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18 Best Face Masks for Kids of 2024

Find a face mask that will keep you and your child safe.

It can be challenging to know which face masks for kids are safe and effective. Should you buy disposable masks or a reusable cloth version? Maybe you should skip the mask buying altogether and make your own?

For a parent who is simply trying to look out for their child’s best interest, it’s hard to know what to do sometimes. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the best face masks for kids. We’ll tell you to choose them, how to make them, and share 18 face mask recommendations so you don’t have to research them.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Weddingstar Washable Face Mask
Best with Filter Pocket
Weddingstar Washable Face Mask
  • Can be used with/without filter
  • Filter provides 5 layers of protection
  • Adjustable ear loops
Product Image of the Bloch Reusable Bloch Face Masks
Best Plain Face Masks
Bloch Reusable Bloch Face Masks
  • Two Bloch of tight weave cotton
  • Adjustable earloop stopper
  • Mask is shaped for kids
Product Image of the Kids’ Single-Use Disposable Face Mask
Best Disposable Face Mask
Kids’ Single-Use Disposable Face Mask
  • Three-layered mask
  • Four different patterns
  • Comfortable elastic ear loop
Product Image of the Kids Loony Tunes Face Mask
Cartoon Filter Pocket Fun
Kids Loony Tunes Face Mask
  • Come in range of styles
  • Masks have two layers
  • Comes with filter pocket
Product Image of the Cubcoats Kids Convertible Face Mask
More Difficult for Little Ones To Lose
Cubcoats Kids Convertible Face Mask
  • Turn inside out & fold up
  • Cute animal face designs
  • Comes with wrist strap
Product Image of the 3-Ply Breathable Face Masks
Basic, Affordable, Cute & Comfy
3-Ply Breathable Face Masks
  • Three-ply disposable mask
  • Bendable nose piece
  • Fun kid-friendly patterns
Product Image of the USA Kid Children’s Face Masks
Made In The USA
USA Kid Children’s Face Masks
  • 100% cotton quilting fabric
  • Has a filter pocket
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops
Product Image of the Access Denied Kids’ Reusable Face Mask
Stretchy Animal Face Fun
Access Denied Kids’ Reusable Face Mask
  • Made of cotton, spandex blend
  • Soft & stretchy
  • Choice of cool styles
Product Image of the iUptown Chic Kids’ Face Masks
The Kids Mask You’ll Want for Yourself
iUptown Chic Kids’ Face Masks
  • 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Well-made & shaped

The Best Kids Face Masks of 2024

We’ve worked hard to find the 18 best face masks for kids.

We’ve categorized the masks to make it easier to locate a great one for your child.

Weddingstar Kids’ Washable Face Mask

Best Kids' Face Masks with Filter Pocket

We particularly like this face mask for kids because it can be used either with or without a filter. Using it with the filter provides five layers of protection but, if you forget the filter or run out of them, using it without still gives you two layers.

In addition, they are sized specifically for children, and there are 32 colors and designs to choose from. The ear loops are adjustable, so they fit a range of ages, and the nose piece can be molded to the bridge of the nose.

User Experience

Excellent masks that are not only lightweight and breathable, but also well-made with adjustable ear straps and a pocket for filters. I've received many compliments on the beautiful design, and the fit is perfect for both my younger and older children. However, the flexible rod for shaping around the nose could be stiffer for a more flush fit. It's important to note that these masks don't come with filters, but they can be purchased separately.

Bloch Reusable Cloth Face Masks

Best Patterned Face Masks for Kids

With two layers of tight weave cotton and unisex color that goes perfectly well with any outfit regardless of the gender, these kids’ face masks from Bloch are both fun and appropriate for day-to-day use.

The soft cotton ear loops are adjustable, and there is an adjustable closure, which together makes it easier to get a good, snug fit.

These masks are shaped, and the maker recommends them for kids from school age. The same company makes a bigger size of mask, in the same fabrics, for older kids and adults.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these masks has been mostly positive, especially when it comes to comfort and fit for my young child. The soft, adjustable ear loops make it easy to find the perfect fit, and they hold up well after multiple washes. However, the mask tends to slip off the nose, which can compromise its effectiveness. The lack of a filter pocket might also be a concern for some, but overall, these masks are a good value for the money.

