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160+ Adorable Last Names for Girls: With Meanings

These fabulous surname names for girls will have you wondering about your family tree.

A last name can tell a lot about a person, including their heritage. Have you ever wondered what your last name means? We’ve got you covered with this beautiful roundup of surname names for girls. We’ve included foreign, sweet, trendy, and unique options. We’ve even thrown in some astounding facts.

With over 150 last names for girls, you’re sure to recognize at least one. What will you learn about your family’s history? Kick back and relax; you’re about to go on a whirlwind adventure!

50 Foreign Surname Names for Girls

These beautiful foreign last names for girls are as pretty as a picture.

  1. Alba – of Spanish, Roman, and Albanian origin, meaning “hill fort” and “fortified settlement.”
  2. Ali – is an Arabic surname most prevalent among Muslim families, meaning “high” and “exalted.”
  3. Baruso – a derivative of “barus,” a cool Latin term given to brave, courageous people.
  4. Bosco – of Italian origin and a topographical surname for those dwelling near forests.
  5. Brando – short for Albrando, an awesome German title for men skilled with swords.
  6. Chan – a Hispanic option that means “God is gracious” or an Asian surname meaning “snow.”
  7. Chen – joins the ranks of Chinese surname names for girls, meaning “old” and “ancient.”
  8. Cheney – is derived from de Cheney, a French title meaning “oak grove.”
  9. Chevalier – a French occupational surname given to equestrians or those who owned horse stables.
  10. Cho – of Korean origin, meaning “second,” “beginning,” and “candle,” perfect for bright girls.
  11. Cortez – a badass variation of Cortes, meaning “courteous” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  12. Crusoe – of English origin, will undoubtedly remind hearers of the classic novel Robinson Crusoe.
  13. Demir – a Turkish occupational surname traditionally given to blacksmiths.
  14. Devereux – of Norman origin, meaning “from Évreux,” referring to a town in Normandy, France.
  15. Estes – means “someone from the East” in Latin and English, often connected to a Colorado city.
  16. Fernandez – a patronymic surname for relatives of Fernando, meaning “adventure” in Spanish.
  17. Flores – of Portuguese and Spanish origin, means “flower,” perfect for beautiful girls.
  18. Garcia – means “son of Garcia,” the Spanish version of Gerald, meaning “brave spear.”
  19. Gomez – of Spanish origin, meaning “son of Gomo,” borne by actress and singer Selena Gomez.
  20. Gonzalez – a Spanish and German option meaning “battle” and “battle war,” giving bearers a tough aesthetic.
  21. Hagen – of German and Irish origin, meaning “youthful one,” also describing families dwelling near enclosures.
  22. Hassan – an Arabic pick meaning “good-looking,” ideal for a pretty girl inside and out.
  23. Hernandez – originated in 15th-century Spain and refers to a bold voyager.
  24. Hong – of Mandarin origin, meaning “rainbow” and “enlarge,” fitting for families with sunny personalities.
  25. Joshi – joins the ranks of mystic last names for girls and means “astrologer” in Sanskrit.
  26. Khan – derived from Khagan, meaning “prince” or “ruler,” borne by singer Noah Khan.
  27. Kim – a feminine Korean surname meaning “gold” and “metal,” doubling as a unisex forename.
  28. Latham – of Scandinavian origin, traditionally given to families living near prominent barns.
  29. Lee – among many cute family names for girls, meaning “meadow” in English.
  30. Leroux – a French surname initially given to families with flaming locks of red hair.
  31. Lopez – a patronymic Spanish surname given to sons of Lope, meaning “wolf” in Spanish.
  32. Lu – the feminization of Lou, meaning “light” and “famous warrior” in Latin.
  33. Mai – a Japanese surname meaning “to dance,” symbolizing freedom, strength, and joy.
  34. Mohammed – a respelling of Muhammed, meaning “exalted” and “high” in Arabic.
  35. Muller – derived from Miller, pointing to those who milled grains for a living.
  36. Nguyen – among the most confusing female surnames, a Chinese option pronounced “WEN.”
  37. Nilsson – taken from the Greek title Nelson, meaning “victorious” or “champion.”
  38. Noakes – an English option given to families dwelling near oak groves.
  39. Patel – an Indian option meaning “village headmen,” ideal for the entrepreneurial family.
  40. Perez – of Spanish origin, means “son of Pedro,” a form of Peter.
  41. Ramirez – a patronymic Hispanic “R” surname that means “son of Ramon” and “son of Ramiro.”
  42. Riva – of Italian and Spanish origin, a habitational surname for families dwelling near rivers.
  43. Rivera – derived from “ribera,” meaning “riverbank,” borne by Jenni Rivera, a Spanish singer.
  44. Russo – a Sicilian title initially given to redheaded clans, taken from the Latin word “rubeus.”
  45. Sanchez – comes from Sanctus, a Latin name meaning “sanctified,” giving this surname a religious air.
  46. Schuyler – of Dutch origin, meaning “scholar,” borne by the infamous Schuyler sisters.
  47. Swain – an English occupational surname given to servants or attendants.
  48. Torres – of Latin and Spanish origin, meaning “towers” and “Thor’s shaft.”
  49. Wang – joins the ranks of common Chinese surnames, meaning “royal” and “king.”
  50. Zhu – of Chinese origin, meaning “to pray” and “wizard,” ideal for fantasy lovers.

