made from a lightweight, see-through fabric, so that you can keep an eye on your little one. The nets are available for nearly all Maclaren strollers, even its doubles.

    The Best Maclaren Stroller Reviews of 2019

    Maclaren has a lot to offer, so narrowing it down to the top five was tough. But thanks to some insight from user reviews and expert recommendations, we managed to find the best Maclaren strollers. These are:

    1. Techno XT Stroller By Maclaren

    Best Maclaren Stroller for Newborns

    When transporting an infant, extra care must be taken, and that’s exactly what Maclaren’s Techno XT stroller will do. It’s an award-winning style with all the amenities to carry a newborn.

    It’s super easy to maneuver and provides a smooth ride, even over a bumpy road. You can adjust the seat into four recline positions. It will accommodate your baby from the newborn stage into toddlerhood.

    The footrest is also fully adjustable and comes with memory position — a lock that remembers your setting. It also has an extensive sun canopy and adaptable handles.

    Why We Love It


    The Techno XT includes Maclaren’s newborn safety system. As you fully recline the seat, you can deploy the system from underneath it. Doing this creates a safe, cocoon-like enclosure with added support for your little bundle.

    If you prefer a bassinet, the Techno XT does allow you to attach Maclaren’s Carrycot. The cot attaches securely to the frame while the seat is fully reclined.

    Smooth Ride and Good Suspension

    A smooth ride is imperative when transporting fragile infants, and Maclaren has included all-wheel suspension. It’s designed to even out a bumpy surface as well as providing you with superior steering.

    To aid your steering further, Maclaren used hubless aerodynamic wheels.

    Excellent Ride for Toddlers

    With a five-point harness system that incorporates Maclaren’s patented safety system and an adjustable footrest, this is toddler-friendly. The elevated seat keeps longer legs from the pavement, and a removable seat liner is machine washable for spills and crumbs.

    Keep In Mind

    Heavier Than Preferred

    Because Maclaren is known for producing lightweight strollers, we expect nothing less. Unfortunately, the Techno XT is classified as a basic weight stroller, weighing approximately 13.58 pounds.

    Additional Specs

    Suitable for agesNewborn and up
    Maximum weight capacity55 pounds
    Stroller weight13.58 pounds
    ColorsBlack and silver, Albert Thurston, charcoal and silver, blue and silver

    2. Major Elite Transport Chair By Maclaren

    Best Maclaren Stroller for Special Needs

    Whether it’s autism or cerebral palsy, having a suitable stroller to meet those needs is imperative. Maclaren offers an excellent choice with its Major Elite transport chair, suited with all its patented features.

    The stroller is suitable for 6 months to 110 pounds. It has all the essentials to keep your child safe and comfy such as a five-point harness, footrest, and padded seat.

    The stroller is easy to push and maneuver thanks to the aerodynamic wheels and good suspension. And it folds like a dream, requiring only a one-handed movement.

    Why We Love It

    Perfect for Transporting Special Needs Babies

    Children are often too small to fit into wheelchairs or other transportation safely. This is a desirable solution to ensure that everyone can get out of the house. A lot of parents praise how it suited their child’s needs, and how good it felt knowing they were safe and comfy.

    Great Maneuverability

    The stroller is easy to push and maneuver around tight corners. It’s excellent for taking on vacation, thanks to the suspension and durable frame. It can easily withstand walks through big cities or rural areas.

    Once you’re done, it folds quickly into a compact, umbrella-like package.

    A Full Range of Add-On Features

    The stroller comes as a basic product without too many additional features. Maclaren offers a range of add-ons you can purchase separately. These include a sun canopy, extra padded seat liners, a rain cover, and a large storage basket.

    Keep In Mind

    Squeaky Wheels

    Unfortunately, a few parents have issues with the wheels. They seem to squeak a lot when pushing the stroller.

    Additional Specs

    Suitable for agesSix months and up
    Maximum weight capacity110 pounds
    Stroller weight14.77 pounds
    ColorCardinal and charcoal, and blue

    3. Quest By Maclaren

    Best Maclaren Umbrella Stroller

    Maclaren’s Quest stroller is a favorite among active parents who are always on the go. Quest is ultra-lightweight, weighing approximately 12.19 pounds. It’s one of the company’s signature umbrella pushchairs, which folds effortlessly into a compact package, ready to carry.

    The Quest pushchair is suitable from day one. It can recline into four positions, including horizontal.

    Maclaren incorporated its newborn safety system to provide some additional support for babies.

    Why We Love It

    Perfect for Commuting Parents

    The Quest series was designed for busy parents who are looking for a lightweight stroller, packed with features.

    The Quest umbrella stroller folds effortlessly using one hand, fantastic if you’re often commuting alone. Once folded, it becomes a small ensemble, which you can carry by the included handle, sitting on the side of the frame.

    Suitable from Day One

    Investing in a single stroller you can use from day one through toddlerhood is fantastic. Maclaren’s newborn safety system provides extra support for infants. As the seat fully reclines, your little one will stay nice and snug in its cozy cocoon.

    The stroller continues to support your child through to the toddler years. Maclaren elevated the seat, giving more space for legs to grow.