Kids’ Single-Use Disposable Face Mask

Best Disposable Face Mask for Kids

Once you ignore the many fake reviews and ratings, these are popular and highly rated disposable face masks for kids.

Each box has 50 masks, with four different patterns. They are three-layered and come with a basic, yet comfortable enough, elastic ear loop.

Some people complain of a chemical smell from the masks, but we found them to be no more and no less “smelly” than any of the other disposable, surgical style masks we tried.

Community Feedback

As a parent of two kids aged 6 and 8, I found these masks to be a great fit for both of them. They prefer these over the handmade cloth masks we had previously tried, due to the increased comfort level. The masks do have a bit of an odd smell at first, but it dissipates after being aired out for a day or two. While the ear loops may be slightly big for younger children, they can be easily adjusted with knots for a tighter fit. My kids enjoy the different patterns and find these masks comfortable to wear throughout the school day.

Kids' 3-Pack Loony Tunes Face Mask

Cartoon Filter Pocket Fun

These Loony Tunes kids’ face masks come in a range of styles, including Batman, Scooby-Doo, TMNT, and more, so you are sure to find something to appeal to your child.

The masks have two layers, and there is a filter pocket if you would like to add an extra layer of protection.

At 5 inches high and 7.5 inches tall, these are a good option for the 10 and under age group, but they are not a comfortable fit for anyone bigger.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased these masks and have washed them multiple times, only to find that the colors remain vibrant and the quality intact. However, I noticed that the masks aren't made of cotton, as I initially thought. Despite the material difference, I've found them to be quite comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods. The fit is also quite good, as they don't feel too tight or loose on my face.

Cubcoats Kids’ Convertible 2-in-1 Face Mask

More Difficult For Little Ones To Lose

Cubcoat Kids are known for their adorable, converting hoodies. Now they’ve taken the same concept and applied it to kids’ face masks.

These masks turn inside out and fold up to become cute animal faces with a wrist strap on the back. Your child can then use the strap and wear the mask on their wrist until it is needed again.

The mask’s cotton feels soft against the face, and the thick, woven, elastic loops are gentle on the backs of little ears.

User Experience

I recently purchased this unicorn mask for my daughter, and it has made the task of getting her to wear a mask much easier. The design is adorable, and she enjoys the fact that it can be folded up into a wristlet, making her feel like she's dressing up. However, there are a few drawbacks, such as the lack of a filter pocket and the difficulty in adjusting the elastic straps. Some users have also reported issues with staining and breathability, but my personal experience has been positive overall. The mask is well-received by children, and the wristlet feature adds a fun and convenient element to the product.

3-Ply Breathable Face Masks For Kids

Basic, Affordable, Cute And Comfy

These are a standard three-ply disposable mask with elastic earloops and a bendable nose piece. They come in a box of 50, and you can either choose a package with a variety of patterns or 50 of the same mask. There are a lot of fun kid-friendly patterns to choose from, such as rockets, cars, Disney characters, and rainbows.

At 3.6 inches by 5.6 inches, they are at the smaller end of the size spectrum, but then the patterns are unlikely to appeal to bigger kids, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Personal Perspective

Great quality and adorable designs make these toddler pajamas a hit with both parents and children. I've purchased these three times for my young one, and they consistently prove to be comfortable, durable, and well-fitting. Though we experienced a minor issue with receiving two sets of unicorn designs instead of the car design my child was excited about, they still tried them on and found them comfy.

USA Kid Children’s Face Masks

Made In The USA

Made from 100 percent cotton quilting fabric, these masks are made with two layers of fabric and have a filter pocket for added assurance. The thick, woven elastic ear loops are comfortable, and the cotton of the mask itself remains soft, even after multiple washes.

When you buy this mask, it comes with five filters that the listing says are made from the same material as medical-grade filters. They also say you will achieve 99 percent filtration efficiency, but this is not a claim we can verify.

