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205 Awesome Last Names That Start With A: With Meanings

These authentic last names that start with A are truly alluring!

Do you have a last name that starts with A, and you’re curious about its origin and meaning? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through the world of A surnames.

We’ll unravel the intriguing stories behind these names, from well-known ones like Adams to lesser-explored gems such as Abichandani. Join us as we dive into the history and heritage of surnames, starting with A, uncovering the unique tales that make each name so special.

18 Common Last Names That Start With A

Let’s explore some of the most popular last names, starting with A, you’ll likely encounter.

  1. Abbott – from the Old English “abbod” (abbot, priest), given to someone working in a priest’s house.
  2. Adams – of English and Hebrew origin, associated with the first man in the Bible.
  3. Adkins – another form of Atkins meaning “son of Atkin.”
  4. Aguirre – of Basque origin, meaning “dweller at the edge of the water.”
  5. Ahmed – means “praised” or “commendable” in Arabic, which is common in Islamic cultures.
  6. Allen – derived from Breton or Irish, possibly meaning “deer” or “little rock,” signifying strength and stability.
  7. Allison – this English surname beginning with A is also a popular given name for girls.
  8. Almeida – a lovely option among our last names, starting with A, associated with a Portuguese town.
  9. Alvarez – means “son of Alvaro” in Spanish, indicating noble and warrior-like qualities.
  10. An – this Korean surname meaning “tranquil” is prevalent in Korean communities.
  11. Anderson – this Scandinavian name meaning “son of Andrew” is widespread in Nordic regions.
  12. Andrews – a common English surname originally given to a “son of Andrew.”
  13. Anglin – although common in England, Anglin has Irish roots, meaning “hero” or “champion.”
  14. Aoki – in Japanese, this lovely 4-letter surname means “green tree,” symbolizing vitality and growth.
  15. Armstrong – of English origin, meaning “strong arm,” representing physical prowess and strength.
  16. Atkins – derived from “Atkin,” a medieval form of Adam.
  17. Atkinson – this 8-letter English surname means “son of Atkin.”
  18. Austin – derived from the Latin Augustus, meaning “majestic” or “venerable”; common in English-speaking nations globally.

121 Unique Last Names Starting With A

Dive into our uncommon last names starting with A, each with a fascinating story to be told.