58 Beautiful Last Names for Girls

These gorgeous last names for girls are the bee’s knees!

  1. Addison – of Scottish origin, pointing to relatives of Addie, doubling as a popular forename.
  2. Ashley – a classic British “A” surname given to families dwelling near ash tree forests or lush meadows.
  3. Austen – derived from Augustine, meaning “great” and “magnificent,” borne by author Jane Austen.
  4. Baker – among the best occupational female surnames, referring to someone who bakes bread or bricks.
  5. Beckham – of English origin, meaning “Becca’s homestead,” perfect for farming families.
  6. Bennet – taken from “benediction,” a Latin word meaning “blessing.”
  7. Bexley – an English habitational surname for families dwelling near box trees.
  8. Brinkley – of English origin, meaning “woodland clearing,” borne by actress Christie Brinkley.
  9. Booker – originated in England during the Middle Ages, meaning “scholar” or “learned attendant.”
  10. Brooks – of English origin, will undoubtedly inspire visions of serene streams.
  11. Cameron – a derivative of “cam sron,” meaning “crooked nose” in Gaelic.
  12. Carson – hailing from Scotland, meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers.”
  13. Carter – of English, Scottish, and Irish origin, given to those who carted goods to markets.
  14. Casey – an Irish title meaning “watchful” and “vigilant,” doubling as a unisex surname.
  15. Colton – of English and Irish origin, given to someone from a coal-producing town.
  16. Cooper – originated in the Middle Ages and means “barrel maker” in English.
  17. Crosby – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “at the cross,” and was borne by singer Bing Crosby.
  18. Delaney – an Irish surname that means “black challenger” or “dark challenger.”
  19. Dior – often associated with designer Christian Dior, meaning “golden” in French.
  20. Ellison – a patronymic surname meaning “son of Ellis,” connected to Ellis Island in New York.
  21. Everett – of English and German origin, meaning “brave” and “strong as a boar,” perfect for resilient families.
  22. Finnegan – derived from Ó Fionnagáin, meaning “son of fair-haired,” ideal for blonde girls.
  23. Fisher – a variation of “fischere,” meaning “fishermen,” also given to those who sold fish.
  24. Forbes – of Scottish origin, meaning “field,” often associated with wealth and prosperity.
  25. Foster – derived from “forester,” referring to one who took care of animals.
  26. Grayson – means “son of Reeve” or “son of the gray-haired one” in Scottish and Irish.
  27. Hadley – is of English origin, meaning “heather field,” and is also a popular American forename.
  28. Harley – a unique Scottish surname meaning “hare’s meadow,” often associated with a motorcycle brand.
  29. Hudson – means “son of Hugh” in English, borne by actress Kate Hudson.
  30. Hunter – of Scottish and English origin, referring to those pursuing game, a good surname for outdoors people.
  31. Huxley – an English surname initially given to families from Huxley, Cheshire.
  32. Jackson – means “son of Jack” in English, related to the biblical title John.
  33. Jameson – hailing from the U.K., meaning “son of James,” borne by a disciple of Christ.
  34. Kendall – an Old English title that means “valley of the kings,” perfect for the regal sweetheart.
  35. King – a British surname given to families with regal qualities, borne by American singer Carole King.
  36. Landon – an English option given to hillside families; fun namesakes include actor Michael Landon Jr.
  37. Larkin – means “descendant of Lorcan,” but is also derived from “lorcc” meaning “fierce.”
  38. Mackey – of Irish origin, meaning “virile” and “manly,” can also refer to the sons of Aodh.
  39. Marshall – a French surname initially given to families who cared for horses.
  40. Mason – of French origin, an occupational surname for stoneworkers or stonemasons.
  41. Mavis – hailing from France, means “songbird” and doubles as a cute girl’s forename.
  42. Miller – means “one who grinds grain” in English, borne by Larrissa Miller, an Australian gymnast.
  43. Nolan – derived from O’Nullian, meaning “noble” in Irish.
  44. Parker – of English origin, meaning “keeper of the park,” borne by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.
  45. Porter – an English and Scottish surname pointing to hotel doormen or baggage transporters.
  46. Potter – of English origin, meaning “maker of pots,” often associated with Harry Potter.
  47. Presley – hailing from Britain, meaning “priest’s meadow,” borne by rocker Elvis Presley.
  48. Saunders – a derivative of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek.
  49. Sawyer – of English origin, an occupational surname for those who saw wood.
  50. Smith – an English occupational surname staring with S given to blacksmiths.
  51. Thatcher – of English origin, initially given to those who thatched roofs.
  52. Tinsley – a rare English forename or surname that means “mound.”
  53. Washington – hails from the U.K., means “hunting settlement,” and is a prominent political title.
  54. Weaver – an English occupational title for those who weave cloth for a living.
  55. Webster – of French origin, given to those with intricate weaving talents.
  56. Wellington – an Old English option meaning “wealthy estate,” perfect for high-class girls.
  57. Weston – a British title meaning “from the West town,” also a unique forename.
  58. Whitney – hails from Britain, means “white island,” and is a vintage female forename.