Community Feedback

I've been using these masks for a while now and they've become my go-to choice. The two layers of thin cotton fabric are comfortable on the skin, and the pocket for inserting a thicker filter adds extra protection. The adjustable metal strip at the nose ensures a secure fit, which is especially helpful for those of us who wear glasses. These masks are professionally sewn with strong seams, giving me confidence in their durability. Plus, with so many fun print options available, it's nice to have a mask that doesn't look too clinical while still providing safety and comfort.

Access Denied Kids’ Reusable Face Mask

Stretchy Animal Face Fun

Made of a cotton, spandex blend, they may not have the most effective filtration, but if you are struggling to find a suitable mask, this is a soft and stretchy option that a lot of kids find easy to tolerate.

Choose from either a dog with a bone, a bear, or a dog with its tongue hanging out, or pick up a pack of all five. And if your child doesn’t fancy that, this L.A.-based company also produces butterfly and heart styles.

First-Hand Impression

Best fitting mask for my 8-year-old, but too small for older children. This mask is made of a thin, spandex-like material that stretches well, though I added a second layer for extra protection. The design is visually appealing, but I found the ear loops to be too large and non-adjustable. Despite minor issues, my child enjoys wearing it and receives compliments on its appearance.

iUptown Chic Kids’ Face Masks

The Kids Mask You’ll Want For Yourself

With three layers of 100 percent cotton fabric and elastic ear loops that have adjusters for a great fit, these masks are so cute you’ll want one for yourself. You’ll be out of luck, though, because these well-made, shaped masks are specifically for 5- to 10-year-olds, and they won’t be stretching to fit an adult’s head.

The masks are machine washable and come out of the laundry as bright and well-shaped as when they went in.

User Experience

My experience with these masks has been mostly positive, as my son finds it comfortable enough to wear all day at school, and the fit is quite snug around his face without a nose wire. The vibrant colors and cute patterns have been a hit with both my son and daughter, and I appreciate that these masks are made in the USA. However, I did have to reinforce some of the inside stitching on my daughter's mask after a week, and I've noticed a change in sizing for the more recent masks we purchased.

ICU Health Kids’ Mask with Zebra Pouch

A Great Emergency Measure

If you have kids, like mine, that make an art form out of forgetting things, then ICU’s pouch pack might be just what you are looking for.

The pack comes with ten standard, plain blue surgical style masks that are sized for kids from 5 to 10 years. However, what made this pack a winner in my eyes is that it comes with a zippered pouch designed to hold all ten masks.

This is wonderful for leaving in the backpack of your forgetful child, so they’ll never be without a mask at school.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this mask was quite mixed; on one hand, it fit comfortably on my face, but on the other hand, the fabric quality left a lot to be desired. It felt almost like it was made of paper, which was disappointing.

WeCare Disposable Kids’ Face Mask

Supporting Start-Ups

These masks are made of good quality, with three layers of protection. They are individually-wrapped which is a good feature for those mom that are extra particular with dirt and germs.

However, they made this list for another reason.

The masks are latex-free and are made by small business. Therefore, each mask you buy provides a little work and income for startup entrepreneurs.

Community Feedback

I'm impressed by the design, colors, and durability of these kids face masks, making them a hit with both my 9-year-old son and myself. The lightweight wire support and perfect stretch of the elastic provide a comfortable fit for smaller face frames, including petite adults like me. Although the masks are individually wrapped and great for on-the-go, be mindful that the watermelon tropical pattern may have weaker ear loops compared to the other patterns.

Pastel Cotton Mask

Best Fun Face Mask for Kids

With the little pastel colors of this mask, this will likely appeal to the youngest of mask wearers.

These are made of 100 percent cotton fabric. The elastic ear loops are adjustable for a close and yet comfortable fit. You can buy a separate filter that can be inserted into the filter pocket, although the mask can also be used without the filter in place.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these masks has been overall positive, especially for my younger children. The soft fabric feels nice against their skin, and the bendable plastic nose piece ensures a good fit. The adjustable ear sliders are comfortable and securely attached, preventing any loss. These masks are washable without needing ironing, making them a convenient option for our busy family. While some users may have had issues with durability, our masks have held up well and become a favorite in our household.