  1. Abbotson – indicating a descendant or servant of an abbot, a religious leader.
  2. Abercrombie – of Scottish origin, meaning “mouth of the river Crombie,” evoking picturesque landscapes and history.
  3. Abergel – derived from Hebrew, meaning “mountain of God,” symbolizing strength and stability.
  4. Aberhart – a powerful option among last names that start with A, meaning “noble heart” in Germanic.
  5. Abernethy – one of the coolest A last names from Scotland, meaning “mouth of the river.”
  6. Abichandani – an uncommon Indian surname, likely indicating a respected family lineage.
  7. Abingdon – a poetic, Old English surname meaning “Æbba’s Hill.”
  8. Abitbol – means “father of the drum” in Hebrew, commonly used in Morocco, France, and Israel.
  9. Ab Owain – in Welsh, this surname is for a “son of Owain,” symbolizing family lineage.
  10. Ab Owen – a Welsh surname meaning “son of Owen,” suggesting ancestral connections.
  11. Abiteboul – of Hebrew origin, meaning “father of goodness,” common in Morocco.
  12. Adamsen – this patronymic surname means “son of Adam,” relating to the biblical first man.
  13. Addington – a surname associated with an area in London, giving it a city charm.
  14. Afify – a unique Egyptian surname derived from an Arabic word meaning “chaste” or “modest.”
  15. Agarwal – this Hindu surname means “community of farmers,” representing an agricultural heritage.
  16. Agate – derived from the precious stone, symbolizes protection, strength, and harmony.
  17. Aggarwal – of Indian origin, signifies a “community of traders and merchants.”
  18. Agnew – indicating a person from the Agnew clan in Scotland.
  19. Ahluwalia – a prestigious surname from India’s Punjab region, first adopted by Sikh Kalal chief Jassa Singh.
  20. Ahmadi – associated with the Arabic name Ahmad, symbolizing praise and acknowledgment of divine blessings.
  21. Ahuja – of Punjabi origin, denoting a “descendant of Ahu.”
  22. Ahumada – has Spanish origins, possibly meaning “smoky.”
  23. Aikenhead – an archaic Scottish choice among our last names starting with A, originating in medieval times.
  24. Ajami – of Arabic origin, meaning “non-Arab,” signifying cultural diversity.
  25. Akaboshi – means “red star” in Japanese, giving it a celestial feel.
  26. Aker – derived from Swedish, means “plowed field,” suggesting agricultural heritage.
  27. Akhundov – a rare Azerbaijani surname denoting an esteemed lineage.
  28. Alber – possibly from Germanic origins, associated with nobility and strength.
  29. Albrighton – of English origin, meaning “illustrious,” likely given to a son of Albright.
  30. Alden – in Old English, Alden means “old friend,” signifying loyalty and companionship.
  31. Aldenham – an English name referring to a village or settlement.
  32. Aldersey – this early Anglo-Saxon surname is related to alder trees, giving it a natural feel.
  33. Alderson – a strong, patronymic surname for a “son of Alder.”
  34. Aldridge – signifies a ridge where alders grow, representing nature, growth, and resilience.
  35. Aldworth – an English choice among our surnames starting with A, meaning “old estate” or “farm.”
  36. Alemán – a Spanish surname meaning “German,” symbolizing cultural ties to Germany.
  37. Alexander – derived from Greek, meaning “defender of the people,” symbolizing strength, courage, and leadership.
  38. Al-Hashimi – of Arabic origin, signifying ancestry from the Hashemite clan, the royal family of Jordan.
  39. Allaband – a captivating English surname with elusive origins, possibly location-based.
  40. Allaf – in Arabic, this surname means “compassionate,” embodying empathy and a caring nature.