55 Unique Family Names for Girls

These rare family names for girls will make anyone do a double take.

  1. Adair – hailing from Scotland, meaning “happy spear” and “ford of the oaks.”
  2. Archer – of French and English origin, a good title for the woman who loves archery.
  3. Ashby – an Old English option meaning “ash tree home,” symbolizing the power of deep roots.
  4. Bardot – stems from the English surname Lombardo, borne by French actress Brigitte Bardot.
  5. Barlow – an English habitational title for families dwelling near barley fields.
  6. Baxter – a derivative of “bakstere,” meaning “baker” in English, perfect for the edgy girl.
  7. Beaumont – hailing from France, meaning “beautiful mountain,” and doubling as a scenic Texas city.
  8. Blackstone – an English topographical title for families living near large black rocks.
  9. Boone – a Dutch title given to those who sold or farmed beans.
  10. Brewster – an English occupational surname for ale-brewers.
  11. Brighton – is of English origin, meaning “from Breighton,” a city in Yorkshire.
  12. Bronson – a British surname given to relatives of men named Brown.
  13. Cassidy – taken from Caside, meaning “curly-headed” in Greek, is ideal for the girl with ringlets.
  14. Chancellor – a respelling of “chancelier,” a French and Latin title given to secretaries and ushers.
  15. Collier – an Old English option traditionally given to those working with coal.
  16. Cyprus – taken from “kyrios,” an Egyptian word meaning “lord,” perfect for regal darlings.
  17. Davies – means “son of David” and “beloved,” giving this Hebrew title a religious twist.
  18. Deacon – of Greek and English origin, meaning “messenger” and “servant,” often seen in church settings.
  19. Falkner – a respelling of Falconer, a title for men who hunted falcons.
  20. Farley – of British origin, meaning “fern meadow,” ideal for nature-loving families.
  21. Finch – an English moniker given to those with lively personalities or beautiful voices.
  22. Foxton – ideal for “foxy” women, meaning “farmstead estate” in English.
  23. Granger – a French pick that means “grain dealer” and “granary.”
  24. Ham – of English origin, will undoubtedly remind hearers of bacon, but means “river meadow.”
  25. Hendrix – is of Dutch and German origin, meaning “son of Hendrik,” which doubles as a rare forename.
  26. Hepburn – an Old English title meaning “high burial mound,” borne by actress Audrey Hepburn.
  27. Iverson – a Norwegian and Danish pick, given to sons of Ivar, meaning “warrior.”
  28. Keller – a German occupational surname given to those who manned the family cellar.
  29. Kensington – hailing from the U.K., meaning “farmstead” and can refer to families from Kensington.
  30. Latimer – means “one who knows Latin” in English, traditionally given to interpreters.
  31. Lennon – an eerie Irish surname meaning “cloak,” “raven,” and “lover.”
  32. Lightfoot – an English moniker given to those who are quick on their feet.
  33. Lively – means “saintly” and “devoted” in English, borne by actress Blake Lively.