Crayola Kids Face Mask

For You And Your Little Artist

If you have a child who does not want to wear a face mask, consider picking up these brightly colored masks from Crayola. You can also pick up a larger size. That way, you and your little one will match, which might give them extra incentive to wear their mask.

The masks come with name tags and a mesh laundry bag, which makes it easy to throw them in the laundry and keep track of whose mask is whose. Meanwhile, the adjustable ear loops of the kids’ versions make them suitable for little ones from 4 years old up to kids of about 10.

User Experience

I recently purchased these Crayola face masks for both myself and my child, and I must say, the bright colors and matching aspect definitely encouraged my little one to wear their mask. The included name tags and mesh laundry bag make it incredibly convenient to wash and maintain our masks without any confusion. I appreciated the adjustable ear loops on the kids' masks, making them suitable for children aged 4 to 10 years old. These masks have made it easier for my family to stay protected and stylish at the same time. I'd definitely recommend trying these out if you're struggling with getting your child to wear a mask.

Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask

For Your Little Wild Child

In our home, we love the look of these kids’ face masks from Wild Republic. There was no problem getting any of the little ones to put on a mask if it meant they could have sharp, pointy teeth and an animal grin.

The downsides are that, although they fit well, there isn’t a noseband for you to shape to your child’s nose, the ear loops are not elastic, and the fabric is a poly-cotton blend rather than 100 percent cotton, although there are two layers.

Personal Perspective

Bought this mask for a costume event and was pleasantly surprised by its comfort and softness against my face. However, the sizing was a bit tricky to figure out - the adult size is quite large while the child size is more suitable for an 8-10 year old. Despite this, it is a good quality, durable, and easy-to-wash mask that has received many compliments. For glasses wearers, you can even insert a nose wire from a disposable mask for a snug fit. Just be aware that you may need to adjust the ear loops for the perfect fit, but overall, the fun and well-made design makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Martex Health Face Mask

A Cost-Effective Trio

With a standard size, style, and shape, the Martex Health face mask is a reasonable choice for your older kids, especially as the three-pack is the same price as many single masks.

Another cotton-poly blend mask, these make up for the fact they are not 100 percent cotton by having a three-layer construction. There isn’t a filter pocket, and the elastic ear loops are not adjustable. It is for these reasons the masks are not further up on the list.

Community Feedback

Best thing about these masks is that they're comfortable and visually appealing for children, making them more willing to wear them during the pandemic. My son enjoyed wearing them, but it's important to note that some may find them too thick and difficult to breathe in. The youth size barely fit my seven-year-old, so I would recommend them more for toddlers. Although they're easy to clean, durability might be an issue as the ear straps fell apart on a couple of our masks. The mask loops might also need adjusting for a secure fit.

La Textilerie Kids’ Face Mask

Super Soft Against Sensitive Skin

At 2.9 inches by 5.5 inches, the La Textilerie masks are a good fit for the 10 years and under age group, although the seller lists them as suitable for kids between 4 to 12 years.

Made of 100 percent super soft cotton, the masks come in pairs, with two different patterns in each pack. However, the downside is that the masks are treated with silver ions, which not every parent is going to like. Another thing parents may not like is that these have to be handwashed, otherwise they’ll shrink in the washing machine.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing these masks for my little one, I found them to be soft, comfortable, and perfect for children aged 4 to 8. The adorable designs are a big hit, but the elastic straps are a bit thick and might be uncomfortable for some kids. The biggest issue is the lack of wiring to help with breathability, causing my child to occasionally pull the mask away from their face for air. Additionally, some masks may shrink when washed, so handwashing and air-drying are recommended.

Buttonsmith Child Cotton Face Mask

Plain And Simple

Buttonsmith is a trusted U.S. company that produces face masks for adults, youth, and kids.

The masks are made with two layers of 100 percent cotton fabric, and they come in either black or white.

Sizing aside, there are a variety of mask styles available, so be careful to not just choose the correct size, but also the style you want. Some of the masks have filter pockets, and others have adjustable ear loops, but they do not make a mask that has both.