  41. Allard – of French origin, meaning “noble and brave,” symbolizing courage and honor.
  42. Allen – derived from Breton or Irish, possibly meaning “deer” or “little rock.”
  43. Allerton – of English origin, denoting a settlement near alder trees.
  44. Allington – from an Old English personal name meaning “Ælla’s farm” or “settlement of the prince.”
  45. Allsopp – derived from a village called Alsop en la Dale, meaning “Ælli’s valley” in Old English.
  46. Allyn – a variant of Allen, implying strength and stability.
  47. Almond – derived from Old English, meaning “noble protection,” often associated with the tree nut.
  48. Al-Mubarak – in Arabic, this family name means “son of Mubarak” or “descent of Mubarak.”
  49. Al-Mutairi – of Arabic origin, suggesting a connection to the Mutairi tribe of Kuwait.
  50. Al-Qudsi – indicating a connection to Jerusalem (Al-Quds in Arabic).
  51. Al-Shuaibi – an Arabic surname denoting a relationship to the Islamic prophet Shuaib.
  52. Alston – a poetic English surname meaning “of the old manor” or “of the hillside.”
  53. Alverstone – associated with a village on the Isle of Wight, an island in the English Channel.
  54. Al-Wazir – means “the minister” or “the vizier” in Arabic, indicating wisdom and authority.
  55. Al-Zahrani – a Saudi Arabian surname belonging to members of the royal Zahran tribe.
  56. Amane – this graceful name means “sound of the heavens” in Japanese.
  57. Amara – a sad option among last names starting with A, meaning “bitter” or “unhappy” in Italian.
  58. Amaro – has Spanish and Portuguese origins, meaning “bitter.”
  59. Amato – derived from the late Latin personal name Amatus, meaning “beloved.”
  60. Amis – derived from Old French, meaning “friend,” indicative of a friendly personality.
  61. Amos – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “burden-bearer,” suggesting strength when facing life’s challenges.
  62. Ampleford – a charming English surname, first found in Worcestershire, England.
  63. Amspoker – linked to gaming, this English surname was first found in the U.S. between 1840 and 1920.
  64. Amundsen – of Norwegian origin, meaning “son of Amund,” showcasing ancestral lineage.
  65. Anami – of Japanese origin, meaning “heavenly wave,” giving it a poetic flair.
  66. Anderton – originated in Cheshire, Lancashire, and Devon, England, meaning “Eindrithi’s settlement.”
  67. Andreasen – is of Danish origin, meaning “son of Andreas,” signifying family connections.
  68. Andressen – an enduring Nordic legacy, meaning “son of Andreas.”
  69. Angland – a 7-letter Gaelic surname meaning “hero” or “champion,” suggesting heroic ancestry.
  70. Ankers – this surname comes from the Norman “anchier,” referencing a religious recluse.
  71. Anley – rooted in Gaelic heritage, possibly from MacAmhlaibh or MacAmhaidh, signifying noble ancestry.
  72. Ansell – an English surname, possibly from the Old French “ancel,” referencing a female maid.
  73. Applegate – this beautiful English family name means “apple orchard.”
  74. Appleton – a good name for fruit lovers, meaning “orchard” in Old English.
  75. Arabin – possibly from the Old French “arabin” (Arab).
  76. Arazi – derived from the Arabic “Arz” (land), representing a connection to ancestral lands.
  77. Arber – from the Latin “arbor,” meaning “tree,” signifying strength, growth, and wisdom.
  78. Arbogast – originated in South Germany, derived from “arbi” (inheritance) and “gast” (foreign warrior).
  79. Arbuckle – this funny surname comes from the Gaelic “earrann buachaille” (herdsman’s land).
  80. Arburua – a notable Navarre surname specific to Etxalar and Pamplona, Spain.
  81. Ardern – translates to “eagle valley” in Old English, a name destined for soaring heights!
