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Lucifer Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Lucifer including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Lucifer Overview

  • Meaning: Lucifer derives from the Latin words “lux” and “fer,” meaning “light-bearer.”
  • Gender: There are some female Lucifers, but it is most commonly a masculine name.
  • Origin: The name Lucifer first appeared in Roman mythology to describe the planet, Venus.
  • Pronunciation: “loo-suh-fr”
  • Popularity: Lucifer is currently somewhat popular in the United States but remains banned in some countries. The name is relatively rare globally.
  • Nicknames: Lou, Luc, Lucy, Morningstar, and King.
  • Variations: Luzifer, Lusifer, Korek, Lucifero, Liuciferis, Losifera
  • Namesakes: Lucifer of Cagliari, Lucifer Valentine, King Lucifer.

Lucifer Name Meaning

Lucifer is a unique name with dark connotations. Frequently associated with the Judeo-Christian devil, what does the name Lucifer actually mean?

This article dives into Lucifer’s history and origin and considers its comparative popularity. We’ll discuss names similar to Lucifer, nicknames for Lucifer, and look at the title’s place in popular culture.

What Does Lucifer Mean?

Lucifer is most closely associated with Satan, the most famous bearer of the name, but its actual meaning is quite beautiful. The Latin word “Lucifer” means “morning star” or “light-bringer” (1).

What is the Origin of the Name Lucifer?

Lucifer, as a name, has a rich history. Many associates the title with the Christian perception of the devil; however, the word “Lucifer” only appears in the King James translation of the Bible (2). The name’s rich life pre-dates that appearance by a large margin.


The name “Lucifer” is the lovechild of two Latin words: “lux” meaning “light” and “fer” meaning “bearing.” The translation is literal: light-bearer.

Mythological Origins

Lucifer appears in Roman folklore as the personification of the planet Venus. Lucifer, as Venus, manifests as a torch-carrying man (3).

How Popular is the Name Lucifer?

Lucifer is somewhat popular. Perhaps due to the popularity of the “Lucifer” television show, more parents are giving their babies the name. Information taken from the United States Social Security Administration shows that between 1880 and 2001, less than five babies were christened Lucifer annually.

The name saw a spike in 2017, gracing 24 babies that year. Presently, the name is the 1,548th most popular name-not exactly burning up the competition.

Lucifer’s negative association with Satan impedes its popularity. The following countries currently ban the name:

  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand

How Do I Pronounce Lucifer?

Lucifer is pronounced phonetically “loo-suh-fr.”

Is Lucifer a Boy or Girl Name?

The name Lucifer is most frequently associated with boys. Like most titles, however, you can give it to a girl. If Lucifer’s popularity for boys is so-so for boys, it’s abysmal for girls. Currently, the name ranks as the 7,878 most popular girls’ names.

Variations of Lucifer

Lucifer is a name with limited variations, even in other languages. The vast majority maintain the structure and spelling of the word. However, the following names are all modified versions of “Lucifer”:

  • Luzifer: the German variant of “Lucifer,” it is illegal to name your child Luzifer in Germany.
  • Lusifer: Icelandic
  • Korek: Indonesian
  • Lucifero: Italian
  • Liuciferis: Lithuanian
  • Losifera: Malagasy
  • Lucyfer: Polis
  • Djavulen: Swedish
  • Ilucifa: Zulu

Nicknames for Lucifer

Many of Lucifer’s most popular nicknames focus on the name’s association with the Judeo-Christian notion of Satan. We assume you’d rather not call your child “Devil” or “King of Hell” and suggest the following as nicknames:

  • Lou
  • Lucy
  • Luc
  • Morningstar
  • King

Similar Names to Lucifer

Lucifer carries certain baggage as a name. If you appreciate the melodic ring and mythology of the title but don’t want to commit, these names are good options:

  • Castiel
  • Damien
  • Demetrius
  • Draco
  • Lazarus
  • Lillith
  • Lucian
  • Lucius
  • Narcissa

Middle Names for Lucifer

Lucifer is a regal name that warrants a middle name of equal impact. Giving your child a middle name similar in drama to their first creates an indelible first impression. The following titles compliment Lucifer:

  • Aksel
  • Artemis
  • avniel
  • Benignus
  • Cadby
  • Clerence
  • Cyfel
  • Floyd

Sibling Names for Lucifer

If you plan to extend your family beyond little Lucifer, you’ll want to pick equally impressive names for their brothers and sisters. Giving Lucifer’s brother or sister one of the following names will surely create a dramatic impact.


All of the following names serve Lucifer’s brother well:


Lucifer’s sister could wear any of the following names with pride:

Famous People Named Lucifer

The infamy associated with “Lucifer” prevents frequent use of the name. There are few famous people with title beyond Satan (if we consider him a person). However, the following notable Lucifers have made the most of the name:

  • King Lucifer: an ancient Babylonian king
  • Lucifer of Cagliari: A Sardinian bishop who opposed Arianism
  • Lucifer the Wrestler: The athletic persona of Timothy James Burke
  • Lucifer Valentine: Writer and director of extreme horror films

Lucifer in Popular Culture

If Lucifer’s negative associations prevent many parents from passing the name to their children, those same connotations endear it to popular culture. Naming a character “Lucifer” immediately indicates mischief and villainy. The following Lucifers have made their mark on pop culture:

  • Lucifer the cat: the mischievous animated feline in Disney’s “Cinderella.”
  • Lucifer: a villainous character on the American tv show “Supernatural.”
  • Lucifer: A character in the “Fallen” series of books by Lauren Kate
  • Lucifer Bradford: a character in R.L. Mathewson’s “Neighbors From Hell” series of books
  • Lucifer Morningstar: The television series “Lucifer” s titular character
  • “Lucifer”: a Jay-Z song off “The Black Album.”
  • Lucifer (Hanzo): A character in the Japanese manga “The Devil is a Part-Timer” by Satoshi Wagahara
  • “Father Lucifer”: A song by Tori Amos off the album “Boys for Pele.”
  • “Lucifer Sam”: A Pink Floyd song on the album “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.”

Lucifer FAQs

Lucifer is a striking name with an exciting history, bound to inspire questions. We collected the most frequently posed ones.

Can I Name My Child Lucifer if I Live in the UK?

The United Kingdom does not prohibit any baby names. Individual registrars may object to names for various reasons, but they cannot legally ban the titles.

Is It Legal To Name My Child Lucifer in Australia?

Yes. Although Australia prohibits quite a few, names-including “Satan,”- Lucifer is a legal name.

Is the Name Lucifer Rare?

Lucifer is relatively rare. According to information from the US Census and Social Security Administration, only one out of every 26, 966 babies born are named Lucifer.

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