User Experience

Definitely a well-made mask that offers comfort and breathability, this product has a soft, double-layered design with a filter pocket for added protection. However, some users have experienced minor issues, such as the mask pulling on the ears or fabric suctioning to their mouth and nose during heavy breathing. The mask's rectangular shape may not suit all face sizes and shapes, but it has proven to be suitable for both adults and children in various situations.

Snoozies Kids’ Face Mask

Fun Prints

Snoozies makes three-layered face masks that come in either ages 2 to 4 years or ages 5 to 10 years. You are likely to find a mask that is just the right size for your child without having to adjust any ear loops.

These have flexible metal nose pieces so you get a better fit. You’ll also receive filters for added protection. Plus, these masks are machine washable, which makes things easier for parents.

Personal Perspective

If you're in search of the perfect mask for kids, these masks truly deliver in terms of comfort and protection. The material is super soft, thick, and comes with filters for added safety, making it a favorite for both my 6-year-old and 10-year-old. The only minor drawback is the ear straps being a bit too large, but tying a knot or adding silicone stoppers easily solves this issue; overall, a fantastic and reliable product for children.

Should Kids Wear Face Masks?

Masks help to reduce the spread of infection in two ways. First, they decrease the chance of the wearer inhaling any germs in the air. Secondly, they can limit other people’s chances of breathing in any germs the wearer may have (1).

This is important because it’s possible to spread germs to others without knowing you have an infection.

Children under the age of 2 years old should not wear masks. Neither should any children who would be unable to remove a mask by themselves (2). Apart from that, assuming your child does not have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing one, all children can wear masks.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

The information in this article applies to the general population. If you have received different advice from your family medical professional, then always follow their instructions.

Types of Face Masks for Kids

No matter which type of mask you choose, it’s critical that the mask fits correctly. Masks should be snug all around and sit against the face, without gaps. They should cover the mouth and the nose.

Cloth Face Masks

The material a cloth face mask is made from is critical. A mask should be made from tightly woven cotton such as the fabric used for quilting or thicker cotton sheets.

They should also be made of at least two layers of material. If you can find triple layers, that’s even better.

Face Masks with Filters

Masks with filters offer more protection for both the wear and other people, as long as the mask fits well and is made from a suitable material. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A common type you’ll see while mask shopping is an activated carbon filter.

Disposable Face Masks

Not all disposable masks, also called medical or surgical masks, are equal. They come in a variety of thicknesses and layers.

While disposable face masks are useful, especially if your child is prone to taking off their mask and losing it, they are not as good as a decent cloth mask.

One study into the comparative effectiveness of cloth vs. disposable masks showed that a good quality cloth mask provided 79 percent filtration as opposed to disposable surgical masks, which provided 62 to 65 percent filtration (3).

Face Coverings/Shields

Plastic face shields may offer some protection to the wearer if they have to get close to someone who may have an infection, but they do not provide much in the way of protection for anyone other than the wearer (4). If you cough or sneeze, the droplets can get out, infecting someone else if you’re sick.

It is not recommended that children wear face shields.

Face Masks with Neck Coverings/Bandanas

Wearing neck gaiters to prevent the spread of infection may be worse than not wearing anything. Bandanas are only slightly better than not wearing a mask at all (5). You’re better off skipping these types of masks and getting disposable or fitted cloth ones instead.

N95 Face Mask for Kids

There is a limit to the number of N95 masks that can be made in a day. As a result, the CDC’s current recommendation is that the supply of N95 masks should be reserved for those professionals who need them for work (6). That means it is recommended that children not wear N95 masks.

How to Choose the Best Face Masks for Kids

There are a lot of great masks out there, but there are also many of them that don’t do much good at all. When you are choosing a face mask, either for yourself or for a child, these are the things you should consider so you purchase a good one.


Face masks should have at least two and preferably three layers.

The mask should be of a size and shape that will completely cover the wearer’s nose and mouth, coming down over the chin. The mask should also be snug against your chin, your nose, and the sides of your face, without any gaps.

Nobody should wear masks with exhalation valves, as these can let particles of virus escape.


The style of the mask does not matter as much as its size and the material. You can narrow down some kid-friendly options that are based on the necessary safety measures a mask should have. Then you can let your child pick the one they want from the list of top candidates you’ve assembled.