  82. Ardolf – an uncommon Germanic surname, possibly meaning “home-loving wolf.”
  83. Argyle – from the Argyll region in southwestern Scotland, associated with several influential earls and dukes.
  84. Arkell – from the Dutch surname Van Arkel, possibly linked to the Anglo-Saxon form of Hercules, Ercol.
  85. Arkwright – an occupational surname for a chest maker, combining the English “arc” (chest) and “wyrhta” (wright joiner).
  86. Armesto – has Spanish origins, meaning “armored,” representing protection and familial courage.
  87. Armistead – this habitational surname comes from Yorkshire, England, derived from “ermite” (hermit) and “stede” (place).
  88. Armitage – derived from the Old French “hermit,” signifying a peaceful, secluded life.
  89. Armstead – a lonely surname, referencing the secluded home of a hermit.
  90. Arnott – of Scottish origin, symbolizes courage and bravery, originating near Kinross, Scotland.
  91. Arscott – suggests English heritage from Devon, symbolizing ancestral pride.
  92. Arthurs – derived from the ancient name Arthur, signifying nobility, courage, and leadership in Welsh heritage.
  93. Ashcroft – an English surname meaning “ash tree enclosure,” signifying a natural dwelling.
  94. Ashe – an Irish surname derived from Norman, meaning “at the ash.”
  95. Ashenden – from an English place name meaning “hill overgrown with Ash trees.”
  96. Ashford – an English surname that indicates residence near ash trees, symbolizing a connection to nature.
  97. Ashman – from Middle English “Asheman,” denoting a seaman or pirate.
  98. Ashurst – perfect for nature lovers, this beautiful English surname means “ash tree hill.”
  99. Askew – this interesting 5-letter surname has Norse roots, meaning “oak wood.”
  100. Aspinall – derived from Aspinwall in Lancashire, England, meaning “stream near aspen trees.”
  101. Asquith – associated with Askwith in North Yorkshire, meaning “ash tree wood.”
  102. Asselin – derived from Old French, meaning “noble” or “nobleman,” suggesting a prestigious heritage.
  103. Astley – an English surname indicating residence near an east-facing clearing.
  104. Atassi – a distinguished surname associated with prominent families in Syria.
  105. Atonal – this modern English surname was inspired by music.
  106. Atterton – of English origin, denoting a settlement near a river.
  107. Aubert – in French, it means “bright nobility,” representing honor and proud family traditions.
  108. Auchinleck – means “corner of the field” in Scottish, reflecting a connection to agriculture.
  109. Aughton – an English surname from Lancashire, meaning “’town near a river.”
  110. Avenell – derived from Old French, meaning “bird-like,” symbolizing freedom and grace.
  111. Averill – potentially from Old French “avrill” (April), possibly indicating a baptism in the spring.
  112. Avis – likely from the Germanic name Aveza, which derives from the Latin “avis” (bird).
  113. Axford – a badass surname, likely indicating a settlement near an ash tree.
  114. Axon – a topographic name for someone who lived by an ash tree.
  115. Ayers – derived from the Middle English “eir” (heir), symbolizing legacy, continuity, and family pride.
  116. Aylen – originating from Alan or the Old English “ætheling,” signifying noble heritage.
  117. Aylward – this powerful English surname means “noble guardian.”
  118. Aylworth – an English surname, likely meaning “dweller at the farm,” representing rural heritage.
  119. Ayres – a less common variation of Ayers, meaning “heir.”
  120. Ayrton – this pleasant, 6-letter English surname likely came from the name of a town.
  121. Ayton – a lovely Scottish surname referencing a “settlement near water.”