    Large Visor with Peek Hole

    The sun can do considerable damage to a baby’s sensitive skin. Maclaren added a large visor to protect your little one. At the top, you’ve got a peek-a-boo hole, which also works as ventilation on hot days.

    Recline Seat and Leg Rest Lock

    The line features seats with four recline positions, which can be changed using one hand. Because it’s so easy to adjust, you won’t disturb your child’s slumber if they nod off and you need to change positions.

    They also include extendable leg rests, fitted with Maclaren’s memory position. This is a locking mechanism, which keeps the setting even after folding and unfolding.

    Keep In Mind

    The Seat Doesn’t Sit Completely Upright

    A few moms pointed out that the seat never sits fully upright, meaning your child will always sit slightly laid back. Some may find this annoying, especially if your kiddo enjoys watching the view.

    Additional Specs

    Suitable for agesBirth and up
    Maximum weight capacity55 pounds
    Stroller weight12.19 pounds
    ColorBlack and silver, blue, and red

    4. Mark II Stroller By Maclaren

    Best Maclaren Stroller for Travel

    Ultra-light yet full-sized? Mark II ticks both boxes. It’s a full-sized stroller weighing a mere 7.94 pounds.

    This is one of Maclaren’s lightest strollers, excellent for commuting parents. They’re also functional.

    Maclaren stripped away all the heavy materials and replaced them with lightweight yet durable parts. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of regular use and will last for years.

    The Mark II design takes a step back into the early days of Maclaren. Its classic appearance, however, is mixed with modern innovation and safety standards. This includes a five-point harness, elevated seat, and extensive sun canopy.

    Why We Love It

    Ultra-Light Materials

    To make the strollers as lightweight as possible, Maclaren utilized aircraft-grade aluminum tubing and ultralight fabrics.

    The materials can withstand extensive use and are capable of carrying your child until they become independent walkers. In particular, the aircraft-grade aluminum tubing chassis is sturdy and won’t budge. It will accommodate your child up to 55 pounds.

    Classic Appearance

    If you’re a fan of the ‘60s, you should like this stroller. It’s available in several colors, which you can pair with the stripy seat liners, sold separately.

    Antimicrobial Handles

    The stroller comes with a lot of modern features such as a large visor, five-point harness, and an adjustable seat. But the feature that spoke to us loudest is the antimicrobial handles. These consist of soft, closed-cell foam, which is easy to clean and durable.

    Keep In Mind

    Wheels Touch the Canopy When Folded

    Some moms pointed out that the wheels touch the sun canopy when you fold the stroller. Because of this, the visor gets dirty and requires a dust off.

    Additional Specs

    Suitable for ages6 months and up
    Maximum weight capacity55 pounds
    Stroller weight7.94 pounds
    ColorMidnight navy, black, and white

    5. Twin Triumph Stroller By Maclaren

    Best Maclaren Twin Stroller

    Sporty, lightweight, and stylish are three words that describe the Triumph twin stroller. It’s an umbrella style, meaning it folds effortlessly despite it being a double.

    The double seats work independently — you can adjust each according to the child. The chairs offer extra padding and an adaptable footrest with built-in support.

    Not only easy to maneuver around town, but the Triumph also fits smoothly through most doorways. It also features an expandable canopy with breathable mesh material and a visor.

    Why We Love It


    Twin strollers are often bulky and quite dull to look at. Maclaren has put an end to that.

    The Triumph is a hit in terms of style. It’s sporty, and you can choose between different colors.

    Compact Design

    The Triumph twin buggy is one of the narrowest twin strollers in today’s market. It’s more than capable of fitting through most doorways with ease. The stroller is easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces, and it folds effortlessly once you’ve finished your trip.

    Independent Adjustments

    No two children are the same, and Maclaren acknowledges this by ensuring each seat can adjust independently. Each seat reclines individually, suiting the passenger’s needs. The same goes for the canopies — both work freely.

    Keep In Mind

    Storage Baskets Can Be Difficult to Reach

    Some parents said the storage baskets sitting underneath the stroller are almost impossible to reach when the seats are fully reclined. It’s a bit of an inconvenience if the kids are sleeping.

    Additional Specs

    Suitable for agesSix months and up
    Maximum weight capacity110 pounds
    Stroller weight30.42 pounds
    ColorBlack and charcoal, and denim

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductBestSuitable for agesMaximum weight capacityStroller weightColors
    Techno XT Stroller For NewbornsNewborn and up55 lbs13.58 lbs4 colors
    Major Elite Transport ChairFor Special NeedsSix months and up110 lbs14.77 lbs2 colors
    Quest By MaclarenUmbrella StrollerBirth and up55 lbs12.19 lbs3 colors
    Mark II Stroller For Travel6 months and up55 lbs7.94 lbs3 colors
    Twin Triumph StrollerTwin StrollerSix months and up110 lbs30.42 lbs2 colors
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    Our Verdict

    Maclaren has more than 50 years behind it in the stroller industry, evolving and creating new strollers around the original blueprint. It’s known for its lightweight, easy-to-fold, durable pieces, sporting classic designs.

    Maclaren also offers a broad range of add-on accessories. It stands out as a unique and high-quality company you might want to consider while getting a stroller.

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