The biggest problem with face mask comfort seems to be the ear loops.

Cloth ear loops are usually not an issue, but elastic loops can become uncomfortable, especially after prolonged use. If your child finds ear loops a problem, try one of the ear savers that are now readily available.


The smaller your child, the more critical it is they use a child-size mask. Face masks are most effective when they fit snugly against the face. This close fit can be difficult to achieve when a child wears an adult mask.

Ease of Wearing

Make it as easy as possible for your child to wear their mask by avoiding the style that is tied behind the head.

Instead, look for loops that are easy to hook over the ears.


Children under the age of 2 should not wear any type of face mask, including face shields.

If your child has any type of medical condition or disability that prevents them from removing one themselves, then they, too, should go without a mask.

There is also a lot of well-meaning advice that suggests having your child attach their mask to a lanyard will minimize the chance of them losing it. However, there have been instances of children suffering injuries as a result of accidental choking while wearing a lanyard. They are best avoided for younger children.

Care Instructions

You can safely wash your child’s clothes along with the cloth mask in your washing machine using the best laundry detergent, as long as you use the highest temperature setting for the fabric (7). If your baby has extra sensitive skin, you can opt for a DIY baby laundry detergent. Masks can also be dried on the highest setting in your dryer or air-dried.

After washing and drying, check your mask to ensure the ear loops are still securely attached, and that none of the fabric has become loose or frayed.

Giving Back

Some face masks support charities and other entities either by donating a portion of the profits or by giving masks directly to organizations that need them.

If you want to use your face mask purchase to support a good cause in this way, be sure to inquire exactly how much will go to the organization.

What If My Kids Don’t Want to Wear Masks?

What’s the point of buying the best kids’ face masks if your child won’t wear them? If your child is being stubborn about wearing a mask, there are plenty of things you can do to help persuade them.

Be A Role Model

The most important thing you can do is to be a good role model if your child does not want to wear a mask. Let your child see you wearing your mask without complaint, and let them hear you compliment other people who wear a mask.

In addition, you can look for photos or footage of people your child admires wearing a mask.

Choose Masks Together

A child who has helped to choose their own mask is more likely to wear it.

If you cannot find something that appeals to your child, then consider making your own. It is surprisingly easy, and you don’t need any fancy sewing machines or skills.

If you don’t have the time, the skills, or the motivation to make a mask from scratch, do what I did and buy masks in plain colors and add some iron-on transfers with your child’s favorite character.

Explain The “Why”

Using age-appropriate language, tell your child why we wear masks and how it is important to help others not to become ill. But, be sure to avoid saying anything that might scare your child or trying to guilt them into wearing one.

Instead, use something they can relate to, such as: “By wearing a mask, you are helping your teacher and friends stay healthy so they won’t miss school.”


Encourage your child to wear a mask at home until they get used to the feel of it on their face. Have your little one wear the mask while your kids are watching television, reading, playing, or engaging in any other activity that will keep their mind off the fact they have a mask on.

Start small by having your child wear a mask for five minutes. Then you can gradually lengthen the time. That helps them get used to the sensation of wearing one.

Make It Fun

Consider putting masks on your child’s favorite toys. If you don’t have any to spare, or their doll, stuffed animal, or action figure is too small for a proper mask, improvise.

We made some “masks” out of paper towels and rubber bands, then put them onto all of the stuffed animals. Not one of the stuffed animals complained, so our little one decided it might be okay to wear a mask after all.

How Do You Make a Child-Friendly Face Mask?

You do not need any sewing skills to make a child friendly face-mask. This straightforward tutorial takes you through each of the steps.

What Are the Measurements for a Child’s Face Mask?

The exact size of a child’s face mask will depend on the size of the child for whom the mask is made. However, approximately 5.5 inches x 9.5 inches is a good average for kids.

Who Knew We’d Be Buying Kids’ Face Masks?

Buying a suitable face mask is something that is new for most of us. It is difficult to know what to look for between the ever-evolving scientific advice and the cascade of informed and uninformed information.

That’s why we put together this guide. It’s an unbiased, evidence-backed piece that gives you clear criteria for mask shopping.

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