  34. Mackson – refers to the “sons of Jack” in English, a moniker for John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  35. Monroe – of Gaelic origin, meaning “mouth of the river,” borne by legendary actress Marilyn Monroe.
  36. Moses – a biblical surname meaning “drawn out of the water,” borne by actress Moses Ingram.
  37. Munro – a respelling of Monroe, a Gaelic title given to families dwelling near riverbanks.
  38. Padgett – an English occupational surname given to servants or groomers.
  39. Pascoe – a Cornish option meaning “Easter children,” connected to Pascal.
  40. Pierson – of English origin, means “son of Piers,” also an alternate spelling of Pearson.
  41. Quiller – taken from “couillor,” a French occupational title for tax collectors.
  42. Quinn – the Anglicized version of O’Cuinn, meaning “descendant of Conn.”
  43. Raven – of English origin, traditionally given to dark-haired clans or thieves.
  44. Rawley – an Old English title meaning “roe deer’s meadow,” ideal for animal lovers.
  45. Reeves – an English topographical surname for families dwelling near the eaves of a location.
  46. Rhodes – taken from “rod,” meaning “clearing in the woods” in English.
  47. Singh – a derivative of Simha, meaning “lion” in Sanskrit, fitting for fierce women.
  48. St. James – inspired by Saint James, one of Christ’s disciples who reigns over Spain.
  49. Tayson – a derivative of Taylor, a popular forename and surname meaning “tailor” in English.
  50. Thurloe – an edgy respelling of Thurlow, a habitational title meaning “hill” in English.
  51. Vinson – means “son of Vincent” in English, originating in the Middle Ages.
  52. Wainwright – an Old English option given to wheelwrights or wagonmakers.
  53. Wilde – a classy respelling of Wild and edgy Irish surname for those with large personalities.
  54. Wilkes – means “son of William” in English and is most prevalent in Europe.
  55. Woolf – a sophisticated alternative to Wolf, an English option given to those with wolfish attributes.

Last Names for Girls FAQs

What Are the Fanciest Last Names?

Every girl dreams of a fancy last name, especially if she has royal aspirations. Among the fanciest options are foreign titles like Bardo, Chevalier, Dior, and Devereux. Vintage surnames, such as Wainwright, Monroe, Hepburn, and Ashby, are always en vogue. Other honorable mentions include Wilkes, Tinsley, Saunders, Ellison, and Brinkley.

What Are Good Last Names For a Girl?

There’s no shortage of good last names for girls. Edgy options are perfect for the rough-and-tumble darling. Titles that fall under this category include Woolf, Wilde, Raven, and Quinn. Literary-inspired surnames include Austen, Potter, Crusoe, Ashley, and Bennet. Surnames such as Alba, Ali, Chen, and Gomez are good picks with celebrity namesakes.

What Is the #1 Last Name?

The number one last name varies depending on your country of origin. Smith has been the #1 American surname for decades, originating in the Middle Ages. The most famous Arabic last names include Mohamed and Ali, while Chen and Hong are rated highly in Asia. Across the pond, you’ll find Williamson, Wilkes, and King around every corner.

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