66 Beautiful Surnames Starting With A

These gorgeous surnames starting with A, are truly something to admire.

  1. ​​ Abaza – a distinguished surname originating in Russia in 1843.
  2. Abras – this French surname can be traced back to the 16th-century.
  3. Acharya – in Sanskrit, it means “teacher,” suggesting a history of knowledge and wisdom.
  4. Adalira – a rare surname used in the Philippines, also associated with a genus of ladybugs.
  5. Adelaide – of Germanic origin, meaning “noble natured,” famously borne by a 10th-century saint.
  6. Adonis – means “lord,” associated with a handsome young shepherd in Greek mythology.
  7. Aine – a luminous Irish name meaning “radiance” or “brilliance,” reflecting inner beauty.
  8. Ainsley – of Scottish origin, denoting a “meadow near the ash tree,” symbolizing natural beauty and tranquility.
  9. Ainsworth – of English origin, meaning “enclosure,” signifying a beautiful settlement surrounded by meadows.
  10. Airle – this majestic 5-letter Scottish Gaelic surname means “eagle.”
  11. Aisling – means “dream” or “vision” in Irish, perfect for families who endlessly pursue their aspirations.
  12. Aitken – this unique Scottish surname means “son of Adam.”
  13. Akantha – of Greek origin, meaning “thorn” or “prickle,” signifying tough and resilient families.
  14. Akita – among the loveliest Japanese surnames starting with A, meaning “autumn ricefield.”
  15. Alarica – a Germanic name meaning “ruler of all,” representing power and leadership qualities.
  16. Alavi – suggests descent from or association with Ali, the first leader of the Shiite Muslims.
  17. Alina – a gorgeous option among surnames starting with A, meaning “bright” or “beautiful” in Slavic.
  18. Aliz – the Hungarian short form of Alice (noble) is also used as a surname.
  19. Allegra – in Italian, this vibrant name means “joyful” or “lively.”
  20. Allemand – is French for “Germany,” indicating German heritage.
  21. Ally – an Arabic surname from Ali, meaning “high” or “exalted.”
  22. Alouetta – a variant of Alouette, echoing the grace and freedom associated with the lark.
  23. Alouette – this poetic French name means “lark,” a type of songbird.
  24. Aleron – of French origin, meaning “winged one,” perfect for those with lofty goals.
  25. Amalinde – with Germanic roots, this powerful name means “noble linden tree.”
  26. Amalthea – in Greek mythology, Amalthea was the nurturing goat who raised Zeus.
  27. Amaya – in Japanese, this poetic 5-letter surname means “night rain” or “heaven’s valley.”
  28. Ambrose – this powerful Greek name meaning “immortal” signifies an eternal legacy.
  29. Ambrosia – from a Greek word meaning “immortal,” associated with the food of the gods.
  30. Amherst – a noble English name associated with several distinguished barons and earls.
  31. Amira – this beautiful title means “prince” or “leader” in Arabic.
  32. Amoret – an elegant and rare surname, possibly inspired by the Italian word “amoretto” (Cupid).
  33. Amrani – in Arabic, this surname means “from Amran,” suggesting regional heritage.
  34. Amsel – means “blackbird” in German, symbolizing freedom and intuition.
  35. Anemone – means “windflower” in Greek, signifying fragility and ephemeral beauty.
  36. Angelou – derived from the Greek word “angelos,” meaning “messenger.”
  37. Angharad – a Welsh name meaning “much loved,” representing affection and kindness.
  38. Appleby – a wholesome option among last names that start with A, meaning “apple farm.”
  39. Aquila – in Latin, Aquila means “eagle,” symbolizing courage, vision, and the spirit of adventure.
  40. Aquino – a noble Italian surname with Lombard origins, part of the historic aristocracy in Naples.
  41. Arachne – in Greek mythology, this was a weaver transformed into a spider.
  42. Arantxa – a Basque feminine given name meaning “thornbush,” occasionally used as a surname.
  43. Arbore – a lovely, nature-inspired option among last names starting with A, meaning “tree” in Latin.
  44. Arden – associated with several places in England, from a Celtic word meaning “high.”
  45. Ardith -this picturesque Old English name means “blooming meadows.”
  46. Aria – a melodious name from Italian, meaning “air” or “song.”
  47. Arianell – one of the most beautiful last names starting with A, meaning “silver” in Welsh.
  48. Ariel – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “lion of God,” symbolizing strength and divine protection.
  49. Arita – in Japanese, it means “owns a rice paddy” or “rice paddy of ants.”
  50. Arrowsmith – an English occupational surname denoting a skilled maker of arrows.
  51. Asai – a rare and lovely Japanese surname, meaning “shallow well.”
  52. Ash – this 3-letter English surname was given to those living near ash trees.
  53. Ashby – has Old Norse and English roots, meaning “farmstead by the ash trees.”
  54. Ashlin – this whimsical English family name means “dweller at the ash tree.”
  55. Ashour – a powerful Arabic surname meaning “brave” or “courageous.”
  56. Atwood – a witchy option among last names starting with A, meaning “dweller at the wood.”
  57. Austerberry – from the Old Norse “Oestr-by” (east-place), reflecting an ancient Scandinavian heritage.
  58. Avalon – a mystical island from Arthurian legends, evoking magic and enchantment.
  59. Aveline – this classic Old French surname means “hazelnut tree.”
  60. Avena – of Latin origin meaning “oats,” hinting at a heritage as a grain grower.
  61. Aybar – a unique surname rarely used outside the Basque region of Spain and France.
  62. Azalea – a floral surname representing beauty, fragility, and grace.
  63. Azami – in Japanese, this stunning 5-letter name translates to “thistle flower.”
  64. Azara – a unique surname, possibly from “azhar” (Arabic for “flowers”).
  65. Azura – from the color, evoking images of blue skies or seas.
  66. Azurea – inspired by azure blue.

Last Names That Start With A FAQs

What Are Some of the Rarest Last Names Starting With A?

In the U.S., some unique last names that start with A are Afify, Allaband, Amspoker, Ardolf, and Atonal. These surnames are uncommon, so you will surely stand out if you have one!

Around the world, there are plenty of rare surnames starting with A, such as Abichandani in India, Akhundov in Azerbaijan, and Asai in Japan. These names reflect the rich cultural diversity and heritage found in different countries and regions.

What Is the Most Common Last Name Starting With A in the U.S.?

When it comes to common last names starting with A, you can’t top Adams. It has its origins in Hebrew and English, representing the biblical figure Adam and his descendants. It’s widely used in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. Other common surnames starting with A are Anderson, Allen, and some classics like Armstrong and Alvarez. These names are deeply woven into United States history, telling stories of past generations and their ancestors.

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